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 1st  General Informations

 2nd  Systems of the body 

 3rd  Follow - impact 

 4th  Therapy - Tips 

5th  Dr.Weisser`s -Tips        

Each year 60,000,000 people die - per second 2

 All 102 seconds, a man of war victims

 All 61 seconds, one person killed

 All 39 seconds a person commits suicide

 All 26 seconds a person dies from a car accident

 Every 3 seconds a person dies from malnutrition

 All 5 seconds a child dies under 5 years 

 1st General Informations

 “ Disease is nothing more than an attempt of the body, get rid of pathogenic substances Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689

The basic cause of disease is a lack of substances in the body should be and

The presence of substances that are not in the body should be ..      Cyril Scott "Armstrong S.112

 "The best doctors are Dr. food, rest and Dr. smile "                   Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)

 "Everyone should be himselfe doctor.:

 + Eat with moderation + Eat what we can digest + What effect?      Voltaire (1694-1778)

"The best doctor is nature. Heals you 3 / 4 of all disease and never speaks ill of a fellow" Galen (129-199)

Bild Medizin Sydenham Sydenham  Bild voltaire Voltaire   Bild medizin galen Galen  

 "Doctors secrete drugs, of which they know little - For the treatment of diseases of which they know less - In people, of which they know nothing Voltaire

"Almost all people died of their medicine, not on their diseases"   Moliere (1622-1672)

Adverse effects of drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in America .. more deaths than drugs"JAMA

In Germany 80,000,000 People> 37,000,000 allergies and skin suffering> 26,000,000 brittle bones> 20,000,000 have diabetes> 15,000,000 rheumatism and gout.

 Every year 300,000 new cancer cases - 80,000 prostate cancer - 12,000 deaths> 40 minutes per man> 55,000 new cases of breast cancer - 18,000 deaths> 40 per minute, a woman> 71,000 new cases of colorectal cancer deaths 29,000> 40.000Tote lung cancer - among women + 20% 

The reliance of people

 * Lighting survived without one months .. * Without food, nitrogen week * Excluding water, salt, hydrogen days ..* Without oxygen minutes ..


Bild Medizin craniosakralsystem  Bild Medizin lymphatic-system

 2.  System  Organisms 

There are 3 important fluid systems:

1st    blood:                    veins, arteries, fluid - systems: heart

2nd   Craniosacral - System:     fluid system, meningitis, spinal cord

3rd   Lymphatics, lymph nodes:  lymphatic system

There are 3 rhythms - Groups

1st    Heartbeat / pulse

2nd   Craniosacral - rhythm

3rd   Respiratory rhythm

Too little water, oxygen, nitrogen, salt, exercise:

 --> Reduced removal of the slag -> clogged connective tissue / blood vessels -> reduced detoxification--> Growing poisoning -> less efficient metabolic processes--> Lack of water = en - hydrogenation -> lack of hydrogen -> Energy shortage--> Cells turn energy on fermentation (from sugar) -> higher oxygen demand--> Higher oxygen demand is not met -> less energy -> energy shortage--> Through fermentation more slag -> further reduced Ver - / disposal, Excess--> Less oxygen / energy for the brain -> body to tap into an energy source bones -> pain, brain damage, stroke, heart attack, ear, heart attack,   osteoporosis

"Your food will be your cure And your remedy to be your food, "Hippocrates

Soils through art fertilizers / poisons exhausted -> less useful soil organisms--> Less chemical transformations -> less minerals / vitamins  Stockwell

cultivation / processing / preservation methods -> denatured food nitrates and pesticides in drinking water - Self - purification of water by electric smog / toxins / long pipelines prevents harmful information stored in the water .nothing magnetic.

Too little exercise, too little water to drink: acids formed (for lack of minerals / water) are not neutralized - flushed away.

About Nutrition, no therapeutic fasting, (healing) fever with antibiotics suppressed

Too much protein from meat / milk : disturbed intestinal flora -> malfunction of the immune system - too much in closed spaces, too much plastic -> ion imbalance in the air

Too little natural light / UV - A / UV - B, distorted spectrum (glasses / glass ..)     

 Vein> venous valves> open & closed

 Microscope> Cancer> destroy parasites in the blood erythrocytes

 Lymphatic System> breast                                        Spine> 3 areas

 Destroyed articular rheumatism

 Each disease can be stopped - the regeneration of the body will take over the rest  "Baklayan

"If the body has sufficient oxygen and water, he can regenerate its system” "Oxygen water improves alertness, reflexes, memory, intelligence - Alzheimer's and Parkinson respond .. "Brooks

"A fasting day / week is a tremendous help for the physical regeneration" "The medicine of the future is light eyes .. = best access to the internal organs" 

 3. The consequences

 amazing videos : The Royal Rife Story 9:50 Royal Rife-In His Own Words 7:36 Royal Rife Lab Film 9:45

sensational videos : Rife-Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms - June 28 '07 - 44:02  July 6 '07 - 11:51 August 27 ’07) Sept 2007  25:17

  -> Blood, lymph and other humors increasingly polluted / parasitic burden--> Metabolism / regulatory systems / immune system disrupte--> Tissue increasingly of acidifying/ degenerates, nerve endings demage--> Creeping worse hear / see / taste / smell ..-> = Intestinal Lifewood slags -> nutrient uptake disrupted -> Lack of Mineral - Vital substances--> Balance of micro-organisms in the gut 

Bild Medizin Enderlein1 Dr. Enderlein Bild Rife Rife Bild medizin dr. klinghardt Dr. Klinghardt Bild medizin Baklayan A. Baklayan

Bild Medizin Rife-DVD-CoverBild Buch rife 1Bild Buch Rife energy medicine

Weakened immune system -> allergies, skin disease, atopic dermatitis, energy loss ..--> Excess threatening blood (blood thickening, tinnitus, hearing fall, heart attack, stroke ..)-> demineralization-> body builds mineral reserves from the bones, hair soil ..-> osteoporosis, hair loss .. --> Toxins from the air, water, food, clothing, housing, dentures, vaccines ... Collects -> in connective tissue, nerve, brain -> psychological changes Klinghardt

 --> Inhibiting the body's enzyme system -> reduction lifetime / Quality of Life ->More and more traffic. Less and less oxygen in air, water, food .. --> Cell metabolism derailed, less energy -> disrupted immune system, brain damage -> Increasingly Elektrosmog (alarm, hi-fi, TV, satellite, PC, train, 16/50Hz, cell phones, radar, Haarp ..) Superimposed vital natural areas (astronauts Schumann regenerators) --> Soil sealing, lower groundwater levels, good weather weakens concrete box of 100V / m -> Human behavior influenced weakened defense force / repair capability --> Infestation of degenerated tissue with fungi, parasites. Baklayan

--> Outbreaks, organ infection, fungal toxins ..--> Reduced detoxification services liver, kidney, spleen, intestines ...--> Further poisoning -> allergies / Immune / organ failure / cancer / MS.

 Bild Nader Ralph NaderBild Adele Davis Adelle Davis

“ Who is not invested in their diets, invests in the Mercedes of his doctor.” Ralf Nader

The average life expectancy of an American is 75.5 years. The one at 58 years medical doctors

 “300,000 Americans are killed each year because of Negligences orthodox. Vietnam War "56,000 dead " "The United States is the world despite their highest spending for their medical care. With their life expectancy - far behind third World countries " "The life expectancy of a 40-year-old American is one of the lowest in the world" Adelle Davis

 "In ancient people lived more than 100 years and remained active .. 300 BC" "The Tale of the increased life expectancy by modern medicine refute: Plato 90, Sophocles 90, Socrates 71 (poison), Hippocrates 90th. "Arandu Indians 100-120 years "

"In Germany, 18,000 die each year women in their breast cancer.

 "Tamoxifen > breast cancer Breast cancer can grow .. manufacturer, "Herbicides / her fungicides used in the cancer involved "

cannabis (hemp) contains at least 60 substances that are as effective ingredients of Medicines and natural remedies apply The safest of all known medicines medical the tumor treatment " Herer / Braecker

"The process of deception curability of cancer is the Holocaust of the USA" Lynes

"The modern house is elektrokrank, chemiekrank, often Geopathie ill, airsick and lightill. Typical characteristics The improvement occurring in the absence” Palm

Smog 10%"Industry, cars, air traffic .. often only 18-19 instead of 21% oxygen in the air .. smog 10% Ozone hole grows ..Formerly 10 mg per liter of oxygen Today, fish survive in drinking water is not . Weakened immune system due to lack of oxygen except oxygen is nothing life-importand than water

 Why is not the water content of the first check before each diagnosis? Healthcare earns a lot of money with saline solution (up to $ 350 for 1 / 4 liter) And says the patient is not that they are more water and salt. Symptomeder Dehydrierung The traditional medicine ignores Light & Water & Salt for of drugs for the treatment of symptom Eder symptom of dehydration Eder

 Water as a cure .. detoxifies  migraine, High blood pressure, diabetes, depression, MS, short-term memory, eyes .

 Listing the necessary 29 bacteria - species for processing our food                               pH    

.Bild medizin bakterien verdauung

 "Light as a remedy 25% to 75% .. Look for controlling biological functions

 Immune system, nervous system, bone metabolism, visual performance ..Warm-white fluorescent light (pink) creates stress and fatigue Learn-/Konzentration reduced to 60% .. Damaging immune system, allergies Duration irradiation mice: lazy tails, hair falling out.

 Under universal white cancer incidence to 3x higher ..

transmits to the brain waves unsuitable for Shools..

 UV-B + A = Vitamins / Minerals of light .. /UV-Stopp..UV-impermeable washer / sunglasses. Falslight like malnutrition .At least 2 hours sunlight per day ..Southern countries less diseases "Cheerful and contact friendly .. "

"Potatoes contain 70% less calcium, bananas 92% less min vitamins B6, Apples 80% less vitamin C than 11 years "Impact of modern cultivation methods " "In Germany heavily contaminated with pesticides sold fruit and vegetables ..Particularly vulnerable children / pregnant women

Child mortality / life expectancy unusually good values "nature& cosmos 7.01wood . by poisons  health, environmental protection nochdie" "poisoning of the basic elements of life .. light, air, food and water

"2294 tons of penicillin - Succession drugs per year to feed farm animals ..Bacteria resistant  Greater resources -> hair loss in the nose (bacteria penetrate a) And ears (numbness)  Changes in blood  .Allergies Psychosis "At least 96 private testing laboratories gave free beef that is not 100% sure of BSE was ..Case reported  Krebserregendes PCBs in chicken feed Animal waste oil in the flour, antibiotics / hormones in meat and drinking water Good appetite!

 24,000 drugs without proven therapeutic effect "Millions, failing bought and swallowed " "There is already a diagnostic term specifically for diseases, "By the swallowing too many pharmaceuticals - pills arose: 'Poly Pharmacy' " "For 98% of pharmaceutical preparations is really just a fact demonstrated: hat the serious side effects Create new diseases, which "Heart attack, stroke and cancer is the fourth leading cause of death, "

 "Cortisone caused osteoporosis, the doctors can not cure .."

 "Allopathy (orthodox) -> 'consumption' of billions of animals, side effects Vaccination -> animal protein in the bloodstream -> new clinical pictures

 Homeopathy (healing with information) -> no animal experiments No side effects

 "70% of natural medicine in Germany from July 2001 has been

 "Successful than the orthodox and entirely without side effects, but forbidden! " "The traditional medicine has its place. Good intensive care units. With the best equipment and the best personnel save lives .

"Trillion tons of toxic substances .. explosion of synthetic chemicals "Only 3 75000 chemicals on security checked "

"Today, virtually all divorced people with the urine Pentachlorphenyl (PCP), And for all lead and cadmium in the blood and Mercury and thallium in hair listed "

"To 20% of all couples in industrialized countries .. unintentionally childless .. environmental pollutants?

"When students .. clear negative correlation intelligence test result and. The cadmium - and lead concentration in their hair. Persons who have a dental practice .. live with mercury poisoned .. successfully ausgeleitet ..Biggest suicide rate .. Highest number of neurological / mental illness

In the saliva of amalgam valuto mouths are, on average 4.9ug mercury. According to the WHO should not swallow their own saliva to be

 In a sudden child dead  in the brain high mercury concentrations ..For other injured children  Mercury in the brain ..The consequences: learning disabilities, autism, hyperactivity, neurodermatitis That it is already in kindergarten neurodermatitis - groups "In some clinics every 3rd child with atopic dermatitis born ...Cause: animal protein ..Drink - Mothers: never one to neurodermatitis diseased child. Children always sicker .. Clear trend to increase in diseases Of the hormone and reproductive system cancers in childhood, Auto immune and development and behavior disorders

"Mary 1 1 / 2 years .. 4 .. Arthritis Treatment years .. now left knee affected Immune Suppressiva goes to the liver Weakens immune system. Every year 2000 new ill. in Berlin 3000 children have arthritis .. Or may never start an education "must that be?" "Number of children - diabetes - cases doubles every 10 years"

Cancer and rheumatism increasingly common in children who are younger than 10 years,

 "Put the environment pathological changes of the blood and body tissues. Our people continue to freely carry on as before, with an increasing shift. Blood milieu milieu `sin the sin quadrant 4 to calculate, in which a life, as we know it today will probably not be possible,"3 million Danes live during the war years .. vegetarian health dramatically improved ..Lowest death rate in the Danish history ..-34%"       

 The lymphatic system                                             the blood circulation

     4. T h e r a p y  c a u s e s - Tips  


 1st Mental Health / subconscious

 With - cause for most diseases: loss of inner harmony and confidence in ourselves 


 2nd Static / attitude / breathing

 little movement: flaccid ligaments, muscles tense, Eddy moved Witch shot ..Atmung flach?Shallow breathing?


 3rd Nutrition and shortcomings

 Minerals lacking in soils and food (artificial fertilizers, preservatives, 


 4th Toxins, detoxification

 From air, water, teeth, food, clothing, housing In connective tissue, nerves, brain: tired, mental changes .. 


 5th Dental herd

 Various metals in the mouth (battery)? Much mischief dental herds for years to release toxins


 6th Immunity fields 

 Elektrosmog (radar, mobile phones, electrical appliances), water veins, radioactivity bring the body confused No night recreation phases


 7th Parasites / fungi 

 Askariden, Candida, Borrelia, cancer viruses. Impact on the psyche and bodies


 8th Healing info

 Herbal / tees / salben / oil / stones, homeopathy, elektromagn. / BioResonanz / ECT, light / sound, acupuncture / pressur / reflexology ..


 9th Self-healing powers complaints from A - Z

 The body heals itself if it supports, particularly kidneys, liver, spleen and intestine: Repair instead of replacement parts for ... 

 .Well boss, when it `s more ...                                       .As long as we wanted again ... 


 5. Dr. Weisser's  T i p s    


 Stress, Relaxation

 Stress suppresses the immune system, muscles tense, drained, less energy, a field of view constricts, altered brain, causing learning disabilities, inhibits growth, accelerated aging,  


 Moved / blocked Bones /Disturb vertebrate nervous / Institutions 

 Gently resolve by -> osteopathy, Craniosacral therapy, lymphology, Set up by vertebrate thumb print -> method Dorn - Beck Atlas correction 


 Kinesiologieals simple test

 Kinesiological muscle test shows immediately tonic and debilitating influences ..


 Biokybernetik corrected disturbed self-healing system

 Biokybernetic diagnostic / therapeutic analyzed by MD. Smit / corrected disturbed self-healing system minutes .. 


 Oxygen ozone, H2O2 

 More energy, micro-circulation, detoxification, parasites, the immune system, cancer, clearer, more concentrated, heart, veins, blood pressure, migraine, all tissue regeneration, wound healing .. 


 .Lymphology mini tram police n.. 

 The self-healing powers of the body are unimaginably large Even cancer, MS, polio and blindness are curable Breathe properly Activate lymphatic system .. 


 Hydrotherapy against dehydration (~ 2 litres / + meets sea salt) 

 Detoxifies, hydrogenated = more energy , better circulation, cure cancer, allergy, asthma, arthritis, back pain, migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, MS, CFS, gg amputations   Batmanghelidj 


 Homeopathy stimulates the body to dissolve slags 

 information effective medicine for cancer Frequencies Similar 


 Light = "medicine of the future" 

 little sunlight, distorted spectrum: concentration, learning, vision, listlessness, immune system, cancer ..Lightshower, Spectrochrome, Syntonics..Light showers, Spectrochrome, Syntonics ..


 Magnetic fields, streams 

 Control growth / regeneration, affect energy balance body functions


 Enzymes rules, taxes 

 Energy, transmutation, detoxification, depletion arteriosklerotischer deposits, activation of nerve blockage, wound healing, pain relief, acid-base, hormones, infectious diseases, tumors 


 .Effective Micro organisms EM-X, pot-bread Trunk, Regulat, Enderlein .. 

 .Produce vitamins / minerals / trace elements, pollutants build, regenerate the immune system-> more energy,  stomach / intestine, childhood diseases, infections, rheumatism, diabetes, skin cancer, AIDS .. 


 Prevent shortages before

 Vital bioavailable food, Mineral-/Vitamin  Stockwell / Wallach, 


Milieu verbessern--> Improve environment 

 Hair grow again when Excess stopped, deacidification / remineralization -> pH
 Poisons out / Parasites therapy / zapping (Clark), pulsed magnetic fields, Beck 


 connective tissue, female .Chest, nerve, brain than poison.

 Klinghardt , Halter, Abriel environmental toxins detoxify: exercise, therapeutic fasting, bowel cleansing, Chelattherapie, garlic coriander (Roman / chin. Parsley 


 Different person when ke poison in the brain 

 Omura, Klinghardt: cilantro tincture test - cell phone / DECT opens barrier to the brain 


 Detoxification  Regularly cleaned

 90% of all people who have been operated on darmkrank bowel cleaning (Dr.Walker: 116 years), kidney and liver cleansing, spleen Clark urine therapy program 


 Sam's" formula ($ 7 30 days)

 3x daily Strengthens the immune system, cancer Brooks Correct composition: Vit.A, C, E, zinc, selenium Brooks ..


 Cold  H2O2 3% away with

 Since 1928: drops in the infected ear canal, 5-10min, throat spray ..Brooks  sage gargle with boiled water, drops of hot olive oil into the ear


 .Cancer, pathogens, viruses, genetic ..

 Parasites, PAP-IMI, Beck - Blutreiniger/Pulser .. self-healing,  the immune system, Enderlein, colloidal silver 

 The eternal                                                                                Living food temptations ......

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