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14. The Mitochondria - Mitochondrial medicine bild button mitochondria bild button zytologie online

 More than 400 diseases as mitochondria - Freudian slip is characterized by: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, hypertension, diabetes ... and many nervous system disorders

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According to past our scientific conception occurs by trigger factors to genetic changes (mutations) in the DNA of the cells. It will enable existing but inactive genes, such as toxic substances such as asbestos, smoking, radiation (sun, x-rays) and chemicals.

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   Mitochondria are "cells - organelles (components of a cell) that are responsible for energy production. Each cell of the human being, depending on the organ, from 1500 to 6000 (liver). The sizes range from 0.8 - 4.9 micrometers. You have 2 membranes. They are inherited only from the mother, because the paternal mitochondria do not enter the sperm during fertilization in the egg. In the cell they produce from the oxygen in the bloodstream and the sugar molecules of food, energy that is stored in units of energy (ATP).

Previously it was thought that they are subordinate to the DNA. This has proved to be wrong. Mitochondria are the rulers of the cell.

Mitochondria are vulnerable to hypoxia, nutrient deficiency, heavy metal poisoning, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide. Cancerous cells gain the fermentation of sugar because of its exceptionally high turnover even more energy than with the usual and usually many times more efficient breathing is the case. In addition, the sugar is no longer completely respired to carbon dioxide, which is why some sugar degradation products are available as supplementary materials for proteins and fats available, which in turn accommodates the increased cell growth. And finally, the end product of lactic acid itself gives an advantage to the tumor cells. The acid drives the surrounding healthy cells into programmed cell death. At the same time it dissolves the protective scaffolding that surrounds the cells in the tissue, which means that the cancer cells proliferate better.

When the mitochondria are not going well, they switch to energy without oxygen utilization. This is called anaerobic glycolysis. Fatally can now), the mitochondria of neurotransmitters after prolonged cell - stress - either the state of the cell into apoptosis (programmed cell death, or switch to the cell proliferation. This works on chemical messengers that are sent to the cell nucleus. These two mechanisms can be activated when the mitochondria - the activity to 20% drop.

IIf the mitochondria to stimulate cell proliferation, cancer cells can arise. Why M resort to this possibility? They have learned how all life on earth, to preserve their own way. The M, if necessary, arrange our cells under their own will to survive. This is the strategy of so-called Ark of bacteria, or Archea, which for millions of years living here on Earth is already on the seabed of sulphurous volcanic cones unfolded. Their resistance is enormous. There you can survive temperatures well above 100 degrees. But as there was life there in 1000 meters depth, where sunlight never ever falls - according to the general conception of science but a prerequisite for life? The Ark bacteria or Archea have used a trick to capture the light yet. The active substances in the M, the so-called respiratory chain, absorption of light. So do many elements that use the M, as for example the sulfur. With the help of these molecules and elements of the M could use the bright light and start Vulkanlava through resonance.

IIn malignant diseases optimize the mitochondria activity by targeted food supplements. In parallel, Ralf Meyer of health practitioner could be shown in collaboration with the physicist Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, in sick patients that present in blood lymphocytes a strong emission of light radiation was. Meyer showed in his evaluations of his now-patented process that rendered many therapies such applications Frischzelle Homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies, no significant change in this high, uneconomical light radiation. Interestingly, a remarkable reduction of light emission was reached when high doses of a Mitochondrienaktivator dazugab for food. This konomisierung of cell functions via the mitochondria. Parallel to the improvement of light emission, the patients were significantly improved.

Nitric oxide NO. Another important part of the performance of M is the NO (nitric oxide) gas. The NO gas is not only the easiest fabric to ward at the cellular level of bacteria, virus and cancer cells, but also an important neurotransmitter. These findings are still relatively young, since there were a Nobel Prize in 1998 for the understanding of the NO gas. As a neurotransmitter, NO is in a position to expand the blood vessels and lower blood pressure. A lack of NO production may thus not only an inadequate defense against pathogens (for example) beiAids found, but also cause increased blood pressure and erection problems in men. At the level of the immune system enough this type of defense, higher organisms to be formed, which were then hit by parasites, ie, multi-cellular organisms like worms. Here, the NO production was not sufficient, since the killing of a worm as high NO gas production would become necessary that the animal would have killed himself with it. So â?? Erfandâ? Œ the nature of a new structure of the defense, the antibodies.

A lack of NO production represents a predominance of TH 2 immune cells responsible for antibody response and also promote autoimmune diseases. A disturbance of the NO gas is also obtained when sulfur-containing organic compounds are missing in the cells. These sulfur-containing thiols refresh the NO gas and the NO budget is essential. The importance of thiols in the human body are already well known. Thus we find thiols in the onion, garlic, mustard, horseradish, egg, in short, in all something acrid odors in foods.

Mitochondria also control the protein - protein production of cells - Basic process of life discovered - Professor Dr. Roland Lill, Marburg University)

Unlike the researchers had previously believed, the synthesis of the iron-sulfur proteins is not spontaneous, but in a complex biochemical process. So far, Lill has discovered with its employees, twelve of the previously known eight p.m., most mitochondrial proteins, which are important for this process. Is inhibited the formation of the iron-sulfur proteins, the cell dies. These components have a vital function. How could finally resolve the issue of which process these organelles essential components of a cell makes, after many decades of mitochondrial research. However, it was previously left open what the iron-sulfur protein, it is exactly that the process of formation of these components in the mitochondria is essential and what function does it fulfill.

bild lill uni marburg Prof. Dr. Lill bild button uni marburg bild button idw informationsdienst wissenschaft Data

 The Marburg biochemist Prof. Dr. Roland Lill for the first time clears up why mitochondria are essential for the survival of cells

Rli1 newly discovered protein plays a central role in translating genetic information into proteins. A biochemical process that played early in the origin of life an important role, has informed the Working Group at the Leibniz Prize winner Professor Dr. Roland Lill, director of the Institute for Zytobiologie the Philipps University of Marburg. He reported which protein is responsible for this essential function, and was its task, namely the production of ribosomes, closer to restrict it. Ribosomes play a central role in the production of proteins from the DNA.

Mitochondria have, at least now be seen in a different light. To this day, they were usually regarded as plants of the cell, as its known biochemical function is the cellular respiration, which is the source of energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). But even without cellular respiration a cell lives on at least some time when it is fed with some glucose.

 Has as much to the fundamental importance of the mitochondria, is now taking place in them the process of synthesis of iron - sulfur - identified proteins Lill said, because it is prerequisite to, and ribosomes, the cell will occur at all just put in a position to read their genetic material.

 Pathological disturbances in the production of iron - sulfur proteins are known. They express themselves for example in a neurodegenerative disease called Friedreich's ataxia, which occurs on average one in 50,000 people, and usually leads to death by "a cardiomyopathy triggered the heart failure. The rarity of this disease is an indication of the importance of the iron - sulfur - Protein synthesis in mitochondria, for work such a fundamental process must be stable so that he can rise to the evolutionary selection.

To summarize:

Mitochondria are the real rulers in the body or the cells.

Cancer is a mitochondria-related disease. Mitochondria affect the body's defenses by NO - gas production. Lack of NO - gas increases over the longer term, the risk of allergies and auto immune diseases.

NO - gas is absolutely necessary to regulate the blood vessels. NO is absent for long periods, can increase blood pressure.

Mitochondria are just for competitive sports, the main body. Consequently, in patients with listlessness and fatigue (Burn - out - Syndrome) deal with the mitochondria.

Cancer therapy must be oriented primarily because the mitochondria to regenerate.

 About 50 preparations are already aware of the desperate need the mitochondria.

15. " Codex Alimentarius "

bild codex alimentarius1 bild button UN-LOGO bild button FAO bild button  WTO OMC.svg bild button who 1 These organizations engage in a worldwide assault on natural

bild lange dr. bild buch lange Dr. Gottfried Lange

Video 1:29:27

 Who or what is the Codex Alimentarius - CAC?

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The history of Codex began in 1893, was as Austria - Hungary, that a special set of rules was necessary, could judge by the courts in disputes over food. The resulting collection of official rules was known as the Codex Alimentarius. He was up to the demise of the dual monarchy of 1918. In 1962 the United Nations decided to adopt the Codex to "protect" the health of consumers around the world again. Two-thirds of the funding came from the FAO Codex = WEO and the remaining third by the WHO.

 2002 the two organizations were serious concerns about the direction of the Codex. An external evaluator was asked to assess the achievements and successes of the regulatory framework since 1962, and to determine the direction to be taken to further work. The evaluators rated the Codex bad and recommended a complete revision. This was not done. Since 2002, the Commission has thus abandoned its role as an international organization for public health and consumer protection.

 U.S. supports pharmaceutical interests. The United States of America are the dominant country behind the Codex agenda. Their primary goal is to satisfy the interests of multinational pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical giant. At the meeting in Geneva (June 30-July 4, 2008), the United States was awarded the chairmanship of the Codex Commission. Thus began the great changes in the target set by the Commission. What is planned, see here:

The trick of the argument of the Code: it is based on the Napoleonic Code, not the common law. This means that anything that is not explicitly allowed under the Code is prohibited. The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has two committees which impact nutrition. One of these, the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses - CCNFSDU - will be led by a German, Rolf Grossklaus.

bild grossklaus Prof. Dr. Rolf Grossklaus

 His statement: nutrients are not relevant to health. Grossklaus nutrients declared 1994 as the toxins and pioneered the use of toxicology (risk assessment) to ensure that nutrients have any impact on people take the Nahrungsergänzungsmttel to himself. Grossklaus has a company for Risk Analysis, which advises the CCNFSDU and Codex on the subject. Risk analysis is indeed a legitimate science - a field of toxicology - but not right for the evaluation of nutrients. Biochemistry, the science of life processes, is responsible. Codex Alimentarius treats nutrients as toxins, which is nonsense

bild button eurolex The EU has decided on 17.11.2003 in a legal act to adopt the following guidelines from 01.01.2010

 * All micronutrients are such as vitamins and minerals to be regarded as toxins and remove them from all foods. The use of nutrients to "prevent, treat or cure disease or illness" is forbidden * All food - including organic foods - are irradiated, thereby removing all " toxic " nutrients. A harbinger of this Directive approximation appeared in August 2008 in the United States to undergo with derVerordnung, all the lettuce and spinach to a mass irradiation .* The nutrients are approved by the Codex Commission to a Positive List developed limited.

* All nutrients (eg vitamins A, B, C and D, and zinc) and magnesium, which have some health effects, in therapeutically effective amounts will be deemed inadmissible. You must be reduced proportionately so that their effect is negligible for health. The lower limit is set at only 15 percent of the recommended intake (RDA).

* There will be unlawful to grant some form of nutrition advice. This includes writing articles in magazines or on the Internet, and oral advice to friends, family members or anyone else. The regulation applies to all forms of reporting on vitamins and minerals and nutritional counseling. Such information could be regarded as a disguised trade barrier and attract economic sanctions for the country concerned is

* Worldwide, all dairy cows with the genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone by Monsanto to be treated

* All animals used in food production, should be treated with strong antibiotics and exogenous growth Hormonenzu

* Krebserregende and deadly organic pesticides will be allowed again in increased amounts in food. Including seven of the twelve most dangerous (eg, hexachlorobenzene, toxaphene, and aldrin are), which were banned at the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001 by 176 countries - including the U.S. --

* The Codex is hazardous and toxic amounts of aflatoxin in milk for human consumption - 0.5 ppb (parts per billion) gestatten.Aflatoxin - arises in animal feed that is moldy in storage. This is the second strongest (not associated with radiation) carcinogenic compound known to us

* The use of growth hormones and antibiotics is used for all livestock, poultry and farmed animals in the water intended for human consumption required

* The worldwide use of unlabeled genetically engineered organisms into crops, animals, fish and plants will be required

* There are increased numbers of people and animals to toxic pesticide and insecticide residues allowed

 " We are silenced "  video 28:04 

 The documentary shows the real interests behind the attack on the freedom of health. The international award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller examines the ongoing efforts of the multinational drug - food giants, the World Trade Organization and World Health Organization and the restriction of public access to vitamins, herbs and other alternative therapies.

Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench, one of the leading British actresses speak. Recorded at the Bridge Studios, London

bild dame judi dench1 Dame Judi Densch bild miller regisseur Kevin P. Miller

  All nutrients, herbs or natural health products that are not already on the existing "positive list are" are not allowed. This is already a valid ban on vitamin and mineral forms in the EU directive on food supplements is only the first phase of the legislation. In the second phase, the maximum allowable dose of nutrients (which are referred to the international risk assessment guidelines developed through the Codex Alimentarius). The third phase (proposed by the European Commission), the number of all other forms of nutrients related to dietary supplements: herbal extracts, phytonutrients, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics, fiber, etc.).

 The most recent state: EU MRLs Regulation. On 16 June 2009, the MRL Regulation 470/2009 published in the EU  Original - EUROVOC descriptor:  >>> veterinary drug - animal product - foodstuff - human nutrition - consumer protection - health legislation - food safety

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16. Definition / sickness and health

 Pathogenesis Greek, pathos = suffering) (Community, addiction, pathos and génesis = origin, creation, birth, formation and development, describes a disease with all the factors involved. The sequence of a disease process is also known as mechanism.

Aetiology (etiology) from the Greek - the cause and reason, doctrine. The etiology is concerned with the cause of disease and its causative factors - in the delineation of the pathogenesis. In medical diagnostics, also colloquially referred to as the cause of a disease itself etiology. See Bradford Hill criteria

Salutogenesis means as much as origin (genesis) of health. The term comes from Dr. Aaron Antonovsky (1923 - 1994) as an antonym of pathogenesis. After health is not a state but a process. In Salutogenesis is placed so the main wish of the healthy way, can give information on the symptoms. This means that even a strengthening of the resources will be achieved, which allow the person move on the health - illness - a continuum toward greater health. The salutogenetic approach relates to the pathogenesis not unlike the question "Why is the sick man," but just with the question "What keeps him healthy."

He also coined the term: Sense of coherence (SOC - sense of coherence) is a dynamic sense of self confidence. Depending on the extent explained by the fact of how and why the resulting stimulus is structured and predictable, which provide the person concerned of resources to meet the future requirements. Depending on the strength of the Koheränzgefühls, it contributes significantly to how people cope with environmental exposure.

bild Antonovsky  Prof. Dr. Aaron Antonovsky

  Every man has a sense of coherence. It is to be formed in children and adolescence and in adulthood is relatively stable. Changes are minimal, even drastic events, such as the death of a close relative to weaken the SOC is not immediately - only a lot of negative experiences can cause changes. The severity and intensity of SOC depends on the life experience of a man from the society in which he lives, and the social role it assumes in senem life.

Antonovsky describes the individual components of emotional coherence as follows:

1. The sense of comprehensibility (sense of comprehensibility) - the ability to arrange the environment in such a way and structure that they can be meaningfully interpreted.

2. Actively cope with the feeling of feasibility (sense of manageability) - the belief and the conviction situations and problems.

3. Overcome the feeling of meaningfulness (sense of meanigfulness) - something to try, because it makes sense or makes sense or is meaningful.

For a strong, protective, sense of coherence, all three aspects must be present. The aspect of meaningfulness has the biggest impact. People with a strong sense of coherence do not appreciate challenging situations as a serious burden. You see problems such as diseases and accidents, clearer and more differentiated, which helps them proven.

17. The cause of deasase

1. Malnutrition: too many carbohydrates / animal fat / sugar / pasteurized milk - too little movement / fiber / fruit / fruit / vegetables / plants / vitamins / minerals / enzymes

2. Water / dehydration: body consists of 75%, the brain is 85% water - Erasmus cells with water do not work properly - refuse to start> the body and brain

3. Stress : electronic control of brain / immune system is disturbed = malfunction of the whole system

bild stockwell Bild Button pfeil1 Dr. J. Stockwell   bild szent-gyorgyi Bild Button pfeil1 Dr. Szent-Györgyi   bild wallach dr Bild Button pfeil1 Dr. Wallach

  Water as a cure-all "in the body, there is only one type of fuel = hydrogen - by stepwise oxidation converted into energy," Dr. A. Szent-Gyorgyi

"We exist to 65% water, 35% of minerals - because of the lack of necessary minerals, our body's defenses can no longer function," Dr. Stockwell

"1 cup of water ranges from class work to improve concentration / Service 1 censorship" only with enough water metabolism / digestion perfectly - free> of slag / poison -> cerebral dry active - many seniors from (thirst reflex is not on time), suffer under dehydration with consequences such as dementia or vertigo. Simonsohn

All nutrients, enzymes, vitamins can be transported in the body is not recovered and, if not a sufficient quantity of water is present, "Dr. Schreiber

 "Minerals important than vitamins," Dr. Joel Wallach 

bild Batmanghelidj Fereydoon Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Dr. F. Batmanghelidj bild buch batmanghelidj 1 bild buch batmanghelidj 2

 "Brain relies on hydroelectricity - excessively reduced much caffeine ATP energy in the brain / body - may cause short concentration span - weakened heart muscle," "oxygen, water, salt and potassium, the most important elements for the survival of the body-about 27% of salinity in the body in the form of crystals stored in the bones .. salt crystals make the bones hard - Blood consists of 92% water - right type of blood circulation, crucial - wafer-thin capillary-blood cells from sticking together to solve - again clearly delineated in a few minutes - Oxygen and food in the lymph

Salt 'Blood serum has almost the same mineral composition as sea water "in addition to the water .. add a little salt in 2l of water about 1 / 2 teaspoon salt," "Salt increasingly prefer the vitality," "Salt is a drug - crystal salt unrefined sea salt +" "lack of salt leads to dehydration of the body, "" lack of salt - withdrawn> Bone salt for buffering blood -> osteoporosis, "" asthma = physiological adaptation of the body from dehydration or salt deficiency "

Water "Dehydration / drying 66% of the required water to be pulled out of cells - and 8% decrease from the blood. Transversal blood vessels - capillaries concluded" it is the chronic water shortage that is causing most diseases "lies" in a glass of water, more magic than any drug, "" overweight: we eat when the body needs water - drinking> water before eating, "" Water is a natural remedy, and the best medicine for a dehydrated body "electromagnetic pollution / toxins / long = no self-cleaning of pipelines water, the water demagnetized> Opitz

Reduced to little water - oxygen - nitrogen - Salt - motion>>> consequences: removal of the slag = blocked connective tissue / vessels -> reduced detoxification - increasing poisoning = less efficient metabolic processes shortage of water = En - = lack of hydration hydrogen = lack of energy

 Cell switching energy on fermentation (sugar) to oxygen demand = higher - higher oxygen demand is not met - produces> less energy = energy - by the fermentation of waste products more reduced Ver = on - / Disposal, acidity, less oxygen / energy for the brain = body taps into an energy source bones To -> pain, brain damage, stroke, ear, heart attack, heart attack, osteoporosis, anger, stress, sugar, cola, white flour = acids are formed (for lack of minerals / water) too much protein from meat / milk = = impaired intestinal immune system malfunction --

Light Too much indoors, too much plastic - is> ion imbalance in the air - too little natural light / UV - A / UV - B, distorted spectrum (glasses / glass ..) less material transformations = less minerals / vitamins - "the future of medicine light eyes .. = best access route to the internal organs "- Liberman

"Every disease can reside - the regeneration of the body will do the rest" - Baklayan>

 "Offers one of the body of enough oxygen and water, so it can regenerate its Systems> Binder

 "Oxygen react in the water improves attention, reflexes, memory, intelligence, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's that."> Brooks

 "It does not matter, give life more years, but making the years more life," "Not the heart pumps blood through the arteries, heart driven by body fluids - Heart is not a pump with its own motor," Dr. Carell

bild flanagan energieerzeugung bild carrel  Dr. Alexis Carrel 1873 - 1944 

 Dr. Carell showed that cells can remain virtually indefinitely alive when the surrounding water is constantly replenished.

bild zelle sklett bild zelle sklett endothelzellen bild zelle polymerfasern

 Figure 1: Over the amino acid sequence Sxip (you can color) exactly to the protein EB1 proteins and dock it at the ends of microtubules. (Graphic: PSI / Honnappa Srinivas et al., Cell, July 24, 2009)

Figure 2: endothelial cells under the microscope. The microtubules are in green, actin filaments are marked in red. The cell nuclei are blue.

Figure 3: Mold fibers, 400x enlarged. Red circles = mid-cell walls / segments

The living cell is crossed by a dense web of polymer fibers, which are also competent to consider different cell components to their destinations within the cell. They separate during cell division, the new imaginary cells for the two chromosomes of each other. They transport organelles and vesicles with agents at their destination. A research team led by Michel Steinmetz (Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland) and Anna Akhmanova (Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) has now cleared up a mechanism that contributes to the ends of the polymer fibers chromosomes, organelles and other cellular components specifically recognize and can connect with them. Responsible for this are special proteins that act as grippers - they dock with the one end of the fiber, with the other they hold the specifically recognized cellular component. The various hook proteins are organized quite differently and complicated - and yet all have in common is that they can connect to the fiber end.

 Three types of polymer fibers run through the living cell, and together form the cytoskeleton, one of whose tasks would be to stabilize the cell and to keep in shape. But they do not form a rigid framework, but to respond flexibly to external influences and are actively involved in numerous vital processes in the cell. One type of polymer fibers are microtubules - tubes with a diameter of about 25 nanometers - see dimension units Bild Button pfeil1

 The evidence of the connection between cancer and diet are clear. Whoever denies this is lying to himself, is blind and deaf, or get money for it. Each congress of physicians and almost all self-help groups are sponsored by companies. The same applies to the majority of the research work and studies of the universities. The draw accurate conclusions, are not difficult. If you want to protect themselves from cancer or who has cancer, was to take his life into his own hands.

18.  People with a low incidence of cancer - causes

 The Hopi Indians in Arizona, USA, the incidence of cancer among the Hopi Indians is 1 in 1000, compared to 25 out of 100 = 25% for the U.S. as a whole. Their diet was analyzed from the standpoint of nutritional values. In this study it was shown that the Hopi foods contain more minerals than regular western products. This is especially true for potassium and rubidium. Because the soil is of volcanic origin, it is also very rich in cesium. These Indians live primarily on desert grown calico - corn - products. Instead of baking soda they use the ash from Chamisa, a desert - plants. The analysis of this ash showed it very rich in rubidium. The Indians also eat every day, many fruits, especially apricots. Here, the cores are eaten with. The results show clearly that the Hopi food to meet the requirements for the high pH therapy.

The Pueblo Indians in Arizona 20 years ago was the low incidence of cancer among the Pueblo Indians the same as the Hopi Indians, since their food was essentially the same. But unlike the Hopi, these Indians have built supermarkets in the area. Today, the cancer death rate among the Pueblos, 1 of 4 = 25%, which is the same as in the U.S.. In essence, there is a lack in the Western diet of rubidium and cesium and potassium.

The Hunza of North Pakistan, cancer is essentially unknown among the Hunza. Talks with Hunza have shown that their food requirements of a high pH corresponds to therapy. Hunza are primarily vegetarians and great fruit eaters. They usually eat 40 apricots per day, always the nuclei, either directly or as a meal. They drink at least 4 liters of the many mineral springs found there. This water was analyzed. It has a high content of cesium. The soil is of volcanic origin, which explains the high mineral content.

Central and South American Indians who live in Central America and the highlands of Peru and Ecuador have a very low incidence of cancer. The soil in these areas is ebnfalls volcanic origin. The fruit contains very high levels of rubidium and cesium. Have been reported cases where people went with inoperable cancer of the Indians, to live with them. live. All the tumors disappeared within a few months. The local diet resulted in an increase of pH values - the high pH therapy, the death of the cancer cell.

 Fat consumption, of course, living communities

Jews in Yemen and Israel. A comparative study between Jews living in Yemen, whose food contained only animal fat, and live in Israel, Yemenite Jews, who showed their fat requirements relate from vegetable oils and margarine that had former hardly heart disease and diabetes, but the latter suffered much from such diseases. The same study also noted that the Yemenite Jews consumed no sugar in the diet, but those living in Israel, 25 to 30% of total carbohydrate intake of sugar.

Indians in the north and south.

A comparison of populations in northern and southern India revealed a similar pattern. In northern India, people eat 17 times more animal fat than in the south, but they have 7 times less coronary heart disease. The Masai and kindred tribes of Africa subsist largely on milk, blood and beef. They know no coronary heart disease, and their cholesterol levels are excellent. Eskimos eat a lot of fish oils and fat of marine mammals. As long as they feed to their primitive nature, they are virtually free of disease and exceptionally hardy.

Georgia. A study of long-lived Soviet Georgia revealed that those who live the longest, eat the most fat. None of these studies is mentioned by those who advocate a low fat diet.

Japan. The relatively good health of the Japanese, whose life expectancy is higher than in all other industrialized nations, is generally attributed to a lowfat diet. Although the Japanese eat few dairy fats, the low-fat diet of the Japanese as such a fairy tale. What they do not consume much is vegetable oil, white flour or processed food, even though they eat white rice. The life expectancy of the Japanese since the end of the 2nd War increased, along with an increase in animal fat and protein in the diet. Those who point to Japanese statistics to prove the effect of lowfat - diet, forget also that the Swiss have almost an equal life expectancy, although one of the fattest diets in the world.

Tied for third in the longevity stakes are Austria and Greece, both with a high content of animal fats in the diet.

France / the French cuisine. Any man who is moved transversely across France and has always eaten, can be said that the French diet is laden with saturated fats in the form of butter, eggs, cheese, cream, liver, meat and pate. In France, fewer people suffer from cardiovascular disease than many other Western countries.

The American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society), the National Cancer Institute (National Cancer Institute) and the Senate Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs (Senate Committee on Nutrition and Human needs asserted), saturated fats are not only of heart disease, but also cause of several types of cancer. When, however, took investigators from the University of Maryland, the data under scrutiny, to which these are invoked here, they found that correlates the consumption of vegetable oils with these diseases and not from animal fats.

19. Milk and Cancer / atherosclerosis Bild Button pfeil1

Video 3:50 “ Do You Drink Milk? 28 Things You Should Know “ Bild Button pfeil1

Video 5:41 “ Milk The Deadly Poison WATCH THIS!!! “  Bild Button pfeil1

Video 4:14 “ Got the facts on Milk? 2 Bild Button pfeil1

Video 5:37  “ Today Tonight - a2 Milk “ Bild Button pfeil1

Video 8:57 “ devil in the milk interview keith woodford tv1 closeup “ Bild Button pfeil1

Video 9:58 “ The Whole Truth About Milk “  Bild Button pfeil1

Video 2:40 “The Whole Truth About Milk: Raw vs. Pasteurized “ Bild Button pfeil1

bild milch kanne bild milk glas bild buch milk the deadly poison bild buch Devil In The Milk bild button no-milk Bild Button pfeil1

 In the milk carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and trace elements are solved. Shares of individual ingredients are different from species to species. For species that operate a highly energy metabolism, the milk is particularly rich in fats, proteins and carbohydrates. This includes for example the milk of whales and polar bears. Within a species also feeding, husbandry, health and lactation, and age of the animals affect the composition of the milk.

 The most common proteins, which constitute roughly 80% of the total amount of protein that are caseins. The remaining proteins are summarized as whey proteins. Under the name combines whey protein is beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, bovine serum albumin, immunoglobulin, and the Proteose together. During the long cooking of milk observed the development of a skin on the surface is caused by the hitzeinduzierte denaturation of albumin. The main carbohydrate in milk is lactose, besides galactose, glucose, and contained traces of other carbohydrates. The pH value of milk varies between 6.5 to fresh milk to about 4.5 for sour milk.

The English of the geochemist Jane Plant on the basis of the "Atlas of cancer mortality in the People's Republic of China and WHO statistics presented comparing breast and Prostatakrebsraten within China, Japan, Thailand and Western countries to show the disproportionate incidence of disease in Western countries Asian and within those countries, an urban-rural divide in westernized Asian cities. Pollution in Asian cities in general can therefore not be a sole determining factors.

Has greatly increased dairy products, whose consumption in certain Chinese and Japanese cities as an expression of Western life, seems to be confirmed as a crucial factor. Thus in China, commonly known as breast cancer empire - Women refers - disease, because only the wealthy can afford Western food. And so are the wealthy who become ill. Asian ideas of western food products mainly refer to milk, ice cream, chocolate and cheese products, so dairy products. Only in the recent past, Coca Cola, Mac and Burger added. Japanese scientists confirmed in a study published in 2003, that the serious lifestyle changes in Japan after the Second World War, probably in connection with the parallel rise in breast cancer incidence are available. Milk and dairy products come to the study, have a special role.

Studies of Harvard University, USA, Britain and France produce relationships between prostate cancer, milk and calcium. The reasons why milk consumption contributes to prostate cancer growth in the advanced stage: high calcium levels in the blood suppress the formation of vitamin D. However, this is essential for differentiation of healthy prostate cells and prevents cell proliferation. Lacking, may accelerate pathological cell growth. High calcium consumption, such as many dairy products, may contribute to the acceleration of tumor growth in prostate cancer.

Cooling - not just the heat, the cooling has a major impact on individual milk components. Especially necessary in the production process repeated and significant temperature fluctuations stressen the milk and lead to irreversible changes. It is primarily the casein micelles and fat globules, which resolved to change: For cooling, they do involve not, however, give off individual components in the milk plasma. In addition, the enzyme activity increased significantly by cooling the milk.

Feeding and housing influence the fat globule membrane. Groom and - keep feeding into small fat globules with fragile shell stability, while pasture feeding leads to large fat globules with increased envelope stability. By the long intervals at the milk collection, the milk from producers in tanks to be stored and cooled. The feeding of the following fresh, warm milk of increases in the short term, the temperature in the tank. This relatively small temperature fluctuations lead to irreversible plugging and faster fat breakdown. Later, in the dairy, these changes through special editing or additions to be rescinded

Homogenization + cancer + heart disease - plasmalogen and the X - O factor (xanthine - oxidase)

What happens during the homogenization of milk? Thus, the modified milk Stuktur looks under the microscope

bild milch 1 rohmilch Raw milk bild milch 2 pasteur Pasteurized bild milch 3 pasteur+homoge Pasteurisiezed + Homogenized

 With the homogenization of milk in the pasteurization with a pressure of 100 bar and at the ultra high temperature with such an up to 250 bar pressed through a nozzle. Here, the fat globules, is present under the form of the fat in milk are crushed. Their initial median diameter of fat globules in homogenized milk is reduced to less than 1 micron (= 1 / 1000 mm) to 3 - 4μm in the raw milk

In 1930ger years, the German biochemist Dr. Robert Feulgen had discovered that the membrane of cells containing a fatty substance, plasmalogen, which sits like the mortar in a brick wall. Especially the heart muscle and arterial wall cells are surrounded by plasmalogen. Plasmalogen is also found in nerve cells, kidney, and in the mucosa of the small intestine.

The two researchers, Donald Ross (biochemist) and Kurt Oster (cardiologist) on which to build their research by Feulgen. Their findings have important implications on knowledge regarding the permeability of the intestinal walls and on the absorption of food in the gut.

Oster and Ross observed that the tissue samples from patients who had died from heart attacks, no plasmalogen contained. They suspected that the absence of plasmalogen, perhaps based on an enzymatic reaction could. After much research and Analsye they found an enzyme that could be the culprit. It was the xanthine oxidase (X-O). X-O is present in each carcass. You can convert plasmalogen or oxidize. There was very little research and literature on the XO. When appropriate tissue samples of heart attack patients were unersucht, they found not only XO, but had to realize that the XO was still biologically active.

Easter observed as a result, the enzymatic activity of XO in the degradation of tissue. His research findings were published in 1973 in Proceedings of the Society For Experimental Biology and Medicine. Since normal human serum contains little XO, they set up a theory of how the XO is absorbed by the people, "another possible source of the enzyme XO is cow's milk. It is currently being tested as a source because it has been shown that Milk antibodies in the blood of male patients are significantly increased with heart disease. "


 Oster and Ross dealt with in this context, homogenized milk. Easter compared the WHO statistics death rates of atherosclerosis and heart disease with the consumption of milk, butter and cheese. He examined 13 countries and found a correlation between countries homogenize their milk and the death rates from heart disease.

Homogenization is a process for reduction. The fat molecules in milk are at least 10 times than not, without this procedure. "Big fat bodies can not easily pass through the intestinal walls. ...... According to resist the homogenization of the fat molecules, which are now less than 10 times as large as originally, not the digestion." Oster and Ross observed that XO easily passed through the intestinal walls. She thought at the time not even the fact that IGF "same free passage" through the gut increases, directly into the bloodstream.

bild milch homogenisiert bild milch homogenisieren fettkugeln left > raw / right > homogenized

 The researchers were finally able to provide the proof that the milk was the culprit. Since XO in the human body is present, her research team developed a method of how to distinguish them from the bovine XO .... Then they conducted a double blind study of heart attack patients: ...." After a few weeks produced the patients who received the milk with bovine XO (bovine milk xanthine oxidase = BMXO) had antibodies against BMXO. This would have been impossible if the beef hormones had not been digested. " They concluded that "BMXO is absorbed and reaches the cardiovascular system. People with clinical symptoms of atherosclerosis have higher levels of antibodies against BMOX than others. BMOX antibodies are found in higher quantities in those patients who consume large amounts of homogenized milk and dairy products .

These studies were later confirmed by an independent team of scientists at the University of Delaware. Her thesis was even that small amounts of BMXO over a lifetime absorbed, would have great biological significance. Oster and Ross described the role of homogenization in the "milk method" as: "Help and the ability to increase bioavailability of bovine hormones." The dairy industry has operated in this area, almost no research. The malfunction, which is triggered by the homogenization (for digestion) and not XO itself, could account for the greater part of the whole problem. "

Babys & Milk Bild Baby stillen bild baby milk bild baby stillen1

 In healthy adults, the immune system is on the food he known. During the digestion of protein (starch ...) and then separated from the new amino acids Proteine ... and species-specific compounds of the people newly assembled. Animal proteins (the cow's milk should) therefore be converted into suitable of the human organism. For the infant is the detection and differentiation of supplied food, especially during the first six months, because of the immature immune system, difficult to impossible, so typ foreign substances into the bloodstream - and cause many different diseases in later life.

The immune system of the infant is not yet fully activated in the first six months. If we give the baby in those first months artfremde food - everything other than breast milk, the infant's body recognizes them as foreign. Then when the baby begins after about six to seven months to recognize a complementary feeding to breast milk and respond to the infant's immune system takes all been given food substances on by cow or cereal by mistake as conspecific. They are not recognized by the immune system. Therefore this can happen to the baby too early given substance for permanently protecting the privacy barriers (intestinal barrier). Of cow's milk proteins - casein, wheat - gluten - glutamate, etc. pass through freely the intestinal barrier and enter the bloodstream. If the mother already has such a disorder may "unprocessed" animal protein, gluten, etc., on their already placenta via the umbilical cord and arrive later in the breast milk in the infant's immune system and cheat.

As the infant was given too early, especially cow's milk, wheat and flour, is not sufficiently recognized by the immune system. All expectant and nursing mothers should avoid milk, corn, yeast, and glutamate - alcohol and nicotine -. A responsible mother should continue breastfeeding for at least six months - if necessary with a nurse! - Prevent chronic diseases to their children.

 Dr. Wandmaker in his book: "Want to be healthy? Forget the pot! "

bild buch wandmaker willst du gesund bild wandmaker

  "The well-known doctors in Connecticut, Dr.K.A. Oster and Dr. D. Ross, who recently discovered the XO factor. They tell us in her new book that is neither cholesterol nor nicotine, but the ubiquitous milk is the cause of heart attacks!

They found that the milk fat, an enzyme, called Xantin oxidase (XO) contains, which clogs the arteries and can generate high blood pressure. The evil is not the milk itself but the homogenization that is now applied to the entire dairy industry. This process divided the milk into microscopically small droplets. This XO is allowed to pass through the walls of the digestive tract into the bloodstream instead of being neutralized by stomach acid. The doctors say that drinking homogenized milk was more dangerous than cigarette smoking. They require that the milk cartons must contain a warning similar to cigarette packets.

The current milk advertisements tempting us give a traditional, friendly, reasonable and important foods. In fact, cow's milk but has more lime, more fat, more cholesterol, more substances that produce the most allergies. The fat in whole milk makes 49% of calories from it, nor 31% for 2% milk!

In addition, milk has an abundance of protein in the form of casein, which our body due to lack of the enzyme "LAB" is very difficult to cope. Then there are the carbohydrates, lactose molecules, which are also adults can not digest because the enzyme "lactase" from weaning from the breast is no longer possess.

Including especially the blacks and Asians in the civilized countries are suffering because these people that drink milk are not at all accustomed to.

It is certainly the perfect fabric, but only for the calf to dental education, is growing very fast horn and hooves, but it has a relatively small brain. In contrast, the man grows slowly, the brain grows larger, and our life span is several times longer!

Breast milk has protein in the form of easily digestible albumin in contrast to the sticky, indigestible casein (Labmangel) in cow's milk. Human milk also has only half as much protein and contains more natural sugar and lecithin for brain development for brain development. Also, it contains only half as much calcium as a human baby to grow only slowly. And that calcium is colloidal, ie, organic and easy to digest.

Cow - milk-drinking children are abnormally large. They have a lack of certain minerals and lecithin as nerve and brain food. Milk drinkers are often cold and slimy, and are particularly prone to all sorts of skin diseases. Milk contains a lot of calcium, but this coarse material can not absorb calcium, our human body, because it is tied to the elusive assimilable casein protein.

As a serious proof would then have to but the Western nations who consume milk in large quantities, the best teeth and bones. The Western nations also suffer under the most violent of osteoporosis, the softening of the bones. But on the contrary, they have the worst teeth and bones!

The compulsory school milk consumption also destroyed prematurely the calcareous skeleton of our children. The supplied dead cholesterol from the animal kingdom is deposited together with the lime and other minerals from the veins. The useless dead lime deposits from the body and in the joints and spine.

A study by Dr. Lawrence Riggs, stating that women drink milk, eat dairy products, taking plates limestones, or both, have no greater calcium intake than those who do not eat dairy products or take!

No animal in nature drinks milk from another species!

20. Truth and lies about saturated fats / margarine / butter

The Book " Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats" von Sally Fallon und Mary G. Enig (PhD), Bild Button pfeil1

bild Keys ancel Dr. Ancel Keys bild pritikin bild buch pritikin bild buch Pritikin- principle bild buch The cookbook bild fallon sally

 Margarine: A strong, the metabolic functions cholesterinerhöhendes destructive (!) Poison! Butter: A valuable cholesterol-lowering (!) Pillars of nutrition! Cholesterol: An important auxiliary - and repairing substance in the body. Low-fat diet: (cause of obesity!) And disease.

Animal fats and vegetable origin are a source of concentrated energy from the food They also provide building blocks for cell membranes and a series of hormones and hormone-like substances. In the food contained fat slows the absorption of nutrients and thus ensures that we feel for a long time not hungry. Furthermore, they act as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Fats are needed in the body of food for the conversion of carotene into vitamin A, for mineral absorption and for a series of other processes. The current officially propagated diet based on the assumption that we should reduce the intake of fat, in particular the saturated fat of animal origin. Animal fats contain cholesterol, among other things, which we are presented as the second major culprit in the civilized diet.

The lipid hypothesis, the "lipid hypothesis" mentioned theory that there is a direct correlation between the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet on the one hand and the incidence of coronary artery disease on the other, was by a researcher named Dr. Ancel Keys at the end of the 1950s presented. Numerous subsequent studies have shown its data and conclusions into question. Nevertheless, the publications of key has been given much more attention than all the other reviews.

The vegetable oil industry and the food industry were the main Nutznieser in all studies that could find something negative to the traditional competing with them food. They therefore began to launch further studies and finance, which served to underpin the lipid hypothesis.

The best-known advocate of Dr. Low fat diet was Nathan Pritikin. Actually, Pritikin advocated the avoidance of sugar, white flour and all fresh and ready-made foods and recommended that raw foods, whole grain products and a strenuous physical training program. But it was the lowfat aspects of his proposals, which received the most attention in the media, because his disciples here noted a weight loss and a lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure.

The success of the Pritikin diet, probably based on a series of factors that had nothing to do with the reduction of fat in the diet. Thus, a weight loss example, triggers a reduction of the cholesterol. Pritikin soon found that the fat-free diet brought a lot of problems, which was one of the largest that the people they could not hold out easily. Those who raised a sufficiently strong desire to live indefinitely long fat-free, developed a variety of health problems such as lack of concentration, lack of energy, depression, weight gain and mineral deficiencies.

Pritikin could possibly save yourself from heart disease but his diet did not protect him from cancer. He committed suicide in his best years, when it became clear to him that his Spartan lifestyle ineffective against his leukemia was. We should not face the alternative of either heart disease or cancer die or live with a diet that makes us depressed. Became visible as the problems of fat-free way of life, Pritikin introduced a small amount again of vegetable fats in their diet, something like 10% of total caloric intake. Today recommend the diet popes limiting intake of fat to about 25 to 30% of total calories, which corresponds to about 79 ounces or 5 tablespoons in a diet of 2,400 kilocalories. They claim that strict compliance with the quantity of fat and the avoidance of animal fats is the key to perfect health.

The alleged "proof" of the correctness of the lipid - Hypothesis "experts" assure us that the lipid - hypothesis by irrefutable scientific evidence was secured. Most people would be surprised to learn that in fact there is hardly a conclusive indication that in cholesterol and saturated fat diet actually reduces death from heart disease or in any way, the life span.

Consider this: Before 1920 coronary heart disease in the U.S. were rare, and indeed so rare that when a young internist named Paul Dudley White introduced the German electrocardiograph to his colleagues at Harvard University, they advised, was a profitable branch to take care of medicine. This new machine would have been suitable to detect the presence of arterial blockages particles, thus permitting early diagnosis of coronary heart disease. But in those days clogged arteries were a medical rarity, and White had to search for patients who would from his new technology can benefit.

 In the following decades, the incidence of coronary artery disease, however, increased so rapidly that they were promoted mid-1950s, already the most common cause of death in the United States. Today heart disease causes at least 40% of all deaths in the United States are responsible. If heart disease - as we have been told - on the consumption of saturated fats would be based, then one would have for the same period in the U.S. as a corresponding increase in consumption of saturated fats can tell. But in fact the opposite took place: In the decades from 1910 to 1970 the proportion of saturated fats in the American diet declined from 83% to 62%, and butter consumption plummeted from eighteen pounds to about four kilograms per capita per year. In the past 80 years, the increased intake of cholesterol from the diet by only about 1%. During the same period the percentage of consumption of vegetable oils in margarines, shortenings and oils industrially prepared by 400% and the consumption of sugar and prefabricated foods by 60%.

The Framingham Heart Study is often cited as proof of the correctness of the lipid hypothesis mentioned. This study began in 1948 and involved 6,000 people in the town of Framingham, Massachusetts. These two groups were compared over a period of 5 years together: A group that consumed little cholesterol and low in saturated fats, and the other with a high consumption of cholesterol and saturated fats.

Forty years after this study had to confess to the study manager:

"Was more the people in Framingham in cholesterol, eating saturated fats and calories, the lower their blood serum - cholesterol. We found that people who ate the most cholesterol, mostly saturated fats, and most calories on weighed less and were most active. "

The study did show that those with higher weight and abnormally high blood serum - cholesterol levels, a slightly increased risk of heart disease were, however, weight gain and cholesterol levels, were increased in inverse correlation with fat intake and cholesterol intake from food.

Studies that challenge the lipid hypothesis. Although it is true that researchers have been able to cause extreme dosages of oxidized or rancid cholesterol in heart disease, some animals (ten times as much as in normal human food is included), there are several studies of human groups that the combination of cholesterol to heart disease diametrically disagree.

A study of 1700 patients suffering from hardening of arteries by the famous heart surgeon Michael DeBakey was no link between blood cholesterol and atherosclerosis. A survey of South Carolina adults found no correlation between heart disease) with "bad" eating habits (meat, animal fats, fried foods, butter, eggs, ham, whole milk, sausages and cheese. A further examination of the Medical Research Council (eg: Medical Research Council) showed that men who ate butter, only half as much heart attack risk as those who ate the margarine.

Breast milk contains more cholesterol than almost any other food. It also contains over 50% of their calories as fat, much of it saturated fat. Both babies and growing children in cholesterol and saturated fat are essential for growth, especially for the development of the brain. Nevertheless, the American Heart Association recommends now a lowfat and Niedrigcholesterin - diet for children! Commercial formulas are low in saturated fats and soy formulas contain no cholesterol at all. Recent studies show that these compounds of lowfat - Diets on the inability of the child's development: Low fat fed children develop physically and mentally.

 To understand the chemistry of fats

 It is obvious that something is wrong with the theories that are presented to us constantly in the popular press, and serve to drive the consumption of industrially finished mixed together recipes for the lowfat and cholesterol-free way of life in the heights. The notion that saturated fats cause cardiovascular disease and cancer, is not just superficial, just plain wrong. However, it is true that some fats are bad for us. To find out what this is, it is essential to know something about the chemistry of fats.

The dangers of polyunsaturated fatty acids

The public has been inundated with a lot of misinformation about the relative benefits of saturated fats versus polyunsaturated oils. Policy-oriented ( "correct") gurus tell us that the polyunsaturated oils are good for the health and saturated fats cause heart disease and cancer. As a result of this campaign, the diet in the western world has changed dramatically.

At the turn of the 19th to 20 Century were the most saturated fats or dietary monounsaturated fatty acids, primarily from butter, lard, tallow, coconut oil and small amounts of olive oil. Today, the fat needed for the most part is covered by polyunsaturated vegetable oils derived predominantly from soya and maize, canola, safflower and sunflowers. The modern diet, covering up to 30% of calories as polyunsaturated oils. The show is far too much as scientific inspection. There is clear evidence that our consumption of polyunsaturated oils should not exceed 4% of calories as not, of which 2% omega-3 linolenic acid and 2% omega-6 linoleic acid.

This level of intake of essential fatty acids are found in populations in temperate and tropical climates that their needs by small amounts of vegetables, grains, nuts, leafy plants, fish, vegetable oil and animal fats but not from commercial vegetable oils. Excess consumption of polyunsaturated oils has been shown to be a susceptibility to cardiac cycle - cardiovascular diseases, cancer, immune system suppression, liver disease, diseases of the reproductive organs, lungs and the digestive organs, impaired learning, growth disorders and to weight gain.

One reason that the polyunsaturates cause so many health problems, is that they tend to become oxidized or rancid when exposed to heat, oxygen and moisture, as occurs in cooking and processing. Rancid oils are characterized by free radicals, which are individual atoms or groups of atoms with an unpaired electron in their outer orbit. These atoms or molecules are extremely reactive chemically. They are known as marauders in the body because cell membranes and red blood cells to attack and damage in DNA / RNA strands and cause to cause mutations in the tissue, blood vessels and skin.

The damage of free radicals in the skin leading to wrinkles and premature aging, creating conditions in the organs of tumor formation in blood vessels, and conditions for rigidities. Is it any wonder that the consumption is high in polyunsaturated fats in many investigations in strong correlation to heart disease and cancer? There is new evidence regarding the effects of free radicals with premature aging, with autoimmune diseases such as Parkinson's disease, arthritis, Lou Gerig's disease, Alzheimer's disease and cataracts.

The positive effects of saturated fats

The much-maligned saturated fats, are not the cause of modern diseases. They play in the chemical processes in the human body, many important roles: Saturated fatty acids constitute at least 50% of the cell membranes. They give our cells necessary stiffness and strength.

They play a vital role in the health of our bones. For calcium to be effectively integrated into the formation of the skeleton must be at least 50% of dietary fats, saturated fats.

They lower Lp (a), a substance in the blood, which indicates a tendency to heart disease. They protect the liver against the effects of alcohol and other toxic substances such as Tylenol.

They support the immune system.

They are necessary for the proper utilization of essential fatty acids in the body. Elongated omega-3 fatty acids are better retained in the tissues when the diet of saturated fats.

Saturated 18 - carbon - and 16-carbon stearic acid - palmitic acid are the preferred foods for the heart. Therefore, the fat around the heart muscle is highly saturated. The heart draws in stressful situations on these reserves.

Short and medium-chain saturated fatty acids have important antimicrobial properties. They protect us against harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract.

Honestly evaluated study data revealed no confirmation of the claim that saturated fats lead to clogging of arteries and heart disease. In fact, investigations revealed the fat in arterial plaques that are in these, only 26% of fat, saturated fatty acids. The rest is unsaturated, of which more times than half.

Cholesterol - cholesterol Our blood vessels can become damaged in various ways - for example through the action of free radicals or because they are structurally weak - and when that happens, then the body begins the repair funds, over which he has, to the damage . resolve That substance is cholesterol. Cholesterol is a high molecular weight, heavy alcohol which is produced in the body in the liver and most body cells. Like saturated fats, including cholesterol, which is produced in the body or absorbed from food plays a series of vital roles:

Along with saturated fats, cholesterol makes the membranes of cells necessary stiffness and strength. When the diet contains an excess of polyunsaturated fatty acids, these replace saturated fatty acids in the cell membrane, making the cell walls flabby "are.

When this happens, cholesterol from the blood into the tissues to give them structural integrity. That is the reason that the serum cholesterol levels may go down temporarily when we replace saturated fats in the diet with polyunsaturated oils.

Cholesterol is a precursor to vital corticosteroids, hormones that help to protect against with stress and protect against heart disease and cancer. They are also the sex hormones like androgen, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

Cholesterol is a precursor of vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, which is essential for healthy bones and nervous system, proper growth, mineral metabolism, muscle tone, insulin production, reproduction and immune function.

The bile salts are made from cholesterol. They are irreplaceable in the digestion and assimilation of fats in the diet.

New research shows that cholesterol acts as an antioxidant. This is a plausible explanation for the fact that cholesterol levels increase with age. As an antioxidant, cholesterol protects us against free radical damage that leads to heart disease and cancer.

Cholesterol is necessary for the proper function of serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is the natural "feel-good" chemical in the body. Low cholesterol levels are associated with a bad temper and aggressive behavior, depression and tendency to commit suicide together.

Breast milk contains extremely high amounts of cholesterol and a special enzyme that helps the baby to absorb this nutrient. Babies and children need cholesterol-rich foods throughout their growing years to ensure proper development of the brain and nervous system.

Dietary cholesterol plays an important role in maintaining the health of the stomach and intestinal walls. That is the reason why low-cholesterol vegetarian diets can lead to leaky gut syndrome and other intestinal problems.

Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease but rather a potent antioxidant against free radicals in blood, and a repair material for repairing damage in the arteries (though) which include arterial plaques, as such, very little cholesterol.

However, cholesterol can - like the fat - are damaged by heat and the access of oxygen. This damaged or oxidized cholesterol seems to both injury in the arteries feeding do than to promote the pathological buildup of plaque in the vessel walls. Damaged cholesterol is found in powdered eggs, powdered milk (skim milk to the substance of the increase) was added and in meat and fat, which has been heated to high temperatures in frying and other high-temperature processes.

High cholesterol levels are often an indication that the body needs cholesterol to protect against high levels of altered, free-radical-containing fats. Just as in a place with a high crime rate, an increased need for police there, so in an elevated amount of cholesterol is in a malnourished or improperly nourished body is needed to protect them from the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

A thyroid - hypothyroidism is often expressed in an elevated cholesterol level. When thyroid function is low - generally because of high sugar consumption and a lack of usable iodine, fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients - your body shakes as an adaptive and protective measure cholesterol in the blood and thus provides a sufficient amount of materials needed to heal tissues and to produce protective steroids.

Cause of heart disease

The cause of heart disease is not the consumption of animal fat and cholesterol into consideration, but a series of factors arising from the so-called "modern" diet, including excess consumption of vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats, excess consumption carbohydrate in the form of sugar and white flour, mineral deficiencies (especially magnesium and iodine), a vitamin deficiency (especially vitamin C which is necessary for the maintenance of the vessel walls), and a lack of antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E to protect against free radicals, and finally, the disappearance of saturated fats in the diet (in the form of animal fats and tropical oils).

The process of oil extraction insane!

It is important to know that of all human food, the polyunsaturated oils are the ones who can most easily be dangerous by food processing, especially the chemically very unstable Omega - 3 - linolenic acid. Keep in mind that the following industrial processes naturally occurring fatty acids go through before they appear on the consumer's table.

Extraction: The naturally occurring in fruits, grains and nuts, oils must first be extracted. In ancient times this was done by slow-moving stone presses. But modern, large mills do this by crushing and heating the oil-bearing plant parts to about 110 degrees C. Then the oil is squeezed out at pressures of up to 1 ton per square inch, resulting in additional heating of the material. During this process the oils are exposed to damaging light and oxygen. In order to extract the remaining crushed the last (approximately) 10% of the remaining oil content, the pulp is mixed with various solvents. In the usually hexane. The solvent is then boiled off, although up to 100 ppm (parts per million may remain) in the oil. Such solvents that are toxic in themselves, retain traces of toxic pesticides in the oil, which were contained before processing begins in the seeds or fruits.

Due to the high processing temperatures to break apart the fragile bonds between the carbon atoms in the unsaturated fatty acids, especially triple incurred as unsaturated linolenic acid, thereby creating dangerous free radicals. In addition, antioxidants such as fat-soluble vitamin E, which protect the body from the ravages of free radicals, are neutralized and destroyed by high temperatures or pressures. To this vitamin E and others, through the manufacturing process to replace destroyed natural preservative is often added to the oil BHT and BHA, two artificial substances, which in turn are suspected of causing cancer and brain damage.

There is a safe modern methods of extraction, in which the grains 'drilled' and its oil content, with its precious cargo of antioxidants under low temperature and minimal exposure to light and oxygen. This expeller - pressed, unrefined oil is cooled and bottled in dark bottles for a long time preserved. Extra virgin olive oil is produced by crushing olives between stone or steel rollers. The process runs smoothly and keeps the fat and the various conservative elements of the oil intact. If olive oil is stored in opaque containers, it is its freshness and precious antioxidants for many years.

21. Margarine / Butter & cancer

bild margarine bild margarine ingredients3 bild butter

 Hydrogenation: This is the process that is liquid at room temperature from the polyunsaturated oils makes a solid fat at room temperature, ie margarine and cooking fats. Producers should use the cheapest oils-soy, corn, sunflower, cotton seeds, canola, are already rancid from the extraction. These oils and mix them with tiny metal particles-usually nickel oxide.

The oil with its nickel catalyst is then exposed to a high-pressure and high temperature reactor in a hydrogen atmosphere. Next, soap-emulsifiers and starch are squeezed into the mixture to increase the consistency. In the subsequent steam-cleaning the oil a second time will be exposed to a high temperature. This cleaning removes the oil and the bad smell. The resulting margarine has an unsightly gray color will bleach. Well still need Dyes and strong flavors are added to make it resemble butter. Finally, it is pressed into blocks or pressed into container to be sold as "healthy" foods.

Partially hydrogenated margarines and shortenings are even worse for you than the highly refined vegetable oils from which they are produced, because during the hydrogenation process chemical changes that occur. The nickel catalyst effected under the influence of high temperatures (250 to 350 degrees C) changes in the position of hydrogen atoms in the fatty acid chains.

Before hydrogenation, the hydrogen atoms occur in pairs in the fatty acid chain, causing the chain to bend slightly and creating a concentration of electrons at the double bond. This is called the cis formation, the majority occurring in nature by the configuration. In the hydrogenation of one of the hydrogen atoms is shifted to the other side of the chain, which stretches the molecule. This is called the Trans-form, one in nature is very rare configuration.

Most of these man-made trans fats (trans-form of the molecules) are toxic to the body, but unfortunately it does not recognize our digestive system as such. Instead of being eliminated, it ejects the recovery system further into the cells as if they were natural cis-fatty acids. You'll be taken to the interior of the cells, but where they can not be processed because of the misplaced hydrogen atoms, because the cell mechanisms are not prepared for this unnatural atomic arrangement. The so blocked cells can perform no other tasks more. They must be dismantled and disposed of by the immune system.

In the 1940's, researchers found a strong correlation between cancer and the consumption of fat. The fats used were hydrogenated fats although the results were presented as if the culprit were saturated fats. Effective been until recently in the United States saturated fats with trans fats lumped together when it came to understanding the links between dietary habits and disease. Thus, natural saturated fats have been drawn into the vortex of the negative brush of unnatural hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats).

Altered partially hydrogenated () hydrogenated vegetable oils in the body cells to block the intake of essential fatty acids and are therefore the cause of many health problems including sexual dysfunction, elevated blood cholesterol and paralysis of the immune system. The intake of trans fats is associated with a host of other serious diseases, not only cancer but also atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, immune system dysfunction, underweight babies, birth defects, visual acuity, sterility, decreased ability to breastfeed, problems with muscles and tendons.

Nevertheless, hydrogenated (hardened) fats continue as a healthy food advocates. The popularity of partially (hydrogenated) margarine over butter represents a triumph of advertising over common sense. The best defense against this nightmare is to take these products, such as a disease of the road.

 Homogenization: This is the process that will be pressed in which the fat particles of cream at high pressure through fine pores. The resulting fat particles are so tiny that they float in the milk, rather than sell at the surface. This makes the fat and cholesterol is more easily oxidized and become rancid easily, and some studies suggest that homogenized fats contribute to heart disease

The constant attack by the media against saturated fats is extremely suspect. The claim that butter has increased cholesterol levels, can not be substantiated by research, although some studies showed a slight, temporary increase through butter, while other studies have cholesterol lowering by stearic acid, the main component of beef fat, actually.

Margarine effect (a chronically high cholesterol!) And is also significantly associated with heart disease and cancers. Even the new "soft" margarine developments change anything, because they are made from rancid, oxidized vegetable oils and also include more artificial additives.

Butter contains the following elements: Fat-soluble vitamins are: That includes natural vitamin A or retinol, vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as their naturally occurring cofactors needed to obtain maximum effect. Vitamin A is added actually easier from the butter from the body and as recovered from other sources. Fortunately, these vitamins are relatively stable and survive the pasteurization process.

When Dr. Weston Price around the world, isolated traditional communities, he discovered that butter was a staple in their diets. He did not find any ethnic group, which would have consumed polyunsaturated oils.) The groups, whose way of life he studied particularly valued the deep yellow butter from milk from grazing cows fed on fast-growing grasses. The natural intuition that she let people know that the positive qualities were especially beneficial for expectant mothers and infants. Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

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When Dr. Price analyzed this deep yellow butter he found it an unusually high doses of fat-soluble vitamins, particularly vitamin A. He called these vitamins "catalysts" or "activators," without which the body according to his conviction is not in a position to absorb minerals no matter how many we are feeding him with food. He was even the view that fat-soluble vitamins necessary for the absorption of water-soluble vitamins are.

Vitamins A and D are essential for growth, for healthy bones, for the function of the brain and nervous system and for the function of the reproductive organs. Many studies have shown the importance of butterfat for reproduction. Its absence results in "nutritional castration," the inability to train male and female sexual characteristics. To the extent to which decreased consumption of butter in the U.S., increased rates of infertility and sexual problems. If you replace the butter fat in calves by replacing fats, they are no longer able to grow and to reproduce no longer be maintained.

The only good source of fat-soluble vitamins in the diet is butter. Butter added to vegetables or spread on bread, and cream added to soups and sauces, ensure proper assimilation of vitamins, minerals and water from grain products, vegetables and meat.

Wulzen Factor: The "anti-stiffness factor" this phenomenon has been known to occur in raw animal fat. Researcher Rosalind Wulzen discovered that this substance protects humans and animals from calcification of the joints - degenerative arthritis -. It also protects against hardening of the arteries, cataracts and calcification of the pineal gland. Calves that are fed on pasteurized milk or skim milk develop joint stiffness and do not thrive. These symptoms disappear when the feed raw butterfat is added. The Pasteurization destroys this factor. It is only in raw milk, butter and cream (cream) available.

Price Factor or Activator X: The Discovered by Dr. Price, Activator X is a powerful catalyst which contributes such as vitamins A and D in the body to absorb minerals and exploit. Butter can be an especially rich source of Activator X when it comes from the milk from grazing cows that feed in spring and autumn of fast-growing grasses. It is not contained in the butter from the milk of cows with cottonseed cake, or are fed high protein Sojafutter. The X-activator is fortunately not destroyed by pasteurization.

One frequently voiced objection to the consumption of butter and animal fats is that they tend to accumulate environmental poisons. Fat-soluble toxins such as DDT, accumulate in fat tissue actually, but water-soluble toxins such as antibiotics and growth hormones, accumulate in the watery part of milk and meat.

In vegetables and grains also accumulate poisons. Crops are used in a growing season - from planting to harvesting - an average of ten treated with chemical poisons, while cows generally graze on land which was not sprayed. Aflatoxin, a fungus toxins, which grows on grain, is one of the strongest carcinogens known.

Certainly, the assumption is correct that all of our foods, whether they are plant or animal origin, may be contaminated. The solution to this problem does not consist in the exclusion of animal fats that are in growth, reproduction and overall health is so important, but in the search for organic meat from animals raised according to butter from free-grazing cows, and after chemical-grown vegetables, fruits and cereals. You can get these products are increasingly in specialty shops for organic farming, in special sections in supermarkets or from selling directly to farmers.

 In short, the choice of fats, which are to be included in our diet is of extreme importance. Most people benefit more from health more fat than less, and this is especially true for young children and adolescents. But is that what we eat fat, must be carefully selected. They should all polyunsaturated oils and hydrogenated (hardened) vegetable oils (vegetable oils) are out of the way - and each of industrially prefabricated product, which are contained in such oils / fats.

Use the other hand, traditional products such as cold pressed (virgin "or" virgin "or" virgin ") olive oil and small amounts of unrefined flax seed oil. Get used to the benefits of coconut oil for baking and animal fats for occasional frying. Eat egg yolks [Note: only valuable in the raw state] And - finally - do not eat so much of good butter as you like, with the lucky feeling that it is a positive holistic food for you and your entire family. Butter organic origin, cold pressed (extra virgin) olive oil and flax oil in opaque containers are available in health food stores and gourmet shops. Edible Coconut Oil is available in stores that sell Indian or Caribbean cuisine.

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