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THE MIRACLE OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM  Videos 27:28 Bild Button pfeil1a

The immune system is complex and consists of organs, cells and glands, such as the thymus - Almonds - Spleen - appendicitis - lymphatic system - Peyer's patches - bone marrow. Also part of it from 400 to 600 types of micro-organisms - with a number of more than 100,000,000,000,000 (trillion) - are located in the digestive system. Together they form a biological, cognitive, symbiotic system. All systems of humans are controlled electronically. They are full of secrets. The reasons are the sizes of orders - which lie in the range of nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter and smaller. The immune system is the most important task and is a nano-cosmos in the interior of man. It must preserve life, protect and repair.

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 37 themes 1 - 14

 1. Medicine - History Image Bild Button pfeil1a1

 2. Viruses - AIDS / HIV Bild Button pfeil1a1

 3. PH value Bild Button pfeil1a

 4. The kidney Bild Button pfeil1a

 5. When does life begin? Bild Button pfeil1a

 6. Aristoteles theses Bild Button pfeil1a

 7. Dr. Karlheinz Deschner Bild Button pfeil1a

 8. Thomas of Aquin - the Catholic Church and the Women Bild Button pfeil1a1

 9. Beginning of the age? Bild Button pfeil1a2

10. Is Abortion murder? See the truth in the eye! Bild Button pfeil1a3Bild Button pfeil1a3

11. Vaccines from embryos? Bild Button pfeil1a4

12. DNA - DNS - RNS Bild Button pfeil1a5

13. Bases of successful therapies Bild Button pfeil1a6

14. Driven immune system  Bild Button pfeil1a

In nanocosm are different physical laws than in the macro - or microcosm. Here, quantum physics there with their atoms, molecules, quarks, and even smaller particles. Physics - Nuclear Physics - Astrophysics - Quantum Physics - Chemistry - Periodic Table - Electronics - Superstrings - applied here. That sounds complicated. It is an interesting and exciting world.

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By microscopes to visualize this world is not easy. The atomic force microscope AFM = 60,000,000 x magnification and the ATOMIC RESOLUTION MICROSCOPE JEM - ARM 1250 = 0.12nm = nanometer = 1.2 Angsström show, and Omnicron VT AFM XA = 0.01 nm, which hidden worlds still waiting for their discoveries Bild Button pfeil1aBild Button pfeil1a   AFM Bruker NG Argos / 0,06 nm 

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PhD Ervin Laszlo  “ We are not just a mass of cells, such as a building a block of bricks is. Our living tissue is not made of solid components such as atoms or molecules, but in waves. Therefore, we are living systems that continuously transmit and receive information. This information transfer is faster than any conceivable biochemical mechanism, because what happens in one part of the organism, the same happens in the other part. It is constantly working interactively on multiple dimensions.

This is a remarkable process that goes far beyond any technical, biological, mechanistic, and materialistic concept of an organism. Consciousness is not a byproduct of the brain obtained by a complex collection of neurons. Consciousness is in the whole universe - even in the whole body - in all systems - to the quantum level. We live in a universe that is conscious. “

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The digesting system - from the oral cavity to the Anus - is with 70 - 80 % - important part of the Immunsystems. The intestine is with a surface of 200 qm the largest organ of humans and takes over thereby the major task immune system. From there the principle: healthy intestine - healthy humans.

The meaning is underestimated medically, and nature-welfare-well-informed, often, rated even wrongly. The vitally necessary symbiosis of the microorganisms living therein hardly receives attention in scientific publications. The functions of the digesting system become there usually as chemically expirations explane and the microorganisms as PARASITEN = enemies tituliert. Many nature-welfare-well-informed are rather on a destruction, as at a balanced preservation this Micro Kosmos in us mindfully.

 The immune system requires an alkaline environment with a neutral pH - value

This determine 3 factors:  1. Environment -   2. Food -  3. Psyche

11 Questions: Because of the immune system, there can be no disease

 1.  What causes miscarriage functions from the system?

 2.  Why do some people get sick, others not until old age?

 3.  What is disease?

 4.  What causes cancer?

 5.  There are protective or healing?

 6.  What role does the food?

 7.  I must eat vegetarian?

 8.  Vegetarians are protected against cancer?

 9.  Why does the body no longer produces the ages as many cells, hormones, enzymes, as in his youth?

10. Why does the aging process begins even though the organism is programmed to perpetual renewal?

11. How can you protect yourself against diseases - slow down the aging - and enjoy life for a long time?

The excretions of the digesting system are the first and simplest criterion of the health. In all advanced cultures one used urine and excrement as parameter. During recovering they are almost odorless. ( own experience after 4 weeks Urkost after Konz The more largely the stink - all the unhealthy is the man. Each therapy is doomed from the front in here to failure, does not consider it not the principle: Re-establishment of the basic organism and a functioning digesting system with its microorganisms.

A simple arithmetic problem: If 70 - 80 % an engine is broken, how a car can drive then? Answer: IT CAN - DOWNHILL!

Colon - tumor - Abundance

Bild Medizin krebs darm Bild medizin krebs colon Colonrectal - cancer

Bild Medizin krebs IntestineBild medizin krebs darm gesund Intestine cancer

1. The history of medicine

For thousands of years, there are two popular theories, the living organism as a functioning system to explain. Representatives were Paracelsus - Sennert - van Helmont - Santorio - Baglivi and René Descartes. They were influenced by the Sumerians - Indians - Babylonians - Egyptians - Greeks and Arabs

Paracelsus  Bild Button pfeil1a            Sennert  Bild Button pfeil1a         van Helmont  Bild Button pfeil1a             Santorio  Bild Button pfeil1a          Baglivi Bild Button pfeil1a

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Rene Descartes 1596 - 1650, the prominent philosopher of its time, called the human body in its representations of the laws of nature, a machine, which works under the guidance of a rationally thinking soul. This soul has its seat in that pineal gland at that brain - basis.

Bild Buch Baglivi Giorgio Baglivi 1668 - 1707,

 describe its theory 1704 in its Opera Omnia medico - practica et anatomica as follows: Who will see always the physical organism attentively examined, in its jaws and teeth pliers, in the stomach a container, in the veins Arteries and other vessels of water pipes, in the heart a pump, in the colon of filters and filters, in the lungs wing pumps, in the muscles power levers, in the angle of the eyes a role of etc. One lets explain thus the chemists the phenomena of nature further in complex terms such as fusion, sublimation, precipitations etc. and thus a separate philosophy to justify. It remains indisputable that all these phenomena in the forces of the wedge, the equilibrium, the lever, the leap and all other principles to be seen to have. Briefly, the natural functions of the living body are in no other way as clearly and simple to explain as with the help of the experimental and mathematical principles, on which nature speaks personally.”

Medically, the man with machine analyzed and treated as a machine. Some natural remedies are well. Micro-organisms are not enemies and vital partner. This fundamental error made worldwide is the main reason for the failure of many forms of therapy and officially prescribed health programmes.

The two theories:   1st  Iatrophysik = life / work after human laws of physics / math  2nd Iatrochemie = life / work after human laws of Chemie

2. Viruses - AIDS Bild Button pfeil1a1Bild Button pfeil1a1Bild Button pfeil1a1Bild Button pfeil1a1Bild Button pfeil1a1

Videos HIV - AIDS  Dr. Rebecca Kuhn “ Ten More Myths About HIV / AIDS” 12:03 Bild Button pfeil1a1 The Top Ten Questions About HIV Tests 13:58Bild Button pfeil1a1

 Is HIV a Death Sentence? 5:02 Bild Button pfeil1a1 “ THE TRUTH ABOUT HIV AIDS VIRUS ” PART 1 - 9:12 Bild Button pfeil1a1 PART 2 - 10:37 Bild Button pfeil1a1 PART 3 - 8:56 Bild Button pfeil1a1

“ HIV tests are the biggest scam!!! ” 10:00 Bild Button pfeil1a1 “ HIV TESTING MYTH ” 8:04 Bild Button pfeil1a1 “ HIV Test Questioned ” 9:19 Bild Button pfeil1a1 “ Getting an HIV Test in South Africa ” 3:17 Bild Button pfeil1a1

“ History of the Definition of AIDS and Its Evolution ”  5:26 Bild Button pfeil1a1

Dr. Alan Cantwell The Cancer Microbe-AIDS & Kaposi's Sarcoma 40:05 Bild Button pfeil1a1  Dr. Robert Strecker Memorandum 1:36:24 Bild Button pfeil1a1 Dr. Kary Mullis 1:15 Bild Button pfeil1a1

Dr. Duesberg HIV-AIDS - Fact Or Fiction ” Part 1 Bild Button pfeil1a1 2. Bild Button pfeil1a1 3 Bild Button pfeil1a14 Bild Button pfeil1a1 5 Bild Button pfeil1a1 6 Bild Button pfeil1a1 7 Bild Button pfeil1a1 8 Bild Button pfeil1a1 9 Bild Button pfeil1a1 10 Bild Button pfeil1a1 11 Bild Button pfeil1a1 12 Bild Button pfeil1a1

May 19, 2009 — Maria Papagiannidou “ A former AIDS patient speaks out on TV, Atheatos Kosmos 10:45 Bild Button pfeil1a1 in greece 1:35:26 Bild Button pfeil1a1

Goodbye AIDS! Video 61:00 Highlights of a TV interview, April 7, 2009 Bild Button pfeil1a1

Prof. Dr. Etienne de HarvenBild Button pfeil1a1                 Dr. Rebecca Kuhn Bild Button pfeil1a1            Dr. Alan CantwellBild Button pfeil1a1

Bild etienne de harvenBild buch aids etienne de Harvenbild buch aids viruswahnBild kuhn dr. rebeccaBild cantwell drBild buch cantwellBild Buch cantwell cancermic

If micro-organisms of the speech, VIRUSES are not meant for whose existence there is no scientifically sound evidence. Surprised - negative - incredulously - merciful smile? Was I first too. There are no recordings by electron microscopes It was in medical / scientific search engines questions and pictures to "VIRUSES - VIRUS - DEFINITION" results and will receive all the critical spirit more than surprise. Even the best scientifically reputable sources say loud and clear: There are no living beings. Sound criticism of this, from the 19th Century "virus - Theory" is dead silent. They exist.

Dr. Stefan Lanka Bild Button pfeil1a1Bild Button pfeil1a1Bild Button pfeil1a1Bild Button pfeil1a1

Bild Medizin LankaBild papagiannidouBild buch aids papagiannidou Maria Papagiannidou

Dr. Lanka: “I studied molecular biology. During my studies I have the first virus in the sea, in a seaweed demonstrated. This virus detection was the first time, according to scientific standards in 1990 in a scientific publication. That I have proven virus in the algae, they can leave and other algae in this type proliferate again, without any negative impact, and this virus is not associated with any disease. Find themselves in one litre of seawater e.g. over 100 million different viruses ..... Biological structures on the other hand, to make something negative, you have never seen. The basis of biological life is the coexistence, is the symbiosis, and there is no place for war and destruction ...... During my studies and I have no other proof of the existence of ill make viruses can be found.

Which virus is there at all and what do they?

Structures, known as viruses can describe, were in many species of bacteria and in simple, bacteria or any similar forms of life demonstrated. They are self-surviving elements of the coexistence of different living cells in a common cell. This is called a symbiosis, a symbiosis Endo, which is in the process of Zusammengehens different cell types and structures, from the current cell emerged from the human, animal and plant.

As the bacteria in all our cells, which we veratmen oxygen, the mitochondria or the bacteria in all plants that produce oxygen, chloroplasts, a virus components of cells. Very important: Viruses are components of very simple organisms, such as of filamentous algae, a certain type of unicellular Chlorella algae and many bacteria. There, these viral components Phagen.In complex organisms, especially the people or animals and plants, such structures have the virus you might call but never seen.

In contrast to the bacteria in our cells, the mitochondria, or the bacteria in each plant, chloroplasts, the common cell can no longer leave because it is based on the metabolism of the cell are not common, viruses can be to leave the cells because they within the cell no survival tasks.

Viruses are also components of the cell that their whole metabolism to the common cell and therefore have to leave the cell. They help outside the common cell other cells by construction and energy substance. Something else has ever seen. The actual scientific evidence of virus within the practice of highly Geschehnisses a helping cells, a supportive and not a destructive function. Even in the case of diseases has in fact neither the diseased organism, or in a body fluid structure ever seen or isolated, you could describe as a virus.”

Bild Medizin mullis aidsBild buch mullis aids  Dr. Kary Mullis Bild Button pfeil1a1Chemistry Nobel Prize Winner

" If 99% of all researchers agree, it is with great security wrong. "

Dr. Kary Mullis won the 1993 Nobel Prize for chemistry The following excerpts (translated) date from the 18th Chapter of his new book "Dancing Naked in the Mind Field"

"When I 1984 for the first time heard that Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo ... .. had independently discovered that the retro HIV virus causing AIDS ..., I just accepted as another scientific fact. There was a little outside my field of biochemistry and these men were specialists in retroviruses.

... Four years later I worked as a consultant to "Specialty Labs in Santa Monica ... I wrote a report for a project sponsor and began with the observation: "HIV is the probable cause of AIDS virologists I asked one of" specialty "where I could find reference to that HIV is the cause of AIDS. "You do not need a reference," he told me. "Everybody knows it." "I would like to cite a reference," I felt a little silly, because I am the source of such an important discovery did not know. All other seemed to know. "Why do not you zitierst the C. D. C. Report?" and he gave me a copy of the periodical report of the Centers for Disease Control on disease outbreaks and mortality. I read it. It was not a scientific article .... He was intended for doctors, the source of information is not needed to know. Doctors continued advance that if the C.D.C. was convinced, somewhere a real evidence must exist that HIV caused AIDS. .

With the help of the computer, I continued my search. Neither Montagnier, Gallo nor anyone else had published documents, which allowed the conclusion that HIV probably caused AIDS. I read the documents in "Science" ... but all they said was that they have a previous infection with little evidence had probably HIV in some AIDS patients. They found antibodies .... they were not on that every person with antibodies to the disease. Indeed, they found * * healthy people with antibodies ....

Everywhere there were any people who talked about HIV. I asked her how come that we knew that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Everybody said something. Everyone had the answer at home, office, in any drawer. They knew it all, and they wanted me to send the documents once they have opportunity to do so. But I never got any documents.

... Finally, I had the opportunity, Dr. Montagnier said after the reference to ask ... This would be the last time, the question that I would without trouble. He said the proposal: "Why do you not on the CDC report". "I have read it, 'I said," it does not really addressed the question of whether HIV probable cause of AIDS, is not it? " He agreed with me. It was damned irritating. If the answer is not Montagnier knew cursed again, then who?

One night I went to Berkeley to La Jolla and heard National Public Radio in an interview with Peter Duesberg, a known virologists at Berkeley. Now I finally understand why I'm soso many difficulties, a reference for the context of HIV and AIDS. There were none, Duesberg said. " End quoteBild Button pfeil1

Quote: Unlike other unicellular bacteria or viruses are not as living beings that should. Viruses are not viable, because they have no way complex food ingredients in simple biomolecules (such as amino acids or nucleotides) to decompose and propagating them for their use. Furthermore, they can present such a simple basic building blocks not without help for the synthesis of new proteins or new copies of their genetic information.

"Viruses (singular: the virus) were short course in biology class 11. Moreover, we already know the HIV virus from the Immunobiology, the 12nd class Biokurs We know that viruses definition, no living beings, not because they consist of cells. Living beings possess the characteristics of life, viruses use cells (eu and prokaryontisch) to reproduce. This is the only indicator of life, which they possess. One could say that they are on the threshold of life. General construction viruses are particles with a size between 20 to 300 nanometer (nm) and consist of a protein shell (= Capsid), depending on the reproductive cycle still contain Lipoide. Within this envelope is in the form of nucleic acid DNA or RNA included. It is therefore the virus in DNA viruses and RNA viruses categories. Here is a relative size comparison of a large virus with a bacterial and eukaryotic cell. In a pinhead have about 500 million Rhino virus (cold) place. "

Inside is the virus RNA, the genetic information of the virus (HCV RNA). This is the PCR for the detection of the virus used. The size: compared to a liver cell, a virus is about as large as a football compared to a football field

 Size comparison

Bild medizin viren groessen1Bild Medizin viren hepatitis c Model of the hepatitis C virus.

Professor Dr. Heinz Ludwig Saenger , Bild Button pfeil1a1 professor for molecular biology and Virologie A.D. and emeritierter director of the former department of Viroid Researched of the Max-Planck-Institut for biochemistry in Martinsried with Munich. Beside different scientific honors Professor singer received above all the renowned Robert-Koch-Price 1978 in acknowledgment of its innovative research over the nature of the Viroide those, when new class of molecular pathogens, and over their meaning with plants outside, also new perspectives embody an unknown biological structural principle to the research of Slow virus illnesses of humans and open animal. It considered and writes its attitude to viruses in, with its permission released letter at one allegedly Hepatitis C Ill that until October 2006 no accurate scientific publication hepatitis to it of C virus admits is. Here the excerpt from the letter of 2006:

1.  Me is until today, i.e. October 2006 a publication does not admit to become, be described in the one fine representation hepatitis of C virus according to the principles of the classical Virologie, i.e. its isolation and the biochemical and biophysical analysis of its RNA - genome and its proteins components.

2.  It is to be assumed nowadays usually a Retrovirus like hepatitis C virus with that so far it admitted and really detailed examined Retroviren so substantial characteristics possesses together. That leads to the generally accepted acceptance that it must possess also Retrovirus typical sequence elements.

3. In addition concluded which one with the help of more appropriate sequence elements complementary in addition as probes hepatitis C virus prove can.

4.  That is so far logically correct and comprehensible, if one not with the Sequenz of the human genome (Nature volume 409 page 860 - 921), February 2001found hardens that the latter 450,000 Retro virus similar sequences insite

5.  If one introduces oneself, then it is understandable that one usually also always finds with appropriate analyses with the usual probes according to which one searches.

6.  Why that escaped the Virologen and the medical profession so far, a mystery remains for itself. Such findings obviously do not identify themselves in your considerations, because they do not fit into the generally accepted acceptance. ”

AIDS - Virus There is not a single proof of this cornerstone of AIDS - Orthodoxy. All HIV - viruses models obtained from the media knows, no photos of the virus. Most shows prepared using a computer graphics, according to some researchers, as the virus would look if it would exist. Indeed, in a HIV - Virus has not jet been demonstrated.

Here are some of these images. On the recording will be left with only 150,000 times magnification HIV virus

Bild Medizin hiv1Bild Medizin hiv1aBild Medizin hiv6Bild Medizin hiv2Bild Medizin hiv2a

The most AIDS - Dissidentenare itself in the fact united that AIDS in Afrika and AIDS in the first world so called of two perfectly different disease pictures are. The African AIDS victims die zu 98 % an PNEUMOCYSTIS (in western countries is so far not only one) the diagnosis AIDS is placed there exclusively on the basis the symptoms. If a patient suffers more than two weeks at failure, fever and strong decrease in weight, it is considered as AIDS - ill, without test!!! So far a foretaste to later special - articles to topics how: HIV - AIDS - Viruses - inoculation - predominance - cancer - heart - ms - diabetes - Parkinson - ADHS - RNSBild Button pfeil1Bild Button pfeil1Bild Button pfeil1

 english general websites


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PERTH GROUP  Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Val Turner et al.




Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society




Duesberg, Prof Peter H.  Molecular and Cell Biology / University of California, Berkeley.

Giraldo, Dr. Roberto A.

Toxi-Health ( MD. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati )

World Health Organization (WHO)

3. PH value Bild Button pfeil1

The pH value is those hydrogen - ions - concentration of an environment ( pH = potentia hydrogenii ) (hydrogen strength), maximally 14 a value of under 7 is called as sour and over 7 basic or alkalinely. the pH value of the pure water is considered to 7 as neutral and is

Only a basic organism forms the base of life of the necessary microorganisms. If it over-acidifies, the immune system fails sooner or later. The consequences: Diseases - organ failure - aging - suffering – Death .The arterial blood has a constant pH value between 7.37 and 7.43 - thus 7,4 mit of a fluctuation margin of only ± 0,03 -. It is weakly basic. However the pH value of the venous Blood the sour substance - exange- products, above all the carbon dioxide, which it removes of the periphery, is some what lower, weakly sourly, and varies slightly. Interestingly enough the fruit-water 8.0. Babys are extremely basic, with increasing age become humans more sourly - see the 3 factors above. He should thus which against it do if he longer baby.

The gastric juice is sour (pH 1), that the pancreas basic (pH 10-12) . The Blood, like the mostlyBody-Liquid and the Joint - Liquid (Synovia) with recovering are easily basic (pH 7.4). with all joint - inflammations and - swelling is sour the reaction: PH 7.2 to 6,8. Already at pH 7 becomes cartilage the fabric (Kollagen) of the joints rigidly and fragile. Chords and volumes suffer macro and micro-cracks. These acid damage is not reparable. The acidosis - is on a surplus sourly reacting materials in the blood which is based disease picture, for each worm-bloods - cell under pH 6.8 deadly.

The body has however complex Buffer - Systeme to the regularization of the acid base of household. One of it is the blood coloring material HB = hemoglobin. Low HB - value means over-acidification. hemoglobin of the oxidizers is there, means this thus logically, which an over-acidified organism has too little oxygen. Thus it is no longer efficient and persistent so - a ever more largely becoming problem with Performance Athletes no time to regenerating its over-acidified organism more have. See to professional - soccer players by its “English weeks “. That is the simple explanation for their ever more largely becoming injury - susceptibility, as consequence of the excessive demand of an over-acidified organism.

Also the Lung is an important acid - bases - regulation. It steers the portion of carbonic acid by the Exhale. Different Hale-technics on basis of the most possible coal-acid. The Liver is strongly dependent on acid - bases - the equilibrium. Only within the basic range the liver can unfold permanently their full biochemical achievement potential. Heart - thick - and small intestine - blister - spleen - belong likewise to the buffer system, like the Kidnay

4. The kidney - function Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Nieren1Bild Niere krebs Kidneys -cancer

The major tasks of the kidneys exists in cleaning and filters of the blood. They are the sewage purification plant of the human Body. In 24 hours flow approx. 1500 litres blood by the kidneys and over a filter system are cleaned. Daily in the body by the metabolism resulting poisonous cinder material are filtered and been again ruled out over the urine. For the body important substances such as protein materials or minerals are not filtered of the kidneys. Beyond that the kidneys must fulfill still another number of other important tasks. They adjust the salt - and water regime of the body, the blood pressure, the production of different hormones (e.g. of the Erythropoetin for the education of red blood corpuscles) and also the Ph - of blood.

Urine production The filter system of the kidney consists in such a way the Nephronenof more than 1 billion filter units. Those are actually the Kidnays into the Kidnays. To a Nephron a Filters - Bodys Glomerulus und the following urine channelTubuli belongs. All of these Nephrone is able to filter it flowing through blood. This Nephrone reaches an overall length together of for instance 15 miles. The largest part of the water filtered first from the blood (primary urine) arrives into the Tubuli over different transport mechanisms again in blood back. From approx. 180 litres, which are daily filtered. arrive thus per day only 2 to 3 litres urine into the bladder. Bild Button pfeil1

Nephronen  Bild Button pfeil1                                                     Glomerulus Bild Button pfeil1

Bild medizin niere nephronsBild medizin niere glomerulusBild Medizin Niere Tubuli TubuliBild Button pfeil1

 Kidneys ar not only one the most important Hormon paying Organ, but has also important function with the absorbition of acids.Therefore one can pull from the urine of conclusions on acid base shifts in the body inside. This is in particular the case, because the urine exhibits the same pH value normally not all day long, but a characteristic Rhythmic goes through. If too many sour food can be missing is consumed or through inflammation procedures in the body too many sour Exchange products to develop, the Gradient of the PH value into the urine at in the afternoon time. From the repeated measure the pH - value of the urine by day important conclusions can be pulled. It would be naturally still more informative, the pH - values into the different body juices to measure. That is however very complex. For the first evaluations the urine is enough - to pH. All pH value under 7 is a Alarm-sign. Measuring takes place with indication paper, which can be bought in the pharmacy.

Bild PH tabelle Briefly into the middle urine jet hold and color read off.

To the establishment of a basic organism in the long term, is aFood-Exchange mit fresh fruit and vegetable compellingly necessarily. As immediately - one takes measure for 2 - 3 months 3 x per day the finished mixture bases powder property of results brings the mineral mixture of the Naturopath Melhorn.Bild Button pfeil1 The combination of the 4 minerals is crucial in the following portions:

70 % Natrium-hydrogencarbonat

15 % magnesium CIT advice

10 % potassium hydrogen-carbonate

 5 % calcium CIT advice

Man knows the finished mixture over the Apotheke Abtsgmuend W. FreyBild Button pfeil1 to bay Tel. +49 - 7366 - 6359 overacid body is like a house with rotten reason. The basis for the correct function is missing to it, as if it not enough Oxygen or food .It is susceptible to different diseases.

Overwight - Hyper-lipidaemie increased blood fat - Diabetes - Hypertonie - high blood pressure - Gout Chondrokalzinose - Arthrose - Arthritis-Osteoporose - Bonelass - Epilepsie - ADHS - Alzheimer - Kidnay -Gal-stone - Tinnitus - Pankreatitis - Allergys - Cancer - Down Syndrom-

 Ask for answers wait: Which nutrition is healthy? Vegetarian Yes-or No? Which role do psychological influences play such as mourning - stress - disappointment - fear - rage? Are there the 100 _ therapy? Starting from this point the spirit separates. My answer reads: NO - however some good. There are more than 100 nature welfare procedures. Some discuss we

5. When does life begin?  Bild Button pfeil1     video  Bild button Baby stillenBild Button pfeil1

  Sperm meets egg                                           One can only win

Bild Medizin Ei Samen BefruchtungBild medizin Abtreibung befruchtung2Bild medizin abtreibung Ei_ersteTeilung 8 - 10th Time - life it is

 Life begins with two tiny cells - Egg/Seed - which unite - by automatically running off - chemical - electronic - biological switching programs steered grow - become to humans of two types - to reproduce themselves and to repair be able. Biologists - philosophers - theologian and lawyer argue because of this question - there are no clear statements. We make a review into history that west - for Christian civilization, in order to learn the development to the today's controversy. For a long time were valid >

6. Aristoteles theses 

In of the western civilization were valid 2,000 years the conceptions Aristoteles over the three organic ways of life - vegetables - animals - humans - as guiding principles. It differentiated between three Parts:  food - feeling - brain-power

bild aristoteles1 AristotelesBild Button pfeil1

1. The Plants needs Food      vegetativ Life

2. The Animals have Feeling   feeling Life

3. The Humans have alone    brain - power

On the basis of this view orphan possesses humans something, which is own otherwise to no organism. By this rational life ability humans understood - immagination - fantasy and so on. Which attitude to this question took and takes today the western - like a Christian coined/shaped civilization? Do not leave you to surprise - frighten - chocking -, but lock heart and eyes.

A clear insight into medicine - history, the books of the surgeons and medicine - historian

Bild Medizin S. Nuland1Bild Buch Medizin sherwin nuland1Bild Medizin Dr. Nuland Professor Dr. Sherwin Nuland/Yale UniversityBild Button pfeil1

7. Dr. Karlheinz Deschner Bild Button pfeil1

In the German-speaking areas, there is a controversial, but without doubt very successful and excellent historian. According to Frankfurt newspaper: "The most intelligent among the " Advocati Diaboli “

 Bild deschner02Bild Buch Deschner und abermalsBild Buch deschner Kriminalg1 Dr. Karlheinz Deschner

Unfortunately, his books are not translated in English - a large neglect a great error !!!

Nothing another author provided its works in such a way with source data like it. Two of its books investigated with the utmost care are mentioned:"And again the cock crowed “ covers 700 sides with 120 pages source data. In addition Dr. Deschner had to work over 1,000 source texts. Its presently tackled life's work, the "crime-film-laminates the alga Christianity" of 10 volumes will cover about 8 which so far published. Each of its many books and binds with massive kills seizes facts and details. Only ignorant notorious ones and religious fanatics do not take the described historical truths to the knowledge. One can not agree with all comments and conclusions naturally can. It changes nothing however in the high truth content of the specified facts. Dr. Deschner became atheist - obviously from frustration over of it, over the Christian churches in experience at bringing contempt for mankind and crime in the name of the CreatorBild Button pfeil2

8. Thomas of Aquin - the Catholic Church and the Women Bild Button pfeil2

 Bild HexenverfolgungBild Buch HexenprozesseBild Thomas_von_Aquin Thomas of Aquin  1225 - 1274

He combined not only the catholic conception of the world with the teachings of Aristoteles, but also the “devil pact” with the superstition on" damage women bringing “und became thus one of the mental pioneers for witches persecution from the catholic and protestant churchuntil 1792 100.000 victim and more, above all unter woman and children. In order the development of the topic in the western - like a Christian coined/shaped countries understand and to evaluate to be able, are essential it, independent, to hear critical voices. Bild Button pfeil2

The Inquisition and the women - why are women at all still in the church? 

Bild Buch inquisitionBild Prof Dr. H. Mynarek PhD. Hubertus Mynarek Bild Button pfeil2

teaching it at the Universities of Bamberg and Vienna and others comparative religion science, religion philosophy and fundamentally theology. 1972 it was dean of the catholic - theological faculty of the University of Vienna. Minaret was a first university professor of theology in the German-speaking countries 20. Century, which dared it to step from the catholic church out. With an open letter to the Pope, in whom it he adopted its prevailing craze, which denounced power structures and profit props of the hierarchy, itself from this totalitarian system.

Vaginale pear - breast claws - Spanish spiders - chastity belt - schand masks                              PhD MD Horst Herrmann wrote 50 booksBild Button pfeil2

Bild Folter BirneBild Folter Spanischer bock oder JudaswiegeBild Folter JudaswiegeBild Folter brustkralleBild Buch Folter herrmannBild Prof. Horst Herrmann

The religion sociologist Prof. Dr. Horst Herrmann studies first kath. Theology and law in Tuebingen, Bonn, Munich and Rome. Subsequently, it was dedicated in Stuttgart to the priest and informed since 1971 as a professor for Kath. Church right to the University Muenster.already with its Book “The priesthood service - church-legal aspects of the today's problems”(1972), which itself with the Zölibat busy, gave it problems with church printing permission. Over marriage and right it was expressly refused to its critical paper in the same year. It appeared without church printing permission in a scientific Row

His book ”A immoral relationship, notes to the situation of state and church in the Federal Republic of Germany” brought 1974 the eclat: The bishop demanded a revocation of such - in the black Muenster-country at that time most heretical theses - like the statement, the alliance of CDU and office church is a “comradeship, which was not with the Biblical message to agree”. Bishop Heinrich Tenhumberg asket of the federal state government the withdrawal of the training power in the subject theology for Professor Herrmann, who had ascended in the meantime to the dean of the specialist area catholic theology. This led to a first, spectacular case of “professional ban” for a theologian - because of “political heresy”.

But MD. Herrmann had no fear and published the book The seven deadly sins of the church (1976), for which the Nobel laureate Boell an epilogue written. Finally, the theologian not only his priesthood down from 1981 but joined the church. Since that time he teaches as a religion sociology at the Institute of Sociology in Muenster. He is married and the father of two children. In the masculine-structured patriarchal church had necessarily the women are often worse than men are punished. You could also aggression and sexual perversion of inquisitors in a special way steam

There were special - specific instruments of torture against women, such as "vaginal pear", which, by turning the screw extended, intestine and uterus tore. There was "breast claws, which the breasts torn others claws, which, glowing red, only a bite on the breasts caused unmarried mothers while their children at the foot of the mother and were covered with their blood. There was the so-called "Spanish spiders", four finger, shear claws, the victim on the buttocks, breast, stomach or head on, but often with two claws to hochzogen eyes and ears. Even the "chastity belt" was contrary to his post mystification in fact a torture tool. Naturally there were Schandmasken for women and against its alleged statements Loquaciousness "oral pears", so artfully crafted iron gag, which peaked at the end of the neck tore. But enough stones necessary for the plant to perform the destruction. Women who committed adultery were stoned or in a snake pit thrown ... Never before there was a religion, so much love and so much preached hatred and people hate women practiced! Only in this one, but negative terms, the evangelical Christian church as Catholic provenance really unique among the religions there.

Here are some of the striking statements by Thomas Aquinas on women - including the former doctrine of the Catholic Church.

"A male fetus after 40 days, a female after 80 days of a human. Girls are caused by defective or seeds moist winds."

 "The woman behaves like the man to Imperfect and defects (imperfectum, deficiens) to perfection (perfectum)."

"The woman is a misunderstanding of the nature ... attacked with their moisture surplus and its low temperature physically and mentally inferior ... a kind of false, bad man .. the full realization of human nature is just the man"

"The main value of women lies in their ability to use and benefit in their home."

The people becoming in the mother body takes place after Thomas von Aquin about three stages: plant stage > animal stage > human stage. The latter should be reached with the male foetuses 40 days nach of fertilization and with the famale-foetuses about 80 to 90 Days after of fertilization. Only the medical research in 17. and 18.Century resulted in the scientific proof from the development of appropriate anatomical, histological and physiological methods that humans develop from the outset, thus from the generation, as humans and not over any preliminary stages. This realization was transferred then off for instance 1800 gradually as doctrine to the appropriate laws, regulations and regulations.

 Thomas von Aquin set up 80 - 90 daily period isst range-proves indirectly further, because after § 218a StGB definition of the impunity deadlineafter consultation - for an abortion the time up to twelfths the Woche after of the Conception indicated!!!(Robert Juette 1993). That is not black humor, but our progressive German jurisdiction. !!!

9. Beginning of the age - starting from when? Bild Button pfeil2

 In many peoples counts one since always the age of humans starting from the day of the generation, the time of the combination of 23 female und 23 male Chromosomen. In the civilized countries so called one moves the beginning of the life on the birth, a legal charm trick and argues during processes therefore, starting from when - or whether - one of lives before the birth to speak can. With which intention does this happen? In order a legally secured reason for scientific experiments with cell heaps - foetuses - embryos - as one calls these small humans then - to have. Thus abortion of such a small humans is legally seen no murder, because where no organism - also no punishable action = murder.

In Germany surprisingly a child (nasciturus), not born yet, is valid starting from the generation as entitled to inherit (§ 1923 BGB); Reversionary heirs (§ 2101 BGB) cannot be even yet witnessed persons. Quotation from the STGB:

 § 1923 Inherit-ability (1) inheritance can only become, who lives at present the succession. (2) who at present the succession yet did not live, but was already witnessed, is considered as before the succession born. § 2101 BGB reversionary heir not witnessed yet (1) at present the succession person not witnessed yet is used as inheritance, then it is to be accepted in the doubt that she is used as reversionary heir. If it does not correspond to the will of the testator that the assigned reversionary heir is to become, then the installation is ineffective. (2) the same is valid of the installation of a legal entity, who arrives only after the succession at the emergence; the regulation § 84 remains untouched. ALL CLEAR?

All cells of humans stored on the inside the complete structural drawing. The DNS or DNA (both is the same) inside the genes, which are in the cells. Like that it is also with the egg cells of the Mrs. (23 genes) and the sperm cells of the man (23 genes). They are in each case part of the body of the woman, and/or the man. If it comes then however to a fertilization of the egg cell by a sperm cell, and mixes themselves the DNS of both cells connects to a new structural drawing for a new organism.

From TWO cells a ONE new cell becomes. Starting from this moment the egg cell is not no more a cell of the body of the woman, and the appropriate sperm cell no more a cell of the body of the man! The fertilized egg cell is clearly the first cell of new humans resulted from it inclusive the new DNS structural drawing, which will have to be found this new humans starting from this time for the remainder of its life in each cell, all the same where this humans also find may itself!

Whether the baby is nourished as an embryo of the mother by the navel cord is nourished still later, later at the mother chest sucks, or of the mother with a spoon, makes no substantial difference at the fact that the mother nourishes her baby, who is new humans on this earth. And whether humans are nourished by the mother, or later nourished, does not play itself a role for it that it is a complete organism, as all organisms, by its own body separately from all other organisms and distinguishable.

From scientific point of view begins personnel human life with the cell fusion of the seed of the father and the egg of the mother. From this instant on everything is at the basis put. (Proof in an experiment with the In-vitro-Feritlisation. All biological facts are fixed from this time on, the sex, the body size, shoe size, hair and eye color, character characteristics and all hereditary factors etc. The fertilized human egg cell, which has at this time still no us familiar human appearance, is the first manifestation of humans. Only the manifestation, like e.g. those of the baby, changes the child, the young person or old humans. The same Person remains however always

10. Is abortion - murder? see the truth in the eye ! Bild Button pfeil2 Bild Button pfeil2

Suction method     Curettage            Salt corrosion                 Prostaglandin                             Hysterotomie

Bild medizin abtreibung dollarBild Medizin Abtreibung Salz3Bild Medizin abtreibung zerrissenBild medizin abtreibung kopfBild medizin abtreibung 6-7week

Suction-Method is the most frequent form of the abortion. By the extended mother mouth the physician inserts a flexible plastic hose into the Uterus. The child is torn by a strong suction - ten to thirtyfold Power of a vacuum cleaner - into pieces. First the arms and legs are separated from the body, then the trunk of the head. Since the head is too large, in order to fit by the plastic hose, the physician with special instruments cracks it like a nut and sucks the fragments separately off into a container. The ripped to pieces bodies of the child to the incinerator one gives. With this picture you see, because it is more strongly increased, the result of an abortion still clearer. It is sure that the baby feels fears of death with this procedure pain and has. Thus the heart impact of the child e.g. goes, into the 12. Pregnancy week of normally about 140 impacts per minute amounts to high, during the exhaust on over 200 impacts per minute. Application finds this method to approximately, practiced usually, to 12. Pregnancy - Week

Curettage. Another method, which is used,000 times annually well over 10, is the so-called instrumentale Curettage. Here the mother mouth must be expanded i.e. extended, so that the Abort with a kind bent measurer can reach into the Uterus inside, in order to cut the child into pieces and take individual parts out. The Abort works at it only on pressure. Breaking through the Uterus wall and bleedings are frequent consequences to exclude those with no abortion method is.

Salt corrosion. With this method something fruit water is sucked off and a concentrated salt solution is squirted. The baby swallows the salt and burns internally and outwardly, it uses a blowing and a in such a way adjusted child comes then to the world. Instead of common salt also Rivanol, is injected a disinfectant. 

Prostaglandin This medicine is squirted into the bearing mother musculature. It releases birth-sore. The child is born, if it gets over the load that blowing, living and left then to death. A nurse paid her heart: “would have l hr times my work to do, then would know you that unborn ones are not cell lumps. It occurs that children often still twitch hours after the interference in trash cans and wows.

Hysterotomie. with this method, which one calls Hysterotomie and which nothing else as aOperation-Abortist, is opened the Uterus and the child is taken out, but is not supplied.

Physicians to the abortion:

The gynaecologist MD. Bernard Nathanson was two years long director of the largest abortion hospital of the world in New York. After 75.000 abortions it gave its activity up and admits: I know " as scientists - I do not believe, I white - that the human life begins with the Empfängnis. Although I am formally not religious, I believe from whole heart that there is a divine existence, which requires of us this infinitely sad and inexpressibly infamous crime against the humanity a final and a irrevocable “stop” to order.”

MD. med. George Pessel “if one as I experienced that intact, about four to five centimeter is carried long bodies of the unborn one with a part of the uterus skin to the daylight and suddenly in the kidneys bowl before one lies, then white one that it acts when this doing around the killing of humans. The embryo, to which one clearly regards futile breathing attempts, before its evenly still rosy body becomes corpse pale, also in the second and third pregnancy month already that it is a people flax, strikes for some seconds of full despair over it happened the fate with its members around itself, makes with the mouth column trembling over it goes, its heart stops to strike and it stretches its arm and leg to the last mark.” 

MD. med. Samuel Pfeifer “it gave a time in my life, where also I saw the abortion as exclusive affair of a woman, who had to negotiate her with her physician and her God. As a Christian I probably knew the statements of the Bible, but as the modern medical profession wanted I flexible and human to be. A daily was then located I in the operating room and watched an abortion. The Suck-curette was introduced, the vaccum pump was employed. Slowly the pointer of the manometer climbed more highly. Suddenly a loud greedy suck tore the silence up of the OP. At that time, as the murderous throat of the suction tube the life devoured and schaumiges blood, ripped to pieces fabric and chopped off little hands outspit, there became I to the vehement abortion opponent. I refused since then making also only an anaesthesia for this interference.”

Still questions, who is behind the tendency to legally only define unborn children as impersonal cell heaps with which one and make business can experiment? Who knows already that increasingly driven off embryos are used not only for gene - experiments, but for the production of vaccines/medicines. For the 3 subject vaccine MMR - - masers/Mumps/Rubella, which are used with vaccination campaigns at present schools, had to die two unborn children in UK. In the medical technical language they are called human cell fabric.

11. Vaccines from embryos? Bild Button pfeil2

Human diploide cell lines, which come of the fabric of driven off children (1964 and 1970), serve to the production of vaccines. WI-38 line (Wistar of institutes 38 originates from human diploiden lungs - fibroblasts, which come from a female foetus, which was driven off, because parents meant, it would have too many children (Sven Gard et al., 1969). The cell - line was developed 1964 of Leonard Hayflick made and (Hayflick, 1965, Sven Gard et al., 1969) 3 and carries the ATCC - number CCL - 75. WI 38 found use approximately with the production of the historical vaccine RA 27/3 to Rubella (S.A. Plotkin et al., 1965) 4.

Bild Medizin Prof. hayflick__leonard L. Hayflick  Bild Button pfeil2Bild Medizin mrc5 MRC-5 cell - digital image

MRC-5Bild Button pfeil2 (Medical Research Council 5) embryonale human lung fibroblasts, ATCC - number CCL-171 from a 14 weeks old male foetus come, which was driven off out „psychiatric reasons “ of a 27 years old woman in Great Britain. MRC-5 wase 1966 von J.P. Jacobs  made and develops (J.P. Jacobs etal., 1970) From pharmaceutical purposes were used still different human cell lines. For the production of the following vaccines at present the human fetalen cell lines become WI-38 und MRC-5 from driven off foetuses needet

A) Living vaccines approximately Rubella monovalenten Vaccines approximately Rubella: Meruvax (Merck, the USA), Rudivax (Sanofi Pasteur, France) and Ervevax (RA 27/3)(GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium) combinad Vaccines MR approximately Rubella and Measles, markets under the Names M-R-Vax (Merck, the USA) and Rudi-Rouvax (AVP, France); the combinations Vaccines approximately Rubella and Mumps, in the trade under the Names Biavax (Merck, the USA) combinas Vaccines MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) approximately Rubella Mumps and masers, markets under the Names M-M-R II(Merck, the USA), R.O.R., Trimovax (Sanofi Pasteur, France) and Priorix (GlaxoSmithKline, Great Britain).

B) Vaccines using human cell the lines/driven off foetuses to be manufactured two of vaccines for Hepatitis A, of one of it manufactured of Merck VAQTA, the other one produces of GlaxoSmithKline HAVRIX; both become by MRC-5 made; a vaccine for Chickenpox, VarivaxÒ, produces von Merck by WI-38 and MRC-5; a vaccine for Polyomyelitis, the inactivated Polio-vaccines PoliovaxÒ (Aventis Pasteur, France) manufactured with MRC-5 a vaccine against rabies, ImovaxÒ, produces of Aventis Pasteur, won with the help of the infected human diploiden Cells MRC-5 a vaccine for Smallpox still in the examination - AC ON 1000 from Acambis by MRC-5

12. DNS - DNA - RNA Bild Button pfeil2

 4. Day -lives in action             4. Week - arms/legs/eyes          8. Week - all organs available

Bild Medizin Zeugung 4.TagBild Medizin Zeugung 4. WocheBild Medizin Zeugung 8. WocheBild Medizin Zeugung 9. Woche 9. Week

DNS / DNA = desoxyribonucleic acid - are - book of the life - which is contained in each individual cell of humans. In the DNS are stored all individual heiress formations of humans. Rosalind E. Franklin recognized already 1951 - by means of Roentgen structure analysis that the DNS has the structure of a Doppelhelix. However it indicated the rotation of the DNA the wrong way round, as it were mirror-image. Franklyn unfortunately died with 38 years at a cancer suffering, before one could lend it the Nobel Prize. (Nobel Prizes not postum lent). In the year 1953 Crick and Watson at the Cavendish - laboratory in Cambridge on the basis a spatial model its hypothesis of the DNA - formulated Dooblehelix, of the molecular structure of the DNA. Only now - afterwards - it published its research results, when it experienced 1953 that Crick and Watson had solved the structures of the original DNA of a form. With their First-Publication and with a quite speculative article following on it over the meaning of the DNA Watson and Crick decided the author shank of the DNA structure to their favour and received for it to 1962 the medicine - Nobelprice.

Rosalind E. Franklin  Francis Bild Button pfeil2        H. C. Crick Bild Button pfeil2    James D. Watson Bild Button pfeil2             Craig C. Mello / Andrew Fire Bild Button pfeil2

 Bild Rosalind E. FranklinBild Evolution CrickBild Evolution WatsonBild Medizin RNA G.Fire A. Mello

RNA = Ribonukleic acid – 1998 discover the two scientists Andrew Fire und Craig Mello the mechanism of the RNA-Interferenz get 2006 the medicine - Nobel Prize.

What is the RNA interference?

The Heritage of each animal and vegetable cell contains thousands of genes. So that in each case those genes are translated into proteins, which are needed in each case, the cell avails itself of different protective mechanisms. These adjust effectively, which genes in messenger RNA are rewritten, which as blueprint for the protein synthesis by the cellular protein factories, which Ribosomen serves. But body-own genes do not only have to be shut down depending upon development stage and cell function. More importantly still is it that the cell intercepts and inactivates harmful genes, for example genes of pathogens. To this safety system also the 1998 count of Craig Mello and Andrew Fire discovered RNA - Interferenz.

The mostly vegetable and animal cells use these protective mechanisms, in order to destroy the RNA copies from potentially dangerous genes to, before these can be translated into proteins. By RNA interference the cell adjusts the activity of normal genes in the process beyond that of growth and development, because in a muscle cell for example different genes are active than in a nerve cell.

How functions to RNA interference?

The RNA - interference prevents the cell the Expression of a gene, by forming small double-strands RNA molecules (siRNA). These develop, if an enzyme cuts longer double-strands RNA - molecules - named Dicer (Haecksler) virale RNA - molecules, regulatorische RNA - sequences into fragments of uniform length (21 to 23 bases pairs) . All these RNA chips are then divided into their two single strands. Ever one of it is connected thereupon with proteins to the RNA inducing Silencing so called Complex (RISC).

 This complex catches messengers - RNAs with complementary sections. If their sequence fits rather perfectly the collecting main, the caught messenger RNA becomes - molecule by in as Slicer (plane) characteristic enzyme of the RISC complex in the center cut and thus uselessly made. Of these messengers - RNA coded protein cannot thereby no more be formed. If the caught messenger RNA only partly fits the sequence of SI RNA merged in the RISC, RISC holds the messengers - RNA only. Thus the Ribosomen remains putting with the protein synthesis on the messengers - RNA and forms likewise no functioning protein. Depending upon SI RNA the protein synthesis of certain genes can therefore be switched off completely.

DNS – Desoxyribonucleinacid A/B/C                                    RNA

Bild Medizin RNA Bereiche1Bild Medizin DNA2 Kalottenmodell DNA

DNS exist us two into one another rotated thread watering gene, which is cord leader-like connected with one another. The outside strands of the DNS consist of sugar and phosphorus. The “rungs” however, thus the tie-in welds between the two threads, consist of four different substances - the bases so called -:Adenin, cytosine, guanine and Thymin.In of a cell form this vier of components (A, C, G, T)links the entire information, which needs the cell, in order to manufacture proteins to a long chain -. The entire heiress formation - DNA of a cell - is called also genome. That Genom contains the complete information, which is necessary to the development of an organism.

The total quantity of the human Genoms amounts to base couples humans possesses 20.000 - 25,000 Gene- other sources say provisional computation 30,000 - 40,000 GeneThe kind of the information of a section of the DNA becomes by the different succession of the four components A, C, G and T - which gene sequence so called - determines. A gene is a section of the DNA, which contains the information for a protein. The sequence of the gene determines the succession of the amino acids, of which the respective protein consists and for its production the respective gene coded. That reads itself not only with difficulty and hears themselves very complicated on, but is it also. One becomes however surely everyone normally and logically thinking clear: Each change of these automated operational sequence or thoughtless, unqualified intervention, lead to the damage, never to an improvement.

  Nuclear                                                     Molecular

Bild atom3Bild molekuelBild zelle5 Cell

Remember still that one learned before not yet all too long time at school that the Nucleus-core das smallest part is - then the Nucleus then the cell - then the molecule. The Nucleus was considered as the smallest part, component of the universe. The size of a cell is approximately 10 high 5 M. In the cells we find different molecules: that probably admitted molecule in the human body is the DNA. The width amounts to about 10 high 9 m and the length about 10 high 3 M. The size of the H2O-molecules is approximately 10 high 10 M. of molecules from two or more atoms is usually formed, with a core and electrons. The size of an atom is about 10 hoch-10 m, the size of the core approx. 10 hoch-15 M.

This are again from smaller construction units - Quarks Bild Button pfeil2exists. Electrons and quarks are tiny. They are so inconceivably small that physicists express the size of the particles only through particularly written numbers - to save around place and keep the overview: 10 highly – 17 means that after the comma only at 17. Place unity follows thus 0,000 000,000,000,000 01 meters. That is the maximum size of a quark, like results from DESYs particle accelerator HERA Bild Button pfeil2showed. The quark still much is many smaller most probably. Bild Button pfeil2

 DESY/HERA                                         Sizes of molecule/nucleus/quark

Bild hera teilchenbeschl.1Bild atom quark

Long time is outdated and history. See for Homeopathy - Mikrokosmos how complicated and uniquely humans and its organs were designed and sketched - and then also still functions!!!

13. Bases of successful therapies

The exclusive goal of the different nature welfare procedures therapies: Ayurveda Bild Button pfeil2- Homeopathy Bild Button pfeil2- acupuncture Bild Button pfeil2 - Schuessler saltsBild Button pfeil2 etc. is to bring the immune system again on. Healing exclusively takes place via this. The organism heals itself. . One respects Roentgen - ultrasonic - with the anamnesis on symptoms - makes blood analyses - CT - photographs, in order to determine deviations of the standards of the different parameters of the organism. Afterwards the choice of the means or the therapy takes place.

 Medicines - nature welfare procedures of preparations - food/benefit materials, which not these frameworks - conditions consider, harm and destroy inevitably the respective organism. That is the simple reason for the failure of synthetic substances in the therapy. They will be able and not of the programmed immune system to be accepted, since they are strange to organ and logically as enemies are regarded.

Synthetischen of medicines bring positive effects for a certain time, by putting different protective mechanisms lamely - pain receptors to switch off or as artificial, with computer - after programs built body-similar substances, how: Melatonin-Dopamin-Serotonin-Insulin etc. the immune system deceptively communicate that the normally responsible hormone - and/or enzymes producing Glants superfluous are. If one sets these synthetic medicines off after some time, the body-own system is often no longer able for own production, with the consequence of the continuing income - dependence on these synthetic preparations.

Glants-Systems Bild Button pfeil2                        Hypothalamus  Thalamus Bild Button pfeil2

Bild hormon systemBild Medizin schilddrüse1Bild medizin schilddruese engl Thyroid Bild Button pfeil2

Each therapist, which with the choice of its means, organisms - humans or animals - not when nature regards, which can exist only at exactly specified operational sequence, inevitably failures will experience.

14. Driven for the immune system

Basis for each organism are cells, which consist again of many smaller components. Life and growth are determined by constant reproduction - division - renewal of these cells. Thus the organism is actually a Perpetuum mobile. It gives most diverse theories, but finally no accurate scientific explanation for an aging process beginning.

Wrong life, wrong food,> chemical influences> synthetic industrial products - drugs> food additives,> radiation:> electromagnetically> radionically> radioactive,> genetic influences> inbreeding> wrong choice of the ancestors / parents> Drugs> overload>, etc. .. ... threaten and weaken the immune system. That is so sure how easily hackers can destroy a computer without a firewall, Antispy - and virus protection

You can slow this process and disease, suffering to a large extent. We must follow simple rules, practice self-discipline, sometimes even radical changes in his life. Who, from pride, arrogance or weakness is not ready, should not read more. He save conscience, and Ärger.Wer but courageous, attentive and willing to learn, it will be better off than before


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