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Who is Tamara Lebedewa? Tamara Jakovlewna Svišèeva - in the German-speaking countries admits under their Pseudonym - Lebedewa - was born 1938 in Krasnojarsk and worked as Chemist. Shi became with 28 years a chief of their department in national Reserch institute. From 1982 on it led the department of Future TechnologyBild Button pfeil1

Bild Medizin LebedewaBild Buch Lebedewa Kreberreger entd.Bild Buch Lebedewa Blutatlas Tamara Jakovlewna Svišèeva

Because of many cases of cancer in their family began it to investigate this illness. Their intuition following it leaned the usual theory of the cell mutation off because it did not believe that the cells of an organism can change in such a way that they are directed against it. In the laboratories of these institutes in pc. Petersburg it researched: Onkologi Petrow research institute, Ott research institute for Gynäkologie and birth assistance, Pasteur - Research-institute for epidemiology and microbiology and in centers Research-institute for X-raying and radiology. 1989 discovered it the connection between cancer cells and under gynaecologists admitted, but for Protozoe harmlessly held Trichomonade.

This theory is already of German researchers in 19. Century spoken. Thus Professor Dr. Guenther Enderlein of “Endobionten” spoke itself in the human body, - depending upon existing environment - pleomorphistisch develop and to an ill making enemy even deadly in the worst case become

The 3 fundamental discoveries Professor Enderlein are

1. the cell the last unit of the alive substance does not represent,

2. the blood is not sterile

3. the bacteria one of the bacteriology so far completely ignored, however scientifically exactly ascertainable development cycle go through.

What found out Dr. Lebedewa?

Shi has first the characteristics of the single-cell parasite Trichomonade developed. In the medicine the seit 1836 durch discovery of the French Anatoms Donné known parasite from the group of the Flagellata has the characteristics of the variability and many design, the so-called Plemorphismus. This concerns surviving a strategy of the Trichomonade, in order to be able to survive in different environments. The female scientist is able, purposefully by chemical stimulation, these single-celled organisms to the change into one of the three admitted manifestations to bring: the cysts-formthe amoeba form as well as the begeisselte Form, as well as many provisional stages. From tumors it treats taken cells in the same way with accurately the same result. That can reproduce it and it proves: Cancer-cells are Trichomonaden, Colonies of single-cell parasites and degenerate Bodycells

Are Trichmonaden lethal?

Only in an overacidified organism. In a body with strong Immune system they live in a strategic equilibrium. If the immune strength is reduced and the bodies increasingly overacidified, its conditions improve and they increase in the Blood and in the Tssue. By their metabolisms eliminations load it the organism. Trichomonaden are in the situation, by produced Enzym Hyaluronidase = To penetrate Kollagenase cell fabric. Thus they arrive of the bloodstream into the fabric, the Lymphatic system, the organs and form Tumore.

Trichomonaden come into three easily different kinds in the human body forwards:

1. the mouth Trichomonade(trichomonas tenax),

2. Trichomonade in the digestive tract(trichomonas hominis/intestinalis) and

3. the Trichomonade within the vaginalen/urogenitalen range (trichomonas vaginalis/urogenitalis). The latter is the aggressive Form.

Cleaning program in 4 stages from Dr. Lebedewa

1. Cleaning of Toxinen and cinders

2. Supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements

3. Freeing of parasite, Trichomonaden

4. Stabilization of the immune system.

The individual steps of this program please from the literature of Dr. Lebedewa

31. Health food - raw food Bild Button pfeil2

Bild Tibet Markt1Bild Ernaehrung aepfel Birnen NuesseBild Ernaehrung obst

Wie healthy is pure raw food? Over this question violently one argues. For the one it is the ideal food absolutely, for the others is raw foodsequivalently to lack and renouncement. Cultural peoples with very high age are predominantly Vegetarien.

What is raw food?

 Or processed food did not heat up, since in it all important contents of materials in original form and quantity are contained only. In addition, with convinced regular value Eater do not agree theory and practice. Still less humans it are so consistent that they paint each cook food completely of the bill of fare. For many raw food is the Nonplusultra. Sound sequence with by nutrition caused civilization diseases such as Arteriosklerose, heart cycle suffering, rheumatism and in many cases also with cancer seem them quite to give. 

What is health food?

 Food, which originates from bio cultivation, is meant healthy and full are and fulfill also ethical criteria. Health food - food originates from biological agriculture. Bio farmers promote and receive the natural cycle, which of a healthy and to healthy and full food leads active ground over robust plants and animals. The yard is seen here as unit, comparably with a living organism.

 The ground fertility the alternative farmers owe primarily to nature. Chemical-synthetic fertilizers or plant protection agents lost thereby nothing. Are cultivated excluding plants, which fit the climate as well as the respective ground conditions. Meaningful fruit consequence, green and organic fertilization, for example from kompostiertem stable muck, promote the fertility. Parasits and diseases are repelled mechanically (to shake off, reading off, heels, Jäten) or biologically by the employment of usefuller or harmless plant protection agents.

 The Öko agriculture takes consideration on all organisms and stands for kind-fair animal husbandry. Highest principle is thinking and acting also here in cycles. The own agriculture produces fodder for humans and cattle, the animals supplies in response muck and liquid manure as fertilizer for the plants. On the yard only so many animals live, as can be nourished there and accommodated generously.

 32. Franz Konz - Urkost Bild Button pfeil2 

“ Yours is not meaningless words the sick not to help - with nothing meaningless words the earth before the destruction to preserve “

Bild Ernaehrung KonzBild Ernaehrung Konz1Bild Buch Konz1Bild Buch Konz3

Quote from its biography: “since then it 1965 the hospital escaped and even its heavy cancer suffering healed, studied Franz Konz over three decades long into the European and American University of libraries school medicine and naturopathy. He came with the fact to the judgement that it acts with the illness school medicine around nothing else as around in the course of thousands of years sent developed swindle system.”

The learned tax counsels is with its specialized books to the tax law the most successful German author. its book “The large health – Konz”is the obligation reading each health - conscious ones belong. The provocations of its posting ILS should be seen against the background its experiences. With diplomatic writing the book “would offend” not in such a way and a larger readership would respond surely - however nothing changes in truth content of its contents investigated comprehensively. Important hint: The appendix and the concordance alone reads itself excitingly like crime film - a Enzyklopedia. the guidelines coined/shaped by it to the re-establishment and preservation of the immune system:

Decontamination - raw food - game herbs - movement at fresh air - positive life attitude

The proofs which it supplies - the case examples - are impressing. One forest - trees - bushes - plants - and meadows after reading with other eyes to see and guaranteed - at least some of the read - take over and its life over change.

Franz Konz :What to be understood by true classical naturopathy?


 …” the sense of the nature treatment is completely misunderstood, if any gifts of the earth are used as medicine related and. The classical nature welfare teachings do not order certain materials or means because of their special effect on the organism. It is free of materialistic way of thinking.

 The classical naturopathy does not follow mechanically - medical principles. It uses up also no individual Nahrungsstoffe, because these deseam for instance the Arterien, bring the intestine back in motion or transfer additional vitamins the body. Or because these would be effective against germs or around missing germs to supply. Those are not anything as in the long term harmful, at least however nothing bringing in part of measures. The classical naturopathy treats ill humans only as a whole - or not at all. It does not give itself halfnesses. It rectifies a thinking of the patient like still healthy humans and achieves from its in such a way won self-sufficiency a change of its entire way of life and thus a healthy making effect on entire bodies the happening.”

On the Website of its association find itself under “references “many notarially authenticated patient reports over almost all well-known diseasesBild Button pfeil1

Allergy - age suffering - anemia - arthritis - asthma -

Volume disk - legs openly - breast knot - cancer of the breast - bypass - OI -

Intestine - depressions - large intestine cancer -

Lack of iron - cold constantly -

Fingers die - woman suffering -

Gastritis - joint pain - charge - flu -

Skin exem - hepatitis - Herpes - heart - hip joint -

Impotenz -

Headache - cancer various - cycle -

Thyroid -

Cancer of the lungs -

Migraine - tiredness chronically - ms -

Nerve suffering - Neurodermitis - kidneys -

Ears - osteoporosis -

Parodontose - Polyarthritis - prostate gland cancer -

Rheumatism - back pain -

Saccharidose - apoplexy - pain - sheds -

Tumor uterus -

Calcification -

Water in legs -

Teeth loosely

33. The Urkornhof - brown millet Bild Button pfeil1

In Austria dedicated itself the Oeko - yard of the family Kammerleithner the cultivation of Ur - to grain places and is long none secrettaps more. Cultivated the there Urkorn – brown millet in connection also Erth almonds I since 2004 and can particularly with the treatment of Arthrose positives calls

Bild braunhirse3Bild braunhirse4Bild Buch urkornhof Mineral material miracle millet

The millet belonged - like oats - to the Rispen grasses and was originally in east India domestic. It counts to the oldest cultivated plants and in Germany in before Christian time was already cultivated. Until before 100 years millet in the nutrition played a large role, came however then into oblivion.It is that mineral material richest grain of the Earth.millet is free glows a free product, of adhesive protein, which consists of Glutenin and Gliadin.

Hirse contains very much of silicea acid, in addition fluorine, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc etc. The vitamins of the B-group are particularly plentiful: B1, B2, B6, B17, Pantothen acid and nicotine acid amide represent. With 59 mg silicic acid, 6.8 mg iron, 0.6 mg fluorine, 3 mg sodium and 170 mg magnesium (in 100 g millet) , is it a good supplier of these important mineral materials. Their active substances affect positively bones and cartilages, can on one side existing clinker well-behaved mineral - material thawing to cancel and minerals of losses auszugleichen.

Ihre silicic acid as aqueous connection of silicon dioxide, represents an important Ursubstanz for each living organism. No living material and no organism can exist without silicic acid. With the plants the silicic acid has above all a structure and a supporting function. Also in the human body it is an indispensable ordering element. Together with lime it has primarily supporting function, the Silicea acid gives above all elasticity, the lime gives the firmness. Silicic acid strengthens also the connective tissue, which pulls the organism through as stand and which coats individual organs. The connective tissue is the Ur-fabric in the body. Outward the skin, which us like a flint coat encloses, forms the conclusion.

The high silicicea acid content provides also for smooth and fresh skin and strong, glossful hair. Silicic acid and fluorine help to provide during the reorganization of the teeth and for firm of finger and Toenails Silicic acid activated also the body-own defense strength and promotes the education derPhagozyten(Freß cells), the viruses and bacteria to the blood and im Lymphatic-system

Bild Braunhirse1Bild braunhirse2 Why millet at the age

With increasing age however constantly decreases the silicic acid content of the fabrics. This expresses itself by Wrinkling of the skin, connective tissue weakness, cramp veins, Haemorrhoiden, volume disks damage, attitude weaknesses, blood circulation disturbance, swindle, tiredness, Ekzeme, tooth damage, joint damage, joint inflammation, shortness of the nails, weakness of the senses and the nervous system and allergy. Also on the Nervous-systemthe silicic acid, in particular by B contained in it - vitamins, has a large influence.

 Silicic acid is also indispensable in the metabolism, provides for supplies at hormones, adjusts the water regime and is jointly responsible even for the exchange of the nutrients. Millet shows also with all nutrition caused lack a repair character. It is particularly good for satisfying mothers and should be eaten during the healing of fractures regularly. Inflammatory conditions - for example the blister - can fade away under millet food often faster.

Braunhirse has caused lack features, to the difference of inorganic preparations, with all this nutrition a repair character. Silicon in organic form works in our body like a supporting fabric. Silicon and/or silicic acid is a scientifically recognized trace element. Crucial is however the quantity, which arrives real in the cells. The daily minimum need becomes estimated due to of balance studies on approximately 50 mg. An overdosing of orally taken up silicic acid is hardly possible. More as approx. 250 mg per day do not know absorbed, but fast separated werden. Therefore additional gifts are potential of silicon silicic acid in connection with brown millet sinnvoll.

 The stabilization of the immune system, bone, skin, hair, fingernails and connective tissues by silicon is scientifically confirmed. Silicon provides new fertile soil, which enables the body to protect itself before nourish and loads due to environmental factors for the defense system. In connection with silicon calcium can be transported and stored better into the bones.

 A sufficient admission of silicon over the food, can improve also the bodies elasticity over the connective tissue. Silicon as well as calcium has primarily supporting functions, the silicon gives above all the roughly material firmness to elasticity as well as suppleness and the calcium. Silicon strengthens the connective tissue, which pulls the organism through with fine branchings as stand and which coats individual organs. It develops the bone stand and the cartilage and supports that water connection fortune of the proteins in the fabric, around thereby for less formation of wrinkles of the skin ensures.

Saarbruecken newspaper over brown millet

“Therefore some runners swear on brown millet as universal remedies. The product, „in health food shops and reform houses was until recently never required so well, the dealers from the hands is torn and is already temporarily sells off at present to be.

Es were quoted some prominent ones from the Saarland runner scene like Ultralaufpionier Eddi Hans(63) out live oh a 6-Stundenlauf thereby pain-free got over and „the Christian branch gene, Spitzenathlet of the LTA Marpingen “, which got solid knees of problems with daily two spoons in the orange juice into the grasp. „Wolfgang Lauff, 65, Jogger and managing director of the running club Saarbruecken, which the Achilles chord had long pinched three-quarter a year, are pain-free after four days brown millet “. Braunhirse „helfe with acute sport injuries rapidly on the leaps and does amazingly property with arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, Parkinson, Tinnitus, hair loss, cramp veins and even Karies “

Commentary of a sportsman: Brown millet - miracle drugs of the Kenianer? “Die Kenianer and other east African participate nevertheless in long-distance runs always in front! And with what do those nourish themselves??? Naturally with millet!!!”

Man can give gemahlene brown millet to the Müsli, in addition, in all liquids, like in freshly pressed fruit - or to vegetable saft, just as also in soups and in yogurt. 2-3 times daily. 1 Esslöffel, however no more than 70 g.Als small hors-d'oeuvre or as Beigabe for breakfast or as intermediate meal can be blended also two Teelöffel brown millet flour with a rubbed apple. Brown millet is suitable also to germinating. By beginning to germinate the content of vitamins multiplies around 400 to 600 per cent. In addition it has high enzyme an activity, which is not yet present in the resting seed.

 Millet as basis means with bone complaints. Millet knows regular value and raw food condition bone complaints, in particular arthritis at large and small joints with its valuable minerals in, as also at the spinal column welfare-end affect. Naturally the welfare strength of the raw - millet should be supported by health food and healthy way of life.

A welfare practical man reports the following:

“Eine for instance 75-jährige lady, who could move itself only with two sprags, was admitted to the operation of the volume disks in the hospital. After thorough investigation you opened the head physician however that it was unfortunately much too late for a promising operation and it must resign itself to be dependent on the wheelchair in few weeks always. Shortly after this shocking opening the accompanying upper physician returned to its patient bed and said to the lady that he would know of its betagten parents that these would already take for years against cross pain daily three to four Teelöffel millet flakes in tea, coffee, soup or an other beverage. Since then they could work unhindered. The lady took regularly her Hirsefloeckli at home and changed their nutrition over to a large extent on health food. Success was long in coming not; soon it could away-put one, then also the second sprag and in the meantime goes it long again freely and without each handicap to buying etc. But millet remains faithful it. “

The silicic acid, effectuation also a cleaning of arterio sklerotisch changed containers and makes it again more flexible; thus also the blood circulation improves and to high blood pressure is normalized. At the same time the silicic acid restrains a progressing of the arterial calcovikation.

The internalist and Arteriosklerose - researcher Prof. God hard Schettler (1917 - 1996) spoke already at the beginning of the 1980er years of the fact that the diseased container changing were “obviously capable of of recovery”.in the meantime even succeeded it to prove such recoveries by means of special Roentgen procedures (Prof. Hans Kaffarnik, University of Marburg).

34. Padma 28 - Tibetan medicine Bild Button pfeil1

The medicine of old cultures, like also the Tibetan medicine does not work with individual active substances or excerpts of a plant, because it gives of it 5,000 to 10,000 chemical Substanzen, which function regarding their effect supplementing and cause only so the most different results. Gerb - and bitter materials or Tannine, which admit us from the black tea are, work for example inflammation restraining, attraction moderating and anti-oxidatively. Plant dyes from blooms, sheets and stems, like e.g. the Flavonoide, work likewise anti-oxidatively and strengthen the immune system, while as odoriferous substances ethereal oils admitted antimikriobiell, cramp-solving and inflammation restraining work can.

If one particularly takes a various vegetable food and herbs or combinations to itself, one supplies not only individual bioactive substance to its organism, but a broad pallet not individual bioactive substance, but so far a not decoded of additive or synergistic cooperation of components is thus responsible for the health-promoting effect.

Bild TibetBild Medizin Padma 28 ABild Padma 2Bild Buch padma 28 

An Tibetan prescription from 22 Herbs cam by a Russian physician of Tibet to Europe brought and now in Switzerland under the designation PADMA 28 made. The anti-oxidative effect of Tibetan herbs mixtures such as PADMA 28 was impressively confirmed in the meantime also by scientific investigations with modern methods. Thus for example an investigation accomplished at the Eidgenössischen technical university (ETH) in Zuerich occupies the anti-oxidative effect of PADMA 28. " it gives clear references ", summarizes the Biochemikerin Marianne Suter of the ETH their test results, " the one effectiveness of the Tibetan herbs mixture PADMA 28 against a premature aging process, against Arteriosklerose, which are caused by oxidative stress, confirms. PADMA 28 can prevent such diseases. Ca.up to two per cent of the inhaled oxygen, so Suter,werden not to water, but gradually to free radicals reduced.

Particularly damaging, so Suter, is hydrogen peroxide for example in the combination with iron or copper: " PADMA 28 can bind iron and copper, whereby the oxidation process can be stopped. “additional is very high the ability of PADMA 28 to neutralize in small doses free radicals. PADMA 28 is effective also with the neutralization of a process, which leads to the emergence of Peroxinitrit. This very reactive oxide to develops from the important messenger molecule nitrogen oxide and a superoxide, which disintegrate to different cell damaging components. Suter: " PADMA 28 neutralizes a damage of cell structures, which was caused by Peroxinitrit to one hundred per cent. “ 

The original prescription with 22 herbsBild Button pfeil1

 1. Marmelosfrucht (Aegie sepiar fructus) 20 mg

 2. Carnation pepper (Amomi fructus) 25 mg

 3. Akeleikraut (Aaquilegiae vulgaris herba) 15 mg

 4. natural gypsum (Calcii sulphas pulv.) 20 mg

 5. Ringelblumenblueten (Calendulae flos) 5 mg

 6. Kampfer (Dextrocamphora) 4 mg

 7. Cardamom (Cardamomi fructus) 30 mg

 8. Spice carnation (Caryophylli flos) 12 mg

 9. Indian Kostuswurzel (Ccosti amari radix) 40 mg

10. Hedychwurzel (Hedychii rhizoma) 10 mg

11. Garden lettuce (Lactucae sativae folium) 6 mg

12. Icelandic Moos (Lichen islandicus) 40 mg

13. South wood (Liquiritiae radix) 15 mg

14. Nimbaumfrucht (Meliae tousend fructus) 30 mg

15. Pointed way Erich herb (Plantaginis herba) 15 mg

16. Vogelknoeterichkraut (Polygoni herba) 15 mg

17. Gold finger herb (Potentillae aureae herba) 15 mg

18. Red Sandelhol (Santali rubri lignum) 30 mg

19. Sidakraut (Ssidae cordifoliae herba) 10 mg

20. Iron hat tubers (Aconiti more tuber) 1 mg

21. Valerian root (Valerianae radix) 10 mg

22. Myrobalanen (Myrobalani fructus) 30 m

 The author cares for some top-class sportsmen and can showing only confirm. The perseverance - achievement improves - the Infekt - susceptibility (a large problem among achievement sportsmen) substantially reduces the original PADMA 28 may only in Switzerland be sold. In Germany offered products contain not all components. Hint: only the GENUINE is the GENUINE.

35. HORVI - Therapie Bild Button pfeil1

Queues -, toads -, spiders -, scorpio - and scrapper-cleaning - Toxine.

The use of substances and poisons from the animal realm for welfare purposes is old thousands of years.Seit more than 50 years work excluding very experienced therapists with special products the company HORVI,Bild Button pfeil1 die their seat into the Netherlands moved. Here they are to be presented only briefly. The author could obtain some amazing results, warns however before self attempts.

The first made of animal claen-toxine, i.e. of raw of poisons liberating from the foreign protein, succeeded into the 1930 it year by the Pharmakologen and chemist Dr. Waldemar Diesing. He was a Schülerof the German physiologist, Nobelprice for medicine 1931, PhD. Otto Warburg, the discoverer of the enzyme, the Cytrochrom - c - Oxidase, to which Otto Warburg gave the name „breathing enzyme ".

Bild kroeteBild Skorpion 1Bild spinne

 The poisons of the queues and other animals differ particularly in the different complexes of enzymes. This concerns active substances, which intervene in the metabolism process and the functions of cells. The typical characteristic of all enzymes is however that they change and attack not directly cell processes, but when metabolic procedures affect and steer group of the catalysts. They do not remain forming invariably and further fission products like conventional drugs

Early investigations became 1781 from Dr. Fontana publishes, in which the effect was described of queue poison on the blood clotting. 1827 became the drug effect for the first time of Dr. Constantin Hering study. After publication of its research work “ Effect of the queue poison, to the medical use comparatively arranged “(1837) had itself application of queue poisons also in the homoeopathy rapidly etabliert.

 Bild Medizin Felice_Fontana_1730-1805 Dr. Felice Fontana Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Medizin Dr. hering 1 Dr. C. Hering 1800 - 1880,Bild Button pfeil1

He studied medicine in Dresden. During his stay in Surinam (1827 - 1833) he examined the venoms of Lachesis, Crotalus, Vipera berus, Vipera Redii and Naja tripudians.

 Natter                                                                         Cobra                                     green Mamba

Bild schlange natterBild schlange king-cobraBild schlange gruene mamba

 Nattern have a high portion of Neurotoxinen:. 

 Kobra or also eyeglass queue mentioned (Naja tripudians) - Bungarus fasciatus

 Schwarzotter (Pseudechis porphyriacus)

 Korallenotter (Elaps corallinus)

 The Green Mamba (Dendraspis jameson

Viper                                                                        Rattling queue

Bild schlange ViperBild schlange klapperBild schlange lachesis muta Lachesis - muta

 Vipers have ahigher portion of coagulating promoting and haemolytischen substances.

Shrub master (Lachesis)

Rattling queue (Crotalus terrificus)

Puffotter (Bitis arietans)

Horn viper (Cerastis cornutus)

Krötenotter (Causus rhombeatus)

Mokassinschlange (Agkistrodon piscivorus)

Sand viper (Vipera of ammodytes)

Chain viper (Vipera Russelli)

Kreuzotter (Vipera berus)

 In all Nattern and Vipern poisons are Toxine (Neurotoxine, Haemolysine, Haemorrhagine, Koaguline, Kardiotoxine) and enzymes in different portions contain. Enzyme serve as catalysts in living organs.

There are two functional groups in the queue poisons:

a) the toxic group

Neurotoxine, Koaguline, Haemolysine, Haemorrhagine. further more substances, which affect the function of the skeleton and the smooth musculature, as well as the heart = Kardiotoxine. Also such, which paralyze the amoebiode movement of the leukocytes = Leukozidine (Leukozidine = of staphylococci formed Entoxin with diaphragm of damaging effect on leukocytes) and other Zellen.

b) the fermentative group

Acetylcholin - Esterase, Proteasen, Peptidasen, Phospholiphase - A, Hyluronidasen, I - amino acid - Oxydase, CO enzyme, Phosphatase, Opho ATP - ase, DPN - splitting Ferment to only call in order some.

All knows today that all queue poison between 35 and 50 enzyme species have The composition of the queue poisons are in each case different very because of the different content of the effective components. Thisnatural protein bridge, which holds actually the poison together, is mit 85 % protein in the Rohtoxin represented and only 15 _ constitutes the enzymes and Neurotoxine. Queue poisons were not used by their high protein portion in that humanly medicine almost. Only as it Dr. Waldemar Diesing succeeded, to lower by a fermentativen dismantling so called of the protein bridge, the Protein content to 1,8 to 2 % without the poison disintegrated and thus became ineffective, was from the Rohtoxin the Horvi Reintoxin become and thus a Enzymtherapie.

By the employment of the Horvi – purely toxins do not come however all Neurotoxine and enzymes to the employment, but the general complex of the queue poison, however release of the natural protein bridge, the solution fluid in the poisen gland.HORVI of products are one of the animal Toxine, and Kombinationen of further poisens. combinations with suitable vegetable active substances come isolated in connection with the purely toxinen forwards, whereby by specific enzyme carriers the general efficiency is increased. Die HORVI therapy causes drastic intervention in the immune system and belongs only into experienced hands.

36. Strophanthin - Ouabain - miracle drug against cardiac infarct? Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Medizin Herz InfarktBild Medizin Herz Infarkt2Bild Medizin Strophanthin Acokanthera

African plants (Lianen, photo left) of the kind '' Strophanthus '' from the family of the dog poison plants forwards. The names of well-known Strophanthine are derived from different Strophanthus kinds: E-Strophanthin out '' Strophanthus eminii '' g-Strophanthin out '' S. gratus '' and '' Acokanthera oblongifolia. '' H-Strophanthin out '' S. hispidus '' k-Strophanthin out '' S. kombe `. Also the summers domestic with us -Adonisröschen('' Adonis aestivalis '') contains Strophanthidin, the Aglykon of the k-Strophanthins, which is likewise very poisonous and led world-wide to death of horses.


The natives of Africa used the seeds of the Strophanthus - kinds as arrow poison. 1859 was discovered the heart effect of the Strophanthus seed, as during the Livingstone - Expedition in Africa the toothbrush of the Biologen' Kirk von this unnoticed in contact with the Strophanthus - arrow poison came and on it to its heart complaints directly disappeared. 1862 succeeded it to the Scottish Pharmacolog and physisian Thomas Fraser to isolate aus the seed '' of the Strophanthus kombé '' k-Strophanthin. 1885 was the total excerpt of Strophanthus kombé as '' Tinctura strophanthia '' introduced to the heart therapy and 1893 in the German dispensatory aufgenommen. 1888 isolated the French chemist Arnaud the g-Strophanthin out '' Strophanthus gratus '' and '' Acokanthera ouabaio '', which off 1904 as purely substance to the oral income was available.

Thetherapeutic advancement and the proof of the fast and strong effect with intravenously given k-Strophanthin goes on the German Dr. Albert Fraenkel back, that it starting from 1905 with heart insufficiency used. In co-operation with it the pharmaceutical at that time enterprise Boehringer Mannheim developed the first intravenous form Kombetin® ,Bild Button pfeil1 those up to the end 20. Century in the trade was. Starting from 1906 the employment was intravenously applizierten Strophanthins generally recognition. Ernst Edens (1876 - 1944) set Strophanthin intravenously starting from 1928 successfully also with Angina pectoris and Heard-infarct, an at that time still rare Disease

 Bild Medizin Strophanthin Fraenkel Dr. Albert Fraenkel   Bild Medizin von Ardenne Dr. Manfred von ArdenneBild Button pfeil1 Bild Medizin Stropanthin dr. berthold kern Dr. Berthold Kern Bild Button pfeil1

Stuttgarter internalist, led 1947 orally given g-Strophanthin to the prevention and treatment of the angina pectoris and increasingly the coming Myokardinfarktes. Dr. Berthold core, which successfully resumed the research work and the life's work of Professor Edens, treated so far  15,000 Heardpatienten with Strophantin. Only 4 of these got a renewed infarct in the course of the treatment time, and of it none ran mortally! How Dr. Kern, there are no heart complaints, which proceed from the heart wreath/ring containers. All complaints of the heart go out of the Heard musceland at the latest now are a warning signal, with a Strophantin treatment to beginnen.

 Dr. Berthold Kernand  Manfred von Ardenne one knows today that it alwaysconcerns with the damage of on the left of insides of the heart muscle metabolisms a disturbance. An overacidification always develops by lactic acid. Strophantin is now a means that the cells immediately deacidifiedthat is the secret around the effect of the Strophanthin!!! Until today the point of view becomes that the cardiac infarct develops completely differently, i.e. at the heart muscle and not in the heart wreath/ring containers, of that theory at our universities completely denied and tabuisiert.

1880 has the Heidelberger Professor Dr. Richard Thoma proven that the Arteriosklerose is not able, a cardiac infarct to erzeugen. In the spring 1931 the full professor of the University of Duesseldorf, Professor Dr. Edens vor stepped the internalists congress into Wiesbaden and explained that one had now actually the problem cardiac infarct in the grasp. He has 1928 the extremely positive effect of the Strophantin with angina pectoris and infarcts discovers. It could do details works mechanisms of the Strophantin in the heart muscle not to explain, acted however after the principle: " no matter whether we understand, which takes place there, helps it and then must it is used. “

Prof. Dr. Edens had treated up to then all patients, who had suffered cardiac infarcts or under angina pectoris suffered, with Strophantin. The result was that they remained free all complaint, as long as they took the means. No infarcts arose to more!

Effect principle

In higher cncentrations, those clinically only by high dosages intravenoes gave Strophanthins to reach are, restrain the active substance the located in cell walls sodium - potassium - pump, the receptor for Heard glykoside. This sodium potassium pump (synonymous: Sodium-potassium ATPase), which occurs particularly numerously (millionfold) in nerve and heart muscle cells, pumps sodium ions from the cell out and potassium ions inside, which is important for many fundamental cell functions. This inhibition of the sodium potassium pump as the classical effect of the Heard-glykoside is regarded, which lead calcium (via sodium calcium exchanger) over the increased cellular content at sodium and thus also to an increase of the contractible force of the heart muscle cell (so-called positively inotropic effect), an important effect principle with heart insufficiency, the classical indication for Heard-glykoside.

In small, physiological concentrations , like it as hormone, after oraler gift as well as after slow intravenous injection in low dosage to be measured, works Strophanthin however stimulating on the sodium - potassium - pump which to the lowering of the cellular sodium and calcium content leads. The stimulation of the sodium potassium pump by g-Strophanthin was observed in over 50 studies (e.g. Gao et al. 2002 ,Saunders and Scheiner-Bobis 2004). The sodium potassium pump adjusts among other things the intrazellulären pH value (Schoner/Scheiner-Bobis). Already starting from 1971 for Strophanthin it was proven that it the Cell - pH - Wert of the heart normalisiert (M. vonArdenne/Kern), which was called '' Chemotropismus ''.

Low concentrations at g-Strophanthin could however nevertheless a positively inotropic effect cause, thus the Kraft increase, with which the heart muscle pulls together, because a superelevated calcium content, which is frequent with heart illnesses, works negatively inotropicly. Two thirds of the patients with heavy Angina pectorisin the study by Dohrmann and Schlief-Pflug1986 one '' positively '' inotropic, the others one '' negatively '' inotropic effect, in each case after oral income of 12 mg oralemg-Strophanthin. Belz et al. 2004 seen however '' with healthy test subjects '' a negatively inotropic effect after 12 mg oral g-Strophanthin.

After over 5 year old searches put the Autor Rolf Jürgen Petry one understandable! - Evaluation of 1380 source data pre from approximately 70 years treatment with Strophanthin. Strophanthin. Beyond that therein dozens are to success of studies over therapy -.

Bild PetriBild Buch Strophantin Summary of book contents by its author:Bild Button pfeil1 

“Remarkable is the large discrepancy between the extensive literature - a whole row of studies, partially double-blind, and innumerable reports from 1950 to 2000 - over the outstanding effect of a vegetable substance, of the Heard-glykosids g - Strophanthin, with the prophylaxis and treatment of the Heard-infarktsand of the Angina pectoris here and the consistent exclusion of the impressing facts by the medical doctrine on the other hand, which judges the g-Strophanthin with serious lack wrongly (allegedly bad oral absorption).

DThe effect mechanism actual against the teachings - unquestionable the stimulation of the sodium potassium pump, whereby small concentrations of g-Strophanthin affect several components very side effect poor: the myocardium, the Arterien, the erythrocytes and the nervous system. Since 1991 g-Strophanthin is considered as again discovered hormone, whereby him the role of a hypertonia causer is falsely thought. The controversy for many decades around the Strophanthin caught fire often also from partially innovative aspects of the Infarkt pathogenesis, like e.g. the Arterien - net in the heart muscle, the relatively small frequency of Koronar Thromben sowie of the role of the Vicious Circle of the erythrocytes -, not noticed which can be taken quite seriously, by anatomy, Flexibilitaetals a starter or at least an amplifier of the cardiac infarct reduced by acid. Tragically threatening malfunctioning of the after permission of the medicine would be double-blind by the Federal Office because of the missing large, to expensive clinical study. ”

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Following in the footsteps of Dr Enderlein, in Sweden the doctor and scientist Dr. Erik Enby further evidence supplied. On his Websitses in engl. Swedish and German you can find comprehensive materials, articles, pictures and a video

37. Dr. Erik Enby

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Links to some of his articels:Bild Button pfeil1

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Dr. Enby `s life was his successful doctor in various hospitals and recognized worldwide. His successful life, and its publications be restricted for everyone interested to do research. Even in his own clinic are not wrong, but he always had to today's recognition of teaching medicine fight. Meanwhile he must than 71 years, a lawsuit against the Swedish State. They have him because of his allegedly unorthodox therapies and resultant deaths, registration as a medical withdrawal. This is yet known and is probably the fate of all exceptional people.

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