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15. The digesting system / Ph-value Bild Button pfeil1a

16. The belly brain  Bild Button pfeil1a

17. Immune system / microorganisms Bild Button pfeil1a8

18. Intestine - redevelopment Bild Button pfeil1a

19. Kanne - bread drunkenness Bild Button pfeil1a

20. The Karnofsky - index Bild Button pfeil1a1

21. Rechts - Regulat Bild Button pfeil1a1

22. EM / EMX Bild Button pfeil1a1

23. EM - EMX cancer / diseases Bild Button pfeil1a1

24. Vita Biosa Bild Button pfeil1a1

25. Bewell - Sanimal - Kraeuterbeer Bild Button pfeil1a1

26. Hydrocolon - Colon hydraulic Bild Button pfeil1a1

27. Elelekto medicine MD. Rife / MD. Reif / MD. Beck Bild Button pfeil1a1

28. Sanum - Therapy Bild Button pfeil1a

29. PhD. Budwig - Therapy Bild Button pfeil1a1

15. The digesting system / Ph - valueBild Button pfeil1

The increase like an explosion of diseases in Asian countries, which were there almost unknown, and which parallel with the change of its traditional nutrition, to the western nearly - Food run, makes it obvious: fals nutrition. Looking for some what more near with that of the Digesting-systems, its complicated structure and its Functions.

The Colon is also with approx. 200 square meter surface biggest organ of the body and fulfills approx. 70 - 80 % tasks of our immune system. It fulfills its task through Billions Mikroorganism .They need in each case an environment with co-ordinated Ph-valueBild Button pfeil2 and of suitable food, otherwise die them and the immune system weaker and malfunctioned finally, consequence: Diseases - cancer - death

Digesting-ssystem         Intestine like A Brain     Intestine healthy

Bild Medizin Verdauung englBild darm sklettBild Darm gesund krank3Bild Darm gesund krank Morbus Chron

The intestine is however much more. It possesses own brain. The term Belly - Brain is meanwhile as medical term admits.

16. Belly - Brain - like the head brain

The intestine is not only the largest organ, but also the largest immune - organ in the body. The intestine walls are the most effective line of defense of the organism and seat of a large number of defense cells, which are connected with the belly brain there directly. They learn to differentiate between good and badly. The information is stored and called up if necessary.

Thinking have it humans always: The seat of the feelings lies in the center of the Body , Where excitement - to flutter lets butterflies - where annoyance - on the stomach beat. Now the science gives them all right: The belly with its thought out digesting system, its unappetizing contents and the rather embarrassing declarations of its existence moved into the interest of the research. “the reason for it ", says the American neuro scientist PhD. Michael Gershon, boss of the department for anatomy and cell biology of the Columbia University of New York, “ is the brain in our belly .”Bild Button pfeil1Bild Button pfeil1Bild Button pfeil1

Serotonin producing nerve cells                        Hydrogen by intestine bacteria produces                     Nerve cells around the intestine wall

 Bild Darm nervenzellen

Small-remembers ar coining/shaping more fuer the entire life, even if they come from flavours. Who thus with the taste of fresh vegetable becomes large, its body expects the appropriate vitamin and nutrient dose. But it does not get it, because the artificial flavours deceive it. Thus that the Koerper is deceived, he gets problems. The neuro biologists use such deceptions of the intestine brain consciously. The master clock for the nerve cells in the intestine brain is the neurotransmitter serotonin. Cells in the mucous membrane, if the Serotonin products determined, set free this with attraction. That most diverse attractions can be like mechanical attractions or the nutrient composition in the intestine. After these serotonins payment the nerves are then activated and thereupon peristalsis activate, the waves forms contraction of the intestine.Bild Button pfeil1

The intestine can react thereby optimally to Nutrients Valuable contents are for a long time kept, passed through a lock ballast materials fast. Some intestine bacteria produce gases up to twelve litres hydrogen on the day. There are disturbances, the intestine brain produces each quantity neural signals and thus the notorious failure. All information, which comes from the intestine, is processed indeed also in a system, which is responsible for emotions also. That limbische System is with the processing of intestine information always involves, PhD Paul Enck. Bild Button pfeil1as well as the Gastro Enterologen PhD. Michael Schemann Bild Button pfeil1 researchedit at the belly brain.

The intestine system is independent, looks for however contact to the brain and tries to develop nerve connections. These exist to ninety per cent from ascending, nerve fibers, which supply information from the intestine to the brain. Information produces only ten per cent of the fibers of the brain back to the intestine. The intestine informs thus the range of the brain, which is responsible for tendencies. Nerve functions, which are connected for example with adrenalin, play a larger role than in the intestine nervous system the head. Thus researchers found out that there is a kind within the intestine range, just like in the brain, memory center: Thick and small intestine are embedded into a nerve mass - which the same characteristics has as the brain.

PhD. Enck Bild Button pfeil1 PhD. M. Schemann Bild Button pfeil1     

Bild Darm Prof. EnckBild Darm Prof. SchemannBild Darm Dr. M. GershonBild Buch M. Gershon der kluge bauch MD. M. GershonBild Button pfeil1Bild Button pfeil2

When entrails appear also ugly and of science and society to be tabuisiert - they are coated of more than 100 Billions Nerve - Cells, more Neuronen, then in entire back Marks to find are. Then neuro - scientist found out, is an image of the head brain - have this second brain cell types, active substances and receptors are accurately alike.

What however makes this second brain? And does feel does it think, does remember it? Newest research shows that psychological processes and the digesting system could be coupled by far more intimately, as one so far meant have

Neurons and synapses - brain Bild Button pfeil1 Video: Neurons and How They Work 4:51 Bild Button pfeil1 1:24 Bild Button pfeil1 synapses 2:00 Bild Button pfeil1 Neurons Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Medizin neuronen-m-synapseBild Medizin neuronenBild Medizin Auerbach PhD. L. Auerbach Bild Button pfeil1

“The belly brain plays a large role with Freud and suffering, but the few would know at all that it exists “, says Gershon, which its younger colleague than discoverers designates. Gershon declines. No, he did not discover that second brain. He discovered it with the assistance of many different at the most again. Because finally has its guild, the neuro Gastro entrologie, one more than 100 - year old history. The first chapter already plays in the middle 19. Century and acts of the German Dr. Leopold Auerbach. When he regarded a bit intestine divided more exactly and by a simple microscope, he saw something, which made him puzzled:

In the intestine wall embedded are two layers of a network of nerve cells and strands, breath-thinly and between two muscle situations hides. Auerbach have at that time no notion that it had sought out the ruler as it were with the view by the microscope over an internal universe of humans: the switching center of the digesting machinery, which not only nutrient - composition, Salinity and water share analyzed and absorption and elimination mechanisms coordinate.

 It controls also the refined equilibrium of restraining and exciting nerves - for chemical messengers, stimulating hormones and protecting secretions. In the course 75 of a year old life walks more than 30 tons of food and 50,000 litres of liquid by the Intestinal. “ The heart is against it a primitive pump ”, explains Gershon. The belly brain steers the throughput highly intelligently: Millions of chemical substances must be analyzed, millions of poisons and dangers be mastered.

17. Task and protection of the immune system - microorganisms - hints to the health

Bechamp:Bild Button pfeil1 “with a disease process are the microorganisms for the transformation der of disease products responsibly. they represent not there a cause "" to fermentation and rot by microorganisms "

Production of the microorganisms from the Microzymen (= Bione, Somatide.)= origin of the life. are immortal can remain millions of years latently and become at any time active. sending the Fermentation-process.. ""Microbes (viruses) nourish themselves of the disease products and convert them into innocuous materials. support welfare process “the medium determines the microorganism. different forms (=Pleomorphismus) depending upon condition of the organism " Ravi Roy

  Bild Buch bechamp PhD. Bechamp bild ravi roy Ravi Roy bild buch roy en1bild buch roy en2

Microbes not causers of diseases - promote healing Easily absorbable vital materials (vitamins, trace elements, enzymes) in the form of Vermentacion grain as Brottrunk>- amazing reactions when different illnesses " “number curable/treatable diseases constantly does not increase. EM-X unusual effect strength "Bild Button pfeil1

Photosynthetic Microorganism biuld vitamin C and E " “ halo bacteria set Light-Energie (photons) in el. Energy (electrons) um. concomitantly active communication possible? “ Dumrese, Haefeli Bild Button pfeil1 Through the microscope: A look at all things small Bild Button pfeil1 Biotin - beauty vitamin, firm of nails, thick hair, fat metabolism, energy for brain/nerve cells.into the colon bacteria manufactured. with damaged Colonflora lack " “essential amino acids by microorganisms insite the thick-Colon made if we these over the food to us take, then we degenerate our large intestine, because it cannot use its own abilities to the production of these amino acids any longer. “Bild Button pfeil1

 Bild schatalovaBild Buch Schalatova heilkr. ernährungBild buch schalatova1gross PhD. Schatalova Bild Button pfeil1Bild Button pfeil1

Microorganisms supply organism with essential amino acids, vitamins and participate in the heat regularization Schatalova It is a great harm that Dr. Schatalovas books are not translated into other languages were

18. Intestine redevelopment Bild Button pfeil1

19. Kanne - Bread drunkenness

Into 1 ml are - colony screen end bread acid Bacterios. The impacts, which proceed from the bread acid bacteria and mineral materials, were investigated into over 20 years - in the humanly medical -  veterinary range. Ground and water studies 

Bild Kanne Brottr.2Bild kanne FermentBild Kanne brottrunkBild Kanne und Frau Married Kanne

Ferment - Cereal Bild Button pfeil1 Powder from the bread drunkenness production of mineral materials/trace elements

Chronically gastritis, reconciliation of the mineral materials, skin diseases, Psoriasis, cancer, diabetes, Candida albicans, blood formation improved, immune system improves, oxygen partial pressure raised, pathogene germs killed, triple less Flu-Infects, Caesium 137 in 30 days 70 _ eliminated dismantling of aliphatic hydrocarbons in the surface soil, dismantling Lindan poisons.

The company Kanne Brottrunk operates its own attempt market garden among other things on meanwhile 40,000 square meters. Here one gains valuable experiences with the employment for nearly 20 years of bread drunkenness as biological plant preservative agent, leads Kompostier tries through and experiments in the biological Fever fight. On the Internet site valuable hints for hobby gardner as well as pouring and planting plans for tomatoes as well as for cucumbers are to be found.

Kanne-Brottrunk are made of special bread verieties. completely without chemistry - correct food have a great many living enzymes. Bread drunkenness is a fermenting off product, it lives incessantly Fermentgetreide contains 0.033 mg/kg selenium, 6.3 mg/kg copper, 14 mg/kg iron, 8.3 mg/kg zinc, 14 mg/kg manganese, 594 mg/kg calcium, 285 mg/kg magnesium, 972 mg/kg potassium, 30 mg/kg vitamin E, 0.78 mg/kg vitamin B1, 1.2 mg/kg vitamin B2, 10 mg/kg vitamin B12.

Kanne Brottrunk - whey beverage: Molke-Drank = clean milk product. with bread whey mixed. only weak fermentation. Lactic acid nearly only from acidifying of milk during butter/cheese production. high pH value. Protein highly. 5x so much phosphorus. 2x chloride. Bread drunkenness/enzyme grain activates metabolisms, promote vital functions, regenerate physiologische intestine bacteria, deslags, drains basic fabrics, cleans blood, richly at sugar-splitting enzymes, promotes cell renewal "

Brottrunk can set Urinare-Acid free. fasting 14 days, highly basic herb teas, editions. Dirt is led back into the bloodstream, been ruled out then. First Aggravatation... Failure, vomiting, fever, cold. Body cooks its own dirt away. after 14 days of everything as blown away. Microorganisms use materials and wastes, otherwise not degradably would be.

Kanne Brottrunk instead of vinegar lactic acid activates metabolisms, promotes vital functions, vitalise organism, regenerates physiological intestine bacteria, deslagged/drains basic fabrics, cleans blood, richly at sugar splitting enzymes, relieves cycle.

Dosage: Tries out is everything. Portion over the day distributes. if necessary 3x/Tag mixes 1/2 glass bread drunkenness before the meals. between 11-12 2 tl, 1h before sleeping go in-turning 2-4 tl enzyme grain in water. the day with a abrasion with bread drunkenness begin. applications against itching of envelopes make enzyme grain to never cook leave to. lukewarm washing. afterwards with cold pressed olive oil rubs skin in half bottle bread drunkenness into the bath water. never in the evening.


Aging: “due to its high potential of biologically active substances, bread drunkenness the cell renewal”  promotes amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, active enzymes, capable of surviving lactic acid bacteria

Eyes:  Visual Disturbances after. disappeared. Blood circulation " Flatulence: belongs to the past, since I bread drunkenness takes " Blood : blood cell count improved. Blood values. Blood fat mirror normalizes. Blood circulation. Blood sugar " Intestine: “Lactic acid works rot restraining, rot in the intestine prevented. metabolic process/cell breathing at " moves “Bread drunkenness is normalized an intestine cleaner” by lactic acid preparation. reduced Lakto Bazillen, Bifido bacteria, Enterokokken, physical. E.coli raised. increased atyp. E.coli, Klebsiella/Proteus reduce Depression: " correctly merrily nascently. from day to day better. “  Diabetes, sugar: " blood sugar of 300 to 189 descended. helps me much. Physician surprises "  Energy, tiredness: Erschpfungszustnde noticeably diminished. full energy. “ “constant tiredness disappeared”  Eckzema: " diseased skin features healed. Ekzeme disappeared "  Detoxification: " Milk-acid in old clay/tone pot. outside high-viscosity Schleim arose. Grain acid drives dirt out. on the same way it would bring poisons out from the human cells "  Fever: " flu 39.8C. Calf and head-wind with diluted bread drunkenness "  Foot-fungus: on rub and drink. up to now not again arisen. Envelopes, baths "  Gal: " Gal does not do pain to no more. no more colic attacks. “  Joint wear: " urine acid by bread drunkenness brought to the disappearance. no more pain "  Wight:" gradually 27 kg decreasing. Hunger accumulations stopped "  Gout: " substantially alleviated. nearly away " 

Hair:  " after I mean intestine had reorganized became my hair again black " “hair loss noticeably decreased/gone back. regenerate. more beautifully ever "  Haemorrhoiden: " for 9 weeks daily a bottle. nearly away "  Skin: Neurodermitis, Mykosen, mushroom illnesses, Psoriasis: “Skin firmly and tautly. many more purely. Pickel, Mitesser disappeared. Runzeln, itching "  “Neurodermitis excursion decreases/goes back. Itching hears best chances of success” “with the treatment of Mykosen Itching: “since 6 weeks bread drunkenness. Itching disappeared "  Varicose veins: " after very short time repaired. no more pain " District-disorders:" cycle much better, many more stably "  Cancer: " Professor Wrba: Enzym Theraphy forwards/during/after irradiation as highly effective causally therapeutic agent without each harmful side effect. To regard Unterdosierung as malpractices. 1978 " “guess/advise to begin immediately with can bread drunkenness envelopes on Metastasenumore. Bread drunkenness strongly enzymhaltig, likewise the enzyme grain. “ “cancer cell ferments to breathe instead of. Fermentation ends in lactic acid. by administration of strengthened lactic acid " improves respiration of the cancer cell

Liver:  Liver-Values: improved. Normalization. Pain disappeared "  Light-eruption: " can stand everything. Daylight, sharp sun "  Stomach: " stomach complaints completely repaired. becomes less and less "  Muscel: " rub in and drink - > madly in form, no more muscular strain "  Multiple sclerosis ms: " recovers increasing, in forces. Values better. true miracle. “  Kidnays " protein in the urine disappeared. outstanding kidney values. substantially better nascently "  Prostata: " pain less and less. Sound strong to prostate gland complaints starting from "  Rheumatism: " becomes slowly better. substantially fewer pain " Pain, headache, migraine: " headache hardly still. only completely rarely " “migraine of accumulations ever more weakly, more rarely”  Sleep: " extreme sleeplessness repaired. without medicines through " sleep Strok of apoplexy: " substantially better "  Wart:" thorn - wart on the hand disappeared " Sore healing:" no more problems. Fistel closed " Teth: " drinks and rinses with bread drunkenness. Dentist is surprised. no more tartar. no more gums do not bleed "

Cancer  “after investigations of the World Health Organization approx. 1/3 of all cancer conditions nutrition causes.”  “in 1 ml bread drunkenness on the average 5.000.000 colony of forming lactic acid bacteria. works on pathogene germs killing to occupy in the situation Symbionten (= few bacteria in the digestive tract) again. “ “almost 90 % unserer cancer patients have as can be prove a disturbed Darmflora and to live with einer Disbiose "  “advanced cancer suffering, Group with 3 - 4 weeks 1 bottle bread drunkenness/day. Control group without bread drunkenness. Group with bread drunkenness: + mental state, better improves Karnofsky - Index

20. Karnofsky - index Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Medizin Karnofsky

 The Karnofsky - index (actually Karnofsky perfomance status scale) is a scale, with which symptom-referred restriction of the activity, the self-sufficiency and self-determination with patients with can be evaluated. It hands 1949 of maximally 100 points (no restrictions) up to 0 points (death) it of David A. Karnofsky was suggested.

100 % no complaints, no indications of the illness.

  90 % able to normal activity, hardly or small symptoms.

  80 % Normal activity with effort possible. Clear symptoms.

  70 % Even care. Normal activity or work not possible.

  60 % Any assistance necessarily, independently within most ranges.

  50 % Help and medical supply are often taken up.

  40 % Impedes Qualifiedassistance needs. 30 _ heavy obstructs. Hospitalize necessarily.

  20 % seriously ill one. intensive one medical measures necessarily.

  10 % Moribund. Inexorable physical decline. 0 _ death.

+ far from smaller impairment the quality of life after thermal - chemotherapy "

21. Rechts Regulat Bild Button pfeil2

 Fermentation - beverage from enzymes of vegetable origin

 Which on is the special right - Regulat. It is manufactured by cascades - fermentation with microorganisms. The cascade fermentation fulfills fundamental demands: The enzymes from fruits, Nssen and vegetables are increased and concentrated. This variety at enzymes is unlocked! That means that the enzymes are divided into their effect units. This process of the classification of the enzymes causes that the individual enzyme structures have now a small molecular size. Thus they arrive directly over the mouth mucous membrane, even by the skin, directly into the bloodstream. By the wave of the cascade (special fermentation formula) the enzyme fragments are loaded with oscillation energy, so that these can work within seconds as own body enzymes.

The lengthy partial fermentations are copied thereby the natural enzyme cascade in the human organism. The final product of the cascade fermentation consists of nothing different one than pure nature in concentrated and prepared form (no sugar, no alcohol, no preservative). The enzymes of the used fruits, Nsse and vegetables are increased, divided and activated into enzymatic parts structures. Thus they are to our organism as direct in a self-service shop at the disposal. The RECHTS REGULAT® partly works from there within seconds. Are used 

:Dattels - Cowardly - Walnuts - coconuts - lemon - soy bean - bulb - celery - germ rungs - artichoke - millet - pea - Safran

 Bild rechtsregulat1Bild Medizin EnzymeStructure

Poison - Exit through Rechts–Regulat  In of the western world comes the normal citizen daily mit 40.000 Gifts in contact. Humans and animals are damaged by too much heavy metals, other poisons, protein and metabolism arrears. Kidney, liver etc. are overtaxed, the resulting poisons almost suffocate the body. We live then in poisoning the condition (intoxication). ON THE RECHTSREGULAT® can loosen heavy metals from cells and connective tissues and environment of poisons. The initially arising poison - flooding should be bound of algae a preparation, so that the body is able, these poisons to out-transmit (kidney, intestine).

Bild Alge Spirulina2Bild Medizin Spirulina micro 2Bild Medizin spirulina3

At the beginning of the therapy with RECHTS REGULAT® should you their pH value im morning urine by means of a Indikation-papers from the pharmacy control. By pH values under 6,2 are usually deposited the acids in crystalline form!!! This reason is important it, the acid flood, which is set by the RECHTS REGULAT® particularly at first extremely on, from buffers. Use from there the first 4 weeks additionally for each 3x5 of a completely special Spirulina - alga and that on these sides described bases - powders.

Effects over the skin The tiny energetics enzyme of fragments possess heilendes and tapering force potential! By Aufsprhen of RIGHT REGULAT® on the skin the effect is enough from the outside into the deeply lying Layers of skin and seizes inside up to the bones and entrails. Often RECHTS REGULAT® transmitter sound that is called information, because its effect strengths is in such a manner intensive.

Indications From the enzymatic effectiveness of Regulat on the total organism, like also the local effect on the skin and as a result of the skin, the following areas of application arise:

Vitality-less and infections, for convalescence) Sleep complaints , tissue stress concentration loss inflammation of the respiratory tract, the jaw - and forehead caves and skin inflammation of the tendons, blood vessels, muscles and skin mucus infections caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria wound: pus and violations of the skin (cuts, burns), the throat and dental area herpes simplex and herpes zoster (shingles) violations of the tendons and ligaments (Sports) gastritis, flatulence - stomach problems intestinal inertia, and irritable bowel intestinal diseases nervous complaints, neuralgia, oedema all jammed lymph stops cardiovascular diseases, disorders blood-stopps Increased platelet aggregation (blood flow to low) arthritis pain - joint suffering soft tissue rheumatism autoimmune (rheumatism, joint passion, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, ...) Increased cholesterol Values and triglyceride Hormonal disorders (diabetes, menopause symptoms, ...) complaints lymphatic disorders and skin lesions allergies

 22. Healthy intestine by microorganisms   EM / EM - X Bild Button pfeil2

MD. Shigeru Tanaka Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Buch EMXBild EMX tanakaBild buch EM HIGA kleinBild EMX Prof. Dr. Teruo Higabild emx PhD. Teruo Higa Bild Button pfeil1

Microorganisms / herbs - beverages The Japanese professor for agrarian science Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa of the University of Ryukyus on Okinawa (Japan) found out in the 70's by accident that a combination of different microbes is able, putrid-ends (life-hostile) organic substance to affect in such a way that from it a life promoting process began .Hecalled the combination of these microbes of trunks" effective microorganisms ". It had researched intensively after the possibility of improving with microbes cultures plant growth. Due to its life experience it was concerned predominantly with microbes cultures, which are used traditionally with the production of milk-sour food. During the milk-sour conversion the output product is substantially revalued by the metabolism of the microbes. This revaluation describes the science as enrichment with vitamins, enzymes and active substances. For thousands of years mankind uses this fact with the production of sour milk products, sauerkraut, air dry meat goods etc.

There are world-wide two producers of EM so called - Seeds. A company has its seat in Japan (Okinawa), the other one in the USA (Kansas town center). Of this Seeds so called these producers as well as their authorized contracting parties make EM - source cultures world-wide so called. There are differences of the Seeds in the kind and composition of the organisms. One of the head EM source cultures of the American producer contains the following organisms:

 Bifido bacterium animalis, Bifido bacterium bifidum, Bifido bacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus delbrueckii, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactococcus diacetylactis, Lactococcus lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bacillus subtilis var natto, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Rhodopseudomonas palustris

EM-X - from EM - Konzentrat With richest content of Antioxydantien - useful microorganisms with strong anti-oxidation Kraft. helps body healthy/vitally to hold - immunological medicine without side effects - as refreshment beverage sold. side effects - significantly activity of the NK-cells, B-cells, T-cells of the immune system increases - activity does not increase much-ate - cells - from macro phages - the tendency promotes to the Selbstheilung - the strongest Antioxidanz - 100 x more strongly than vitamin E - with all forms of cancer - diabetes - heart - kidney illnesses - hypertension - Alzheimer's, chron. Rheumatism - asthma - Atopie skin inflammations - health-promoting and renewable effect

Dosage EM - X : Start per Day with 5 - 10 ml/ for the receipt of the health - increase after 14 days. With diseases with 1 x 5 - 10 ml begins - gradually bis 3 x 70 increases ml/day withInfusionin 25 ml grape sugar solution 2 - 5 ml EM - X. After beginning of income EM - X: tired - depresst - failure - fever - old injuries. - Pain itself regenerating cells -EM-X as Infusionis stronger the reaction - shivering - heat whale lungs - begin with small doses - All forms of cancer - diabetes - heart - kidneys - hypertension - Alzheimer's - chron. Rheumatism - asthma - Atopie - skin inflammations

23. Diseases - cancer - hint with EM - X Bild Button pfeil2

In the USA would send the McGill cancer center Bild Button pfeil1 a questionnaire at Onkologen and asked whether they actually make also chemotherapy .73 cancer specialists communicated that they would actually make never a chemotherapy, because it ineffectively and much too malicious be

Stress Bild Button pfeil2- the most powerful enemy  Bild Button pfeil2                                                                    the best solution

Bild Krebs aaBild Luchs

Quotations from Tanaka: “ EM - X. Over welfare-end Power of Antioxidantien from effective microorganisms (EM) “

Cancer Suppressionsgene constantly work on the destruction of the malicious cells, do not work this brake not, come it to growth of cancer cells - better, the cancer means set off and a bottle EM-X drink

"Interferon has heavy side effects. Body can produce it without side effects - radiotherapy decomposes water in cells. activated oxygen develops. Patient ages 5-10 years - Smile strengthens the defense forces – Vitality examine - OI weakens much. much sets free activated oxygen - from discovery to the OI income EM-X particularly importantly - dosage EM-X after tumor marker, condition, will power, courage, degree of the pain, depression, sights, aural acuity, condition heart - infusions, if beverage does not work any longer - nutrition changes over - proteins with cancer fast increase - as Tumor marker

"Lung - Cancer for OI too live only 3 months. Cancer means + EM-X. 3 months late cancer disappeared "  “cancer of the lungs. Shading thorax. Ulcer. EM-X. to the Op turn out. OP produced activated oxygen in large Quantity-> danger that makes excessive demands of immune forces. 2 x 50 ml/day then 2 x 100. only half of lungs removes. snaps recovery after Op. no reoutbreak. nuclearhealthy "

                                                            Cancer esophagus                                        Cancer thyroid

Bild Medizin Krebs LungeBild Medizin Krebs speiseroehreBild Medizin Krebs Schilddruese2

" cancer of the lungs.. 4/5 of the lung strike. To live 3 months. 15 kg decreasing. 10 x 20ml/day Fever 37.5 C. EM - X in the drinking water. 1/3 1 bottle/day. additionally cancer medicines. Shade makes smaller around 1/3 per month. Cancer without OI disappeared

" cancer of the lungs. into brain strewn. OP at the head too complicates. Lung hopelessly. 1/2 year. 180 ml/day. 2 weeks. Hair more fully/more darkly. physical condition more strongly. clear reduction of the shadows surfaces. survives already 18 months. EM-X as beverage does not work no more. changed over to infusions. Improvement “

"Lung tumor 1cm rh. Lung. 3x 20ml/day. after ever 5 days +10ml/Dosis. Goal dose 3x60ml/day. after 3 months tumor disappeared. OI painted "

" cancer of the lungs.. Karawadake mushrooms. 6 months later disappeared "

"Lung-cancer 5cm. perhaps no cancer. EM-X. 3 months. without trace disappeared "

" tumor of the Seijoka cells into the Brain. OP. Breath paralysis - > artificially. Artificial respiration. do not move correctly. to help not. Hands/feet deaf. motionlessly. Infusions 2ml EM-X. after 1 week again breathe. Hands a little move. Appetite gradually back "

" thyroid cancer.. in lung strewn. 70ml/day EM-X. Tumor marker sinks. 4 months. no more growth of cancer. no further therapy "

Blood cancaer . T-cells -Leukmie. 3 x 10ml/day EM-X gg. Side effects of the cancer medicines. at pneumonia. died "

" esophagi cancer.. OP. Sore throats. Oral cavities cancer. Radiotherapy. Tumor again. EM-X. Health completely restored. Psyche importantly. Patient used the favorable opportunity of the radiotherapy to reading "

oesophagus cancer.. EM-X without success. Cancer in liver. Jaundice. too late. EM-X against pain "

"Liver-Cancer after hepatitis C with liver hardening. ader-gate Vene attacked. EM-X 3 months. Tumor marker clearly better "

“liver cancer..tumor 15 cm. 75 days ever 70 ml EM-X. no effect. set off. Error? “

" liver cancer with Metastases. OI not possibly. larger herd with Embolismus method (blood vessels crushed) make smaller. kontin. EM-X 3 x 60 ml/day Bracingness disappeared. more color in the face. 5,6 kg increasingly. smaller Metastasen disappeared "

Bild Medizin Krebs Brust ThermoBild Medizin Krebs breast cancer1

"Pancreas Cancer (pancreas) . inexpressible pain. Life expectancy 3-6 months. 500ml in 3 days. leaving pain. after 6 weeks tidy appetite. rose, read. Sense of taste returned. Karaoke began to sing. after 6 months healthy " 

Allergys: " Atopie and allergies as chronically diseases by EM-X successfully fights " 

Alcohol: “more alcohol stood”  “after consumption of alcohol facilitates - X of the liver the work for EM. poisonous substance acetaldehyde. Alcohol caused liver inflammation. Cancer risk rises. Border with 2 glass liquor or beer " “rate the alcohol damaged newborn child with brain damage, deformations rises”  

Angina Pectoris: " 61 male ander subbly with blood in the heart muscle - > acute breast pain. Stress - > blood supply lacking hardens heart wreath/ring containers. acute accumulations - > violent pain, printing feeling, breath complaints. Nitroglycerin od. bypass indicated. no OI. 20 ml/day 3 months. substantially improved. after 6 months no more accumulations " 

 Asthma: " 60 female . worst accumulations. 10 ml/day. abrupt being missing of the symptoms " 

 “33m. to exercise hardly still in the layer the occupation. 20ml/day. no more accumulations " 

 “69 male. since 1971 asthma. 30ml/day, no medicines. Number of the accumulations back. after 1 year none more "  “Dr. Ghoneums Childrin asthma. Coughs soon away, slept through. Physician famous " 

Atopie: EM on the skin laid on heals Atopien "  Autoaggression diseases: (rheumatism, multiple joint diseases, scleroses): “39m. 30-50ml/day. clear Bess. after 1 month. Steroide reduces. again hair stature. Swindle after rising away "  Immune system:" stabilization of the immune forces "  “promotes the tendency to the self care” sees also rheumatism Bakterien, viruses: " against antibiotics resistant bacteria trunks. Tuberculosis, MRSA. EM-X prevents the damage of the bacteria.- > no resistance " S. does not kill bacteria  Colon:" intestine micro organisms in good trunks umwandeln. changed smell chair. Color more yellowish "  “promotes chair course”


Bild Medizin DiabetesBild Medizin Magenkrebs Stomach cancer

Diabetes: “by too much meal, lack of movement, stress.“ ” diabetes causes blood vessel narrowing, kidney damage, trembling to nerve ends, paralyses of hands/feet. Damage by activated oxygen. EM-X prevents the bad consequences "  “good results. Blood sugar value effectively lowered. Complications prevented " “20 ml/day. Condition drastically improves. Blood values of healthy humans "  “68 male 3x10 ml/day. of syringes, no diet releases. Blood sugar lowered. deaf feeling of legs disappeared "  “61 female 3x20 ml/day. , blood pressure increased stabilized, no more diet. 1 hour of movement/day " 

Flu" owing to EM-X no more cold " Brain: " functions revives "  “86 male. Was entitled the brain cells as with 40 " Hair:" grey hair after-darkened " Skin:" lose skin marks " Liver:" 72 male. chronically. Hepatitis C. Liver hardening. Liver function values GOT/GPT 4 - 5x over Norm. 40 ml/day. 60 ml/Day. clear clarification of the skin color " “hepatitis C mutates with approx. 85 % to cancer. since 30 years C - > cancer 2 cm. EM-X. Values more badly. then approach to normal value. despite the viruses liver function better. one year after setting of EM-X off stepped cancer (virus still actively) “ “with type C and liver cancer interferon particularly effectively. Side effects precariously. each hormone means strong side effects supplied from the outside.

Interferon/Interleukin body own produced substances - > bodies themselves to produce leave. by EM-X body unfolds own immune forces set in motion - > production interferon/Interleukin "  “41 male. Hepatitis B. 2 years EM-X without improvement GOT/GPT. Increase dose did not bring anything. Infusions 2ml. Tiredness, shivering. so fast do not give up. different cheat to "  “Steroide set off, thus body own immune forces to develop can” ” GOT under 40 normally. acute hepatitis 1500. chronically. Hepatitis 150 - 200.. with EM-X <100 "  “liver inflammation. Medicine Uruso.. mit EM-X much to expect " Stomach-Ulker:" EM: Stomach oaths healed "  Parkinson:" production Dopamine reduced. Tremble, language loss, restriction motivity, activated oxygen. Brain highest Oxygen consumption 18-20 % . EM-X at least 1 year. still no obvious successes. EM-X encourages the brain cells. Revitalization needs time "  Smoking:" as smokers each day min. 3 x 10 ml EM-X to itself take " 

Rheumatism: " activated oxygen accumulated. neutralized by EM-X - > the pain "  “absorb 3 x 10 ml/day. after 7 days 20 ml. after 1 month no pain " “pain at shoulder, head, feet, in gastric region. in the torso nearly completely disappeared. no longer flabby. powerful appetite. Colds hardly still. Lack of iron improved. no more iron preparations " “chronically. Joint rheumatism. Pain. any longer do not go. Hand/foot joints swollen/immovably. 90 ml/day. after 3 months swelling Pain diasapeared easy Joggen "  “changes in the fingers. 3 of years late joints painfully swollen. Pain at ears/jaws. any longer, no solid food could not yawn. chronically. Joint rheumatism. 1 x anti-rheumatism syringe per week. daily medicines. Pain spread on feet. 3 x 30 ml/day. RAHA - Worth rose. after 6 months nearly normally. Pain after 3 months reduces. Joints arranged themselves. Jaw-pain diminished. again appetite. dry skin better " Back-pain:" by muscle weakening - > breaks, shifts, pain - > stabilization muscles - much good protein, vitamins for structure of muscle, movement "  “movement - > the pain, which prevents movement - > EM-X can switch him off”  Sliping:" necessary sleep time shorten. lively and freshly " 

sholder stiffness: " head approx. 1/10 body weight. Overload - > lactic acid in muscles - > hardening, spannings shoulder. EM-X "  Colon-blockade:" EM: blockage for many years disappeared "  Tension:" with EM-X relax the features "  Natur, agriculture: " EM: Production of high-quality food, more Ernteertrag without artificial fertilizers/agrarian pesticides " “EM: destroyed nature again in healthy condition”  “EM shifts cleans dirty seas and rivers” “EM-ceramic(s) cleans tap water. EM-X-ceramic(s) into the water filters "  Industrie:" EM: in the food processing, with precision machines, as freeze protection. “  “EM: Removal of domestic refuse, waste water purification”  Animals:“by admixture in the animal fodder of animals very healthy” S.9 “outstanding welfare processes with pig plague, Udder-disiase” 
“Cattle much more balanced impression after stables with EM and EM in the drinking water” 

24. Products based on EM-X Bild Button pfeil2

Bild medizin vitabiosa 1. Vita Biosa - drank - microorganisms / herbs - Danish development

 + Mikrooganismen (lactic acid, photosynthesis and yeast bacteria) + Suggarcane molasses + fermenty with herbs:

 (Anise, sweet wood root, Fenchel, Juniper, black elder, ginger, genuine Engelwurz, Kerbel, Oregano, parsley, Dill, peppermint, Thymian, Basilikum, Majoran, red sun hat, support horn - clover seed, Roman dog chamomile, Rosmarin, Salbei, Brennnessel, sea-grass, Traubenkernen, Hagebutte. secondary plant materials, bioactive substances, minerals.)…. pH value 3.5

Mikroorganismen in Vita Biosa see EM : Antioxidantien - > free radicals eliminate - displace harmful bacteria/mushrooms in Colon - flora builds - prevent blockage and education of poison materials - lactic acid adjusts the pH value in the digestive tract - restraining influence on rot bacteria - parasite - Salmonellen -noartificially Vitamins, no mineral additives - goods production = enzymatic anti-oxide to - tumor cells in its development restrained/destroys. no secondary/late effects of poisons, medicines dissolve, make innocuous 1 - 3 x day 10-20ml. to 100 ml/Day. undiluted or with something water - blood - changes (dark field - microscope) few minutes after income. clear increase of the Vitality.

Bild medizin Vitabiosa vagn baastrup MD. Vagn Baastrup Bild Button pfeil2

diagnosis: Kachexie - cancer - chronically pancreas ignited. of physicians given up. 25 ml 4x/Day. began itself to move some what .Energy returned. Meals again stand. -

 Positive effects : Disease Croupier, Colitis Ulcerosa, small intestine inflammations, chronic inflammations, mushroom infections of the bronchi, migraine, prostate gland suffering, angina, Candida, Psoriasis, inflammations, Fibromyalgie - amalgam poisoning, joint charge helpfully also with cancer, AIDS, diabetes, hypertension, angina pectoris, cardiac infarct, brain blood circulation disturbances, heard- arrythmien, ulcers, liver diseases, Ekzeme, Neurodermitis, allergies, rheumatism, diseases, asthma, grey star, Prader Willie syndrome - Bild Button pfeil2

Besides: Coming of Symptomes of earlier diseases. Crisis of the healing - healing reaction - decontamination process - headache - skin excursion - swindle - joint - / Muscel-pain chair course with bad smell

Bild bewellBild Bewell SANIMAL 2. BeWell - Sanimal Bild Button pfeil2  Beverage microorganisms/herbs - selling: The Netherlands

25. Kraeuterbeer

Bild Kraeuterbeer Bild Button pfeil2 Microorganisms/herbs - German Product

The product is fermented from herbs a mixture, bilberries, a water and a Sugarpipe molasses by natural lactic acid and marketed under the name Kruterbeer® as herbs - bilberry - beverage. By fermentation with lactic acid bacteria won excerpts from under 1) of specified herbs mixture and the excerpts won from the bilberries by fermentation.

Kruterbeer® is water soluble a brownish to blue liquid with aromatic, easily suerlichem smell, pH value < 4.0 and 100 _. During the production of Kruterbeer® herbs and bilberries in water fermented by natural lactic acid Bildner and Sugarpipe molasses. Fermentation the product is a herb bilberries-extract with lactic acid and water as carrier material, which fuehrt to a low pH value < 4.0. The fermentation process by a special biophysical field procedure (Transmaterieller catalyst - YET procedures after Elmar wolf) one steers and one optimizes. The herbs are again removed after completion of the fermentation. Contents materials:

Herbs out (1 _ percentage by volume): Sage; Thymian; Anise; Chamomile; Oregano; Fennel; Holl Junperflowers; Alant rhizome; Ehrenpreis; Lime tree blooms; Nettle Blueberries (1 percentage by volume). Kruterbeer® contains of 1 natural flavours, lactic acid (in an educated manner by natural lactic acid (2.4 *108 KBE) and water. Nutritional value specifications ever 100 ml: Energy 25 KJ, protein: < 1g, coal hydrates: <1,5g, fat: < 0.5 g

(Kruterbeer® is suitable also for diabetics. Each load is examined before the racking of an accredited laboratory and released only thereafter to the sale. The product is subject to constant micro-biological control on Coliforme, mould, Bacillus cereus, Clostridia. Kruterbeer® does not contain genetically changed organisms and/or of their basis of manufactured products (GOV derivatives).

Effects and applications as with EM-X and Vita Biosa the strict German admission rules qualitatively highly. Successes step surprisingly fast in first improve digesting - blockages separate - chair course become regularly. - .zu beginning very smell intensively - old cinders separate of the intestine walls - the nutrition should be in principle changed over and animal proteins be to a large extent avoided - particularly meat from fatstock - Attitude

 The aforementioned reports show the necessity for a healthy Colon-flora. That means that a multiplicity of different microorganisms in the different sections of the abdominal cavity in a symbiosis are living present. Now there are different opinions in the naturopathy to number and kind of these organisms or whether they belong at all there. There are different therapies, which regard these vital microorganisms as opponents and destroy them. The author sees this as fatal error.

26. Hydraulic - Colon - or Colon - hydraulic Bild Button pfeil2

A procedureto the cleaning of the large intestine. This, in several meetings with warm water, is rinsed out in order to remove old deposits. However the Colon-flora destroy which destroys immune system, becomes simultaneous. With several patients this happened, after she ordered over 100 applications got and also, in the confidence on the therapists, over itself let it be issued.!!! When I was visited, they worked as out been hungry, 2 had allergies and Neurodermitis, although they nourished themselves expressed healthy. Beyond that two of extreme had underweight, stood only certain food and had practically no regular digesting more. Old deposits and worms were removed at short notice from the large intestine, but the immune system was substantially weakened at the same time.


Bild Hydro - ColonBild Hydro - Colon1 healthy intestine

Risk and Danger :Bild Button pfeil1  By intakes and intestine flushings is at short notice electrolyte a shift in the Colon-flora possible, which can lead weak patient with cycle to heart failure or kidney failure. Incidents are rare. Inappropriate applications can have injuries of the intestine wall, ulcer education, infectious illnesses, belly cramps and intestine bleedings to the consequence. Also a destruction of the Colon-flora by to frequent flushings is sometimes repeated the Colon - hydro - therapy. Additives such as coffee, soap, vinegar or other chemicals increase the risk of complications. With difficulty weighing illnesses as for instance cancer cannot be healed by the Colon - hydro - therapy. On a medical diagnosis before the therapy should be done without for larger health problems in no case.

There is a cleaning program that cleans darm with these results, named : The colon cleansing kid The author dont has worket with this therapy, bat its looks interessting. After 5 - 8 days the show fro the colon.Bild Button pfeil1

Bild medizin darm reinigung1Bild medizin darm reinigung3Bild medizin darm reinigung4

27. Electrical therapy Dr. Rife / Dr. Reif / Dr. Lyman / Dr. Kaali / Dr. Beck

MD. Royal Rife Bild Button pfeil2           MD. BeckBild Button pfeil2         MD. Wilhelm Reich Bild Button pfeil2     MD. W. Lyman Bild Button pfeil2

Bild Rife1Bild BeckBild Medizin Wilhelm-ReichBild Medizin Dr. William_LymanBild Medizin Dr. Kaali MD. KaaliBild Button pfeil2

Films & Videos

Dr. Reich scientific films Orgonomie MD. Reich Bild Button pfeil2Bild Button pfeil2 " Bionen - 19 sequenzenBild Button pfeil2 Wilhelm Reich Home Audio 1952 10:11 Bild Button pfeil2 Mans Right To Know  29:14 Bild Button pfeil2

Dr. Beck Video Suppressed Medical Discovery: MD. Robert C. Beck ( Cancer,AIDS, anything viral) -  1:56:59 - 13.08.2006 Bild Button pfeil2

Dr. R. Rife Videos The Royal Rife Story  9:50 Bild Button pfeil2 Royal Rife-In His Own Words  7:36 Bild Button pfeil2 Royal Rife Lab Film  9:45 Bild Button pfeil2

Video: Rife-Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms (July 6 '07) 11:51Bild Button pfeil2 Rife-Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms (June 28 '07)  44:02 Bild Button pfeil2

Video: Rife-Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organisms (August 27, 2007) 53:19 Bild Button pfeil2 Rife-Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Organism (Sept 2007)  25:17Bild Button pfeil2

Dr. Royal R. Rife (1888-l971) bacteriologist and micro biologist. In the 20' s it was concerned very intensively with cancer and its manifestations. As Not Physicians had another conception over the emergence. It assumed smallest microorganisms were the causers. Its difficulty did not lie in it that it could not prove this, there it suitable Mikroskopegive Similarly as Wilhelm Reich, also Rife had to build first own microscopes for its research, those its requirements was sufficient late and reached thereby enlargements up to the 10.000 + .Impotant for its research was to be received that he could observe the causing Little organism in the living condition, in order clarity over their characteristics.

MD. Gastone Naessens call it SOMATIDEN Videos : cancer : Bild Button pfeil2

Bild Medizin somatidBild Medizin NaessensBild Buch NaessensBild Button pfeil2

This was the one side of its research. The other side was the inevitable question, how these organisms let themselves destroy. Rife knew that each living cell is surrounded by an electrical field and the cancer exciters obviously disturb this field substantial. It the idea came to affect or it destroy the causers aimed by selected frequencies with it entered it complete new ground. Neither was sure that the cancer was really released by organisms, nor knew it whether and with which frequencies these were to be destroyed.

His main difficulty consisted still of making the assumed microbes visible e.g. by a suitable Nutrient solution. A colleague of Rife, to which bacteriologist Dr. K. Kendall,can Rife a again developed nutritive solution at the disposal, with which it finally first successes in this direction obtain could. He observed that Tuberkel Bazillus dissolved when irradiation with the appropriate frequency and from this different organisms developed. It could increase these with the nutritive solution and then the appropriate frequency to dissolving the viruses finden.Bild Button pfeil1

Rife had now its confirmation that bacteria and microbes were into one another transferable. Already of beginning its research on was Rife assumed bacteria their form changed, if it were necessary by circumstances of the surrounding field, in which they lived, thus e.g. by the state of health of a person or the quality of a nutritive solution. With this opinion it lay on the same line as the French bacteriologist Pierre Bchamp and the German Wilhelm Reich, which could prove during its research that it transition - a condition of suctions. dead to the encouraged subject gave, small cells, which it Bione callt

picture with dark - field - microscope Trichonomaden

Bild Medizin Dunkelfeld1aBild Medizin Dunkelfeld1Bild Medizin Dunkelfeld2 TrichomonadenBild Medizin Dunkelfeld3 

After of long research work succeeded it to Rife 1932 to find the first proof confirmed its thesis that cancer is released by microorganisms. In a Nutrient solution, which he had inoculated with human cancer fabric, he found an organism, which he BX callt. It could transfer these in bacteria, which were provable with 90 per cent of the cancer patients in the blood. In the case of its research arose fore different forms of these Cancer-mikrobe the 1. specified already. BX, ein 2. BY, a little more largely than the BX, which was to be found predominant in Sarkomen, the mentioned 3 Bacterium in the Blood and 4 moshroom varieties

1934 he instruct the university of south California a special research committee in the specialist area medicine, 16  final stage cancer patients present  bring vom Pasadena County hospital to Rifes hospital laboratory in San Diego. There it wanted to treat it. In the team were doctors and pathologists, who should examine the patients after 90 days, if these still lived. After the three monthtreatment the committee, 14 Patients closed is completely healthy. The treatment was now easily changed, and the remained 2 were during the four weeks following on it likewise healthy.

MD. Kendall MD. Johnsons  MD. Rife Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Johnson - mitteBild Medizin Rife 1931Bild Medizin Rife Microscope 1  Rife Microscope 

20. November 1931 accumulated 44der most respected authorities in the medicine to a flank on Dr. Milbank Johnsons property in Pasadena. It carried the slogan “the end of all diseases” and in honours of Royal Rife was held. Participant that 1934 er original study:

Arthur Kendall, director of the Northwestern Medical School; Rufus Klein- Schmidt, president of the university of south California; Milbank Johnson; Edward Kopps of the metabolic hospital in La Jolla; George Fisher of New Yorker child hospitals; Kurt Meyer of San Franciscos Hooper foundation as well as the head physician of Santa Fe Railway, Whalen Morrison.

MD. Milbank Johnson, professor for physiology and clinical medicine at the university of south California and chairman of the research committee, had its own cancer hospital and used since ten years Rifes therapy. It could document many cases of cancer healing. It Rife like many fighters around the health. It became dramatic and tragic - see left beside the picture

28. Sanum - Therapy  Bild Button pfeil1

Prof. Dr. Guenther Enderlein, born 1872, studied natural sciences with emphasis range Zoologie. It locked its study with a graduation summa cum laude. In the year 1916 Prof. Dr. Guenter Enderlein made a discovery innovative for it. On the occasion of its work in the typhus fevers research he observed smallest mobile organisms, which were received with more highly organized bacterial forms connections in the microscope. The bacterial forms were destroyed by these connections. The Littles organisms called it Spermite, since they resembled the male sperm cells up to their size in their appearance and likewise attained by its scourge mobility. Enderlein looked for references whether before him someone had already made such observations in the blood. Here it pushed Bechamp's on the work of the French researcher, that at this time already long into oblivion was guessed/advised. Its research work was into this directionto konzentration. for Enderlein however like that convincing its statements that it began,

He published during over 40 years lasting scientific activity over 500 Artivles to the Pleomorphismus. His moved researcher life ended 1968 at the age of 96. years

Like before him Bechamp, recognized Prof. Enderlein, thats all animal cells tiny particles contain, which can live on after the death of the organism and develop from those for microorganisms. Enderlein called these particles Endobionten. He assumed that Endobiont since millions of years a component of all cells of the mammals is, also the germ cells. The Endobiont is a vegetable germ, that from protein in Nanos exist and which lives under natural conditions in a symbiosis with his mammal landlord. It survives 350 degrees Celsius heat and - 70 degrees of cold weather.

PhD. Bechamp 1806 - 1908 Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Medizin BechampBild Medizin Enderlein1 PhD. Enderlein 1872 - 1968Bild Button pfeil1

Unter certain conditions called high valences such as environmental pollution, unnatural civilization food or mental stress the Endobiont independent and grows up to larger microorganisms. In extreme cases one sees bacterial forms. In these higher development stage the Endobiont becomes from the Symbionten to the parasite with own metabolism, which is harmful for the bodies liquids. First diffuse functional complaints develop such as headache, cycle disturbances, lack of drive and depressive tendencies, later numerous serious diseases, like for example rheumatism, Arthritis and hypertension, in addition, all forms of good-like and malicious Tumor

Enderlein discovered three main lines of the upward development of the Endobionten. Each line of development (Cyclogenie) flows in the emergence of other high valences, outside of the blood up to the development of a mushroom. The valent high mushroom do not form develop any longer in the blood, since they need a sour environment to their development, but on the mucous membranes. The therapy by appropriate preparations can fall asleep processes again activity, and/or Enderlein had the ingenious idea to use low bio modulators living with our body in symbiosis as drugs. They suggest the self-regularization of the microorganisms, so that ill making forms (bacteria, viruses and mushrooms) are reduced and can. are separated

 From Institut created of Enderlein developed a company, which manufactures the preparations developed by Enderlein. The connection of nature welfare procedures and the Enderlein therapy makes it possible to cause a profound to mood of the organism whereby the immune system can cause deeply thorough, adjusting reorganization. The therapy goes out thus of completely different concept than other therapies.

Viruses, bacteria and mushrooms are innocuous in the reason and can unfold only if humans offer the suitable environment or terrain to them. If the terrain is bad, then this shows up also in the blood under the dark field microscope

SANUM produce the following drugs in Germany

 Isopathika: they are the original preparations, their production the German scientist Prof. Dr.Gnther Enderlein developed has. On the basis of the variability of mikrobiel-forms and the fact that a symbiosis between the mammal - organism and the Endobionten are necessary for the life, these drugs adjust all disease symptoms, which belong to the Endobiose complex.

 Immun - Modulators: these preparations from bacteria adjust the immune system on a nonspecific Weise

 Haptene: the new product group of the SANUKEHL preparations are based on a special manufacturing process, with which the Polysaccharide from the cell wall are won of microorganisms. The SANUKEHLE work as Antigen Absorber, and they bind antigens and Toxine.

 29. PhD. Budwig - Therapy Bild Button pfeil2Bild Button pfeil2

 In the naturopathy the quark linseed oil cure is well-known for centuries as cures. But only for few years the secret of this mixture can be explained scientifically. The discoveries of the German Forscherin Dr. Johanna Budwig over the impact of essential fatty acids formed the basis for a row of realizations over the connection of protein and fat metabolisms.

Bild Medizin Budwigbild Budwig oleolux_zutaten kleinBild budwig2bild buch budwig en 1aBild Buch budwig en 2a

Dr. med. Jan Roehm (Onkologe and earlier Kardiologe) Book : “ Townsend type character For Doctors ”

“ this diet is world-wide with distance the most successful anti-cancer diet. Which showed it (Dr. Dr. Johanna Budwig) and which discovered with me first Unglauben, however to my fullest satisfaction in my practice proved to be true later is: CANCER IS EASY TO HEALING. The treatment is nutrition/lifestyle, the reaction comes directly; the cancer cell is weak and in the long run; the exact biochemical weak point became of it 1951 identifiziert and is specifically correctable, in vitro (test tube) just like in vivo (at the living person). I wished only, all my patients would have a doctor title in biochemistry and quanta physics thereby them to recognize could, with which completed fate this food one arranged. “


The patient has no nourishment on day #1 other than 250 ml (8.5 oz) of Flax Oil with honey plus freshly squeezed fruit juices (no sugar added!). In the case of a very ill person, champagne may be added on the first day in place of juice and is taken with the Flax Oil and honey. Champagne is easily absorbable and has a serious purpose here.

1)  SUGAR IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. Grape juice may be added to sweeten any other freshly squeezed juices.

2) Other 'forbidden fats' are:

- All animal fats.

- All Salad Oils (this included commercial mayonnaise)

- All Meats (chemicals & hormones)

- Butter

- Margarine

- Preserved Meats (the preservatives block metabolism even of Flax Oil)

3)  Freshly squeezed vegetable juices are fine - carrot, celery, apple, and red beet.

4) Three times daily a warm tea is essential - peppermint, rose hips or grape tea - all sweetened as desired with honey. One cup of black tea before noon is fine.

Johanna Budwig recognized that disturbances, by a lack of essential fatty acids and a too much at satisfied fatty acids, are caused the cause of many metabolisms disturbances in the human body. First she discovered that the insatiated fatty acids, which are electrically negatively charged tighten positively charged sulfur bearing protein of molecules, as they occur in the quark, with them connect themselves and thus become water soluble. In this way high-quality Lipoproteine develops. These steer the entire Water enzyme and hormone budget and due to their water solubility can them into the fine blood capillaries penetrate. Patients with liver illnesses know that their illness is connected with the fat metabolism. They are to therefore eat fewer fats. Would correctly be three-way, them - insatiated fatty acids from linseed oil as well as the material, for that the fats then makes easily soluble to give.

The second crucial discovery was the meaning of the essential fatty acids for the cell breathing. The connection of amino acids with Linoleic takes place under acidic-substance, caused via simultaneous reactions of enzymes, which cause the connection and delivery of the oxygen to the red blood corpuscles. Without insatiated fatty acids we, despite sufficient offer at oxygen, would suffocate proper. The absence of these highly insatiated fatty acids brings many vital functions to the End

Successes that oil - protein - food of MD. Budwig speak for itself.


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