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 22. Dr. Georges Lakhovsky - High frequency therapy

Bild Lakhovsky4 Dr. Lakhovsky Bild Buch Lakhovsky en bild buch lakhovsky the mystery of life

  He was known for his hypothesis of a wireless communication between cells by means of high frequency. After the First World War, he made contact with Jacques-Arsène d'Arsonval, who had developed at that time, an electrical therapies. At the Paris Salpêtrière Lakhovsky 1923, a special procedure developed for the treatment of cancer with high-frequency electromagnetic fields with geraniums that built on ideas of D'Arsonval.

Lakhovsky assumed in each cell of a vibrating oscillator that emits high-frequency waves, but can receive. He assumed that there is a very broad range of vibration and radiation, which were generated outside of the earth and penetrate all the cells.

For him, pathogens "jammers", which affected their oscillations against the natural oscillations of healthy cells, cells of the body. Healthy cells should characteristically different vibrate as diseased cells. Lakhovsky believed he could change the resonant frequency of diseased cells so that they fully re-cured. He led by many practical experiments, such as cancer in the plant

He also felt that the cancer in humans directly from the soil, water and depended on the food. Summing up, he makes the following recommendations for a cancer free life:

  * The ground on which one lives and sleeps, and notice to correct or avoid harmful radiation

  * The water must comply with the ground on which one lives and sleeps

  * The best food must be eaten raw, and contains plenty of onions

bild krebs Lakhovsky 5 bild krebs Lakhovsky 4 Bild Lakhovsky techn

Quotes - book " The mystery of life "

  Electrons are the building blocks of the "envelope" of the atom and the other negatively charged elementary particle, whose mass is so small that it is roughly in equal proportion to that of an atom, like a toy car to a truck. Electrons are characterized by a constant angular momentum (spin), but in the question where this impulse derives its energy and hence the constant spin, there must be a physicist for an answer, though there are a number of theories about it. Akin to the electrons are the "ionic" electrically charged particles called because they arise by elimination or addition of electrons. Ion for many biological processes in the body of vital importance. In addition, ions affect all biological processes, but we are back to Lakhovsky.

Although not a scientist, an electron could see with my own eyes, which are caused by it effects measurable. But what an electron is in fact, has not been satisfactorily explained. Nobel laureate H.A. Lorentz (1853-1928) drew up at the turn named after him electron theory that electrons are small physical structures, which are by their charge in interaction with the electromagnetic field. This assumption, however, has been supplanted by the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, again without the science, however, managed to find another explanation.

Einstein saw in the electron a fundamental particles. Later, he postulated the existence of a hitherto unknown great-particle. Some scholars see in these (hypothetical) primitive part-chen, the building blocks of pervasive ether space in the cosmos, one by the theory of relativity had become nebulous concept, though has remained the moving waves in space. Prof. Dr. Ing. Marco Todeschini called the space airwaves "dynamic space-fluidum", with whose work he explains all physical phenomena including gravity. He is approaching mental images of the oriental philosophy, which speaks of "prana" and more (reduced to a shorthand) says: no prana, no life. Todeschini as the quintessence of his research notes: "There is no light, we live in a dark, silent world without warmth, without odor and no taste. What we perceive as light and all the sensations at all, are physically energy waves, which until the Psyche produce sensations that we perceive as phenomena. "

In studying the nature of the electron is feeling his way slowly into the modern physics concepts, which could fairly be metaphysical or occult can even call. Newton has already postulated the action of a spiritual substance, are subject to all the physical and biological phenomena. Heisenberg spoke of "falling time" and resulting "ghost-like conditions" and a "Heisenberg's uncertainty." In this he placed the laws of causality and determinism of the phenomena in question. That effect considerations make it "a significant crisis of the main principles of our physical concepts guess." Schroedinger Nobel laureate (1887-1961) finally said, the electron has no displayable form and was a wave of (fog), which condense at certain physical phenomena to a single electron. Modern physics in any case no longer works with matter as such, but only with fields, waves and quantized motion.

 Einstein felt that the statistical laws of quantum mechanics intolerable and called it "a probabilistic mysticism." In a letter to Max Born, he described her supporters as "believers in the church of the atheists." Angrily, he cursed, "God does not play dice!" What he meant was that God is in the microcosm leave anything to chance, adding resignedly, "I fear that we have all the real solution to this problem are not hard to experience."

Jean Mussard eventually comes, a thought Echoing Newton, to the view that the atom is nothing more than a particle spirit while Teilhard de Chardin still goes one step further and assigns each atom a soul. Similar considerations had already hired Leibniz put the atoms replacing the living units, which he called monads, a view which recurs in the writings of the Austrian mystic Jakob Lorber, in which the electron to it is partly intellectual and partly of natural light and life of the fabric Erdluft is described.

The dilemma of our modern science is so proud of their material achievements, brings Dr. East - bags clearly expressed when he states: "Although we do so admirably know much about the legality of the electrons and their interactions with other particles, it is hardly possible to grasp its true structure ... "

Electrons were the building blocks for a development that is called by scientists "tree of molecular evolution." They have their origin in that cosmic energy, which Lakhovsky provides the starting point for the secret of life. In any case, the results of his experiments clearly show an interaction of the radiation from the cosmos and the environment with the biological pulsation in the energy budget of the living body, which manifests itself as a resonance in the rhythmic vibration of each body cell. Lakhovsky had already clearly recognized that while running the vibrational energy exchange is subject to laws of which is the well-being of all cells in a biological organism dependent. He pointed at the same time a way for future research.

Lakhocsky worked with individual resonant circuits and multiple resonant circuits of up to 13 rings. He used sizes of meters from a few centimeters to 1.10. He scored vibrational frequencies and interference between 750,999 Hz and 780000000000000 Hz (750 kHz - 780 THz). It is posed by medium ranege up to the visible light - from 2.25 hm (Hektowellen) to 0.2 nm (Nanowellen)

In 1926, he has begun to provide evidence that constitutes the DNA - strand in the core of every biological cell, the smallest naturel electrical resonant circuit. Thereafter, the nucleus of the cell is composed of all natural elements. In its form it is variable. He is dependent on Nährdtoffen, minerals and trace elements that are exchanged in the osmosis, through the extracellular water as a support unit, with the intracellular water.

The information contained in the cell fluid substances are divided into senior - mineral salts - and insulators - Resins - Oils - Cholesterol - plastin -... You all are arranged such that the core is represented in the form of a small electric tube made of insulated material (cell thread), which is filled with a conductive liquid.

The viability of this miniature - resonant circuit is absolutely depends on 3 components:

1. fresh, pure water than in the Trägerelment Osmosis

2. quality food - nutrients, minerals, trace elements

3. regularly tap into different sources of natural resonance, so that cells remain oscillation / amplitude obtained starch (stay under the open sky)

1912 Alexis Carell has earned it the Nobel Prize because he had provided evidence that a cell under precisely these conditions can be immortal. He was able to obtain cells from a chicken heart alive for over 34 years

23. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

bild krebs rife gerät  Rife machine original 1947   Bild Rife

 Rife - Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms 2007 Video 53:19 Rife - Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms 2007 video 0:47 picture:

24. . Dr. Antoine Priore - The Great Bordeaux Magnetic Machine Mystery

bild priore therapy bild priore Dr. Antoine Priore

 On 1 Priore one conducted in June 1962 filed with the French Patent Office a patent application, which later came to the FR PS 1 342 771 had:

As a problem to be solved is led by Priore as follows: "L'invention se rapporte de façon générale aux rayonnements capable de pénétrer dans la matière. Elle a plus précisément pour objet un procédé et un dispositif permettant d'obtenir une combinaison d'espèces de rayonnements pénétrer susceptibles de différentes dans la matière et notamment de pénétrer intimement organiques dans les tissus vivants pour y produire certains effets, en particulier dans les tissus humains en vue d'un effet thérapeutique, et sans y détruire les éléments essentiels tels que par example les enzymes .

German: "The invention relates generally to radiation capable of penetrating into the material. It refers specifically to a method and apparatus for obtaining a combination of different types of radiation can enter the field and especially deep into the fabric of penetrate living organisms to produce certain effects, especially in the tissues of human beings for a therapeutic effect without destroying them and the essential elements such as enzymes, for example. "

The claim 1: "Un procédé pour obtenir une combinaison de différentes espèces d'rayonnements susceptibles de pénétrer dans la matière, notamment de pénétrer intimement dans les tissus vivants pour y produire certains effets et plus particulièrement dans les tissus humains en vue d'un effet thérapeutique, dans une cavité émettre consistent à un rayonnement de particules chargées électriquement, anquel on superpose un rayonnement électromagnétique centimétrique et diriger le rayonnement résultant sortant de la cavité sur la cible à pénétrer. "

German - "A procedure for obtaining a combination of different types of radiation can penetrate the material, even deep into living tissue to penetrate produce certain effects, especially in human tissues for therapeutic effect, namely to ensure a black body radiation from electrically charged particles that penetrate anquel one centimeter electromagnetic radiation and direct radiation from the cave to be superimposed on the target.

bild krebs priore gerät  Priore machine

For Priore - equipment - large studies - Full details

25. Dr. Gianni A. Dotto

bild dotto Dr. G. A. Dotto Story of the Dotto Ring

 On 20 September 1972 ranged Dotto Patentanmeldungein one that led to the U.S. patent 3 839 771st.

The description:... to provide a loop wherein oscillation involving high electrical excursions occurs, resulting in continuing changes in energy levels of the metal atoms in the strip." "The method of constructing a thermionic couple capable of exhibiting a cyclic thermionic unbalance in operation, comprising the steps of: forming a ring of material such as copper having a low electrical resisti vity in the order of 1.7 microohm-centimeters (at 20°C) and a relatively high thermal conductivity in order of one calorie per second through a thickness of 1 centimeter at a temperature difference of 1°C with the ends of the ring defining a gap therebetween; forming a bridge member spanning said gap of a material such as Const antan having a significantly higher electrical resistivity in the order of 49 microohm-centimeters (at 20°C) and a significantly lower thermal conduc tivity in the order of 0.054 calories per second through a thickmess of 1 centimeter across an area of 1 square centimeter at a temperature diffe rence of 1°C;

 causing a substantial temperature difference between the ends of said ring to induce an electrical potential gradient between the ends of said ring; placing the bridge member in contact with the ends of said ring resistan ce between the ends of said ring; measuring the potential difference between the ends of said ring while the temperature difference ist induced; and adjusting the spacing between the ends of said ring and hence adju sting the effective length of the bridge member until the observed potenti al difference fluctuates in a cyclic manner; and then securing said bridge member to the ends of said ring."

bild dotto ring3 bild krebs dotto ring bild krebs dotto gerät  Dottos machine

The reference book "Cancer - Principles & Practice of Oncology - Philadelphia 1993, p. 2731, Table 70.1 shows that this" Dotto Ring "in cancer therapy has been used

26. Prof. Dr. Dr. Panagiotis T. Pappas - PAP IMI - Current anti-cancer - a revolutionary physics

bild pappas 1 bild buch pappas 

In 1987, Dr. Pappas began his research on the physical processes in biological cells and their energy production and energetic implementation of the supplied nutrients. His research led to a series of new findings about the functioning of the cell membrane, the energy balance of the cell and the interactions between cells, as the basis for the biochemical processes in living organisms.

Cells are microscopic nuclear reactors for him with amazing features that can not be explained with the classical tenets of physics. In these biological transmutations take place - they produce electrical energy, they convert back into nuclear energy and again. You build around elements and are therefore alchemists. When disturbed they programmed cell flows can not function properly, it causes a malfunction. These are the Uracher for diseases - cancer.

Dr. Pappas has developed a device that is under the name PAP IMI - - Non-Invasive Nano impulse therapy device in use. Simply put, it is to bring the mini-nuclear reactors cells back into their Authentic function. There are convincing reports of healing of injuries of all kinds (promminente athletes) and also in cancer before.

bild papimi 2 bild papimi krebs 1 bilf papimi maier Dr. Pappas & Ski Maier

Quotes  "Add PAP IMI is a pulsed magnetic field therapy device peak performance, the electromagnetic repeated short pulses through a coil to treat the body and hence the energy balance of the cell, called the membrane potential is regulated to its natural level. The metabolism of the cell is normalized, and thereby ensure cell regeneration. The inlet and discharge of vital substances is again possible.

Two charged with about 35 KV capacitors are discharged in the nanosecond range via a radio link in one of Prof. Pappas specially designed plasma chamber. The voltage at this electrically conductive by ionization of atmospheric plasma oscillate in harmonic Fourier oscillations between 0.3 MHz and 250 MHz. This ultra-fast, high-frequency modulated magnetic pulse is transmitted through a flexible, highly insulated cables of the actual treatment coil, which consists of several turns. This results in the coil in a very low base voltage, which produces at a distance of approximately 8 cm, only a voltage of about 18 volts. The induction in the middle of the coil, however, is 125 gauss (corresponding to 0.0125 Tesla) and is therefore in the therapeutic optimum.

The strong magnetic pulses of the PAP IMI device to transfer up to a depth of 15 cm, the frequencies of the radio-frequency plasma generated in the Pap IMI vibration device on the cell. Thus, the electroporation is made possible at the cell membrane. The ions and the ionized molecules for the transport and tunnel proteins can be along the magnetic field lines, depending on the charge in each cell-or trafficked out of the cells. PAP IMI is used, increasing the membrane voltage of the cell after a short time back to its normal value, the cell begins to live and continues its normal function, or the cell has degenerated too much, dies, and is degraded by the organism.

It only cells respond to PAP IMI, whose membrane potential at about 80 mVolt decreased. Also produced by PAP IMI no temperature shift of the cells, because the pulse lasts only a fraction of a second million, in which there is no kinetic molecular motion and hence no friction, which could lead to temperature increase in the cellular organelles "

Successful application in cancer

 Medical Concepts: PAPIMI ® Energizes the electrons in the outer shell of atoms. The atoms as the basic building blocks of amino acids, in turn, the proteins. The electrons in the outer shell is responsible for the chemical, physical, biochemical, and thus for the functional properties of atoms. Through this charge are affected in addition to regulating the extracellular and intra-cellular matrix, the cell membranes, the cell pores and the cell organelles. This gain thus their physio logical levels back.

bild zelle membran bild zelle plasmamembran

 All living cells, prokaryotes and eukaryotes have a membrane as the cell wall or as a plasma membrane surrounding the cell and serves as a barrier to the outer halbporöse climate. The role of the membrane is to serve as a boundary, the cell components together and to keep this important substances can still enter. Small molecules such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water are able to pass freely through the membrane. The passage of larger molecules such as amino acids and sugars is carefully regulated. According to the existing current theory is the plasma membrane, the fluid Mossaikmodell. It consists of a double layer (bilayer) lipids, the oily substances which are found in all cells, most lipids in the double membrane model may say as phospholipids Lipids are described in detail, which are characterized by a phosphate group at one end of the molecule. Phospholipids are hydrophilic at their phosphates, and along their hydrophobic lipid regions.

Are you willing to sit down with a critical look at physics? THE MOST BEUTIFUL THORY OF PHYSIOLOGY THAT MEDICAL UNIVERSITIES ADOPT IN THEIR TEACHING BODY. Dr. Pappa’s Theory 

Oximutation and Oxidation - The dual role of Oxygen in Biology - Biologische Transmutation

bild pappas modell2 bild pappas modell

Summary:  The Cell is an TMP (Trans Membrane Potential) controlled microscopic Nuclear Reactor, turning atomic energy directly into electricity TMP back. Our proposal is the very first mechanism we know worldwide for a nuclear reactor to turn atomic energy directly into electricity. The nuclear fuels are O and Na entering a nuclear trans-mutation inside the cell, which we first coined into the term oximutation. The nuclear waste is K. The ignitors are, electromagnetically: TMP, and/or external EM fields like those of PAPIMI, chemically: ATP, Glucose, (controlled by a chain factors: insulin, adrenalin, relevant hormones). This model surpasses the classical ad-hoc model of sodium-potassium pump for the cell in too many and too overwhelming number of paradoxes of the classical model, which becomes non comparable to the present model of oximutation.

The present model not only is free of the "too many paradoxes" of the classical model, but, also connects logically and explains naturally many so far apparent unconnected facts. For example, why hyperkalemia causes heart arrest and death, why hypernatria increases energy and blood pressure, why cancer relates to hypernatria and free radicals, why we consume so little oxygen and we do not pollute by breathing compared to a oxygen+fuel engine, why we spent much more energy than the intaking energy (chemically) from food, why fishes do not release CO2 bubbles, why we release kallium while taking only saline water, oxygen and glucose (a person in a coma), why kalium kills and natrium energizes, why oxygen is anticeptic and kills microrganisms, why we should take relatively small quantitities (mgrs per day) of antioxidants against oxygen's massive (Kgrs per day) oxidation in our body.

 RESEARCH SITE FOR KNOWLEDGEABLE PROFESSIONALS ONLY  For a more comprehensive professional site click here





This formula can be proven in the same way as E=m c2   However  E=km c2  with  k=1/1000  E=0.001m c2

Comparison of the classical theory of physiology Pappas

27. Dr. Louis Kervran - Biological Transmutation     " Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. " Aldous Huxley (1927)

He proved the existence of biological transmutations: plants and animals are Alchmist, they can create new elements. Whoever takes over this task when the animals? The microorganisms in the gut!

bild kervran bild buch kervran 1 bild buch kervran 2 bild buch kervran 3 books online

 "Who truly scientific work is always grateful for new suggestions and ask yourself sometimes, if not the biggest obstacle to the progress of science is the bad memory of the scholars. It might sometimes they remind us that some of their predecessors were burned because they interpretations of the facts recited, which have become brazen truth. If one were to burn pioneers of science even today, said Louis Kervran would have no great chance of getting away alive. " Jean Lombard, Geologist.

Will the dream of alchemy right? Japanese researchers will present experiments on the transmutation of elements. As Yasuhiro Iwamura recently at the technical conference on nuclear physics, condensed matter in Marseilles, France delivered his lecture, it was quiet as a mouse. The Japanese presented the latest research from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. If the findings, the Japanese have developed over the last ten years, a technology to convert physical and chemical elements into new elements.According to current theory, such transmutations should not work at all.

28. Dr. Robert C. Beck

Electricity in the blood kills the parasite Video Dr. Beck

 When electricity comes into the blood to neutralize any pathogens, which are parasites, viruses, fungi, bacteria, microbes. At 3 weeks they are removed from the body. The strangers in the blood of our limited life expectancy to 70 to 80 years. Dr. Beck weighed 135 kg. After applying the Blutzapper he lost 60 kg. He also had almost no hair, then he got rich brown hair. The parasites in humans to determine its appetite, the parasites have learned to use us as their time. Before using the blood zapper Dr. Beck had a blood pressure of 219:190 and 135:75 thereafter. His blood sugar dropped from 450 to 150

The blood electrification, according to Dr. Beck is based on U.S. patent 5188738 of Steven Kaali and Peter Schwolsky Further research by Dr. Beck is based on work by Dr. Clark and Dr. Robert J. Thiel.

 Dr. Kaali & Schwolsky describe the operation of their equipment: ".. make them harmless by means of electrical flow through the blood of a sufficient mass of bacteria, viruses, parasites and / or fungi in normal healthy cells, with the biological function of the blood and other fluids will remains.

Dr. Beck: "current flow more important than frequency," Dr. Beck has made extensive studies on their own "zapper" according to Dr. Hulda Clark and found that the current flow (blood electrification) is more important than the frequency. In contrast to the high frequency "Clark zapper (1 kHz to 1MHz), the" Beck zapper is working with half the Schumann frequency (3.920 Hz). Because the lower the frequency, the greater the power - absorption, the more effective the therapy. The 3.92 Hz are in harmony with the body's own rhythm and therefore do not stress triggers. The Beck zapper is working with higher voltage than the Clark zapper (27 will be held 9 V) and not held in both hands, but directly attached to the artery.

Bild Beck Dr. R. Beck Bild Buch beck Bild Medizin Dr. Kaali Dr. Kaali

The thesis: parasites, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, paralyzed by a small current ( 50 - 100 micro-amps ) or inactivated in the bloodstream. You can no longer infect the body's own cells and the immune system to defeat the pathogen within short time.

The physicist, Dr. Robert C. Beck (1925-2002) developed a treatment with 4 sections

  1. Devitalization of microorganisms in the blood and lymph through gentle, non-invasive current induction

  2. Application of magnetic pulses for the generation of eddy currents, the pathogens in the lymph nodes and firmer tissue devitalise

  3. Taking colloidal silver, to reduce the pathogens in the lymphatic system

  4. Drinking freshly prepared, ozonized water.

In contrast to the frequency of the current induction process influenced Vefahren with as little electrodes attached selectively only a portion of the organism. In this case, the blood flowing past a voltage. Of the blood induced strong electron flow to achieve the targeted microorganisms / pathogens in the blood plasma and depolarize the membrane at these potentials. Thus the outer protein layer of the pathogen is rendered useless. The elementary charges on the red blood cells are affected by the electrons in the same way.

The Beck's complicated procedures or reduced parasitic microbial colonization of the blood and lymph. Bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa in flowing by getting a small electric shock to the electrodes. The protein layers, which will enable the docking with organismal cells that are dull and useless. At each electromedical treatment will be destroyed, therefore, a certain percentage of bacteria present in human plasma. In essence, a membrane potential change will take place in the cell walls of the blood placed pathogens: The power line goes along the bloodstream in the plasma around all living cells, because it seeks the path of smaller resistance.

The cell membranes of cells have a much larger specific resistance than the plasma. The electrical stimulation current therefore flows around the red blood cells (erythrocytes) and pathogenic eukaryotic cell membranes, and drags its tangential. This artificial, internal body current, consisting of negative electrons, "rubbing" at the positively charged along the cell membrane and loosens the cell located at the outer protons of the corresponding electrons on the inside of the cell membrane. Thus, part of the inner layer of negative charge is exempted. The result is a depolarization of the cell that leads to the fact that excessive sodium and enjoys lots of escaping the life processes important for potassium.

The membrane potential decreases and there is a reduced vibration - and response that goes up to the vegetative stupor. The flow equilibrium with the environment - a constant fluctuation of the electronic Into and Out at the boundaries (potential difference) - is severely disrupted. There is a ph change in direction rather than alkalosis. Biochemical processes in the damaged cell in the sequence no longer take place. Cell death is very sensitive to the electrophysiologically Parasitendie episode.

Because of the blood electrification a very effective relief of the blood plasma of Candida - from cancer - protozoa will take place so that the organism creates by itself anymore. If the blood periodically released from these pathogens through blood electrification, the organism can supplement the immune status and compensate for deficits.

The modified electrochemical equilibrium weakens the microbial pathogens so far that they are recognized by immune cells and killed .. While the electrification of the blood leukocytes and red blood cells and beneficial to the healthy body cells and neutral, they seem to microbial pathogens contribute negatively. The biological function of the blood and other fluids is maintained.

bild beck body zapp Body Zapp bild beck mini zapp Mini Zapp

bild beck zapper-cu-elektroden bild beck zapper handelektroden

  Through the application:

* One can of infectious diseases and the resultant release toxins (Beck)

* Can you imagine threatening incurable diseases and biological weapons protection (Beck).

* Disappears cancer, if in the course of this treatment is enhanced interleukin and interferon produced by the restored immune system (Beck)

* Neutralize bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and other pathogens in blood. Imagine a healing success (Beck)

* Is "the blood back the way it has to be in perfect health. If one blood of a" normal-healthy "person under the darkfield microscope, it contains a rule floating around, many parasitic worms, viruses, fungi, bacteria and pathogens. electrification of blood clots after three weeks, use of Magnetic Pulse and silver colloids is the blood of pathogens and not without geldrollenartig.

* When the immune system is restored, it can also overcome cancer

* Can the electrical conductance and the voltage of the affected cells are increased

* Is overcome the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

* Be harmful pathogens in the blood (blood parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi inactivated) or paralyzed. You can therefore no longer infect the body's own cells. The immune system can now easily remove the pathogens (within 3 weeks) from the body. After a few weeks had no or hardly any longer detectable pathogens. Beck: "It is an absolutely reliable method for the extermination of blood parasites." This fact is supported by more than a dozen U.S. patents, as well as a Soviet patent.

* Life-blood cells for longer! (presumably due to the energetic charge)

* To activate the detoxification and the leukocytes.

* Clumping of red blood cells (erythrocytes) vanishes after repeated application of electricity (Shows in dark-field microscopy), the non-nucleated red blood cells are the carriers of oxygen, nutrients and waste materials. They are extremely sensitive) against any disturbance and attack from outside (eg, electromagnetic pollution. "If there are not enough red blood cells loaded does not work, mutual repulsion, so blood cells can stick together." Traffic jam "blocked proteins in the capillaries.

* Leads to the regression of pathological conditions, viral infections are then no longer possible.

* Resolve spontaneously Na ions that will flow increased in cells, leading to an osmotic Swelling up of the pathogen and its bursting.

* Accept intracellular energy-rich phosphates (adenosine triphosphate, ATP) (=> Improvement of cell metabolism and protein synthesis of the cell metabolism is back to normal).

* The body's own repair processes can be accelerated.

* Damage caused by free radicals can be eliminated.

* Be continuously applied blood and lymph clear of unwanted organisms (microorganisms, parasites) (from Robert E. Mayer-Picard:

 * Building and regeneration processes can be better again.

29. Dr. T. Simoncini - natrium hydrogencarbonat Bild Button pfeil a

At present there is hardly any other doctor in Europe, Australia and America, whose cancer treatment is as controversial as that of Dr. Tullio Simoncini, Italy. He came from years of research on the theory that a tumor is a self-protection of the body to protect itself against the spread of dangerous growing Candida fungi. Based on this theory, he developed an inexpensive sodium hydrogen carbonate

Videos : Sodium bicarbonate, a natural way to treat the cancer Interview mit Dr. Tullio Simoncini - May 2007 part I - 8:03 Bild Button pfeil a part II - 7:41 Bild Button pfeil a part III - 8:36 Bild Button pfeil a Candida, Yeast and Fungus and Cancer - The Cure  19:36 Bild Button pfeil a

bild simoncini bild button sodium bicarbonat NaHCO4

 Dr. Simoncini in 2003, because of unexplained deaths that Aprobation withdrawn

bild candida aa bild candida 1

Citation: Cancer of fungal infection? The basic idea behind my theory is that cancer is not a mysterious causes (ie, no genetic, immunological or autoimmune factors, such as accepting the official oncology). Cancer is caused by a fungal, underestimates the destructive force in the deep tissue layers.

Allegations without proof, the genes that normally play a positive role in cell growth, are vague as "proto-oncogenes known, and those that inhibit cell growth, as a" tumor suppressor genes or recessive oncogenes. " Both endogenous (never proven) and exogenous cellular components - ie, those carcinogens that are referenced always be - held responsible for the degeneration of the neoplastic tissue. After a superficial examination of oncological concept should be clear that the constant reference to an unstoppable genetic hyperactivity can reveal nothing but the boundless stupidity, which is the foundation of such a mindset. Everyone who works in this area, which repeats always the same litany of cell growth, a genetic anomaly. It would be far more useful to look for new horizons and conceptual means with which you can find out the true and only cause.

Back to the taxonomy. If you want to find a cancer-causing Ens Morbi [nature of the disease] in the light of Microbiology, you should first return to the basic classification concepts of biology, an area in which there is also noteworthy deal of confusion and indecision. Based on the divided Linnean classification basis, Carl von Linne (1707-1778), the world of living things into two great empires - that of plants and animals - was the German biologist Ernst Haeckel (1834 - 1919) in the previous century to the difficulty of categorizing microorganisms closely.

bild haeckel 2 Dr. Ernst Haeckel   bild linne Bild Button pfeil a Carl von Linne

Neither animal nor plant - "Prostita" Because of its specific qualities and characteristics they can in fact neither the plant nor the animal kingdom are assigned. For these organisms Haeckel developed a third kingdom, which he called Protista, as the kingdom of the original being called:

"This vast and complex empire includes a large number of organisms, ranging from those with subcellular structures such as viroids and viruses that exist on the margins of life, about mycoplasmas, to more highly organized creatures such as bacteria, fungi rays (actinomycetes), fungi, slime (myxomycetes), mushrooms (fungi), protozoa and perhaps even some micro-algae. "

Common to these organisms, their diet, which, with few exceptions, there is, in the direct absorption of soluble organic components, and distinguishes them from animals and plants. Feeding animals are in a similar way, but they take on solid organic substances which are converted in the digestive process. Feed on plants by synthesizing organic compounds with the help of minerals and solar energy. Modern biology has taken this concept of the Third Reich, although somewhat more differentiated. One even said that the group of fungi must be assigned within the Third Reich a separate area.

Mushrooms - a separate life form. If we are multicellular, photosynthetic) attributed performing organisms (plants, the first kingdom, and those who do not have photosynthetic pigments (animals), the second empire - and the organisms of the two kingdoms have cells) with nuclei (eukaryotes - and if we then those single-celled that chlorophyll does not yet possess a nucleus (prokaryotes) another kingdom (protists associate), the mushrooms should doubt their own empire in themselves, for they have no photosynthetic pigments, may be single or multicellular, and have a nucleus.

In addition, mushrooms have in comparison to other micro-organisms unusual characteristic: they consist of a microscopic basic form, the so-called Greek hypha [Hyphen, "tissue" = thread-like cells] of the fungi, but they tend also to remarkable growth (up to several kilograms ), while their adaptability and fertility remains stable at any size.

From this point of fungi can not be considered a real organisms, but] as cell clusters sui generis [own genus, the organismic behavior has, for each cell retains its own survival and their reproductive capacity, no matter what form it exists. Thus, it should also be clear how difficult it is to accurately determine all biological processes in such a complex form of life. Strictly speaking, there are in mycology [science of mushrooms] are still many gaps and merely temporary solutions in the classification.

Candida albicans - a necessary and sufficient cause for cancer. Given that) among parasite species harmful to humans, the dermatophytes and Sporothrix (Sporotrichum have an extremely high morbidity and actinomycetes that occur, and Histoplasma capsulatum Toluropsis experience, rarely in the pathological context, Candida albicans is the only parasite of tumor growths in question.

The first steps in the treatment of cancer patients: its general body defense / immune system through diet and nutrition / tonic / regular rhythms / life functions   Bild Button pfeil a

30. Dr. Mark A. Sircus - sodium bicarbonat Bild Button pfeil a

Others warn against its alternative medicine therapy of intravenous medication of sodium bicarbonate. The oral form is risk-free and effective. These include Dr. Mark A. Sircus Bild Button pfeil a

bild sircus dr bild button IMVA bild buch sircus winning-the-war-on-cancer bild buch sircus magnesium bild buch sircus survival-medicine_1

Dr. Mark Sircus, one of the most prolific writers in medicine, holds the honorary title of doctor of Oriental medicine and was one of the first nationally certified acupuncturists in the United States. He was trained in acupuncture and oriental medicine at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe, N.M., and in the School of Traditional Medicine of New England in Boston. He served at the Central Public Hospital of Pochutla, in Mexico.

For many years he has been researching into the human condition and into the causes of disease. His primary focus in recent years has been the study of environmental toxicity and iatrogenic diseases. He has written extensively on the poisons in the environment, in our foods, medicines and dental practices. Dr. Sircus is the director of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA), which is advocating radical changes in orthodox medicine.

bild johnston 2 bidl buch sircus sodiumbicarbonate

 Quote: Bild Button pfeil a “ Well I am just delighted to share with you that I just got off the phone with Vernon Johnston, the gentleman that reached out to me when I was finishing my Sodium Bicarbonate book. He was the fellow who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer with metastasis to the bones. This was over 15 months ago and I wrote up his story and shared his treatment diary in my Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment bicarbonate book. He was going to do a cesium chloride treatment but because his order got lost in the mail ended up doing sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) orally, managed to get his urinary pH up to 8.5 for five days and then within two weeks was back at his oncologists office for a test, which showed his bones being cleared of his cancer.

“Cancer tried to kill me. After a struggle or two, or three, or four, or more I said, “No!” Or at least I was hoping for a “No.” I turned to Cesium, but ended up with Baking Soda. My goal was to change my pH quickly. I knew little or next to nothing what pH, Alkaline or Acidic meant. Happily I found out,” said Vernon Johnston. Talking to him on the phone was really nice for he seems just so full of life and is obviously alive and in very fine health and has not seen a doctor in a year. Now that is really good news. Dr. Tullio Simoncini would have said this is impossible for he believes that even his expensive treatment with IVs would not do the job but he was wrong and that is why I call for universal oral use in all cancers coupled with intensive transdermal use as well.

" Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is the time honored method to " speed up " the return of the body’s bicarbonate levels to normal. Sodium bicarbonate happens to be one of our most useful medicines in existence treating as it does basic human physiology.  I make it very clear in my Sodium Bicarbonate book that I do not believe in single solutions or cures for cancer being a full protocol practitioner. My overall treatment philosophy for cancer is to trap the cancer in a deadly crossfire and beat the crap out of it with safe concentrated nutritional medicinals and solid health practices including plenty of sun exposure, exercise, touch via massage, and breathing techniques that you can see on Vernon’s site. But, as Vernon’s case demonstrates, the sodium bicarbonate is the lead Panzer Division that has the power to kick ass pretty much all by itself. "

 " Sodium bicarbonate is the least expensive, safest and perhaps most effective cancer medicine there is. Sodium Bicarbonate is a nothing to lose everything to gain treatment for cancer." Book " Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment "

Vernon reminded me that originally Dr. Simoncini did not endorse any use of oral bicarbonate but it seems they have had a change of heart and at least are recommending it for certain cancers. I really do not understand what is going on with Dr. Simoncini and his followers. I tried to sign onto a yahoo group dedicated to his protocol and they rejected my application. My assistant Claudia French RN said after carefully reading their information that she felt they were closed minded and were not interested in the alkaline effect of sodium bicarbonate, which of course is absolutely bizarre since it is one of its main effects. Dr. Simoncini seems stuck on his Candida theory and the anti fungal properties of backing soda and just really does not want to look too deeply into bicarbonates medical profile, which includes rushing more Oxygen to cancer cells through radical pH shifts and increased CO2 level

“If Simoncini is correct that cancer is fungus the MMS, which becomes chlorine dioxide in the body given intravenously will kill off the fungus in the body. The MMS is quite foul and distresses many peoples’ stomachs so the reason it is given intravenously is that you can get a higher dose in without the same side effects. Also I found my patients had side effects from the bicarbonate IVs using Simoncini’s protocol so I give it orally. So we get the same effect just administering the agents differently. I found this worked best for the patients I was treating. It so easy to give and does not give any discomfort.

 My protocol for treating people is to give them magnesium and B6 with sodium chlorite intravenously and iodine and sodium bicarbonate orally. I premix magnesium sulfate or magnesium chloride and pyridoxine in a 200ml bag of saline, as follows: 40 ml magnesium 50% and pyridoxine 100mg/ml 40ml into the saline. I draw up 10ml 0f this mixture and that is given slowly intravenously via a 23 butterfly needle. This is followed by a 20ml syringe filled as follows.1-2 ml 28% sodium chlorite and 5% glucose to fill the 20ml syringe. This mixture is sometimes activated with 2ml of citric acid 10% and the sodium chlorite solution is reduced to 1/2 ml instead of the 1-2ml.

So I am giving 30 ml into a vein. They feel of course the hot rush from the magnesium but they actually enjoy it because it does all the good magnesium things. Depending on the patient I do this either weekly or sometimes up to three times a week. I have these patients take half to a full teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate morning and evening and giving iodine mixed right into the bicarbonate. If it is a cancer patient I give a product with three types of vitamin C (ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbic and magnesium ascorbic which is mixed with L-Lysine but a few hours after the administration of the IV. I have a doctor friend in Moscow who uses the MMS transdermally driving it in with DMSO and he also reports good results but I have never been very comfortable with the mania around MMS and the way it is marketed and put out with religious fever. I have heard of many bad stories but I have to concede to some good ones as well and my doctor friends seem to have avoided the down side by cutting out the use of it orally in favor of intravenous and transdermal application.

What is remarkable about Vernon’s case is that his result, and the same goes for Dr. Simoncini’s patients, shows a clear cause and effect relationship between cancer, its elimination and sodium bicarbonate, that simple household item that doubles behind hospital doors as an emergency room medicine. Yes some precautions need to be taken but most people can learn to use it themselves safely like Vernon did. In my book much is explained for professional and patient alike but one does not need to fully understand bicarbonate no physiology to brush ones teeth with bicarbonate (which I highly recommend for everyone) or take it from the minute, or even way before one suspects one has cancer.

The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our body. Chronic over acidity corrodes body tissue, and if left unchecked will interrupt all cellular activities and functions. In other words, over acidity interferes with life itself. It is at the root of cancer.

31. Dr. Hulda Clark - bowel cancer by ule Bild Button pfeil a Bild Button pfeil a

bild clark 4 Bild buch clark de Bild buch clark de 1 Bild Buch clark de 2 Bild Buch Clark Hulda

bild clark zapper parasit bild clark reinigung

Bild clark trematode Bild clark hookworm Bild clark cestoda Bild clark Common Bacteria

 Quoted from "The Cure for All Cancers" and "The Cure for HIV / AIDS": Copyright 1993 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., ND "The Cure for All Diseases": Copyright 1995 by Hulda Regehr Clark

Cancer can now be treated not only to be healed, even special! We have not got used to the idea of a cure for cancer. A temporary improvement we see as the only option. This book is not about a temporary improvement, but rather a cure. This was possible because I have found 1990, the true cause of cancer. The cause is a certain parasite, for whose existence I in any case of illness, regardless of the type of cancer, have found evidence.

Consequently, lung cancer is not caused by smoking, colon cancer is not a high-fiber diet, breast cancer, not by a low-fat diet, Netzhautblastom is not due to a rare gene, and pancreatic cancer is not caused by alcohol consumption.

100 cancer cures, although these are all factors that contribute to cancer may arise, they are not the cause. Once again the true cause was found, the cure was obvious - but it would work? I have set myself the goal of curing before the publication of my findings on 100 cases of cancer. This target was exceeded in December 1992. The discovery of the cause and the cure for all cancers has stood the test of time and here it is! (From: "The Cure for all Cancers", after cover;

The cause of many years, we were convinced that cancer is different from other diseases. We believed that cancer behaves like a fire that you can not stop when it erupts. Therefore, common sense must be either cut out, radiate or destroy any cancer cell in the body chemically, since they can never normalize.

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH BE REMOVED! Similarly, we believed that have different types of cancer such as leukemia or breast cancer of different causes. Wrong again!

 In this book you will see that all cancers are similar. Darmegel. They are caused by a parasite. A single parasite! It is the human Darmegel. And if you destroy this parasite, the cancer stops immediately and to normalize the tissue itself. In order to get cancer, this parasite needs to happen in your body. As the Darmegel can cause cancer? This parasite typically lives in the intestines, where it can cause minor damage, as he only colitis, Crohn's disease, or intestinal irritation symptoms, or maybe nothing evokes. But if in another body, such as penetrating into the uterus, the kidneys or the liver, it depends very much damage. If he settles in the liver, it causes cancer! He settled only in the liver of some people. These people have propyl alcohol in their bodies.

Every cancer patient has both propyl alcohol as well as the Darmegel in his liver. The solvent propyl alcohol is responsible for ensuring that the flatworm settles in the liver. In order to get cancer, you have to have it both ways in the body, both the parasite and propyl alcohol. (From: "The Cure for all Cancers", S.1f.

Conclusion: The human race is now heavily infested with parasites, particularly through the Darmegel Fasciolopsis buskii belonging to the family of flatworms, the Schafsleberegel Fasciola hepatica, the Pankreasegel bovine pancreatic Eurytrema the human liver fluke Clonorchis sinensis, and by the roundworm Ascaris. The increase in the flatworm infestation is due to the establishment of a new "biological reservoir" in cattle, poultry and pets. The rise of Ascaris is very likely the result of domestic livestock. Simultaneously, the micro-contamination of human food supply was equip with derivatives of the petroleum industry, which include solvents, antiseptics and numerous other products that are directly used in the food industry. In the presence of propyl alcohol Fasciolopsis buskii can accomplish its entire life cycle in the human body, without the normally required as a snail as intermediate host.

Others are solvent, the excitation of parasites, are benzene, methanol, xylene and toluene, which now occur as residues in our food and contaminate care products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, lotions and cosmetics. These solvents are equally contaminants of animal feed products and are therefore not responsible for the new biological reservoir or source of infection with flatworms.

Organotropismus. Different solvents accumulate preferably in different organs, a phenomenon known as Organotropismus. Isopropyl alcohol accumulates in the liver, resulting in the completion of the life cycle of Fasciolopsis in the liver results. This introduces the malignant process. Several growth factors are likely to be produced in the host institutions for their own use of the parasite, but also consider the human tissues affected. The presence of adult flatworms in the liver suggests the production of such growth factors in a distant organ. This body appears selected on the basis of the presence of certain bacteria, and carcinogens to be. The difference between people accumulate, the Isopropyl Alcohol, and those who digest it is now, in the presence of aflatoxin B in the former. Aflatoxins are contaminants of our food and can also be produced in situ by the Mycelwachstum of Aspergillus species. Such Mycelwachstum occurs only in conjunction with copper!

Killing all parasites and larval stages, which together with the removal of isopropyl alcohol and carcinogens from the patient's lifestyle results in remarkable recovery, which is generally noticeable in less than a week. Cancer could be eradicated within a short time by cleaning the cattle and the pets of flatworm parasites, and by the food and feed monitored for solvents. Since it is found Darmegels development stages of the blood, breast milk, saliva, semen and urine in and you can see them directly in these body fluids with a microscope lesser magnification, it follows that this parasite can be transmitted sexually, as well as by kissing on the mouth and through breast-feeding at the breast. The receiver, however, would develop cancer only if isopropyl alcohol in his or her body would be accumulated.

A common species of bacteria, Clostridium, is isopropyl alcohol produces in the digestive tract and in dental repairs. The use of betaine hydrochloride as a food supplement and the removal of dental fillings fix it. (From: "The Cure for all Cancers", p. XVff.;

3 plants to detoxify it would be impossible to get rid of all parasites by taking medicines that kill only one or two parasite species. These medicines often make ill. Imagine that you are taking 10 such drugs would have to kill a dozen species of parasites! This is good news for drug manufacturers, but not for you. But there are three plants that you can dispense more than 100 types of parasites! Without the headaches! Without nausea! Without causing side effects, even if you are taking other medications! Does this sound too good to be true? These plants are a gift of nature. It is here:

  * Black Walnut Hulls (from the tree of black walnut tree, Juglans nigra)

  * Wormwood (from Artemisiastrauch)

  * Cloves

These three plants have to be applied together. The black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults (adult) and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. The Clove kills the eggs. Only if you use all together, you can get rid of the parasites. If you kill only the advanced stages, the eggs and the only less-developed stages soon finish their Enwicklungszyklus. If you kill only the eggs that are millions of stadiums that are already available in their body turn into full-fledged stage and produce new eggs. You need to be used together as a single treatment. (From: "The Cure for All Cancers", p. 11f

32. Gaston Naessens 714X  Bild Button pfeil a

33. Dr. Higa - EM / EMX  Bild Button pfeil a

34. Kanne Brotrunk Bild Button pfeil a

35. pH - & cancer  Bild Button pfeil a

bild button IMVA 1 Acid load of the body as a cause of cancer 

Video 2:01 Dr. Sircus on Sodium Bicarbonate and its use in the Treatment of Cancer 

 On the side of the International Medical Veritas Association, IMVA to find some interesting information about the acid load of the body as a cause of cancer and the effects of alkalinization on what has organs. "Sodium bicarbonate - learning materials about cancer and general pH control"

 "It recommends IMVA alkalizing diet and sodium bicarbonate, so that the pH of the blood remains in the high region, which affects so that blood can absorb more oxygen. This in turn keeps every cell in your body in top-Constitution and helps her to dispose of waste products. Detoxification and chelation will expire easier and safer under slightly alkaline conditions. Higher pH reduces oxidative stress in the urine in the kidney, so we do well to work clinically with sodium bicarbonate to.

Patients who received sodium bicarbonate, were obtained pH - values of 6.5 in the urine, as opposed to those who achieved levels of sodium chloride and pH 5.6. This alkalinization theoretically has a protective effect against the formation of free radicals, which lead to kidney disease can have. A mass spectrometric analysis of cancer cells showed that the cell membrane very easily tied cesium, rubidium and potassium, and added these elements with their associated molecules in the cancer cell.

 In contrast, the membranes of cancer cells is not transported sodium, magnesium and calcium into the cell interior: The content of calcium in cancer cells is only about 1% in normal cells. Potassium transport into sugar in the cell. Calcium and magnesium transport oxygen into the cell. As a result, oxygen can not enter cancer cells so that the sugar that would normally burned to carbon dioxide and water "(in consumption) of oxygen, is fermented to lactic acid within the cell. These anaerobic conditions were formulated in 1924 by Otto Warburg.

Potassium, and especially cesium and rubidium are alkaline. Elements. If they are absorbed by the cells, then they raise the pH - value within the cells. Because they are very strong bases as compared to the weak base are lactic acid, it is possible that the pH up to 8.5 and can be increased 9th In this pH range is the life of the cancer cell is short, more than a few days. The dead cancer cell is then absorbed by the body fluids and eventually eliminated. "

 People with lower cancer rates - mineral content and pH - value of the diet

The Hopi Indians in Arizona, USA. The incidence of cancer among the Hopi Indians is 1 in 1000, compared to 25 out of 100 = 25% for the U.S. as a whole. Their diet was analyzed from the standpoint of nutritional values. In this study it was shown that the Hopi foods contain more minerals than regular western products. This is especially true for potassium and rubidium. Because the soil is of volcanic origin, it is also very rich in cesium. These Indians live primarily on desert grown calico - corn - products. Instead of baking soda they use the ash from Chamisa, a desert - plants. The analysis of this ash showed it very rich in rubidium. The Indians also eat every day, many fruits, especially apricots. Here, the cores are eaten with. The results show clearly that the Hopi food to meet the requirements for the high pH therapy.

The Pueblo Indians of Arizona. 20 years ago, the low incidence of cancer among the Pueblo Indians was the same as with the Hopi Indians, since their food was essentially the same. But unlike the Hopi, these Indians have built supermarkets in the area. Today, the cancer death rate among the Pueblos, 1 of 4 = 25%, which is the same as in the U.S.. In essence, there is a lack in the Western diet of rubidium and cesium and potassium.

The Hunza of North Pakistan. Cancer is essentially unknown among the Hunza. Talks with Hunza have shown that their food requirements of a high pH corresponds to therapy. Hunza are primarily vegetarians and great fruit eaters. They usually eat 40 apricots per day, always the nuclei, either directly or as a meal. They drink at least 4 liters of the many mineral springs found there. This water was analyzed. It has a high content of cesium. The soil is of volcanic origin, which explains the high mineral content.

Indians in Central and South America. The Indians who live in Central America and the highlands of Peru and Ecuador have a very low incidence of cancer. The soil in these areas is ebnfalls volcanic origin. The fruit contains very high levels of rubidium and cesium. Have been reported cases where people went with inoperable cancer of the Indians, to live with them. live. All the tumors disappeared within a few months. The local diet resulted in an increase in pH values.

In conclusion, the effect of high pH therapy, the death of the cancer cell.


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