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“ Who does not know his enemy, can not defeat him “

Did you know that many people have no fear of cancer?  If they develop cancer, they are not more affected than if they received a mild flu. Why do most people have a great fear of cancer and for others it is only a minor annoyance? The answer to this phenomenon: information. Some people have good information about cancer and others have bad information about it. Poor information makes the fear. So now some good information:

Every person has cancer cells in his body. This is not dangerous. Most people do not know this and do not notice. Why not? Because their immune systems are safe and easy to kill the cancer cells as soon as they are formed. The immune system is the police and keeps them in check. It strikes a balance. As long as there is this balance - between the number of cancer cells in the body and the strength of the immune system - you can never get cancer!

So cancer is caused by the imbalance between the number of cancer cells in the body and the strength of the immune system.  Either there are more cancer cells than it should be, then the immune system is too weak - or there are few cancer cells, then the Immunsytem is strong. There is no cancer in a strong immune system, which is impossible. Therefore, a therapy that is weakening the immune system, fundamentally wrong and dangerous! Natural cancer therapies must therefore comply strictly 2 tasks, otherwise you can forget it:

1. they kill only the cancer cells and nothing else

2. They strengthen the immune system

Successful therapies to combat the real causes of cancer: Parasites 

videos : Live Blood Analysis Dark Field Microscopy explained 2:09 1:01  Live Blood Analysis following Chemotherapie 1:10  Live Blood Analysis of Cancer Blood 1:18 Breast cancer cells dividing 0:28  Human granulocytes kill cervical cancer cells 0:38  Blood Parasites 3:34  Organism Xii 9:20  Spirochetes in 3 day old blood 0:35  Darkfield phenomena 2:17 My blood under dark field microscope 7:55  Erythrocytes & Granulocytes 3:09 BIOL Ultra-Darkfield Microscopy 8:53


  1. The immune system Bild Button pfeil a

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Blood counts / Cancer + parasite - 1 Series: symprotit Druse / colon cancer - vacuoles 1 +2 - 2 Series: vacuoles - makrokondrit - aspergillus niger - Mucor racemosus

bild krebs blut symprotit drusebild blut plasmodienbild blut plasmodium_1

bild blut vakuolenbild blut makrokondrit1bild blut aspergillus nigerbild blut mucor racemosusbild buch pleomorph.

Alternative cancer treatments are effective? The orthodox medicine - the WHO - and all the official bodies of the governments will never tell you the truth about the real causes of cancer. Just as you will also never heard of them - or learn from the official media - the truth about alternative cancer therapies. The fact is - alternative cancer therapies can be much more effective, stronger and be more gentle. How can that be, even if the orthodox treatment of cancer of the highly toxic chemotherapy, surgery and radiation has super cannon against cancer?

A little history: Let's say you have an antique dining table, with a value of several thousand euros. Suppose that you are expecting guests for dinner in an hour and your butler tells you that on your precious table hundreds of cockroaches crawling around.

The Butler offers 4 options for the elimination of cockroaches:

1) He has a chainsaw, with a "slash" across the table, pulls the little critters to pieces.

2) He has a large and powerful flame-thrower, who makes the creatures to ashes.

3) He has 2 liters of fluid a very toxic chemical to poison the parasite.

4) He has a 1 €-old fly swatter.

Which of the four options will you choose? "If you take one of the first three options - slash, burn or poison - because they are highly effective to kill the cockroaches, or you choose the cheap, cowardly fly swatter? Of course you'll get the fly swatter, as do the other three elements of it quickly and safely kill the cockroaches, but also enormously powerful destruction on precious desk.Alternative cancer therapies are like a fly swatter. They do not seem so radical and powerful as the other articles, but they are much more effective in the treatment of cancer. The treatments are directed only against tumor cells. The non - cancerous cells are not affected, however.

Surgery = chainsaw / flamethrower = radiotherapy / chemotherapy = toxic chemicals / fly swatter = alternative therapies.

The roasting Test In the capillary blood of cancer patients found parasites in principle with an incredible resistance. Evidence provided by the roasting test. You take one drop of blood from the fingertip of cancer a patient and transmits it to a slide. Then this a few times drawn through a flame and thereby heated to 160 to 180 degrees Celsius. The cells burst and are virtually non-existent. What remains is a kind of roasting blood. Subsequently, a drop of sodium citrate is added. This has the property that the cancer parasite / cancer plasmodia / Trophozoite / protozoan lure out. Within the next 2 to 6 hours, and even 1 to 2 days, these parasites literally crawl out of the remaining cell debris and evolve into ever higher forms. This is visible both under a bright field microscope, as well as a dark field microscope.

bild button uni virginiaBild Button pfeil a  Pathology : picture 1 + 2 = Protozoen - Bild 3 = Trophozoite

bild protozoanbild protozoan abild trophozoiten

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bild trophozoiten morphologie 1bild parasit morphologie 1bild parasit morphologie 2bild parasit morphologie 3  Life Cycle and Morphology

1. The immune system  Bild Button pfeil a

The secret of a successful fight against cancer is a healthy immune system. Each treatment is wrong and dangerous to the immune system weakens 

 It consists of organs, cells and glands, such as the thymus - Almonds - Spleen - intestine - cecum - lymph - Peyer's patches - bone marrow. It is a protection - and Self - Repair - program that operates according to precise rules. One can not help it. Improve One can only harm him. Any good doctor, shaman, and every herbalist knows that healing takes place through Medikante or therapies. This will only attempts to activate the immune system function again. This then causes the healing. Anyone who does not understand this process, will make mistakes when choosing an effective therapy against cancer. The main tasks of this system helps the intestine with its sections. He takes 80% of these tasks, because they associate with a surface area exceeding 200 square meters, is the largest organ of man. This vast area is inhabited! In the various sections of the intestine more than 300,000,000,000,000 trillion living beings exist - microorganisms.

 They produce vitamins, hormones, enzymes and other vital substances and process the food. Fascinating is the fact that the control of the bowel is not primarily through the brain, but by a so-called abdominal brain. Any disturbance and disregard of the rules of this perfect system has inevitably disastrous consequences. One can compare with the last 200 years, and permanent exploitation and contamination of the Eco system in the world. The earth responds with appropriate Sympthomen - climate disasters - the extinction of animal and plant species - desert - water. She got cancer. Pictures of microorganisms in the gut

bild darm bakt. Abild darm bakt.1

 Microorganisms are the most important part of our immune system - they are partners, not counter. Without it there is no health. If you are looking successful therapies against cancer and wants to protect themselves from cancer, must recognize the role of intestinal bacteria and their relationship to health. They are the key to the success of therapy. This knowledge also simplifies the search for the right therapy. At the same time explains why excellent practitioner - physician and a naturopath - himself died of cancer. They have not sufficiently taken into account the role of intestinal bacteria.

bild darm bakt.3abild darm bakt.2bild darm Darmflora

 Life or death of sitting in the gut. A sick colon is the cause of 80 - 90% of all diseases, including cancer.

Each diet, any medical or naturopathic therapy, ignoring that which is not sustainably can help but harm. The official thesis of the WHO, that poor diet was responsible for only about 30% for the development of cancer, can not therefore be correct. One has so imagine how the coexistence of the various inhabitants of the earth. At its 3 main groups of organisms - plants, animals, people living with thousands of species. For their existence and reproduction of each of these species requires a very special environment, and special food. A husky in Alaska throws a fish as food - but once put a fish in a flower pot. Also it does not give a baby a raw steak, like a lion.

The existence - the rules of the intestine - Micro-organisms are undertaken. There are 14,000,000 (million times) more people in the intestine, as people on earth! They are divided into - 4 main groups - more than 300 species - up to 1800 generations with up to 36,000 species. There are: Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Proteobacteria and Actinobacteria. In the large intestine to live: Bacteroides, Bifidobacterium, Eubacterium, Clostridium, Fusobacterium, Ruminococcus, Roseburia - in the small intestine: Enterococcus and Lactobacillus - species. The small intestine is 10 to 3 to 10 high 7 cells / g of settled chair - the large intestine with 10 to 11 to 10 high 12 cells / g of stool.

Despite their large numbers, they only weigh a total of 2 kg. Living things in us are micrometer = one thousandth millimeter nanometer = a billionth of meter to small. In this system one can penetrate only with electron microscopes and still pushes the limits of imagination.

bild button mucin uni gothenburgBild Button pfeil a Selection of characters for identification purposes. Summary of bacterial groups ( From Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology )


Example of Genus:




Parasites of animals

Microaerophilic Gram-negative curved rods


Aquatic, animal parasites

Aerobic Gram-negative rods


Soil, water, animal parasites

Facultatively Anaerobic Gram-negative rods


Intestinal tracts, animal parasites

Anaerobic Gram-negative rods


Animal, insect parasites

Sulphate reducers


Anoxic sediments

Anaerobic Gram-negative cocci


Animal intestines

Rickettsias, Chlamydias


Arthropods, animal parasites (obligate intracellular)



Animal, plant parasites, no cell wall



Symbionts of protozoans, insects, plants

Gram-positive cocci


Animal pathogens

Endospore formers


Soil, animal pathogens

Regular Gram-positive rods


Dairy products, animal intestines

Irregular Gram-positive rods


Soil, animal pathogens



Soil, plants, animal pathogens




Appendaged bacteria


Aquatic, soil

Sheathed bacteria



Sliding bacteria



Fruiting bacteria



Aerobic lithotrophs


Soil, water

Archaeobacteria (archaea)


Extreme environments

Anoxygenic phototrophs



Oxygenic phototrophs


Soil, water




 Only in this millennium, the scientific research deals seriously with this issue and admit entitled to great mysteries. The links between nutrition - = intestinal microorganisms in the intestines - immune system - cancer - have so far been woefully neglected. These include the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and the DIFE - German Institute for Nutrition Research in Potzdam. Nature. Volume 442, 24 August 2006, p. 851 +

Why do these bacteria do no harm? They remain in the intestine. Mucus layers of the intestinal wall / Mucime that MUC2 is the key - to produce gel. This prevents leakage from the intestine.

bild buch darm bakterien en microbialBild darm E_coli 1 makrometerbild darm wand mikrosk

 What is a healthy diet? Any that do not harm the immune system, but also protects. Health, long-lasting protection and successful fight against cancer, there is only a predominantly fresh, vegetarian diet with oils and fats. They are mostly plants - Fruit - Vegetables - Herbs - Water. A healthy gut is indeed almost any other food from meat, fish, cereals and all products processed from them, but not for long. If these foods outweighs the inevitable problems arise. We should not deceive themselves.

Primitives with a very advanced age, while eating meat from animals they killed for food - but it was fresh. In contrast, today's meat and its products comes from animals on factory farms, which are already long dead. Immediately after the death of decay occurs. Poisons entsstehen. Then there are the drugs that were fed to the animals. Anyone who thinks that a diet of decomposed corpses of animals contained, pumped full of antibiotics and seasoning blends, which is to imply any taste, without risks to health is a dreamer or just stupid.

It's like a sin or criminal act. If, on account of sin, or A FEW remains offenses, followed by the corresponding punishment, and then return to normal life goes on as usual. But if the sin or the criminal acts to normal life, followed by punishment in the long run. In the worst case, this is the death penalty.

Which treatments help in the fight against cancer? To strengthen the immune system. The beginning of each natural healing therapy is a gut renovation. It proceeds in 3 steps:

1. Cleansing and detoxifying the body>> Fasting / motion / water / fruit / herbs / vegetables / Oils / detoxification of heavy metals

2. pH - value to basic values?>> mixture of minerals

3. Intestines - Microorganisms resurrect>> EMX - EM - Kräuterbeer - Vita Biosa - pot - milk whey

The evidence of the connection between cancer and diet are clear. Whoever denies this is lying to himself, is blind and deaf, or get money for it. Each congress of physicians and almost all self-help groups are sponsored by companies. The same applies to the majority of the research work and studies of the universities. The draw accurate conclusions, are not difficult. If you want to protect themselves from cancer or who has cancer, was to take his life into his own hands. As an aid to decision-finding, we will learn about some therapies.

Acid load of the body - cause of cancer Bild Button pfeil a

bild button sodium bicarbonat NaHCO3bild button IMVA 1Bild Button pfeil a

 On the side of the International Medical Veritas Association, IMVA, there are very interesting information about the acid load of the body as a cause of cancer and the effects The recommended IMVA alkalizing diet and sodium bicarbonate, so that the pH of the blood remains in the high range, so the blood can absorb more oxygen. This in turn keeps every cell in your body in top constitution and helps her to dispose of waste products. Detoxification and chelation will expire easier and safer under slightly alkaline conditions.Bild Button pfeil a

Higher pH - value decreases oxidative stress in the urine in the kidney, so we do well to work clinically with sodium bicarbonate to. Patients who received sodium bicarbonate, pH values were obtained from 6.5 in the urine, as opposed to those who achieved levels of sodium chloride and pH 5.6. This alkalinization theoretically has a protective effect against the formation of free radicals, which lead to kidney disease can have.

A mass spectrometric analysis of cancer cells showed that the cell membrane very easily tied cesium, rubidium and potassium, and added these elements with their associated molecules in the cancer cell. In contrast, the membranes of cancer cells is not transported sodium, magnesium and calcium into the cell interior: The content of calcium in cancer cells is only about 1% in normal cells. Potassium transport into sugar in the cell. Calcium and magnesium transport oxygen into the cell. As a result, oxygen can not enter cancer cells so that the sugar that would normally burned to carbon dioxide and water (in consumption) of oxygen, is fermented to lactic acid within the cell. These anaerobic conditions were formulated in 1924 by Otto Warburg.

Potassium, and especially cesium and rubidium are the alkaline elements. If they are absorbed by the cells, then they raise the pH within the cells. Because they are very strong bases as compared to the weak base are lactic acid, it is possible that the pH up to 8.5 and can be increased 9th In this pH range is the life of the cancer cell is short, more than a few days. The dead cancer cell is then absorbed by the body fluids and eventually eliminated. " 

2. History of alternative cancer therapies

bild button icrf 1Bild Button pfeil a

Cancer patients, and their families, want the cancer patient to survive their cancer. In order to give a cancer patient a significant chance of survival it takes three things:

1) Help from an organization controlled by people of high integrity,

2) Correct information about what causes cancer,

3) Correct information about the best cancer treatments.

What Causes Cancer?

Back in the 1930s, a brilliant microbioligist discovered what causes cancer. With this knowledge he then proceeded to cure cancer. His name was Dr. Royal Rife. Dr. Rife did hundreds of experiments, primarily using mice, to find out what caused cancer. He figured out what caused cancer and then did more experiments to prove he was right. What was the answer? Rife discovered that cancer was caused by a highly pleomorphic microbe. The word "pleomorphic" in this context means it is a microbe which can change its size and shape dramatically!! This microbe can be smaller than a virus or as large as an amoeba!! This microbe is now called a "highly pleomorphic cell wall deficient bacteria," but to Royal Rife is was simply called: bx. Rife also knew something critical about this microbe. This microbe lived inside of cancer cells. This is critical to understand.

When the time came for Rife to devise an electromedicine device, which is now called a "frequency generator" or a "Rife Machine," Rife learned this device needed to have two frequencies. The first frequency was to vibrate the microbes to death and the other frequency was to "carry" the first frequency inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes which caused cancer. His cure was 100% successful. We now know that when you kill the microbes inside the cancer cells the cells will not die, they will revert into normal cells. Rife understood this and he made no attempt to kill any cancer cells, rather he cured cancer by reverting the cancer cells into normal cells. However, Royal Rife was not the first or only person to understand that cancer was caused by a microbe and that the microbe was "hiding" inside the cancer cells (making it difficult to kill).

Bild Rifebild cantwell

Here are some quotes from the book: Four Women Against Cancer, by Dr. Alan Cantwell, M.D., who chronicles more than 100 years of cancer microbe research: Back in the 1950s a group of four dedicated women scientists began to work together to uncover the remarkable and unprecedented germ that causes cancer. Rather than being received with enthusiasm, their published cancer research was ignored, overlooked or actively suppressed by the cancer establishment and the powers that be. The cause of cancer is unknown — or is it? In this highly provocative and controversial book, Alan Cantwell, MD, presents the revolutionary cancer research of physician Virginia Livingston, MD; microbiologist Eleanor Alexander-Jackson; cell cytologist Irene Diller: and world-famous biochemist Florence Seibert - all of whom discovered an easily detectable microbe in cancer - a germ whose existence is still totally denied by the medical establishment. Unlike any infectious agent known to science, the cancer microbe has characteristics of both bacteria and viruses—and produces a remarkable hormone that allows life to continually reproduce and renew itself. The idea that bacteria cause cancer is still a taboo subject in modern medicine, but there is a century of research by various investigators that proves the idea is correct. There is also a wealth of scientific information on cancer-causing bacteria on the Internet, and Dr. Cantwell points the reader to these sources for further evidence. In addition, the book contains photographs showing the microbe in breast cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma and AIDS-related cancer. As a result, this book is indispensable for people who want to understand the infectious hidden killer in cancer, and how this knowledge could be useful in finally conquering cancer.

bild buch cantwell four women..bild cantwell +diller.. Drs. E. A. Jackson / Irene Diller / A. Cantwell bild seibert 1 Drs. Florence Seibert

  * In, "The microscopy of micro-organisms associated with neoplasms (cancer) published in the August 1948 issue of The New York Microscopical Bullentin, Roy Allen presents illustrations of the cancer microbe ... The microbes live inside the cancer cells (intra-cellular) and outside the cancer cells (extra-cellular)."   Page 34   * According to Livingston and Addeo's 1984 book, " Dr. Rhoads " [of Memorial Sloan-Kittering Cancer Center] was committed to chemotherapy, and well he might have been since he was head of chemical warfare during World War II. [Rhodes] tried to turn chemical warfare against the cancer cell within the human body. His big mistake was that he believed the cancer cell to be the causative agent of the disease and not the parasite within the cell. To unleash the horrors of chemical warfare and the atomic bomb in the form of chemotherapy and cobalt radiation against the hopeless victims of a microbial disease is illogical.   Page 43   * More importantly, the Dillers showed that cancer germs were able to gain entrance not only into the [non-cancerous] cell (intra-cellular) [which turns the cell cancerous], but also into the nucleus of the cell. This intra-nuclear invasion meant that cancer microbes could gain access to the genes contained within the nucleus itself. This is similar to what [gene therapy does].   Page 47  Before going on, the above quote is explaining why cancer cells frequently have DNA damage. The DNA of the cancer microbe interacts with the DNA inside the cells. Orthodox medicine is well aware of this possibility because this concept is at the heart and soul of gene therapy. Now, another quote on the fact that the microbe is inside the cancer cells.  * Like the other women, Seibert observed the virus-like forms of the cancer microbe within the nucleus of the cancer cells. She theorized this infection could disrupt and transform nuclear genetic material that could lead to malignant change. Even though cancer microbes might appear to be simple and common microbes, their ability to infiltrate the nucleus of cells meant they were far from harmless.   Page 49     This is a quote which refers to research done in 1890 (not a typo):  * In 1890 the distinguished pathologist Dr. William Russell (1852-1940) first reported "cancer parasites" in cancer tissue that was specially stained with carbol fuchsin, a red dye. The "parasite" was found inside and outside the cells. The smallest forms were barely visible microscopically; and the largest parasites were as large as red blood cells. Russell also found "parasites" in tuberculosis, syphilis and skin ulcers.   Page 53-54      The cancer microbe is highly pleomorphic, meaning it can change size and change shape at will as the last quote states.  Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD has observed a cancer microbe literally drill through the cell wall of a healthy cell in order to try and escape a highly acidic environment outside the cell. In fact, in the past 100 years many cancer researchers, from before Dr. Royal Rife to Dr. Robert O Young and Dr. Gaston Naessens, have known cancer was caused by a microbe which was inside of the cancer cell. In other words, a microbe was able to penetrate a normal cell and turn the normal cell into a cancer cell. One of the above quotes theorizes that the cancer microbe converts a normal cell into a cancer cell by altering its DNA. This is probably not true, though it is possible that disrupting the creation of key proteins may be a contributing factor in the cell becoming cancerous.

The Theory of Cancer [Why Normal Cells Convert Into Cancer Cells]

The reason that the theory of the ICRF researcher is considered to be more accurate is that when substances are used which kill microbes inside of the cancer cells (e.g. Dr. Royal Rife), the cancer cells are reverted into normal cells. If the DNA damage theory was correct (Dr. Rife did his research long before DNA was discovered) killing the microbes would not fix the already damaged DNA. Yet the cancer cell is known to revert back into a normal cell simply by killing the microbes with electromedicine.  So if we get back to our 10 high-rise buildings mentioned above, the correct high-rise theory of what causes cancer is a highly pleomorphic cell wall deficient bacteria and we see that the best way to cure cancer is to kill these bacteria. Thus, the reader might think that all cancer researchers are diligently trying to kill the cancer microbes inside of all cancer cells. Unfortunately for cancer patients, that is not the case. In fact, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. stands alone in its quest to kill the microbes inside of cancer cells.

Why aren't other cancer researchers looking for ways to kill the cancer microbes which are inside the cancer cells??

Actually, the research of orthodox medicine is focused on the wrong high-rise building, thus there is no hope they will ever find a cure for cancer. In fact, that is exactly the way they want it. Treating cancer as a chronic disease, by not curing cancer, is massively profitable. When you cure a cancer patient, or the patient dies, your profit-center is destroyed. The goal of orthodox medicine is to get all cancer patients on chemotherapy for life. This is the ultimate way to maximize your profits. The fact is that if the general public ever found out (and the media will make sure they never do find out) that cancer was a microbial disease, the general public would demand an immediate cure for cancer!! The reader should understand that almost all funding for cancer research studies is controlled, directly or indirectly, by the pharmaceutical industry. Even the federal government funded studies are completely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Dr. Alan Cantwell Bild Button pfeil a Bild Button pfeil a

 Videos Dr Alan Cantwell -The Cancer Microbe-AIDS & Kaposi's Sarcoma 40:00 Bild Button pfeil a Dr Alan Cantwell - The Cancer Microbe and the Russell Body 35:09 Bild Button pfeil a

bild cantwell livingstonbild buch cantwell Cancer Microbebild buch cantwell Queer Bloodbild buch cantwell Aids Dr. Deathbild buch cantwell Aids Mystery

Why does the medical establishment ignore "cancer microbe" research that could lead to a cure for mankind's most dreaded disease?

A century ago physicians began to realise that diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy, and syphilis were caused by bacteria. At the time, some scientists believed cancer was also caused by microbes. However, although bacteria were cultured from some cancers, no consistent microbe was found. Because cancer did not act like a contagious and infectious disease scientists finally declared that there was no germ in cancer. After the turn of the century, physicians who continued to believe in the existence of a cancer microbe were considered to be of unsound mind. Over the past few decades viruses (but not bacteria) have been shown to cause some cancers. Retrovirus infection with HIV (the AIDS virus) can lead to cancer through destruction of the immune system. In the late 1970s, when HIV was first introduced into the U.S. gay population the sudden epidemic of a previously rare cancer called Kaposi's sarcoma made physicians suspect that homosexuals were spreading a cancer-causing virus. Later, it was found that HIV does not directly cause KS, and the exact cause of this cancer is still not known.

Decades before AIDS it was also known (but rarely publicised) that heterosexual activity carried a risk for cancer. Epidemiologists knew that highly promiscuous women had a greater chance of developing cervical cancer, the second most common female cancer. For example, studies clearly showed that prostitutes were at much higher risk for cervical cancer than nuns. Female genital cancer is now blamed on sexually-transmitted penile wart viruses (so called papilloma viruses). According to a Los Angeles Times report (June 7, 1995), cancer researchers now recognise that the vast majority of women worldwide who have cervical cancer develop it from contagious papilloma viruses. Although cancer is considered a chronic disease, cancer can sometimes act like an acute infectious disease. For. example, Jackie Kennedy died rapidly from lymphoma cancer, and Mickey Mantle quickly succumbed to liver cancer.

Although viruses are now accepted as a cause of some cancers a small group of physicians and scientists believe cancer is caused by bacteria. No one has done more to popularize the "cancer microbe" theory of cancer than Virginia Livingston-Wheeler. M.D., who died in 1990. Livingston first discovered bacteria in an auto-immune disease called scleroderma in 1947. Like the bacteria that caused tuberculosis and leprosy, the scleroderma microbes were rod-shaped and stained "acid-fast." Aided by a team of pathologists, dermatologists and microbiologists, Livingston also discovered similar acid-fast bacteria in various forms of cancer.

The bacteria isolated from cancer and scleroderma were most unusual. Depending on their environment in laboratory culture the microbes had a peculiar ability to change size and shape-a biologic characteristic known as pleomorphism. The most common forms resembled round-shaped staphlo coccus bacteria or rod-shaped bacteria. Larger forms of the microbe resembled yeast and fungi. The tiniest forms were virus-like and too small to be seen in an ordinary microscope, but they could be visualized with an electron microscope that magnified the microbes thousands of times. In scientific publications Livingston and her colleagues showed that the cancer microbe could appear as a bacterium, a virus, a fungus or a yeast-but in actuality they were all growth forms of the same germ. The microbe was found in the blood of normal and healthy people. but in the blood of terminal cancer patients the microbes were greatly increased in number. In Livingston's view, the destruction of red blood cells by cancer microbes causes the anemia that always accompanies the end stage of cancer.

In healthy individuals with normal immune systems, the microbe lived in harmony. However, when the immune system was damaged. the microbe became aggressive. Eventually Livingston named her ubiquitous microbe Progenitor cryptocides, the " hidden killer " in cancer. The famous psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) spent years studying "orgone energy" and its effects on the body. His cancer research showed that cancerous cells have less orgone energy that normal, healthy cells. When cancer cells broke down and degenerated, he always observed toxic microbes arising out of the cancerous tissue. He called them "T-bacilli," after the German word, "Tod," which means death.

bild buch Reich Corringtonbild buch Reich BeyondPsychologybild buch reich bionebild buch Reich FuryonEarthBild Button pfeil a

Like Livingston, Reich discovered T- bacilli not only in the cancer tumors, but also in the blood, the body fluids. and the excreta of cancer patients. He originally thought that the T-bacillus was the specific infectious agent of cancer, but these cancer microbes were eventually found in persons with other disease, and Reich also observed the T-bacilli in the blood and excreta of normal healthy people!

Reich's two most revolutionary books, "The Bion Experiments on the Origin of Life "1938) and The Cancer "Biopathy (1948) contain details of his highly controversial biologic experiments and scientific theories, as well as fascinating insights into the origin of the cancer cell and "T" bacteria. "Beyond Psychology: "(Reich's)" Letters and Journals 1934-1939, published in 1994, also provides highly personal information on Reich's struggle to unravel the secrets of cancer and orgone energy. The best and most detailed biography of Reich is Myron Sharaf's "Fury on Earth". As an intimate friend and colleague, Sharaf presents a masterful view of Reich's unbelievable life, as well as his scientific achievements." (Beyond Psychology " and "Fury on Earth "are available from Flatland).

In the late 1950s, Reich got into serious legal trouble with the FDA in connection with the manufacture and sale of orgone accumulators. He was jailed and died while imprisoned. Six tons of his books, journals, and papers were burned by FDA officials in an unprecedented scientific holocaust Despite a century of cancer microbe research, physicians do not believe bacteria play any role in the cause of cancer, and most doctors have never heard of Reich's T- bacilli or Livingston's Progenitor cryptocides. Livingston also got in trouble with medical authorities, who tried to stop her from using anti cancer vaccines made from the patient's own cancer microbe. In 1984 her book, "The Conquest of Cancer", caused a scientific furor and she was again labelled a quack.

In an unflattering Los Angeles Times article about Livingston (April 6, 1984), leading AIDS researcher Robert Gallo (who was later accused of stealing the AIDS virus from the Pasteur Institute) condemned Livingston's cancer microbe research by declaring, " What is going on in this country? This is insanity! She can have her theories and what can I say? I don't know of anything to support it. I can't see any basis and I don't know what to say or what analogy to give you. " As a friend and admirer I had confirmed many of Livingston's findings of bacteria in scleroderma and cancer. Published in medical journals are my reports and photos of bacteria discovered in various forms of cancer, including breast cancer and lymphoma. Pertinent to AIDS were published papers showing bacteria in AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma (so-called "gay cancer") and in the swollen lymph glands of patients with AIDS-related complex. My book, The Cancer Microbe (1990), contains photos of this hidden killer in cancer, AIDS, and auto-immune disease, and documents a century of cancer microbe research. It includes the life stories and achievements of Livingston and Reich, and other scientists whose brilliant discoveries helped unlock the mystery of cancer by identifying the germ that causes it.

Scientists on the cutting edge of cancer research now consider cancer to be a genetic disease. According to Richard D. Klausner, the new director of the National Cancer Institute, all the body's cells constantly scan themselves for genetic mistakes and damage caused by environmental factors, such as smoking. These cells are supposedly programmed to kill themselves when they find something wrong. Klausner believes that chemotherapy has worked " not because we gave poisonous agents that killed the cancer cells, but because it triggered the cancer cells to commit suicide." Billions of dollars have been spent on the so-called War on Cancer. Yet people who have watched friends and family die of cancer know the treatment of advanced cancer is abysmal. Undoubtedly, the recognition of microscopic cancer bacteria at this late date would be an embarrassment to the medical profession. And expensive and questionable cancer therapies, such as radiation and chemotherapy, would have to be re-evaluated in terms of their effect on cancer microbe activity. However, ignoring cancer microbe research does the patient a great disservice because better treatment and a possible cure might result from the recognition of bacteria as causative agents in this disease.

While patiently waiting "for cancer cells to commit suicide", It would seem prudent for physicians and other health providers to become acquainted with cancer microbe research.

4. Dr. Virginia Livingston - Wheeler

bild livingstone1bild buch livingston wheeler

In the 1940s, Virginia Livingston, MD, discovered a bacterium, Progenitor cryptocides. In subsequent published reports, she claimed that this bacterium "is found in humans and animals and causes cancer only when the immune (defense) system is inadequate." (National Cancer Institute) Livingston died in 1990. Her work is being continued by physicians at the Livingston-Wheeler Clinic in San Diego, California.

"Dr. Livingston's theory arose out of her experience with tuberculosis, leprosy, and scleroderma (a skin disease) among her patients. She began to see them as related to each other and to cancer as well. Already a researcher, she discovered certain organisms in scleroderma that were similar to those in tuberculosis and leprosy and set out to discover if they were also found in cancer... According to Dr. Livingston, P. cryptocides is present in everyone (and animals) from birth, but is held in check by the immune system. When immunity becomes suppressed by poor diet, chemical toxins, emotional distress, and other factors, the dormant microbe can multiply and promote the growth or tumors." 

"She came to believe that cancer was caused by a microbe, a living, microscopic organism that lives in patients' blood and body tissues. Although mainstream scientists deny its existence, she claims to have seen this micro-organism through a special 'dark field' microscope."  /  "Even more intriguing, Dr. Livingston discovered that P. cryptocides is actually a pleomorphic organism, capable of changing its shape and evolving through a series of forms."  /  "The concept was to use the bacteria in a person's body to fight that same bacteria; in this way, the vaccine was tailored precisely to match each individual."  /  "The injected vaccine was used to attack the bacterium that Livingston-Wheeler believed caused cancer." 

Livingston-Wheeler believed that "dietary deficiencies are responsible for weakening the body's defense against cancer."

"Livingston-Wheeler claimed a success rate of 82 percent (with success defined as either being free of cancer on medical follow-up or "doing well" if cancer was still present), based on 62 case histories out of an original 100 pulled randomly from the clinic's files."  /  The treatment protocol designed by Dr. Livingston included (in addition to a number of vaccines) largely vegetarian raw foods, gamma globulin, vitamin and mineral supplements, attention to dental problems, heat therapy, and detoxification. "More specifically, the Livingston therapy calls for eliminating from the diet all poultry and egg products, sugars, white flours, and processed foods. Tobacco and alcohol are also to be avoided. Spleen glandular extracts, the BCG vaccine (to stimulate the patient's immune system), and sometimes hydrochloric acid (to acidify the patient's blood and urine) are administered." 

Treatments include "a vegetarian diet that avoids chicken, eggs, and sugar, vaccines, vitamin and mineral supplements, visualization, and stress reduction."

"The basis of the treatment is an autogenous vaccine made from each patient's individual strain of bacteria. The bacteria, which is usually obtained from a urine specimen (although blood or tumor tissue is also used), is grown in culture, killed, and processed to produce a vaccine."  /  "For many years prior to her death in 1990, she [Virginia Livingston-Wheeler] ran the Livingston-Wheeler clinic in San Diego (since then others have taken over the management of the clinic), treating patients twice a week with a vaccine made from each patient's urine." "Doses are typically given every 3-5 days, depending on a patient's reaction."

quote from : " Curing Cancer Using Frequencies - by Scott Saunders Bild Button pfeil a

.....Rife allowed that viruses are extraordinarily small microbes consisting of DNA or RNA surrounded by a coat of protein and require a living cell to reproduce. Bacteria are much larger. In the 1930s, bacteria which passed through tiny filters were called "filterable bacteria," which Rife identified as a cause of cancer, which he later called a virus. The proof was produced in 1934 with a clinical trial under the supervision of the University of Southern California (USC) Medical Research Committee, when the 16 terminally ill cancer patients were healed. The isolation of the cancer virus was made possible through the use of Rife’s electron telescope. Bacteria could be seen through conventional telescopes, as they are one micron in size (1/25,000). Viruses range in size from 10 millimicrons (10 thousandths of a micron) to 300 millimicrons. Three hundred millimicrons is the resolution limit for the light telescope.

This discovery, by Rife, was possible by the use of a microscope of 17,000 power of magnification compared to conventional microscopes of the time with 2,000 power of magnification. It was done by "an ingenuous arrangement of lenses applying an entirely new optical principal and by introducing double quartz prisms and powerful illuminating lights." "The light used is polarized, passing through crystals that stop all rays except those vibrating in one particular plane. By means of a double reflecting prism, the plane of vibration can be turned in any direction, controlling the illumination of the minute objects in the field very exactly."

Using his microscope for sometimes 24-48 hours at a time, drinking only water and eating nothing, Rife proved pleomorphism by finding that cancer had four forms: 1) BX (carcinoma); 2) BY (sarcoma-larger than BX) 3) monococcoid form in the monocytes of the blood of 90% of cancer patients, which, when properly stained, can be seen with a standard research microscope; and 4) crytomyces pleomorphic fungi (identical to orchid and mushroom). Thus, Rife proved pleomorphism, in that the cancer virus changes depending on its environment. He argued that it was not the bacteria themselves that produced the disease, but the chemical constituents of these micro-organisms acting upon the unbalanced cell metabolism of the body; i.e. "if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised it is susceptible to no disease." He discovered pig meat, mushrooms and orchids all possessed the natural cause of the frequency. He tested his theory on 400 animals using frequency instruments tuned to the same "BX" frequency before use on humans. He ultimately built five microscopes, the largest of which was 30,000 power of magnification. Unfortunately, Rife’s research records were lost when he loaned them to Dr. Arthur Hale a few years later.

In the summer of 1934, however, 16 terminally ill patients with cancer and other diseases were brought to Scripps "ranch" in San Diego. They were exposed to the "BX" frequency with the frequency instrument for only three minutes every three days. This allowed the body to self-detoxify the dead micro-organisms. The patients began healing quickly. Rife wrote, "With the Frequency Instrument, no tissue is destroyed, no noise is audible and no sensation is noticed. A tube lights up and three minutes later the treatment is completed. Several diseases may be treated simultaneously. The break between treatments gives the lymphatic system the opportunity to absorb and cast off the toxic condition produced by the devitalized dead particles." His research was signed off by five medical doctors and one pathological doctor of USC. His followers have argued that the cancer is carried to all parts of the body by the blood stream and question why anyone would elect surgery to cure cancer, if, in fact, it is present in the blood stream. Between 1968 and 1983, over 10,000 cancer patients were treated at the Dr. Livingston Wheeler clinic in San Diego using the Frequency Instrument. 

Dr. Livingston Wheeler reported an 80% success rate. On October 30, 1970, Dr. Livingston Wheeler, with Dr. Eleanor Alexander Jackson, Dr. Irene Diller and Dr. Florence Seibert, published their findings in a report titled Micro-organisms Associated With Malignancy. In their report, they stated, " specific type of highly pleomorphic micro-organism that has been observed and isolated consistently by us from human and animal malignancies of every obtainable variety for the last 20 years...The organism has remained an unclassified mystery, due in part to its remarkable pleomorphism and its stimulation of other micro-organisms. Its various phases may resemble viruses, micrococci, diptheroids, bacilli and fungi."

 The results of Rife’s research and proof of concept and Dr.Livingston Wheeler’s confirmation and implementation ultimately were systematically suppressed by pressure from the AMA, Sloan Kettering, other "accepted" institutions, pharmaceuticals, and legislation allowing only chemotherapy, surgery and radiation to be practiced for the cure of cancer. The suppression first came out into the open when AMA pressure forced a lawsuit making frequency instruments illegal. These practices subscribe to attacking the cancer cells in its monomorphic form, not the DNA or RNA in its four pleomorphic forms that attach to cells, thus not getting to the root cause. This, of course, makes a great business case for current institutions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and treatment centers that are currently accepted and "legal" in the United States. The patient progresses through a series of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in an ever-debilitating protocol in almost all cancer types, only to suffer through the remainder of his or her life, at great expense and pain because the root cause, i.e. the micro-organism in its pleomorphic forms, is never eradicated. In this system, five years of miserable treatment is declared a "success."

5. Dr. Alfons Weber - Cancer by protozoa - Quinine / Resochin / primaquine

According to Dr. Weber, 1915 - 1994, cancer is an infectious disease by protozoa. He proved this by light microscopic studies. They pointed to certain parasites in tissue samples of tumors. The transfer of which he discovered, cancer-Ca - protozoa may, by insect bites from human to human or animal health or diaplacentally done.. During his studies, he turned to light microscopy and fixed unfixed blood - and tissue samples.

His thesis: the smallest units of life are Mikrozyme - bions - cancer microbes - and Somatide

bild weber drbild buch weber 3bild buch weberbild buch bechamp 1

 Prof. Dr. Antoine Béchamp, 1816-1908, observed in 1860 within the cells small, round, granular bodies, glistening in the light. He suspected that these "small bodies could carry" the key to the emergence of life in it. Béchamp explored the nature and function of these glittering bodies that were found in all living cells and in the free bloodstream. His experiments showed that these bodies are tiny chemical factories with the capacity to ferment. He called them "Mikrozyme" after the Greek words for "small" and "fermentation". The chemical experiments carried out proved that Mikrozyme were not water soluble and consisted of hydrogen, carbon and other elements. They produced nucleic acids. Heated to high temperatures, they lost their ability to ferment.

Dr. Weber had found in blood and tumor tissue of cancer patients a variety of parasitic, virengroßer microbes, which he 'CA - called protozoa'. He noted that these protozoa, which were strikingly similar to the malaria plasmodia find, reliable in every cancer patient, and always in large quantities.

Because of the similarities of the pathogen was obvious to Dr. Weber, the idea that malaria has proven over 100 years of quinine in combating cancer protozoa could be effective? Weber left the secular, useless paths of his colleagues, sought instead, as his role model, Robert Koch, the answers in practice. And this gave him his microscope. He was fresh blood, it was enriched with oxygen and at +37 ° C, the microscope with oil immersion, then his blood revealed a hitherto hidden micro-level parasitic life,

The results of the new approach seemed so sensational that he 1967 / 68 with multiple circular 13,000 colleagues and institutions addressed in Bavaria. And the reaction to it already set up within a few days and weeks, but differently than expected: a hornet's nest was apparently stabbed and one for the 20th Century unprecedented heresy-hunting began, slander, defamation, false, loss of approval, the threat of compulsory admission to the asylum Haar / Obb ..His colleagues slandered him. It is known that quinine had been saved millions of people. The lethal dose starts between 6 to 10 grams But know this, of course against Weber 'Reviewer' official or senior physicians, or it would simply need to know and also that while the 30mg dose of Weber therapy side effects sometimes brought with it , such as fatigue, nausea, blurred vision. That was quite natural concomitants, past extensive evidence that the drug actually attacked! The alleged poisoning of the weavers - patients were told that the result of a Weberian overdose, so as part of his 'delusions'. The fictitious allegation of an overdose of quinine was the most serious charge against Dr. Weber.

Dr. Weber said his life over again, implying that the cancer is in two components: 1 on disease-causing, invasierende microbes (protozoa) and 2 on microbial infected cells.

When you finally the causal role of microbes as the cause of defending the one hand, and stem cells will have recognized as an effect of the other, only then one will be held at the enemy shooting at his friend! And then the day would be to refrain, in which patients are no longer out of fear they have done nothing to extremely expensive therapies, such as murderous agreed, but they finally choose between rabid, destructive cytotoxins and comparatively soft, antimicrobial therapies!

bild zellen größenbild zelle aufbau

12 answers

 1. Among the surviving mikroparasitären cycle forms numerous characteristics, distinguishing features, skills and behaviors are detected, which are neither inanimate nor particles isolated cell organelles or other components of the cell nucleus and liquid. The following are the most striking characteristics are listed and discussed, making it possible to reliably detect an existing micro-parasite infection in accordance with rules of art produced live samples. Their active movement, especially the rapid movement of small mikroparasitären active forms of distribution, can be observed in the intercellular fluids of appropriate Lebendblutpräparate hours clearly. It is the active locomotion of living single-celled animals. Against: isolated, located in the intercellular cell particles, the ingredients of endogenous cell structures and inanimate exogenous particles show no active transport.

 2. The micro-parasites are capable, like other protozoa also respond to experimentally set stimulus doses actively and quickly. In the extracellular space of the live specimen located, situated in the quiet stage of micro-parasites respond to the application of stimulants, chemical, thermal or light stimulus with doses of an active, rapid movement of flight. On the other hand: in the extracellular fluid of a live drug-lying parts of endogenous cellular structures (and inanimate exogenous particles) are unable to respond to the administering of the aforementioned stimulus with doses of an active movement, with a chemo-, thermo-or photo-taxis.

3. Invasions assets. Parasitic micro, located in the plasma early forms are able to penetrate normal healthy red blood cells to destroy infected red blood cells and multiply in red blood Zzellgewebe slowly but steadily. Against: cell organelles and other components of the (autologous) plasma cell plasma Karyo and do not possess this property invasion.

4. The small micro-parasitic invaders are to be within the red blood corpuscles, located parasites able to grow and develop into large mature micro-parasites (gametes) to. On the other hand: Are cellular organelles or other components of endogenous cells unable to develop into mature adult, single-celled animal to! They have as inanimate particles no exogenous growth and differentiation ability. - The ability of differentiation is the ability to 'restore tool cells'.

5. Larger intraerythrozytär located micro-parasites are detectable able to multiply by division, or to Mehrfachteilung. The daughter cell formation and swarming to the daughter cells in the SV-blood specimen (Lebendblut) are considered. On the other hand: Both exogenous particles and cell organelles and other components of the body's own cells are unable to multiply within the meaning of the division - two-or multiple-sharing - to.

6. Inner and located outside erythrozytär surviving micro-parasites can be isolated, transferred into the appropriate cell-free culture media and in those taken for propagation. - They multiply in cell-free, with HbO 'fortified (hemolyzed) blood plasma at an incubator temperature of 56 degrees Celsius, they multiply at the same incubation temperature in suitable oxygen-rich infusion solutions, such as Biseko and plasma protein solution human. Against: Isolated cell organelles and other components of the body's own cellular structures are unable to multiply in the sense of cell division when they are transferred into the above culture media.

7. Intraerythrozytär (within cells) parasitic micro-parasites are unable to leave their host cell becomes active and then in the intercellular fluids (the live-swim about drug use). They can be induced by experimental stimulus doses Fidgety movements, but also to leave their host cell, partially or red altogether. Located in the cytoplasm of infected immune cells surviving lethal micro-parasites are able to actively leave the dead cell bodies. The freed micro-parasites then swim vigorously around in the intercellular fluids. Against: cellular organelles and other components of the body's own tissue cells can not become independent, they are unable to leave their functioning or their dead host cell actively, they are unable to break into vulnerable Erytrrozyten and leave again.

8. At the micro-parasites, a development cycle is detected, which runs inside the red blood cells and defenseless in the plasma. ) The mikroparasitären cycle forms (merozoites, trophozoites and gametes in the SV-blood specimen can be observed alive. On the other hand, is there no such development cycle in cell organelles or other components of the cell and Karyoplasmas!

9. ) The ability of the resistance mikroparasitären dissemination forms (= young forms is very large. These micro-parasite forms survive high, experimentally administered, chemical or physical stimulus doses that are absolutely lethal to the body's own cells and the destruction of the cell and cause cell plasma Sstrukturen. Strong heating of natural, undyed infected blood smears over the flame or hot plate, the fixation and blood protein denaturation and crossed out the blood leads to the death of the cells do not kill the mikroparasitären forms of disclosure. The "dry walled blood film 'micro-parasites survive. You can, with appropriate solutions (eg with a free sodium Ringer citric. solution 3:1) again and the freed parasites at a micro-object stage temperature of 37 degrees Celsius observed alive for hours. It can be seen in the SV-specimen clear that many micro-parasites have through a longer jerky and lively to and fro, referring to the use of the denatured blood proteins that they are often able to free activity, and then only after several minutes of lively and actively swim in the intercellular fluids.

30 - 60 minutes long heating a freshly extracted infected with sterile Ringer's solution diluted venous blood sample in a boiling water causes the death of all blood cells and the destruction of blood cell structures. On the other hand has survived: The existing micro-parasite population that heat procedure, the number of micro-parasites are even more through fast dichotomies and that in the period in which the blood sample was warmed from 37 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius.

 When cancer tissue taken from freshly minced, suspended in sterile human plasma or in sterile Ringer solution and then exposed for 30-40 minutes the temperature of the boiling water bath, then survive the cancer-causing micro-parasite-resistant forms. Against: Be killed by almost all the body's own cells and destroys their structures. Will the S-vital compound, and more particularly deadly infected phagocytes Tumorleukozyten and cancer cells destroyed by crushing can after successful contusion (bruise) are two irrefutable facts are established.

10. Many intracellular stored betray surviving parasites to free himself after the micro-cell destruction by striking, vigorous movements with which they are active in the sticky ground of the destroyed cell. Are they free, they swim in the free extracellular fluid. Against: The cellular components of the destroyed cell and some inanimate corpuscle remain at the site of cell destruction and motionless motionless. The crushed, dried and then pulverized cancer tissues for weeks "that have been stored in sterile," can never be surviving tumor cells, but to prove vital regularly mikroparasitäre forms of disclosure. If the pulverized tumor tissue suspended in suitable culture media, can the tiny survivors, cancer-causing micro-parasite forms for a long time to be alive observed and filmed.

11. Isolated micro-parasites are transferred into sterile (cell-free) distilled water, they retain their shape and form. They survive in it for weeks and months. f the distilled water (in weeks) slowly evaporated and replaced by sterile cell-free plasma, the awakening of the micro-parasites from the state of Hypobiose and betrayed by their active transport and their characteristics. Against: changing cell organelles in sterile distilled water, its shape and form, they explode, disintegrate, or be solved gradually.

12. The careful observation of live mobile Defense and cleanup work may be payable key phagocytes some interesting reactions from fressaktiven of the attacked cells and micro-parasites clearly observed. During his defense and scavenging activity of phagocyte in a permanent amoeboid, active exercise, with the constantly changing its shape and form. The phagocytes (scavenger cells) recognize the disease-causing micro-parasites as exogenous microbes to attack, capture and eat them. Has detected a mobile phagocyte within reach of our immune a floating micro-parasites, it is against this, a specially formed pseudopodium (one rafinierte weapon is the taking of foreign bodies, consists of Protoplasmaausstülpungen) with which he caught the others realized mikroparasitären intruder attempted. Manages the capture, detention remains the micro-parasite on the mucus sticking of the pseudopodium. This will be confiscated and eaten by the captive enemy so.

But not infrequently, mainly in large micro-parasite forms remain only temporarily stuck on pseudo panel, they manage to escape by clearly visible sharp, jerky movements of prison again and mucus reached between the free cell area. Very often the successful capture of a located in a lively own motion microparasites not at all, because it recognizes the danger in time and takes flight. The micro-parasites can move much faster than mobile phagocytes. The quick, active movement of refugees attacked micro-parasites and the escape route, which always leads away from attacking defense (scavenger) cells can be clearly observed in the live preparation and prosecuted.

Probably the scavenger cells of the immune defenses can be lively, vivid self-motion located in different micro-parasites of lifeless, inanimate particles. Because: locating mobile phagocytes of defense is a living, moving agile protozoa, they shall take this with a specially formed pseudopod. This invaginates with the loot in the cell, the microbe is trapped. Places the immune cells against a dead particles, they move in amoeboid about the object, wrap around it and smuggle it. Not infrequently, the following Lebendbeobachtung can be made: a larger micro-parasites form) swims against the sticky membrane contracted one (located in the resting phase), phagocytes (macrophage, it remains temporarily stuck to the adhesive mucus, but may exempt by rapid, jerky movements of self and ultimately to free interstitial flee. In suitable preparations can live-with great patience and the feeding activity of large, isolated tissue mother cells (the Mikrovillusbildung, the location accessible, agile micro-parasites, the successful capture and subsequent infiltration) is vital observed.

 I was able to observe these phases of phagocytosis clearly. Among the microbes attacked by white blood cells acting you can always get tiny mikroparasitäre forms of disclosure. Any doctor can detect a mikroparasitäre-(caused by pathogenic protozoa) Zellgewebsinfektion absolutely reliable if it meets three important and indispensable conditions: He must be the new Arbeitstechnikenzum microscopic Living Proof (Supra-vital evidence) of pathogenic micro-safe controlling parasites. To prove he can not fail to observe carefully the characteristics described in detail living micro-parasites. He must have two consequences, widespread errors in medical science recognize and take into account that I have already shown from 1974 to 1977 and which will be discussed in the context of this work yet again.

Images: Left: Somatide / 2 images on the right: Protozoas

bild somatid 1cyclebild protozoan4bild protozoen Chlamydomonas_(10000x)

Videos Bione 19 Clips Bione II

 1. Error: For about 100 years in hematology designated by HOWELL, JOLLY, and HEINZ, nuclear materials containing corpuscles known. They were and are mistaken for inanimate bodies, debris and residual components required for allegedly outcast erythrocytes nuclei. The Howel - Jolly and Heinz bodies are in truth no remaining ingredients Erykerne outcast. They are clearly pathogenic microbes, more precisely, mikroparasitäre dissemination shapes and forms of youth that I have described CA-protozoa. The theory of the "nuclear remains is" out pounded Erykerne not hard to refute: - Howell, Jolly and Heinz bodies are also detectable in freshly drawn blood samples of birds that have their red blood cells throughout life one red cell nucleus and the nucleus emitting those not yet resolved. The form of the so-called Howell, Howell-Jolly and Heinz bodies is always drehrund, and sharply delimited from the surroundings, no matter whether they are detected in the blood plasma or red blood cells. They are the characteristic features of cell debris and nuclear fragments of the polymorphism, the different forms of debris and the blurred contours.

Whoever Howell-Jolly and Heinz - bodies not only coloristically smears (in the blood) evidence, but they also observed after inflation accumulation in fresh blood smears and in living live specimen of venous blood samples taken soon gain the following key finding: The Howell - Howell-Jolly and Heinz bodies (of the living blood) can be shown all the properties of drugs, which I have described in detail.

2. Mistake: Since cancerous tissue is examined microscopically, the histopathologist are two striking features of cancer tissue cells known: Intra vacuole and plasma tables PARTICLES. The latter are partly free in the cytoplasm and partly in the vacuoles (intra-vacuolar) On the existence of these vacuoles, which may be very small and larger bodies, which already gave rise to Virchow in 1851, and HENLE a bitter feud, no doubt serious medical Intra plasmatic vacuoles were stored mistaken for DEGENERATION vacuoles. The intra-cytoplasmic particles were mistook for cellular granules, but also for inanimate zellfremde BODY CHEN. Both interpretations are wrong, they do not meet demonstrable scientific facts revealed by the careful, detailed Supra-vital observation of removed cancerous fresh, leukemic and sarcomatous tissue cells.

The S-vital scientific study reveals the following facts: The demonstration of malignancy in each cell vacuoles are indigestion vacuoles cancer by eating active () parent tissue-cultured cells of the digestive organelle and cellular defenses. This cellular organelle (digestive vacuoles) are in the cytoplasm mother suffering from cancer tissue cells as well as regularly detected in the cytoplasm of active carnivores, mobile micro-and Makrophagozyten. That are free in the plasma of malignant cells detectable particles in large part saved, surviving micro Paparasiten forms. The intravakuolär (in digestive vacuoles) stored particles are also largely stored, surviving mikroparasit dissemination forms. These three findings of the microscopic observation of live are unmistakable signs that all the diseased cancer cells, both macrophages and mother cells in defense against pathogenic micro-parasites are very resistant.

“ On the cause of cancer “ - In the footsteps of Alfons Weber ( deutsch ) Robert Picard

bild buch weber 2 Book Dr. med. Alfons Weber / 130 pictures >>> online 

  Preface: The medical science investigates the natural laws, which expire after all of the normal and disordered processes of life in the organism and microorganism. The inspiration must be sought in the whole of nature, which is indivisible, as the natural sciences. Basis of knowledge of all diseases and patho-physiological responses is the close observation of the patient and the disease-causing pathogens. The pathogenic microbes we find in the first place among the simplest of plant and animal organisms, they are the constant and numerically greatest enemies of mankind.

Because we have neglected to search for hidden and unknown microorganisms, because we have failed the dyeing representation of cell structure and cell organelles in most organisms, and because the microbiological investigation of pathogenic microbes, diet and development, its destruction and defenses in wicked lies, we can still make any precise statements about the seat and the emergence of so many diseases. What are genetically determined characteristics of pathogenic agents act at all? The toxic effect is only one factor. The crisis of medicine is here, as measured by the astounding successes of other scientific disciplines. It can not obscure the spectacular heart transplants. They clearly show the contrary, the distractions, the one-sided special investigators have taken. It will not be looking for pathogens, which for years by insidious infiltration perivasale micro-and macro causing infarcts, extensive areas of the heart muscle scars left behind to destroy heart valves to interrupt the conducting fibers to electrical impulses and destroy and obstruct coronary arteries nourishing, and the heart of a dead person and transplanted to a vascular system connected, nor sit in the often destructive pathogens.

The transfer of cadaver blood without being published, and describes the surgical mutilation of a man to the torso by a Semikorporektomie (for bladder Ca) as a feat of medical art. The Conservative Cancer Research is at an impasse for years, and all doctors who have a capacity for sustained attention and observation, knowing it for a long time. The fatal mistake that there is in the temperate zones are not caused by chronic infections with Plasmodium diseases character, must still be paid less expensive! We need to epidemiological yet prepared for more surprises. The sooner we admit mistakes, the sooner we will not share the lack of success. On the tree of knowledge of medical research and the superfluous side branches and competitive instincts to bear the least of fruit! Some special experimental researchers seem to me like gallic wasps are sitting on an oak leaf, just for this show interest and drop their eggs Chen. These "specialists" do not see the other leaves, branches, the trunk, the roots and the water main lines. She even overlooked that the tumor caused the formation of the Oak Leaf (bile) by living cells, which are the plant organ tissue were inoculated by the Cynips in the form of eggs.

This book contains the main results of years of work. I hope that my observations are checked for the benefit of the sufferers quickly and objectively and cancer research will be guided in the right direction. To the final perceptions and truths must be discussed and fought hard and it means a great happiness for everyone seeking a doctor, if he knows colleagues with whom he can suaviter common areas of interest and debate in modo fortiter in re. Defamation, which always come from the voice of stupidity, arrogance and cowardice, a researcher may be disappointed, although discouraged, they may never see him. Truths to gloss over the science does not. The fact that the described by me in their tent and leave the exact structure proved Ca - regularly plasmodia in the blood and other infected tissues of any organ cancer and leukemia patients show says more than words. Alfons Weber

 Quotes from his book " On the cause of cancer "

 "Even in the most perfect science areas, we still always come to such theories, which are exclusively maintained for reasons of authority." S. Ramon y Cajal

Anyone who has learned as a physician to always be critical, critique and challenge to remain objective in assessing therapeutic interventions and successes, we must admit two by no indisputable facts:

1. Neither elevated living standards or visible progress since field of nutrition, hygiene and medical research in many disciplines have been able to prevent the need for hospital beds and hospitals is growing, even if we take into account the number of accident patients.

2. Despite all the early detection and treatment of cancer with Zytostaticis, radiotherapy and surgical procedures (it is not even shrink from a Semikorporektomie!), The cancer epidemic is spreading more and more known in the standards of medieval plagues.

Here we are the cause, course, extent, variety of symptoms and consequences of major infectious diseases well known. The discrepancy that exists between the number of detected infectious agents and the number of treated diseases, there are about 2000, forcing two conclusions:

1. We have not yet discovered all animate organisms.

2. We treat isolated diseases, some of which no disease, but symptoms and manifestations of disease.

There is no isolated arthropathy, myopathy, neuropathy, hepatopathy or Meningopathie! Apart from the trauma and the rare ascending infection reach the pathogens directly or via the lymphatics into the blood. Only from here, so hematogenously, pathogens can enter through damaged vessel walls in the perivasale organ tissue. The microbes have to - that's my assumption - with appropriate staining methods demonstrated directly microscopically in the circulating blood. The "immediate" by Dr. Sahli and Dr. Naegeli described microscopic detection of tubercle, typhoid, anthrax, plague bacilli, and pneumococci Luesspirochäten in blood films and my experience with various picric acid - staining justify this claim

 We did not get around to the fact that a chronic, progressive, with damage extending to the disease only by pathogens busy can be caused also the progressive increase and possess enzymes they use for the degradation and destruction of body cells, enabling. A growing increase in toxin production is also linked with increased growth of pathogenic bacteria. Reproduction, growth, cell division, cell respiration and enzyme formation are Cain's characters living organisms, which show not only live, but also damaged and destroyed tissue phenomena of life. It is inexplicable to me, have found why, despite epizootic of cancer, the thorough, pioneering scientific work of many cancer researchers so little serious attention and response.

  Not only Clarc, J. narrowed, Gaylord, v. Brehmer and Wyburn-Mason have detected and isolated from, busy agents reported that they have regularly found in all cancer and leukemia patients and which could be experimentally produced cancerous tumors in animals. The cancer disease is, as all known diseases caused by pathogens busy belonging to the genus of protozoa. I call it Ca - plasmodia. These protozoans have been recorded by me with picric acid - Giemsa - picric acid and other blood-staining direct microscopic evidence of cancer and leukemia patients, and in many color photos. Under treatment with primaquine Resochin and can be observed correctly at first the destruction of the nucleus, while the dissolution of the plasma is much slower. The quinine derivatives are therefore not a plasma, poisons ", but primarily nuclear, poison." This property must possess any bactericidal or plasmodizide drugs, because all the important life functions are controlled even the bustling pathogens from its core. At a sufficient dosage of primaquine Resochin and also the lowering of blood parasites can be controlled in appropriate blood smears.

 bild resochin 1 Chloroquinebild resochin Chloroquinebild primaquine

The cancer disease is a chronic infectious disease in which may lie between the date of infection and the fatal outcome, a period of many years. The cancerous tumor is only a final manifestation of the disease, as is the syphilitic gumma of the brain or the liver, but a final symptom of the syphilis epidemic. As little as possible to cure by removal of a one Lueskranken gumma (syphilis) can be eradicated only by surgical and radiotherapeutic treatment of cancer tumors, the cancer epidemic! One of his recent articles is not for nothing that the long title,''How are different supra-vital pathogenic micro-parasites unequivocally from inanimate corpuscles and exogenous components of the cytoplasm and Karyoplasmas? ''(Cytobiologische Revue, 1986, No. 2, pp 224-227), as has been attributed to him by the leadership of the German Cancer Research Center is always that he had seen only dead cell components.

Here he wears with great accuracy all the features observed parasites living from it: "The question of distinguishing whether the observed by him mikroparasitären cycle forms of CA - non-living protozoa of corpuscles or cell components, was answered by Weber with a clear YES. In the unfixed specimen micro-parasites observed in a number of characteristic features, characteristics and behaviors are detected, which would not exhibited by inanimate corpuscle or other cell components:

1. The micro-parasites were first able to, continue to actively move this could be observed in the interstitial liquid hours.

2. Then they would respond to experimental stimuli doses actively and quickly and with a movement of flight, they were betrayed by a chemo-, thermo-and phototaxis.

3.Als third possess the micro Parasites Invasion assets, which located in the plasma early forms are able to penetrate into red blood cells to destroy them, and multiply in the blood tissue slowly but steadily.

Within the red blood cells would develop into large mature micro-parasites, which are able to multiply by two - or to Mehrfachteilung. This population could transfer in cell-free, appropriate growth media, are bred and then observed in Brutschranktemperatur of 56 degrees Celsius. The resilience of the young forms is very great: You have to survive strong heating, boiling water bath for 30-40 minutes and afterwards use the sticky ground of the destroyed cell by means of striking, may release animated Zappelbewegungen. Furthermore, they are to survive for weeks and months in distilled water. This could be due to evaporation of the distilled water and add artificial blood plasma are shown, because it would be the micro-parasites from the state of waking Hypobiose and betrayed by active transport.

Even in the wake of Freßtätigkeit white blood cells could be observed that the micro-parasite would stick often only temporarily (at the pseudopod feet) of phagocytes, it succeeds him get away with jerking movements of mucus prison again. The quick, active movement of refugees attacked micro-parasites can be clearly observed in living specimens.

 Consequently, after successful phagocytosis were called corpuscle or vacuoles in the period of feeding or stem cells are, digestive vacuoles, which are stored, surviving JURISDICTION mikroparasitäre forms of disclosure. These are unmistakable signs that all cancer cells were in a defensive struggle against pathogenic, highly resistant micro-parasites. "

6. Dr. Robert Young - Plemorphismus

bild young drbild buch youngbild buch young sickandtiredbild buch young enBild Medizin Bechamp a  Prof. Dr. Antoine Béchamp

 Cancer and other diseases do not come from without but from within ourselves, from our own blood - if the environment is wrong.

He confirmed what scientists like Prof. Dr. Antoine Béchamp knew over 100 years ago: blood cells transform themselves. Dr. Béchamp looked 150 years ago under his microscope Odd how a blood cell was transformed into a bacterium and vice versa. Béchamp watched Mikrozyme (Greek = small and micro escaped zyme = yeast / fermentation) from dying cells. Then they joined together and were to bacteria or viruses. He saw how the virus transformed into other viruses, such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts developed, such as bacteria and yeasts from molds. This process worked well in the other direction. Fungi, yeasts, bacteria and viruses could just disappear again, then Mikrozymen and finally back to normal body cells. This ability of microorganisms to progress, to change their shape and function depending on the environment or needs is called: Plemorphismus (Greek Pleon = morphic = shape so more and more-or polymorphism)

His theory: agents arise from our own cells! It means that bacteria and other micro-organisms do not penetrate from outside into our body and then we can make you sick. We manufacture them in our own cells. We produce our own illnesses and symptoms.

1. Can we prevent the formation of bacteria and viruses? Can we control our own health or disease state. Our cells or Mikrozyme form only and only then bacteria and viruses in the body when there is a suitable environment for them.

2. What is bacteria - and viruses feed? Acids! If there is acid environment in the body, bacteria and viruses appear. Acids are both deadly to our bodies, food for other organisms! When bacteria and viruses, but eat what would otherwise be lethal to our bodies, then what is to keep bacteria and viruses?

3. Microbes are not enemies of the people, but living units who live together for mutual benefit with the people and fulfill meaningful tasks. Their natural existence is meaningful.

Dr. Antoine Béchamp described this fact with all the explanatory phrase: " Le microbe, c'est rien, le milieu, c'est tout! "The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything! Is the environment overloaded with acids and the health of the body is at stake, then turn the Mikrozyme in bacteria, fungi or viruses - depending on what the body in the current situation most advantageous. The resulting micro-organisms make themselves immediately to work and rid the body of the acids. The symptoms that accompany this process of purification, are defined by Western medicine as a disease. Once the transformed bacteria, fungi or viruses have done their work, they are back in Mikrozyme. The healing process would now be terminated if were not constantly get new acids in the body  

Disease is therefore not require treatment, at least not by conventional medicine. Disease is the method of the body to rid itself of a hyperacidity milieu. But what do orthodox medical therapies? What do antibiotics with microorganisms, ie with the self-action of the body? They are destroying it, make the efforts of the body to heal themselves, remain destroyed - during the deadly acids remain in the body. Conventional medicine drags the helpers to the scaffold, the real murderer (the acids), but they can run! In dead bodies, there is no oxygen. This leads to a strong acidity, is expected to attract the bugs. A dead body is supposed to be as soon as possible to dust. Fault self-produced with the help of many microorganisms, fermented and moldy, the body - it rots! Sets out a living man, but in most cases, no value. He wants to live and not become a pile of garden soil. As long as he has acid in his body and feeds them every day, are his cells and microorganisms in the conflict. You do not know what the man really wants: he wants to live or decay?

In today's lifestyle, which brings constant acids in the body, bacteria and viruses can never stop developing. (If they have a plague of mice, they then set out constantly new pieces of cheese?) Dr. Young describes the condition in which there are most people, said: "The body rotted internally, it ferments, it molds - they are looking for something like this from " :If no acids are present, appear no bacteria and viruses. They would otherwise starve to death! So what can we do to live - and not in order to decompose? The solution is long known: Existing acids and old slag have to get out. Predominantly base-forming diet centers and forming positive thoughts can enter. Again,

Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds) are the result of disease - namely, a - by various causes - hyperacidity internal environment, not its cause! Cancer is an acid problem. Cancer tissue can only be kept in an acidic medium, are former cancer cells that have been poisoned by acids, and subsequently died. There remained only acids.

Alkalize (deacidification) is the body, then you deprive the cancer all his life opportunities. However, we should be aware that tumors are not the problem, but the (temporary) solution of a body that is trying to save himself from acidification and the consequent threat of death. In order to protect healthy tissue from hyperacidity and dying cells, dying cells would have to be separated from the healthy - and were encapsulated. A tumor formed. So, a tumor was not different from the result of an endogenous protective mechanism. Where the tumor appeared ultimately depends according to Dr. Young depend on where the weakest point in the individual organism is.

We even force our bodies to form tumors. We must stop simply on! We ourselves can give our bodies back to their original self-healing, to prevent the formation of tumors or tumors formed by dissolving into nothing. By him no more poison him instead Alkalize and energize. The human body is naturally alkaline, and only works in an alkaline (basic) environment. Cancer is therefore not something that we should accept fatalistically, we make it ourselves! Cancer arises as a logical consequence of what we daily eat, drink, and - above all, to think -: as a consequence of an unnatural lifestyle. Even skin cancer grows only on acidic skin. The sun reacts with the acids in the diseased skin. If no acids are present, produce no skin cancer. Normally, healthy skin is alkaline. This skin is like a solar cell. She wants to absorb the electrical energy of the sun and stored. Light is energy for life. Do you want to block their own solar panels, its energy generator with creams? Instead of using a sunscreen, it would therefore be advisable to allow the skin to be re-alkaline.

 The sun is never the cause of skin cancer, sun allergy, or the like. The true cause is overacidified skin, possibly in combination with sunscreen!

7. Dr. Johanna Budwig - oil protein diet

Videos : Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese Recipe 8:32 Bild Button pfeil1 FOCC - The Introductory Recipe (Budwig's Oil Protein Diet) 5:06 Bild Button pfeil1 La crème budwig à l'arsenic 2:24 Bild Button pfeil1

Bild budwig 1 Dr. Johanna Budwig  Bild warburg Prof. dr. Warburg Bild buch budwig en 1

The therapy and dietary recommendations of Dr. Budwig based on the research of Dr. Warburg - see the special site on oil protein diet Bild Button pfeil1

8. Lothar Hirneise - 3E program

bild hirneise 1a Lothar Hirneise Bild Button pfeil1 bild buch hirneise en bild hirneise klinikBild Button pfeil1 Institut

The 3E programme makes up the basis of our work. To be precise this means that you will receive the Oil-Protein Diet here, as nutrition in the way Lothar Hirneise was able to learn from Dr. Budwig. So that you are able to continue this food at home, you will be taught by Mr. Hirneise and will receive additional tips from our kitchen chef Carsten Linke. The second column of our programme is the detoxifying therapies. Firstly we teach you how one carries out an enema and which ones are available. Apart from this the acid-base balance also plays an important role. We will also carry out special cleansing programmes with you for the liver/kidneys and a relief of parasites. We generally consider the principle requirement of a recovery to be an improvement of the gut’s environment. For this reason we perform special gut-flushes with a colon-hydro device which is carried out by an alternative practitioner who has been trained especially for this.

Parallel to the bodily healing process, we also concern ourselves, no later than the second week of your stay, with the energy related challenges of your cancer sickness. As a rule all of our guests receive synergetic and kausanetic sessions and learn various Mindstore exercises. These should help you to define your life goals more exactly and to learn to understand how positively, visualisation powers can ease and change your life. Further you will learn exercises from the Russian School of Gene Transfer Technology and take the big first steps into the worlds of meditation and yoga. On the body level, all guests receive several Paplmi uses per week in order to heighten the level of energy potential of all cells. We see this as an optimal option in order to increase the potential energy in the mitochondria quickly and efficiently alongside the Oil-Protein Diet.

Cancer Researcher Lothar Hirneise’s Holistic Cancer Cure Book: “Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and The World Is Flat” Intro & Book Extract by Healing Cancer Naturally 2005

The following is an extract from eminent cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise’s book “Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and The World Is Flat” published in autumn 2005, complemented by its extensive table of contents. Contrary to what its title suggests, this is an “encyclopedic” comparative reference and guide book as well as a fascinating read on both the holistic “alternative” approaches to healing cancer and the conventional or orthodox allopathic treatment of the variegated forms of this disease. It is most highly recommended by Healing Cancer Naturally to all those wishing to read a holistic and very informative how-to or DIY healing guide in book form which simultaneously provides numerous detailed insights into the vast and many-faceted subject of cancer healing.

“For many years Lothar Hirneise has been traveling throughout the world looking for the most successful cancer therapies, and he has been explaining to people that there is much more available than just chemotherapy and irradiation. Recognized internationally as Europe's leading specialist in this area, he describes the results of his years of research in this encyclopedia of non-conventional therapies. The reader will also learn in detail why so-called experts in reality know little about cancer. In addition to descriptions of more than 100 cancer therapies and substances used in treating cancer, the author also explains which cancer therapies are used allopathically, for which types of cancer, and what is imperative for a patient to know before he subjects himself to such therapies. The 3E program, which is based on the analysis of case histories of thousands of people who have survived late stage cancer, is also described for the first time. Learn why so many people die of cancer, and why so many others do not. This book not only supplies an incredible amount of information, it also helps the cancer patient to find his own way to cure cancer through the active exercises of the 3E program.”

9. Dr. Norman W. Walker -

bild walker norman Dr. Norman W. Walker bild buch walker 1bild buch walker Colonbild buch walker BecomeYoungerbild buch walker books

 Dr. Walker took over 100 years ago is still cycling, wrote his last book on nutrition with 113 and died 116 years ago. Quotations from "too, they can again be younger," Dr. Walker lived from freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables, and cured with its Säftekur themselves and many patients. After his healing, he dedicated his life to the exploration of ageless. In 1910 he founded the Norwalk laboratory in New York.

Even in old age, he said: "I can truthfully say that I am never conscious of my age. Since I am an adult, I've never had the feeling of being older, and I can say without reservation that I feel more alive today than at the age of 30 years. I do not think of birthdays and celebrate them either. Even today I can say with sincere conviction that I enjoy a radiant health. It does not bother me at all to tell people my age. I am ageless. "

Dr. Norman Walker was implemented on a continuous process of rejuvenation, which is possible through the right diet and the right attitude to life. He writes: "The disciple is to be a slow process that requires patience and perseverance. You can get old overnight, but you can not be younger, as long as you have not repaired the damage that has arisen in a long time, wrong eating, wrong habits and wrong thinking. Wrong food means to eat or drink, what the cells and tissues of the body is not supplied with life. Since we are not at the same time can be alive and dead, and because excessive heat - that is, heat above 37 degrees - which destroys life in our nature, it is obvious that cooked and processed foods but sustains our lives, but at the price that they a continuous regeneration of our body does. You can not bring life into the body. "

"Not only the intestinal flora is disrupted or largely destroyed, but also the peristalsis (the natural movement of the intestine so that the bolus is transported onwards) no longer works properly by some fiber-rich foods. Thus the indigestible residue stays too long in the intestine, it will continue to be deprived of water, constipation arises. Hart had become mud residues can accumulate in the large intestine (in pouches, bags) to remain in the intestine, may reduce the diameter. It comes back to - poisoning in the body.

There are simply people who have their whole lives have a flaccid bowel (of course) by the Schlechtkost to suffer from constipation. That was also the case with me. The intestine is so weak, because his many years, probably decades, it is absolutely essential dietary substances were missing, among other things, serve to the intestine to strengthen and keep fit. Because the intestinal peristalsis is working with muscles. And it is these muscles relax the intestines, where they are no longer really required!

And something to eat "normal eater" very little? Dietary fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Thus, the intestine relaxed and it comes to constipation, possible inflammation, hemorrhoids, or at most cause cancer. One way to increase the intestinal peristalsis, again, have colonic irrigation or enemas.

Back to the topic that many good bacteria are flushed out: who is switching to raw food, usually has a lousy gut flora, which will still be there rausgespült of good bacteria? I rather think it is good that this stuff is flushed out and will be followed up with fruit, vegetables and wild herbs especially the intestinal flora by the natural bacteria.

 bild darm roentgenbildbild darm mrt

The location of the colon: The above relaxation of the large intestine of bowel often falls from its normal position. Yes, he is, most often in women, down. Often recognizable by the inflated abdomen. Men more likely to have abdominal muscles and position of other organs fewer problems. (Perhaps also because the pelvis is more pointed?). And this problem can be fixed with colonic irrigation and enemas! Through the strengthening of the gut, he can return to its original position. Cooking food in the gut is working only a greasy mass without ballast material, which does not require the colon to. Therefore, he who has in switching to raw food with digestive problems (bloating, constipation), should be considering a colon cleaning. Then eat the best food.

And another thing: about 80% of the immune system is located in the large intestine. That is why it is so important that the bowel is in order. With the large intestine, many capillaries are connected, which absorb the nutrients and toxins. The food then passes via the portal vein to the liver. The attempts to remove the toxins and to include useful materials.

Is there any debris (eg in the form of old jet-black feces) in the intestine, it always comes back to self poisoning of the body. The stuff must simply get out, the bowel must be clean. I had the first year with raw vegetables or constipation, really just with raw food, because I received lots of fiber. The intestine was so overwhelmed. I did enemas and 20 colonic irrigation. Then my gut began to work properly. Since I had no more constipation, and would only do in an emergency enema. These are my personal experiences. "

10. Dr. Vogel

bild Vogel Dr Dr. Vogel bild button vogel alfredbild buch vogel 2bild vogel alfred detox-box

 Dr. Vogel: "ignorance and stupidity with regard to the needs of our body all contribute to a good 80% do so if we get sick. And do not believe in medicine, or the medicine itself can give us the health to give back when we are sick - but we must return to a natural way of life. For the majority of our disease is characterized by an unnatural lifestyle and diet have been caused.

The nutrition needs of the health act - The ten principles of nutrition A. Vogel:

  1. You are what you eat! Food should be fun and promote health. The food should come mainly from organic agriculture.

 2. Eighth principle, natural, high-fiber, vitamin-and mineral-rich diet. Fats in the form of vegetable oils

 3. Eat slowly and chew well. Eat "light" dinner - with vegetable dishes, salads, fine soups and fresh fruit

 4. Food should be freshly prepared and carefully. Cooked food does not warm up again. Draw frozen food from those from the can.

 5. Get used to you to make an after-dinner walk. This provides excellent breathability and aids digestion.

 6. Put a fast day. Fibers are also favorable to the individual, if possible, regular juice, fruit, cabbage and rice day.

 7. Drink less coffee and alcohol. Give up smoking

 8. Prepare the food with the help of herbs, seeds, sprouts, garlic, horseradish, lemon juice, etc. tasty. Have pleasure in food.

 9. Eat moderate overall, with complete food you need to eat 40 - 50% less and is still better fed.

10. Eat mostly vegetarian and nourish you from naturbelassener, basenüberschüssiger whole foods with a high share of raw food.

11. Prof. Dr. Arnold Ehret

bild ehret 1 Pro. Dr. A. Ehret bild buch ehret 1bild buch ehret 2bild buch ehret en1bild buch ehret en2bild buch ehret en3bild buch ehret en4bild buch ehret en5

bild button ehret club Free Library & Free On-line Book 

Interesting sites: Rational Fasting-Hirsch / Grape Cure / Rational Fasting - Miller / Definite Cure / My Road To Health / Thus Speaketh - IntroductionWho Was Arnold EhretContemporary Insights / Mucusless-Diet Part IPhysical FitnessMucusless-Diet Part II / Epilogue - Letter from Prof. Ehret / Mucusless-Diet Part IIIDietary Dialysis / Vitamins and AntioxidantsIdeal vs Normal Metabolism / Medical Analysis of # 25 & 26Dr. Henry G. Bieler's View of Heart Disease / Psoriasis Osteoporosis / Sciatica Case Studies of Mucusless Diet System / Atherosclerosis / Dr. Henry G. Bieler's Approach to Medicine / Dr. Henry G. Bieler's Lines of Defense Against Disease  /  Still Ehret

 Dr. Ehret was one of the fathers of the raw food diet. He distanced himself from the time raw-foodists, which in his eyes were not consistent. The basics of his diet was "Fasting & Healing mucus free diet. He was terminally ill and could be cured by research and observations, not only on himself but achieved, physical therapy by his own amazing achievements.

His thesis: The main difficulty for many people is the modern civilization that they simply refuse to think. /  They are directed by what the masses think. What everybody is doing must be right! But reality shows that just the opposite is the case. /  Everything you can not see, not with common sense can understand, can not understand by simple conclusion is nonsense, as scientific as it may sound. /   Disease remains the same mystery of modern medical science, which is thousands of years ago for those who were medicine men '. /  The only difference is that it has replaced, bacteria '- theory of the "demon" and that mysterious alien power is still there to inflict damage them and destroy their lives.  /   During a detox program, they are on the operating table of nature, without a knife is used.  /   A cow fed with milk, to increase milk production, would be regarded as the pinnacle of absurdity, and yet the human being does this with themselves

It was never the intention nor the plan of God to produce disease, but as a result of disregard of the divine laws of life caused diseases.  Life is a tragedy of nutrition. The confusion and ignorance about what should we eat is actually so large that they necessarily call that missing link 'in the human mind has.  /  All [unprocessed, raw] fruits, vegetables and nuts are Mucus. All other foods of civilization are, without exception, slime and acid-forming and therefore harmful.  /  Man is the most sick creatueres on earth, no other animal has broken the laws of the diet so much as a man and no other animal eats as wrong as the man.

Hundreds of serious illnesses would be cured only by a no - Breakfast - fasting, without significant changes to the other diets.  If your blood through the foods that I recommend is formed, their brains work in a way that will surprise you. Her former life will seem to them like a dream and for the first time in their lives, their consciousness awakens to a true self-esteem.

It is a wonder that we live in, despite our excessive eating, despite the false incriminating food.  Paradoxical but true, civilized man starves himself to death in that it ten times too many false and destructive food eats. It is statistically proven that every family dies out of the urban population, with the third or fourth generation, they vanish. In other words, create the "sins" of the fathers and mothers of sick children and grandchildren, to degenerate into death.  The purer it is, the easier they will understand that air and the other components of the forests are food, invisible food.

The magic formula for the "heaven on earth" - the paradise called - must be: "they eat their way to paradise."

He once fasted for 4 weeks and then did 365 push-ups to prove that sufficient living, raw fruits and vegetables to bring the body into shape. He died aged 56 in an accident.

12. Dr. Max Gerson

Bild gerson Dr. Max Gerson bild buch gerson enbild buch gerson GersonMiracleBild buch gersonbild buch gerson abild sauerbruch Dr. Sauerbruch

 Cornerstone of therapy is an iodine and potassium and sodium rich diet, in the form of freshly squeezed juices of selected plants from organic farming. In addition to several daily coffee enemas (caffeine acts in this way - other than taken orally - read on liver and bile ducts) and laxatives (castor oil used MG). Text from the book "50 cured cases of cancer"

 Max Gerson's therapy was originally developed to treat his own migraine, later, under funding by Ferdinand Sauerbruch in the treatment of tuberculosis, was at a time when there were no chemotherapeutic agents and antibiotics. Under the supervision of Sauerbruch a test with 450 lupus patients (a then incurable, fatal skin TB) performed. Up to 4, all test participants recovered (99%) lupus patients. At this time (1928) Fleming had found the basis for the subsequent penicillin. These non-pharmacological treatment option of serious infectious diseases at that time was therefore an international sensation and this is actually today. The results of that study were then published in all major med journals.

Among the later, cured TB patients was also the wife of Albert Schweitzer, combined with the Gerson a lifelong friendship.

Later (from 1928) he modified the method for cancer therapy. After escaping from Germany, he first started in the U.S., then in Mexico cancer clinics. Albert Schweitzer, who cured his own diabetes with this therapy, has called Max Gerson in tribute to him as "one of the greatest geniuses in the history of medicine."  The goal initially is to relieve the congestion and regeneration of the liver, in a normalization of the sodium / potassium - balance and thyroid function. This therapy is one of the most intense Ausleitungs procedures. Often you have to be renovated after the departure of the previously declared incurable cancer patient's room.

Question: How can we prevent cancer? Answer: By preventing liver damage. The most important preventive measure is the renunciation of the denatured, dead, poisoned food, eat the most people. Day by day we are poisoning our bodies. Older people have a better liver and more resistance, because they are fed in their youth, more natural.

The younger is worse, and the infants, the second generation, who lives in a tin of baby food, has gotten even worse. You get leukemia. So eat as much raw food as possible, ensure a high potassium levels, and take a little iodine. To raise a convalescent process in motion, the physician must first sustained detoxify the body, especially the liver, biliary system. Coffee enemas are best able to respond. It has been established that caffeine enhances the bile ducts and promotes the elimination of accumulated toxins. The frequent inclusion freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice stimulates the kidneys to detoxify the body.

Because the juices are extremely rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins, they initiate a process that returns to the weary bodies of these substances. We can not simplify this process by the fact that for example, we drink water and swallow pills, which contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The seriously injured and poisoned organism is unable to absorb concentrated preparations and exploit. Pills and concentrated substances irritate the critically ill patient is often even more and reduce its already low level of reserves.

Dr. Gerson extended this reasoning even themselves out and spoke against the fasting as a detoxification method. In severely obese people may have some benefits. We should not use it but for the chronically ill, because they always suffer from lack symptoms. Fasting may not provide the institutions with much needed minerals and vitamins. By inlets, freshly squeezed juices and plenty of freshly prepared raw food detox we reach the much faster and more effectively than by fasting. In addition, we will thus help the body to reactivate the shortages, institutions, and heal themselves.

Combined diet plan: The treatment requires the guidance of a doctor, because there are often "complications," setbacks flicker of infections and other physical weaknesses is in need of special treatment.

Necessary food: fruit, fruit juices, vegetables and green leaves, vegetables, salads, special soups, potatoes, cereals, bread, etc.  / Everything is fresh and prepared without salt. This diet is the foundation of therapy. Its main purpose is to detoxify the entire organism, and the restoration of the liver and metabolic functions. Neither diet alone nor medication alone is effective. The key is the combination. These foods are digested easily and quickly. The body needs larger portions and more frequent meals. Eat and drink as much as you can even wake up during the night, if you.

Prohibited are: nicotine, salt and salt substitutes, Epsom salt, alcohol, coffee, tea, fluoride in toothpaste and gargle, permanent waving and coloring hair, food in bottles or cans, refined, frozen, canned, smoked, sulfurized foods, avocados, berries, water , drinks from the supermarket, sodium bicarbonate in food, toothpaste and liquids for gargling, factory sugar, sweets, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, white flour, cream, cucumber, grease, oil, nuts, mushrooms, pineapples, spices (pepper, paprika), soybean and soy products.

Temporarily forbidden are: butter, cheese, milk, eggs, fish, meat.

Eating - and cooking: Do not use pressure cookers and no utensils made of aluminum, but crockery and cutlery, stainless steel, glass, enamel, clay, cast iron or tin.

Equipment for juice Preparation: Use a shredding machine and a juice press or a juicer mushrooms, no condensers, centrifuges, mixers, etc.

Instructions to the necessary food: fruit (not canned fruit): Eat fresh fruit in large quantities, namely apples, apricots, bananas, pears, grapefruits, cherries, tangerines, mangos, melons, oranges, peaches, plums, grapes, etc. Steamed Fruits are also allowed. Stewed pears and plums are easier to digest. Permits are also sulfur-dried fruit, eg raisins, peaches, dates, figs, apricots, prunes or mixtures thereof. The fruits are washed soaked and steamed. Prohibited are: all the berries and pineapple - lead their aromatic acids to adverse reactions, avocados and nuts -; cucumbers too many fatty acids

Do not drink water - you need your thirst for juice and soup. Fluoridated water is also prohibited for external use. From recent clinical observations and animal studies has concluded that may cause an amino acid (Canavanine), which is contained in alfalfa sprouts (alfalfa seeds) and keep Keinüingen, the "flicker" of rheumatoid disease in monkeys and humans. Both foods are forbidden.

Pain in cancer: coffee enemas. In orthodox medicine, there is in cancer pain (often unsuccessfully, the strongest analgesics) to the morphine. M. Gerson was of the opinion that we must detoxify cancer in particular. At the same time he recognized that "it is impossible to detoxify and simultaneously supplied to drugs and poisons". That both, detoxification and pain therapy, has also amazingly easy going, Max Gerson shown with coffee enemas.

Coffee enema: Boil 3 tablespoons of ground coffee in 1 liter of water and boil for 3 minutes more, another 10 to 20 minutes. Is then filtered and administered at body temperature. For severe pain on his patients took coffee enemas every two hours around the clock. After a few days they had only slight pain, almost no more. "At the same time are coffee enemas by opening (spasmolysis) of the biliary tract is a very effective detoxifying agen