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13. Dr. Willam F. Koch - Milk & Cancer Bild Button pfeil a

14. Dr. D`Adamo - Cancer & Blood Groups Bild Button pfeil a

15. B 17 - Aemygdalin / Laetrile & Cancer Bild Button pfeil a

16. Baklayan - new approaches to cancer therapy Bild Button pfeil a

17. Dr. Klinkhardt - Mercury / Amalgam - Heavy Metals & Cancer Bild Button pfeil a

18. Horvi Therapy - poisons of snakes / toads / frogs / reptiles / lizards Bild Button pfeil a

19. Sanum Therapy Bild Button pfeil a

20. Dr. Tamara Jakovlewna Svišèeva / Pseudonym: Tamara Lebedeva Bild Button pfeil a

21. Electronics Medicine - Lakhovsky / Rife / Priors / Dotto / Pappas / Kevran / Beck  Bild Button pfeil a

13. Dr. Willam F. Koch

bild koch krebstherapie Dr. William F. Koch (1885-1967)

 Studies by Dr. Aschoff, Wuppertal on the exact proportionality between the protein content of milk and the doubling time of the weight of the thus-fed infants, a process that takes place just species-specific. Protein-protein protein Example: Human milk = 1.3%, doubling weight in 180 days, cow's milk = 3.7%, weight doubled in 47 days, rabbits, milk = 10.4%, weight doubled in 6 days. When the milk is inherent as the exclusive food of the newborn growth-such a force, it rises from this side, the Question of Whether the adult, this impulse would not affect the direction of tumor growth.

14. Dr. D`Adamo - Cancer & blood groups

bild DAdamo bild buch DAdamo_one-mans-food-55pr Data center bild buch dÀdamo Welcome to the D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition Product Advisor

 Quote "What is the good one, must be far from good for the others" ... every man his food or other poison. This is a revolutionary new method of natural healing based on the personal blood type. Are you Type A? B? AB or 0? Here is the complete guide to a life-saving, a program worked out - so that will increase the level of health through nutrition. A famous herbalist reveals for the first time, a vegetarian who is and who should not be a vegetarian, and why, and much, much more there is on the effects of simple food to report - and there are no drugs.>

"Father James D'Adamo 1000 e observed patients according to their behavior and divides them into their blood groups live (yes, p.37).

Peter D'Adamo tells about his father, James: "1957 joined my father, Dr. James D'Adamo in his education (4 Strategies, p.12), a college for naturopathy (an additional four-year program). Afterwards he continued his continue study in famous resorts in Europe. It occurred to him that many patients, a strict vegetarian and low fat diet, the typical hallmarks of spa cuisine - well received, however,] indicate that with some [other patients, and patients no signs of improvement made. The diet gave some people do not cure their ailments, but rather the general condition deteriorated.

My father, a sensitive man who possessed a keen ability to abstract and great expertise, came to the conclusion that there must be some kind of blueprint that could be determined against which the various dietary needs of patients.

His reasoning was: Because blood is the basic food source of the organism, it is any aspect of the blood contribute to the determination of these differences.

So he began to reconsider his theory: He determined the respective blood group of his patients and observing their reactions when they are prescribed by different diets. After he had treated countless patients over the years, distinguished himself gradually from a given pattern.

Blood group A: He noticed that patients with blood group A, a protein rich diet that included plenty of meat was bad, but it provided them with a diet that is vegetable protein such as soy and tofu, very well off. These persons dairy products usually led to a copious secretion of mucous in the sinuses and airways. We advised them, engage in more physical, they were often exhausted and unwell, and if they chose milder forms of physical activity, such as yoga, so they feel fresh and energetic.

Blood type 0: the other hand, it was patients with blood group 0, who took a diet high in animal proteins but not very good, they felt strengthened by physical exercise such as jogging and aerobics.

The more my father, the bearers of the individual blood groups tested, the more his conviction grew that each patient followed a unique path to physical well-being. "(4 Strategies, p.13 The mother died of breast cancer

Son of Peter D'Adamo: "The parents are first separated, and the Catalan-burly's mother has a Mediterranean diet, with meat, salads and processed foods, without blood type diet. The mother takes the findings of the Father (4 strategies, p.345 ). The children have watched as her mother had breast cancer and after chemotherapy, after a few years, has a relapse and died. Then the little children come to the Father.'s son Peter vows to investigate the breast cancer (4 strategies, S.346 ).

"Whenever I examine the relationship that exists between a person's blood type and cancer, do I think of my mother. My mother is placed in a special feature of our family - she had the blood group A, and ate what she pleased. She had the notorious strong will of the inhabitants of Catalonia, its homeland. In her household (my parents were divorced) was served a simple Mediterranean diet, which consisted of meat, salads and some processed foods. In spite of my father's research on the relation between blood group and health was far and wide see no soybeans, no legumes, as long as we children lived with their mother.

Anyone who has witnessed how a family member or a friend, a brave but ultimately futile battle against cancer leads, knows that nothing is heartrending. When I saw how my mother had a mastectomy and then underwent chemotherapy, the symptoms subsiding briefly and then came a relapse, I saw the crowds in front of me practically invisible intruders, who stole into the healthy cells of my mother and there zusammenrotteten before they stormed through the immune system like barbarians in a surprise attack. In the end they let themselves be stopped by anything. They carried off the victory.

In the years since the death of my mother, I returned again to the mysteries of cancer. I have often wondered whether my mother would be spared from the disease if they had considered an A-type diet, or whether she was chosen because of their genes to fight out this battle and lose. I have devoted myself to the task of finding an answer in their name on it. You could say (p.345) that I lead a kind of revenge not only against all cancers, but particularly against breast cancer. "(4 strategies, S.346)

Secretor and non - secretor - an important distinction for the blood type diet

Blood groups - antigens in the blood and body secretions - blood group antigens have only in the blood of so-called "secretor" blood groups - antigens in the blood and body fluids or in the secretions. "Nich t-secretory" have their blood group antigens only in the blood. 80% of each blood group secretor, 20% non-secretory, but about 40% of food are significantly affected by this distinction. Therefore, it is important to know the secretor-status (4 strategies) S.404. The secretor status within a blood type is important. 80% are secretory, non life-20%-correct secretor (,) p. 213.

Digestion according to the secretor status depending on the secretor status can be metabolized certain foods completely or incompletely. Rhesus factors and the status in the MN-system play in food safety against a marginal role.

The blood groups  A and AB are at most risk of cancer  -  Bless  -  0 bit

bild Blutgruppen

 It is proved that the blood groups A and AB, a higher incidence of cancer and cancer have a poorer chance of survival than blood group 0 and B (4 strategies, S.346).

By volume, the blood group A are most frequently affected by cancer, then blood type B, then AB, and 0 before. Here AB is in third place, because AB is so rare [and less than 5% of the world's population] (4 strategies, p.357).

In percentage terms would be seen the sequence of the cancer according to blood groups so different, for A and AB is most likely cancer risk: AB - A - B and modified 0

0 and B blood groups in cancer, the blood group 0 seems resistant against cancer in many cases because the immune system blood group 0 is hyperactive, and this "reduces the number of malignant tumors" live properly (, p.134), and because cancer cells usually A - similar, rare B-like behavior, and so these cancers discovered blood group 0

D'Adamo: " People with blood group 0 seem much more resistant to the development of almost all types of cancer to be. The metabolism of 0-type acts, I believe, intolerant and hostile, and its rather simple Fucosemoleküle predispose him for the A similar develop - in some cases remove B-like - cancer cells and anti-A or anti-B antibodies. " (4 strategies, p.356).

When people of blood groups 0 and B have cancer, they do not need very aggressive treatment for cancer. Usually sufficient to remove the tumor, and only rarely is radiation therapy or chemotherapy is necessary. Relapses when there is practically no blood group 0 and B (4 Strategies, S.351).

The blood groups A and AB have more aggressive breast cancer, with short survival, although tissue samples from the lymph nodes show that the cancer should be gone.

15. B 17 - Aemygdalin / Laetrile

 Amygdalin - Amigdalina - Laetrile, Vitamin B17 or Mandelonitril - Greek Amygdalis, amygdala - a cyanogenic glycoside, which splits off in the presence of water, hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Bitter apricot kernels, apple seeds, bitter almonds and seeds of other stone fruits contain amygdalin in high concentrations. It is used as an alternative means for prophylaxis and treatment of tumors (cancer) or its symptoms.

bild b17 A bild b17 Amigdalin 2

 The presumed mechanism of action is the splitting of amygdalin by the enzyme glucuronidase into benzaldehyde, cyanide and glucose. There are indications that happens, the β-glucuronidase in tumor cells in the human body in very small quantities. The) thus liberated cyanide (prussic acid is very toxic. The detoxification of cyanide usually takes place through Rhodanese, in which the cyanide is converted to thiocyanate. Rhodanese is equally in normal cells of the body, but also in tumor cells. It is also produced by bacteria in the intestine, so that toxic effects can be predicted by oral intake only in overdose. To achieve very high Gewebskonzentrationen, was injected in the past for clinical trials and not orally administered amygdalin.

Three possibilities of amygdalin intake are used in this therapy:  1. thorough chewing of (bitter), apricot kernels /  2. Taking B17 tablets / 3rd  as (i.v.) injection.

 Basic therapy for tumor reduction

1. Vitamin B17 therapy: The largest amount of vitamin B17, the inner core of soft apricot, with 4 to 8% volume of Laetrile. We start with daily 5 apricot seeds from organic farming and increases gradually. The target is a lot to be between 40 and 60 nuclei sought per day. For prevention, in order to get a cancer that meet 4 to 6 seeds per day.

2. Enzyme Therapy: Enzyme uncover the cancer cell and thus it is possible that the body's immune system recognizes and destroys cancer cells. It recommends the Präparaet Wob enzyme or Wobe Mugos with the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin.

3. The nutrition therapy: Three weeks, to be dispensed with foods of animal origin. This includes all dairy products. The reason is that animal protein, the protein-consuming enzymes in the gut. This can not get enough enzymes in the blood. Because of the necessary fatty acids per day, two tablespoons of linseed oil mix with the food. Morning fasting jug of bread or a glass of sauerkraut juice drink. The necessary plant enzymes provides a half pineapple or papaya.

4. Immunotherapy: This is recommended thymus and treatment with high doses of vitamin C. This vitamin is still recommended Zinkorotat and selenium. See the website of the German Society for Thymus Therapy:

The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States

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16. Baklayan  bild button baklayan selbsth1

bild baklayan 1 Alan E. Baklayan  Bild Buch baklayan 3 Bild Buch baklayan 4 Bild Buch baklayan 5

Quotes "One day as I reflected on the most difficult cases, and about how I could help terminally ill patients, I noticed a glaring contradiction that I had not noticed: It is fact that we have a tumor on a test, and also fact that we test the surrounding tissue to Ai. But what does that really mean? How is it possible that the body takes on tumor tissue as a friend? Because that is what the body says when he walks with an A-information in response, and thereby improves the SAB value. He says: "It makes me feel good! "As tumor tissue may be good for him?? Why is this tumor, his friend and helper?

I then spoke the following crazy hypothesis: "Could it be that the surrounding tissue is the real problem? Could it be that the body tries to survive this very surrounding tissue, which is caused by environmental toxins, parasites and rot degradation actually ill and condemned to die, too, therefore, oppose the dismantling and decline slightly by "immortal tissue", ie the tumor tissue, produced? "

This wild hypothesis made sense and would explain many things, is a mess especially why the friend / foe identification of the body in patients with cancer completely. So, we can keep a provisional basis, that the body - as our tests clearly show - recognize the tumor and surrounding tissue as a friend as an enemy, or as diseased tissue.

Reprogramming by malonic? My attention was back on the malonic acid, to which we are made aware of Dr. Clark had several years ago ( "Cure for all advanced cancers", Hulda Regehr Clark New Century Press), and which I in my speech in April 2000 (cancer , metastases and their treatment) reported. As a reminder, the three of us malonic has been known sources:

 * Avoid First Source is the food, although I am not so much stick to the list of malonsäurehaltigen products, but rather trying to encourage the patient to all foods that are packaged in plastic, and make sure that the food from Organically grown come. It is clear to me that this is a claim that can not be fulfilled at the present time to close.

 * The second source is tapeworms and tapeworm stages to produce the malonic acid. This test we carefully in each patient.

 * A third source malonsäurehaltige plastic fillings are mentioned in the teeth, which must be removed immediately in this case.

Clostridienbelastungen Another point, which is now a priority in the priority of our treatments, the Clostridienbelastung, of which I have reported several times. There are several references in the literature, and suspicions that clostridia can change especially in the DNA of cancer cells. We test a mandatory Clostridienbelastung in all tumor tissues and the tumor itself, and it was noticed that the neoplastic cells in the direction of change in a cancer cell is linked closely with a Clostridienbelastung. I have personally observed that the DNA level has returned back to the reference ranges when the Clostridienbelastung decreases greatly, or completely gone, suggesting that the tumor is now inactive. This leaves us again with the old experience of the SAB to build a bridge, because, regardless of the inclusion of clostridia from foods that are naturally one of the main reservoirs of the tooth flock! The fact that all the old Elektorakupunkteuren has long been known that tumors depend on any one Zahnherd, has once again given a priority in my practice. The dental restoration and the testing of clostridia in the teeth and the tumor is, especially if the patient is terminal, fast forward.

Dr Alfons Weber and Blutparasitismus Next up, ladies and gentlemen, I want you to imagine something of which you hear some of you probably already have something: a simple country doctor, Dr. Alfons Weber, who led in Erding near Munich, his practice had already been discovered in the seventies that are generally found in the capillary blood of cancer patients parasites. It was after he had given the whole scientific community aware of his discovery and his richly documented footage of the German Cancer Research Center and the Pettenkofer Institute made available, simply ignored. After trying to treat cancer patients with anti-malaria products (quinine preparations) was to "suspension of the commission imposed," that is ceases to be eligible. He was admitted even in the psychiatry of the Lunatic Asylum hair. But his colleagues in psychiatry saw no reason to keep it. Six years later, Dr. Weber received his license back. He died in 1994 rather bitter.

The Rösttest: colleagues unearthed the works of this man. After I had seen his film, I realized that this is an extremely important discovery. He had developed a very simple procedure, called Rösttest to detect these parasites, first once, second, and delivered thereby also the proof of the incredible resistance to these parasites. This test is that it takes one drop of blood from the fingertip of a patient in the usual way transfer to a slide, and then a couple of times running through a flame, then heated to 160 to 180 degrees Celsius. Subsequently, a drop of sodium citrate is added. This lure has the property that these so-called cancer, parasites, Krebsplasmodien and / or trophozoites. And then it can within minutes, both under a Hellfeldmikroskop how it was used by Dr. Weber, as well as a dark field microscope, where it will be observed even more impressive, and is visible.

After one drop of blood so that passes through the flame, all cells have already burst, that is no longer available. What remains is a sort Röstblut. Within the next 2 to 6 hours and even 1 to 2 days, these parasites literally crawl out of the remaining cell debris and evolve into ever higher forms, as you know it from the dark-field microscopy.

17. Dr. Klinghardt - heavy metals & cancer

bild klinghardt Dr. Klinghardt bild buch amalgan mutter bild buch klinghardt en

 The danger of mercury has been known for thousands of years and appears in old records again and again.

bild amalgam1 bild amalgam zusammensetzung-schema bild amalgam besserung 3

Bild amalgan tabelle 1 besserung

Videos: amalgam  8:31

Videos: german  Klinghardt -Heavy metals and their effect on health  Video Teil 1 1:50:50  Video Teil 2  17:33  Video Teil 3  29:55

 Diseases caused by mercury:  Alzheimer's - MS - Lateral Sclerosis - Parkinson's disease - Dementia - chronic pain - headaches, migraines - Neuropathies - RLS - Psychiatry - eyes - nose - ears - Fibromyalgia - Burn Out - multiple chemical sensitivity - kidney - heart - circulation - Stomach - Intestines - Pancreas - Mushrooms - Genitourinary - Tumor / cancer

 Cilantro / Coriander, according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt the only way to detoxify the brain and nerve tissue of mercury, to supplement with Chlorella algae. Other agents such as DMPS, DMSA, - Penicillamine can cross the blood - brain - barrier or not is not enough. After draining Cilantro mobilizes mercury from all the other heavy metals.

bild coriander - Cilantro bild chlorella bild baerlauch wild garlic

 Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt 

 ".. Eight amalgam fillings in your mouth .. two hours after eating, the 100 - to 200-times the value of what is allowed in the industry. Only that this patient, these gases is not eight hours a day inhales as planned in the industry, but 24 hours a day. "

* "The most common place where the mercury ends up in the body, the nervous system, spinal cord or brain - ... in scientific circles since it is clear that Alzheimer's disease is a result of mercury poisoning." "And we know that it causes brain damage in the following: .. multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cause memory problems .. even among young people, chronic mild depression. ... In youth amalgam fillings to excessive timidity. " "... The immune system breaks down."

* "One of the most unattractive things we have found is about mercury, and the same goes for the other metals, it makes psychological changes. Many people have no obvious symptoms, but are simply someone else than they would if they have no mercury in the brain. "

* "... Stuttering, learning disorders, eye disorders, ear disorders are other possible damage ... And then the organic ... Kidney Diseases - Bone marrow - leukemia, tumors."

* "Nearly every tumor, we have investigated the ... has a higher mercury content than the surroundings. We suspect that tumors are very common, a way out of the body to store mercury in order not to let it come into the brain"

* "... Are statistically dentists (working with amalgam, and thus breathe the toxic fumes of mercury per day = author's note), the professional group that has the highest rate of suicides and ... with the largest number of neurological disorders. "

* "... Metals that we have in the mouth ... the main cause of all autoimmune diseases. And Automimmunerkrankungen include lupus, scleroderma, arthritis, all thyroid problems, migraines, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease. ... There is no metal in your mouth , which is harmless. "

* "... A crown of gold alloy containing 8 to 12 different metals ... gold is not harmless."

* "Mostly, we are more loving, peaceful, pleasant, intelligent people, if the metals from the brain are out of time."

bild zahn amalgam Bild zahn gold 

  "All those who have begun Schwermetallausleitung and where DMPS is used, often seen as quick and often fantastic results in illness, so that begins to make medicine fun again." ".. There is a program that works.". "DMPS is far less dangerous than aspirin or other resources that will be presumed to be innocent." "In Germany, DMPS has a bad reputation because it will not be used as it should be used."

bild omura  Dr. Omura

 ".. Omura has made a lot of cancer cures, it is that the heavy metals are brought out from the cancerous tumor and can then work on the immune system of cancer re .."

 "... Resonance principle applies only to substances in the connective tissue .. ... .. can not .. with electro-acupuncture and kinesiology to test whether the mercury in the brain ... a few drops of tincture, coriander leaves, then the mercury comes from the nerve cell and escapes out into the connective tissue in the brain. .. 5-10 drops on the tongue ... wait 2-3 minutes. ... substance was added by the bloodstream .. .. .. sweeps through the brain at once heavy metals .. to test which now appear in the connective tissue. ... testing brain kidney .. .. .. lung tests quickly, within seconds. ... on the tongue .. the veins to the heart .. .. the lungs to the brain. . through the veins to the heart to the lungs again ... ... .. immediately mercury into the lungs ... always a few seconds after the administration of coriander leaves, tincture .. patient begins to cough.

 Quotes:  Heavy metals and their effect on our health - Detoxification

 "Heavy metals in our body play a role in all chronic diseases, etc., as in chronic Crohn's disease, chronic back pain, lymphocytic leukemia, never forget that heavy metal poisoning result in our body to chronic infections, these include fungi, bacteria, mycoplasma and viruses . The symptoms of the patient, are often triggered by infections. And the greatest mistake will be made in medicine, is when the infection is treated, without changing the environment through the removal of heavy metals.

 conventional medicine has confirmed that we all have an accumulation of neurotoxins in our body and these neurotoxins together have a synergetic effect.

To account for synergy, I even give you an example:

+ Example 1: a cat is locked up at night in a china shop in the morning and you come into your store and make up and see how much damage is done. Let's say that this is the Mercury + The 2nd Example can be: accumulation of damage caused by exhaust gas products in the body, which is the same as if I have a dog at night in a china shop alone imprison + synergy now when I use the dog and the cat at night in a china shop alone imprison. Got it? Synergy is when 1 +1 approximately 1000, as in toxicology. And this is a very, very important principle.

When mercury is removed, the others tumbling out almost by itself toxins from the body. If mercury is not removed when dealing with other toxins, they must all be removed individually

Neurotoxins, which are the heavy metals because heavy metals are primarily no carcinogens, which are neurotoxins, ie Nerve agents. And many of the chemicals we know are also neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are continuously excreted by the liver - with the bile into the intestine, 100% of them while on the way down again reabsorbed back and make an endless cycle in the body and keep the body in chronic illness. And if it is possible to interrupt this cycle, we enter through materials in the intestine, which will bind the neurotoxins, then massively reduces the amount of neurotoxins, and can occur very quickly healed of very serious chronic diseases.

We are using the alga Chlorella. Today we know that the 4x must be given on the day, and the amounts are higher in case of serious chronic diseases, as we have previously assumed. We start generally around 5 - 6 g 4 times a day, but only for 4 to 6 weeks. Within 6 weeks reduced the amount of circulating neurotoxins by 90%. There are dramatic improvements when working with high doses over a shorter time.

The principles of detoxification is still valid: the 1st Principle is: Remove the patient from the source of the poison, or remove the source of the poison patients. This is the step number 1 in toxicology. Thus every good toxicology book begins.

In the mercury poisoning, the patient stated that amalgam fillings should be removed because they contain 50% mercury, which is slowly evaporated and taken up into the brain. This is an ABSOLUTE truth, which is no longer debatable, at least in scientific circles.

Fish - Meat - plants. There are no fish that is not heavily loaded with mercury and other pollutants. This is very very sad, actually heralds the end of civilization, it's just as we know it.

This also applies to the entire cattle industry to play where the pesticides, the herbicides and all these things a big role. There is today no more beef, this is not loaded with chemicals. So, you can decide for yourself, or beef for the other animals that live in the country and contain the carcinogenic substances or for fish that contain neurotoxins. That means in plain language, you must decide yourself whether you would rather want to die from MS or breast cancer. Depending on what you eat. This is the sad truth that the moment is no longer verleugbar. Vegetarian food is no escape, because the whole plant pollutants absorb it by osmosis and not separated from the environment.

There is a synergistic effect between heavy metals and other toxins. And just as there is a synergistic effect between effective treatment: Some people eat garlic, and discover, because mercury comes out in the stool. Or give a massive search for Chlorella and mercury. But nothing happens.

All therapists who have studied my Ausleitungsprogramm to solve the same type ie, coriander leaves, garlic and chlorella, high levels of mercury via inhalation of + the + Skin + + over the chair in the urine. But even if only one is left out, nothing comes out! This is the synergistic effect between effective treatment methods.

Autism - Neurological disorders - epilepsy - ADHD The damage to the heavy metals also occurs in the fatty acid metabolism. Intake of fats, oils of certain species it is possible to repair the nervous system. It is statistically proven that the increase in neurological disorders massive. Autism in children is doubling every few years. Autism, we now know, has much to do with the intestinal bacteria. What's behind it is damage to the immune system through vaccination and by heavy metals. The treatment is always the same: + We can pick out the heavy metals from the children and we correct the fatty acids. In the children's illnesses, it is sufficient in general, and expel heavy metals to work with homeopathy, and adjust the diet completely. As a treatment for all neurological disorders in children, I give 6g of the alga Chlorella 4x a day. 6g, representing about 24 tablets. This has proven to be a standard dose, to reduce the circulating neurotoxins. What happens next is that the intestinal flora recovered to normal, and all the anaerobic bacteria that are included with autism, disappear from the gut. And we can also tackle autism, epilepsy and learning disabilities in general early in infants with simple therapeutic treatments such as Chlorella plus garlic.

There are no heavy metals exit without infections are apparent in the course.

- To do that bit of a sad sight to be - come the headaches - kidney pain - or they get diarrhea - chronic fatigue - muscle aches - suddenly everything hurts - or the disease that had been before, suddenly appears to be acute.

The nice thing is that we know, we have actually removed heavy metals. And the next step is the treatment of these infections and is very easy to raise because the infection in the absence of heavy metals on biological therapies and easily taken. Without removing the heavy metals, they are not treatable!

Lead poisoning - DMPS injections, there was a study a few years ago, an epidemiological study, which examined where skeletons of people who died before 400 - 500 years. It has taken a period of 100 years, and has made skeletons of the past 10 years, the study was about 1997, and has determined that the lead in our bones 500 - 1000 times as high as it was 400 years ago.

We know what causes lead poisoning, it has to a very large effects on the brain, on the mental development of children, especially the development of intelligence is significantly inhibited. And lead poisoning in the bone disorder of blood and thus leukemias, anemias, lymphomas, tumors of the hematopoietic system, the whole effect as playing a role. I have in the past 10 years, 4 lymphoma - Patients treated with DMPS - injections. That was before I met all the other things. Just to dispel the heavy metals, and all were cured. And I'm always surprised that it did not prevail here, if you show against major national conferences, the things that it still takes so long until it times interspersed.

Cancer & Fuel Additives lead comes from the days when gasoline was still leaded. Also, the oils were leaded and latex paints. Today, it is regulated that it has tried to minimize it, and now made the following: in petrol has been rausgenommen the lead and has instead taken to prevent knocking in the engine, a number of chemicals added, which are highly carcinogenic. I.e. it has driven out the devil with Beelzebub. One is thus switched from a neurotoxin to a carcinogen. This can be represented well, too. In the U.S. there is a beautiful curve that is where we see how its incidence is increasing dramatically as the lead has been removed from the gasoline.

bild benzin tanken

60% of the brain consists of fat - fatty acid. That is why we need the fats or oils - which are an important part of the brain very vulnerable - again integrity check and eliminate one of the main factors that result in damage from the mercury, because that is metallic mercury is fat soluble, ie It has an affinity for fat. We in the United States an enormous growth in people of Parkinson's diagnosis, MS, ALS, autism, brain injury and many of the other terrible diseases of our time. Many of these diseases we now attacking very courageous and often see dramatic improvements in the patients. Many of the doctors in the U.S. use the principles they have learned from me.

Butter - Cheese - Eggs - sunflower / thistle / Salmon Oil - arachidonic Animal fats, butter and cream that have a high proportion of saturated fatty acids and give the cells their rigidity, their figure.

But it is also important that as these cells need certain rigidity, they also need flexibility and fluidity, and which is being mediated by the unsaturated fatty acids. These are the essential fatty acids, for example, we found in sunflower oil or safflower oil, fish oil, salmon oil, flaxseed oil. These oils, when ingested, incorporated into the cell wall to give the cell its elasticity. A fatty acid which has a very bad name wrongly here in Europe, the arachidonic acid (=) Quad unsaturated essential fatty acid. Which is mainly contained in eggs, cheese and butter. But in reality it is the most important fatty acid of all, all other controls.

Without the proper intake of oils, no brain function. Heavy metals in the healing of injured patients, is the consideration of the oils, the most important dietary item. More important than anything else, whether you are now a vegetarian, or something else, no issue is as important as oil. Sholomo Dr. Yehuda has recommended that the relationship between these two oil content 4:1 (4 units omega 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. percentage Omega 3 should be). We can confirm this by testing to patients and in the most recognized laboratory in the U.S. and fatty acid by clinical observation. You can also just create the oil yourself by your zusammenmischt 4 parts sunflower oil and 1 part linseed oil and a salad or to give your food - a few tablespoons per day. Linseed oil is the only vegetable oil that has such a high proportion of omega-3-like fish oil.

Bile has a dual function. Once the bile is excreted through the entire environmental toxins, including some of the metals and, secondly, the bile is itself needed to absorb the oils, then repair the nerve damage.

Mercury - amalgam, the most pernicious is the evaporation of mercury from the fillings. It has been calculated that within 7 years, half of the mercury is vaporized from a filling, 80% of them remain permanently in the nervous system. A very filling weighs 500-1000mg = 1g times it is not unusual for a filling, ie as 500mg of mercury in there. It is estimated that the lethal dose is less than 1mg of methylmercury that is, 2 tooth fillings can share freely enough mercury to kill a man, if everything would be set free in a moment. Only the fact that the body has time to distribute it, we survive.

Importantly, the heads Großnerv mercury into limbic system, then, therefore, where our emotions are at home. We therefore have no emotional disruptions, displacements, very often, comes with all the trimmings: addictions, perversions, Rauchsucht. The Rauchsucht is often the result of mercury poisoning. Mercury is absorbed through the membrane in the mouth, the mouth, travels through the nerves that are in the oral mucosa, immediately in the direction of the spinal cord and brain. If anyone has any amalgam fillings and amalgam is installed, it only takes about 48 hours until the whole brain is filled with mercury. Swallowing of mercury, due to abrasion of small particles from the filling, which is not then impregnate the intestine so harmful, because only 5-7% of them are included in the blood.

bild limbische systemA bild limbische system 1

 The limbic system, the brain stem is surrounded by the limbic system above it. The group includes the hippocampus, the amygdala, the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and parts of the thalamus. The limbic system is linked through the hypothalamus to the underlying brain stem and the thalamus with the overlying cerebrum. It is also called the emotional brain. From here, the neural impulses from going to ensure that the affective learning and action for each major review of 'carried out' perceptible objects, persons and actions. Accordingly, for all learning here has the necessary motivation and actions originate. Without motivation no action and no learning

bild limbische system 4 bild limbische system 5

 The bacteria are in the mouth and intestines to build the mercury from dental fillings into methylmercury, which is 50x more toxic than the other mercury. What science has overlooked is that the mercury that comes from the teeth, converted by our own bacteria into methylmercury.

Also, all of those who are here in the room and have amalgam fillings, are also poisoned with methyl mercury, and so are our children. Lungs are a major portal of entry by inhalation. The air stream passes over the teeth, and so the mercury vapor is absorbed in the lungs. Iodine was also used in mercury. You can contract with olive oil and lemon juice, the gallbladder and the greatly stimulate excretion of toxins. When a nerve comes into contact with mercury, sucking on the nerve on its own, and this mercury is transported to the nerve cell. This mercury leaves a part of the destruction inside the nerve cell.

The normal route is via the trigeminal nerve, which innervates all the teeth. Mercury is absorbed and travels to Trigeminusganglion. Which innervates not only the teeth but also various muscles of mastication. As different people have at night, chewing, crunching his teeth, which is usually a mercury poisoning of Trigeminusganglion. This person simply needs to be detoxified in the mouth and chew, then this stops.

One of the surest ways to poison himself, but to be a dentist. Mercury is a neurotoxin, it is not carcinogenic. It is found that the highest concentration of mercury in the brain that are in these fibrocytes, which was the first poisoned by mercury that crosses this barrier. This brain barrier is broken, and almost all diseases of the nervous system, which we know are not primarily caused by mercury in the brain, but to get through the secondary infections and toxins into the brain through the defective blood - brain - barrier.

 Detoxification with: goat whey / milk whey - Chlorella - Sauerkraut - Apfelpectin - chitosan - DMPS - Vitamin C

Goat whey I have a problem as the electrolyte solution, in which I give to people goat whey. Goat + Whey contains even trace elements in relatively high doses and also + contains high doses of calcium and magnesium. It's all in there what we need and it contains + free amino acids, which are extremely important for detoxification. There is no other product that is so effective in the detoxification process. You can send your patient to the goat farmer, a day to drink 2 glasses of goat whey. So that we can now do a complete detoxification.

If we give additionally Chlorella, deepens the effect. In addition, cilantro and garlic in relatively high doses.

Chlorella is our main method. When Chlorella is not tolerated, we have now found a few alternatives:

Sauerkraut - An alternative is the sauerkraut. 4x on day 2 heaping tablespoons sauerkraut. The sauerkraut is much Methion, it is an amino acid also detoxifies and consists of a lot of bonding fiber materials that can highly bind heavy metals.

Apfelpectin - The other is Apfelpectin, since the dose: One heaped teaspoon per day. Apfelpectin you need, when you prepare jams.

Chitosan - Another product is chitosan, which is also highly binds heavy metals in the gut. This is the skeleton of insects, the exoskeleton) (tanks, many mollusks (it) is also a component of cell walls of fungi and algae. There are about 60 different chitosan track references from the Asian region, because since it is used to bind heavy metals in the acute poisoning and acts very, very effective. These are our alternatives to Chlorella.

We are also working with the following substances:

DMPS: it is a sulfur compound that binds heavy metals very tightly. Copper, cadmium, lead, mercury are the main metals play a role here.

Vitamin C: Large doses of 2x per week for highly acute poisoned patients is still the safest Ausleitungsmethode, it is slow, but not dangerous.

Glutathione ( GSH ) and Parkinson's disease / ALS ( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ) / MS ( multible sclerosis )

Avaluable secret of what I now give you, it can also be applied to patients with ALS and MS as an additional method.

 Among the neurological disorders we are now using Glutathione. I give you just the dose, it is fantastic in Parkinson's disease. We have started from 300mg per day, the quantity we have used and are gradually increased to 1800-2500 mg daily iv rapidly injected.

In Parkinson's, it has a healing often in the same moment. Your 2500 mg injection - it is completely new, there is no literature about it, and the patient walks out of normal practice, very often! It's just that the effect only lasts a long time not only for 18-20 hours and then the old state returns. Then you must immediately give the next injection. But months when it is performed, the distance between the spray get bigger and the patient recovers. see "On the importance of glutathione in cancer therapy"

Detoxification control We have previously tried to go the normal route to western medicine, where we have injected DMPS and collecting the urine, as we got out just what is contained in the moment in the urine. When I DMPS syringe, the mercury is mobilized on the gallbladder, through the intestines and it does not appear in the urine, then I look at the same time to the chair, a huge load of mercury appears.

When we use coriander leaves, appear within 2 to 3 minutes High mercury levels in the exhaled air and in the sweat. In urine and stool you will find nothing.

Vegetarians are bad expel, because often lack the amino acids that are essential for the transport of heavy metals. There are many cases where people have removed the amalgam fillings, because they said, now I'm doing everything right, make clean my body, sometimes fasted 2 weeks. This is often the history of MS or ALS disease because it was not enough amino acids in the blood, it could therefore not enough untie.


 Carnosine is an antioxidant that is fantastic for glaucoma and cataract, lens opacity. Nearly all cataracts disappear so that often are from heavy metal. They are available as eye drops. In glaucoma and cataract: 500mg 2 capsules 3x daily - for the energy budget - for the chronic schwermetallvergifteten weary, we give this remedy often.

Sauna therapy is very valuable, there are a whole series of articles. Sauna is a double-edged sword. There is no doubt in the sauna, the infrared rays are highly mobilized metals and toxins that is, they are mobilized, but not yet eliminated. To get out of the skin have to do the sweat glands. Sweat glands are often heavy metal poisoning and do not function, and then the toxins are mobilized and move inward. To prepare the system, it is the best pre-treat with our basic program for a few months later, and then take a sauna therapy to do so. 2-3 times a week for 1 hours or infrared cabin. The best patients to buy a car and go inside every night for 20 minutes. It is very dramatic, as this increases the mercury levels in the air of the cabin. So this is a very effective detoxification.

Chitin as a capsule, it makes a strong detoxification in the intestine, but it will not be tolerated by all.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane =) also known as organically bound sulfur. MSM is a natural, bioactive form of sulfur found in all living organisms. MSM contains 34% elemental sulfur well. It comes naturally in rain water, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. MSM is volatile and goes through the food processing (heating! Largely lost), or long storage. MSM is very popular in the U.S. for chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

Alphalipon acid  has become a gold standard in the world, for the detoxification of heavy metals. The dose is: 300mg 4x daily for adults, 100mg 4 times daily in children, it is important to restore the reduced glutathione. Alphaliponsäure has a fantastic detoxifying effect on the liver, so that we are increasingly taking our standard in adults in the acute phase. It is important that we take a daily 300 mg 4x, because if we will take it only 1x, there is a shift from heavy metals, back into the brain when it takes 4 times a day, is not the place.

Selenium & Cancer Most people have a selenium deficiency and selenium need to be able to detoxify successfully. If too much selenium is given, fixed, and mercury in the brain tissue. Selenium has a narrow therapeutic space, i.e. it is easy in a selenium poisoning. Viruses can not reproduce in the presence of selenium. I give selenium is not so much for the detoxification, but in order to inhibit virus replication. Tip on how to almost any cancer can take to stop: Selenium found by high doses must be fine One area where the patient poisoned with selenium or are too little and it will not work.

Asthma and selenium (100 mg selenium / biosyn)  Asthma can really heal today by inhaled glutathione. It is somewhat cumbersome and prone to various errors. But the secret method we use for 2 years and almost always leads to healing in 3 weeks: 1 ampoule Selena 100mg Selenium (biosyn) Rp enter into an atomizer and inhaled once daily 1 ampoule selenium. After 3 weeks, the asthma is gone. We still have not experienced a failure. There once detoxifies the heavy metals that are sitting in the neurons of the lung and on the other hand, it generates reduced glutathione, when the selenium is there. Asthma should therefore be history.

Treatment success:

 A 75-year-old patient suffering with advanced Alzheimer's disease has been with 5 teaspoons of D - galactose supplied daily. After a few days, a condition was an improvement.

A male patient with longstanding diabetes mellitus and insulin therapy (approximately 75 IU daily human insulin), who suffered from severe hypoglycemia states with partial unconsciousness, received after the onset hypoglykäinischer symptoms (such as from about 65 mg% glucose) 12 g of galactose instead of usual Glucosegabe. The hypoglykäinische condition was completely destroyed in a few minutes. The effect of galactose was twice as fast as the treatable by dextrose and without introduction of a strong counter-reactions. Prophylactic Galaktosegaben meant that the blood sugar leveled off perfectly on a normal level. The tendency to Hypoglykäinien could be substantially reduced, without the patient in turn fell into a hyperglycemic stage.

A 61-year-old principal of a large school, which received over stressassoziierte increasing concentration, memory and retention problems, and also complained of was due to hypertension, headache and dizziness in specialist medical treatment: a parallel regulation of 3 tablespoons + D - galactose, 3 x 600 IU Vitamin E with 300 micrograms of selenium. Even after 4 days is a serious improvement is a set of symptoms, which were expected in this way as in any way. Headache, dizziness, and sleep patterns also experienced a marked improvement as the retention problems. After another week of school heads reported that he was "now: the same again" - "extremely powerful" and no longer stressed out ". The memory problems are gone.

A patient diagnosed with specialists and so far has been over two years of psychotherapy (VT) resistant depression with insomnia from the perspective of chronic stress with 3 tablespoons of galactose, combined with 200 mcg selenium, and 3 x 600 IU Vitamin E treatment. Within just 14 days and changed the general condition of the patient's sleep behavior in a surprising and impressive manner. Motivation, drive and mood brightened substantially in early after another eight days, the special combination therapy, the patient slept for the first time through.

 Dental mercury - Mercury amalgam fillings are made of tin fatally - 1300 Evidence

18 . Horvi  therapy - poisons of snakes / frogs / reptiles

Poisons of snakes, toads and reptiles differ mainly in the different complexes of enzymes .. These are drugs that interfere with the metabolism and functions of cells.

Bild schlange king-cobra Bild Skorpion 1 Bild kroete

 The typical characteristic of all enzymes is that they do not directly alter cellular processes and attacking, but to influence a group of catalysts, and control metabolic processes. We now know that having every snake venom enzyme from 35 to 50 species. The composition of snake venoms are each very different because of different levels of the active components.

bild diesing Dr. Diesing - HORVI Website

 Basically based Horvi enzyme therapy to 75% on genuine healing and to 25% on Wirkverstärkung by triggering the body's own activity. Normally the cell is able to produce sufficient enzymes. Damaging influences on the cell may reduce the normal enzyme activity or completely expose and disrupt the metabolism of sensitive.

A disease occurs when an enzyme defect (a defect or deficiency of enzymes) is present.

Reasons for this are:

 * Factors (pollutants, pathogens, stress)

 * Psychological factors

 * Declining cell performance (aging process)

 * Congenital enzyme defects.

The main indications are:

 * Different kinds of cancer autoimmune disease * * * Rheumatic diseases of spine and joint diseases * migraine headaches * infections, viral or bacterial allergy caused * * * Heart and circulatory disease in the lung and bronchial disorders * Skin diseases * Depression and Anxiety * Menopausal symptoms * Eye Diseases

19. Dr. Enderlein - Sanum Therapy

Viruses, bacteria and fungi are basically harmless and can be unlocked only if the person gives them the right environment or terrain. The terrain is bad, it appears that even in the blood under a darkfield microscope

Bild Medizin Bechamp a Dr. Bechamp  Bild medizin enderlein a Prof. Dr. Enderlein bild buch enderlein 3 Bild buch enderlein1

 Prof. Dr. Gunther Enderlen, born 1872, studied natural sciences with a focus on the field zoology. He graduated with a doctorate summa cum laude. In 1916 erein made for him breakthrough discovery. On the occasion of his works in the typhus research, he observed in the microscope's smallest mobile creatures that arrived with more highly organized forms of bacterial compounds. Blood tests for cancer: 1 Image colorectal 2nd Image atherosclerosis 3rd Picture breast

bild blut krebs bild blut arteriosklerose bild blut brustkrebs

 As Dr. Bechamp before him, Prof. Enderlein recognized that all animal cells contain tiny particles that go on after the death of the organism and which may arise from microorganisms. Enderlein called these particles endobionts. Under certain conditions, such as pollution, unnatural diet of civilization or mental stress is the endobiont independent and grow into larger micro-organisms, called Hochvalenzen, approached. In extreme cases we see bacterial forms. In these higher stages of development of the symbionts endobiont is a parasite with its own metabolism, which is harmful for the body fluids.Next diffuse functional complaints such as headaches, circulatory disturbances arise, lack of drive and depressive moods, and later many serious diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and high blood pressure, but also all forms of benign and malignant tumors.

bild enderlein graphik parasiten

20. Dr. Tamara Jakovlewna Svišèeva / Lebedewa - Trichomonaden / Plemorphismus

Bild Lebedewa  Dr. Tamara Jakovlewna Svišèeva / Pseudonym: Tamara Lebedewa Bild Buch Lebedewa krebserreger Bild Buch Lebedewa Blutatlas1 Bild Buch Lebedewa Reinigung

Cancer cells are not human cells, but single-celled parasites / trichomoniasis. This perfectly mimic the human cells, making them not recognized. According to Dr. Lebedev is the ignorance of this fact, the greatest and most fatal mistake of Medicine. She has published four books on this.

video 2:53 trichomonas vaginalis  2:14 

 What has Dr. Tamara Jakovlewna Svišèeva actually discovered? Tamara Lebedeva first has the properties of single-celled parasite Trichomonad, which they believed he had something to do with cancer research. ) The well-known in the medical field since 1836 by the discovery of the French anatomist Donné parasite from the group of Flagellata (flagellates has the characteristics of variability and Mehrgestaltigkeit, the Plemorphismus. It is a survival strategy of Trichomonad in order to be able to survive in various environments. The scientist is in a position to make targeted by chemical stimulation of these protozoa to change into one of three familiar forms: the cyst form, the form and the flagellated amoeba shape. There are many intermediate stages. Cells extracted from tumors in the same way they treated with exactly the same result. They can reproduce and thereby demonstrates: Cancer cells have trichomoniasis?

Trichomonads occur in three different ways in the human body: the mouth Trichomonad (trichomonas tenax), which Trichomonad in the digestive tract (trichomonas hominis / intestinalis) and in the vaginal Trichomonad / urogenital area (trichomonas vaginalis / urogenital). The latter has Lebedeva woman identified as the most aggressive.

Dr. Lebedeva in her book "carcinogen discovered"

1. Trichomonads are protozoa that are found in every human being as a parasite.

2. They are as big as human cells and easily confused with them.

3. These parasites are about 800 million years old and very resistant.

4. Because trichomoniasis is not sought after, are also not found.

5. Trichomoniasis occur in men discovered (in 1836) - in the mouth - in the gut - vaginally, in and around the sex organs

6. They differ significantly from human cells - in the division of behavior - behavior in the growth - in the genome

7. - (In metabolism anaerobic glycolysis) All these properties are identical with the properties of cancer cells, so it seems likely that cancer cells are trichomoniasis.

8. The Trichomonad can be transmitted: - the unborn - sexually - by kisses - food - through water (drinking water and swimming pool)

9. - Through shared items such as towels), trichomoniasis (start gaining the upper hand in the body when it is weakened, for example, by poisons, drugs (chemotherapy), unhealthy lifestyle, or simply by age.

10. The Trichomonad not only causes cancer, but is also involved in the pathogenesis of myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, AIDS, and an unknown number of other chronic diseases.

Other parasites: Nematodes * * * helminthic ascarids Ankylostoma * * * Trichinella cestodes Echinococcus * * * trematode flukes, or other

Recommendations from the book "cleaning" She has found that trichomonads are killed by cranberry juice in seconds. (For a three-month test - cranberry juice as a beverage consumed several times a day - were seen in women with gynecologic complaints significant improvement.) Lebedeva traces the effect of cranberry juice on the high level of anthocyanins.

Garlic and other plants contain important Phytonzide (retardants) against parasites. The pine has potent anti-inflammatory substances that may themselves be useful in leukemia and rid the body of worms and radionuclides. She emphasizes the value of juniper berries and walnuts. Wormwood is cleaned in a position streptococci from the blood and cleanses the liver, the artichoke. All of her recipes can even be produced. Finally, they recommended vitamins and minerals, egg shells, and the isoflavones of soy. In addition to its recommendation to pay attention to healthy eating and using the known benefits of certain foods, it is recommended Tamara Lebedeva an intensive inner

Cleansing the body in four stages: 1 Toxins and slags 2nd Supply of vital substances 3 Purification of trichomonas, parasites and fungi 4.Stärkung of the immune system

Oil - pull - Cure. In the morning, something Ölziehkur sunflower oil is taken into the mouth and for about ten minutes in the mouth and pulled out. Previously it was assumed that this means that the body of poisons are removed. Tamara Lebedeva said that Sonneblumenöl 38% contains lipoic acid, which is a growth factor for trichomoniasis. Thus, the oil is used as bait for the Mundtrichomonaden and they are excreted in spitting the oil with which the Trichomonadenfluss diminished in the body. Furthermore, the storage of waste products in the oral cavity Trichomonad fat soluble and will be disposed of. The Ölziehkur in their cleansing effect thus goes much further than previously thought.

 Prof. Dr. Enderlein describes the parasite and calls them endobionts. He has developed from it his Endobiose Theory.

 His 3 basic findings were:

1. the cell is not the last unit of living matter -  2. The blood is not sterile - 3.  Bacteria undergo one, so far ignored by the bacteriology, development cycle, the result was later Chondritin Therapy / Sanum therapy.

21. Elektromedizin - Laville / Lakhovsky / Rife  / Priore / Dotto / Pappas / Beck

 The two theories of clinical cancer research: 1 Cancer is a derailment of cell division / cell growth. 2. The control of cell division / growth is biochemical in nature.

Many practitioners of medicine komplimentär are convinced that there is also an electric radiant - Control - A mechanism is provided by the cells. . This is a completely different approach to cancer therapy and allows the inference:

Cancer is caused by a faulty programming of the cells. This in turn means:

Cancer can be cured if the existing cells - malnutrition - Programming reverses. It follows further that one of the

Cancer does not have to surgically remove. Cancer cells are not destroyed, but

by electromagnetic radiation is given them the command to behave like normal cells again.

Since the middle of last century, there are medical devices that generate a kind of field concentration. In France, the book was published in 1928 by Charles Laville Le Cancer): Le angement électrique "(cancer - an electrical failure. Several researchers, especially electrical engineers, developed electrical pulse devices undergoing therapy for non-invasive way to cancer. Among these, the researchers were living in France, Georges Rousse Lakhovsky (1869 -1942 = 76 years the American Royal R. Rife (1888-1971 = 83 years) living in France, Italy Antoine Priore (1912-1983 = 72 years) or Italian Gianni A. Dotto " The Story of the Dotto Ring " and professor of Greek Panagiotis T. Pappas (born 1947) are mentioned. It turns out to be a fortunate circumstance that all these scientists - except Rife - developed by them devices were protected by patents, so that the latter at least a rough idea about the evolutionary history of these devices provide. In the U.S., Dr. Robert Beck (1925 - 2002 = 77 years


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