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Acupuncture is one of the oldest treatments of mankind. At about 5000 years old "Iceman" from the Alps there are acupuncture points, which again deffiniert medical history had to be. Previously taught was that a purely Asian acupuncture therapy was used in Europe until the 17th Century was unknown. Today it is thus of more than 5,000 years old, world-wide medical therapy out. The interesting thing is that the meridians in horses - dogs - people similar.

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The similarity of the plant meridians, in horses, dogs and humans is interestingMeridians "to Chinese:" Jing Luo " >  pulsation. < Ancient Chinese writings say that the meridian system is based on the older history 

Five - Elements - Classes

 wood - fire - earth - metal - Water

   5 = Number of life  it is composed of:   2 = number of earth   yin  and   3 = number of heaven   yang

The Asians say: if you've understood what the doctrine of the five elements mean you also understand the laws of medicine and psychology. The term "meridian" comes from the European ship doctors and means "guiding lines".

12 meridians run mirror figuratively as invisible paths on the surface of the body. They run in the longitudinal direction and form a unit with the internal organs. They are invisible and exist apart from the visible ways: arterial - venous - lymphatic - and nerves. These 12 paired meridians are divided into a yin and a yang meridian. Together, they form a functional circuit. The start and end points are connected and part of the meridians. There are more than 700 points. 2 points are located at the middle line of the body, the steering system Dumai and the Conception Vessel Renmai. The others have key points on the 12 main guide.

 There are 8 me ridians, which China had long as Secret.






 Gall bladder meridian



 Has the ability to take decisions
 "He is the honest officials, through wise decisions captivates"
 Determines the suppleness and strength of tendons and ligaments

 Colorectal Meridian


 Large Intestine

 Is associated with mental processes of converting and retirement
 An important role in the development and modification of the people

Circulatory Meridian (yin)
 Including heart meridian 



 The meridian points of this effect on the cycle and the Endokrinum (endocrine gland function), and hence on the sexuality
 Lust and joy take their starting

 Liver meridian



 "Commander in Chief" for instance with drive and dynamism and the ability to make plans
 Opens eyes
 Affects functions of the nervous system
 - Zugeordneten emotions: frustration, Depresion, fears

 Heart Meridian



 Responsible for the functions of the circulatory system and its regulation
 Coordination of outward forces
 "Senior officials"

 Stomach meridian



 Meridian this permeates all principal organs
 Responsible for fatigue and weakness states

 Spleen, pancreas meridian



  Instance of the assimilation and integration
 Controls blood, muscles and limbs 4
 Has on the spleen is an important immune function

 Kidney Meridian



 “Fear - the kidney is the "root of life"
 Influencing the whole metabolism
 Assigned emotions: fear and anxiety

Other meridians


Number of points


 Conceptual vessel  (Yin)


 Conceptor Vessel

 Control functions using the 6-yin meridians

Effect on the genital

 Handlebar vessel (Yang)


 Governing Vessel

 Control functions on the 6 Yang meridians

Effect on the Psy

Ear acupuncture

Ear acu points

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Knee - Feed - acupuncture

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Shoulder - acupuncture

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Optical - acupuncture

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