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Klaus J. Zupan - Family, Children, Christian

Professions: architect, physiotherapist, naturopath, lecturer, personal trainer

Everyone who has worked hard in his life - anyone who has borne the responsibility for other people - anyone know of other cultures has learned - everyone who has started her own family - everyone who has brought up children of their own -each, experience of illness and death had to - it will make things wrong and not enough right.

Each person will make in his life pleasant and bad experiences. The influence of personality positive and negative. If you have a little luck, you will be a little quiet and modest.

In my case brought about the events of my life to realize that family, children, friends, health and satisfaction are important, as a profession, property and social position. On my inner peace and humility, I have to work a little more.

Instead of books I write from the middle of 2007 my experience on the Internet





The topics: Medicine - Natural Remedies - Ethics.

The pages are visited - from 100 countries - more than 17.5 million times

A translator software makes it readable in 52 languages.