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A. Topics of medicine & naturopathy

 1.  Why is naturopathy not popular ? 

 2.  The immortal cell 

 3.  The brain 

B. Topics of evolution & creation

12.  Scientist per creation  

13.  Platon  

14.  Elements - Peridiodensystem 

15.  Islam and evolution 

16. Jehovah - Tetragrammaton - Elohim - God - Allah - Wakan Tanka

17. Perpetuum mobile 

B 12. Scientist believe in creation

Bohr- Born - Duerr - Edington - Edison - von Weizsaecker - Mendel

Heisenberg - James Jeans - Jordan - Jung - Nernst - Blanck - Sommerfeld

 Wartenberg - Edelmann - von Uexkuell

There were always among the geneticists of world-wide reputation determined opponents of the theory of evolution

Above all these were [of the Austrians Gregor Mendel 1 (genetics),] the Englishmen Galton,  Bateson which is Dane Johannsen and some researchers from the Swedish geneticists family Nilsson,book "synthetic kind education" from 1953 a fight controlled with much thorough knowledge against the theory of evolution [1from W.-E.L. supplementally]. Prof. H. Wartenberg (genetics)

“In the plan moderation of the physical bodies "God's thoughts" are realised to express it with a word of Goethe; also one has spoken of "creation thought", thus of the embryo box K.E. of bear, the living beings even with special predilection "thoughts of the creation" Prof. W. Troll (botany)

”The Darwinism] is other nothing but the embodiment of the will impulse to get rid of the plan moderation in every manner from the nature . Thus the developing thought has become the holy conviction thousand mark note, however, with a physical research without prejudice nothing at all more close has.” Prof. J. von Uexküll (biolog

Why are clearly false theories as dogma defended?

Even in the scientific supplement of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on 13 December 1978 states that clearly from the review of the literature ....".... a growing discomfort with the Neo Darwinism. " "His claim that evolution, that is, the tribal historical evolution of living beings, but by mutation and natural selection to explain that obviously can not be accepted without criticism

1976 there were over 500 scientists all over the world, which not durability the materialistic evolutionary theory identified in the Creation Research Society and the Institute of Creation Research, San Diego (California / USA) have merged.

It is here at the Goethe-word recalls: "Everything opinions about things, belongs to the individual and is thus dependent on subjective beliefs, and we know only too delighted that the conviction not by the insight, but from the Will depend. " ( Farbenlehre Polem. Part Section 30 )

Students, pupils, readers, radio listeners and television viewers the impression as if evolution proven a safe scientific theory. The statements of scientists against evolution are suppressed and not to the public. What the students are concerned, the statements of several professors noted:

Prof. CP Martin at McGill University (USA) says: "It is not that they are some of these difficulties ... and they know as insignificant or dismiss meaningless, but they have never heard of it and marvel at the fact that it has recognized this doctrine criticised. " American Scientist, January 1953, p. 105

What permanent effects it has when the students a lesson describes the Evolutionist Rostend: "We are convinced of the idea of species conversion completely permeated ... We have learned in school. We repeat mechanically that life through the development emerged was that a kind in the other umwandle. " The Orion Bock of Evolution, p. 95 citations No 480-482 at: Has the person developed or is it created? Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York.

Also Westenhoefer deals with the phenomenon, one that "... a number of the very best researchers right feeling is that in the present theory to the origin of man anything could not agree", but the other " more incomprehensible is that despite all this theory as secure truth 'in schools and universities for decades and taught wißbegieriger entire generations of young people in a fateful mistake could also be considered later off is difficult, and affects their world view. " The Eigenweg ... a. a. 0, P. 183

G. A. Kerkert, professor of physiology and biochemistry at the University of Southampton, England, meets the remarkable finding that ... "the student of the evolutionary theory einverleibt, not otherwise behaves as a theology student past. He accept the evolutionary theory as proven out "and plappert like a parrot the views of key representatives of this view." But it was even worse, he asserts in alldem even, "to be different than his predecessors, namely to think scientifically and dogma to abhor. Kerkert, GA: Citation in clear and true ',  June 1973, p. 25

H. E. Hengstenberg discussed the psychological reasons why it is so difficult, the truth to achieve a breakthrough to bring: "The autonomist infiltration of the categories is the modern intellectuals and scientists particularly so in flesh and blood over that he no longer noticed and not think about how to think differently. This is the extreme of evolutionism. The autonomism is also in the Christian habitat. " Evolution and Creation, Munich 1963, p. 176

It must again be recalled that decades ago many of the theologians, especially Weinert, in the Third Reich into the so-called People sponsored three-stage theory (Pithecanthropus [apes human] - Neanderthals - Homo sapiens) were fascinated and convinced, a theory that today all scholars viewed as a bare impossibility. Today, the situation is not much different. Although recognized is that there is a fundamental kinship with the previous types, but by no means be inferred from these, and therefore no Evolutionis mechanism can, at meetings of the Catholic schools the audience a picture that the facts did not meet . Critical questions are - as in a meeting a meeting is called - answered with a shrug. Christian and the World of 5 March 1965

The Catholic theologian Karl Rahner and P. Overhage said, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 20 January 1962 that among Catholic theologians, "the number of those increasingly, as theologians expressly declaring a biological evolutionism with the doctrine of the church represented." The Protestant theologian, the situation is analogous.

The teaching Darwin evolutionists have exaggerated. Darwin was not like the materialist science in the following decades until our time, God as creator and the intrinsic effect. He had no Deszendenztheorie designed monistic, but God as creative and organizing spirit is not excluded. This is clear from the last sentence of his famous book "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" (1859). Darwin writes: "It is truly a great view that the Creator of all the germ life, which surrounds us, few or only one form has breathed into and that, while our planet the strict laws of gravity following swings in circles, so easy in the beginning of an endless series of the most beautiful and wonderful forms has developed and still developing. "

In the following period, the evolutionists every effort, God did not bring into play at all. As had become clear that the research results clearly refute the evolutionism remained only one option, the embarrassment by foreign to conceal. In place of the power of God the Creator were meaningless terms such as "Metakinese “ (Haeckel)," Deviation " (De Baer)," Caenogenese "(Sevetzofi), " neoteny "(Garstang) " Fetalisierung " (Bolk), etc. 'It makes is always good, a Greek word as empty formula to use when dealing with his Latin at the end.

In truth, it was - as G. G. Simpson says - "long abandoned, after the causes of the evolution of search". Tried in vain the Soviet inheritance Pope Trofin Lysenko in the sixties to demonstrate that the Lamarcksche thesis of the inheritance of acquired assets but incorrect. He failed with his theories and was in 1965 as director of the Institute of Genetics discontinued. At his idea that the development of the new socialist man by environmental influences can push, even in Soviet Russia believes no one..” Time magazine. Supplement of the magazine Die Zeit ", dated April 7, 1973, p. 32

Manipulations in favour of evolutionism

Despite the lack of foundation of evolutionary theory in scientific work in textbooks in schools and in scientific literature as a secure scientific knowledge gives. Adults and students not knowing how much doubt and growing criticism from the scientific side of evolutionary theory are declared.

W. H. Thomson said in the journal The American Biology Teacher, "... we can evolutionary theory is not scientifically define, let alone prove with scientific accuracy, but we try, to the public by the suppression of criticism and denial of the many difficulties the credibility of the theory. It is also in a democracy not simply to know the truth because the truth has many enemies! In all countries there is a scientific lobbies, a system established and proven methods applied to their hypotheses, they may be still so fragile, to defend as if they were dogma. Doubt on the theory already mean "heresy".

Quotes from scientists that show the extent to which the evolutionism not even more than theory, much less secure than scientific knowledge recognized.

Portmann, Adolf "Gar some biologist thinks little more that the system is the foundation of all origins theory is that it is safe, what we know, during the development of theories are what we suspect." FAZ, 3 July 1968 and 31 August 1966

Dobzhansky, Theodosius: "... the modern theory differs widely from that of Darwin. Not all biologists are convinced, however, that the theory modeme binding." "Where does this now modern man? Where is he first incurred? These questions are very difficult to answer, we are here so far almost exclusively on assumptions and are still far from a convincing solution." The development ... a. a. 0, p. 341

Gehlen, Arnold " Who as a physicist, a philologist or epistemologist exact methods knows, has no doubts about the highly hypothetical nature of all descent problems of mankind." Man. His nature and his position in the world. Quote Karl Weiss: The spirit is that of life, Regensburg 1947, p. 124

Konrad Lorenz, Nobel Prize winners - stresses that at every stage of development of new living occurs, what the deeper level in no way be inferred. The reverse side of the mirror. Attempt at a natural history of human cognition, Munich 1973, p. 53, 62, 65, 155 and S.223

Westendorf Höfer, Max "The selection can in fact nothing new, they can exceed Mangelhaftes, Lebensunfähiges eradicate. The environment but can only be hidden plants' cause ', so that it looks as if they had the same. The question of where the plants come - and that's the main question at all - remains unanswered. " "It is important that we should not be fooled that everything we accept the Incarnation, uncertain and is hypothetical." "Between the links are not yet never in the field of paleontology, of the man they just had expected, nor from the botany, zoology nor been found." The Eigenweg of human beings, 1948, p. 210

Overhage, Paul " The thicket of kinship relations, through the murky operations of the recombination and characteristic development completed, it is by no scheme or system comes near record and play back." To change the appearance of the first people Freiburg 1959, p. 73

Thorpe, W. H. " It sets everything on the mutation rates in humans, plants and animals is known, the conclusion suggests the mutation rates were too low, as an organism that by random mutations in a specific direction, forced ', ie against the effect natural selection in an evolutionary line could be managed. This leaves no room for a creative evolution ....... The randomness of variations, to which natural selection acts, is traditionally the biggest bone of contention, even for those who which are inclined to be so eager to acknowledge the theory. " The man in the evolution, Munich 1969, p. 35

Berril, N. J. " There is no direct evidence or no direct evidence that these alleged events or changes have taken place. In a certain sense, this report (on the ladder of organic evolution, d. Vf) a science-fiction." The Origin of Vertebrates, p. 10

Schindewolf, O. H. implementing the following scientists, all in their writings stress that the formation of new types "suddenly and dramatically" in front of him go without that we have for this conversion a reason: de Beer, Beurlen, Garstang, Goldschmidt, Jaeckel, Hauck, Neumayer, Rhumbel, Schindewolf, Sewertzoff, Spath, Veit, Wedekind. Paleontology, development studies and genetics, Berlin 1936, p. 60

Weißermehl, von Huene, Robert Broom, W. Troll, but Aberhalden said :"... palaeontology knew nothing about the origins of types. "We must," as white flour writes, "not to know either with modest, or we must accept that a mental potency, to a German creator behind the whole development is." Citation for Spülbeck: The Christ. .. a. a. 0, p. 137 f.

Wood, J. G. "It is acknowledged that this doctrine (of evolutionism, d. Vf) is not by facts - not even by a single fact - can prove. We have never found that from a kind of another. With our own eyes we do not see that something is going on. In the historical time is not the slightest trace of such a development. " Bible Animals, p. 732

Spülbeck, Otto "The more the books of the descent doctrine viewing, the more one is surprised how much everything through their own spectacles viewed." "The Paleontology and genetics give hints, but does not explain the gap between cause and effect. The discrepancy seems biologically auflösbar not to be." The Christ ... a. a. 0, p. 130 & 136

Habner, Paul "The complete family trees we will never see ahead, the Will of Homo sapiens on this earth fully documented." From the first human is said, Dusseldorf 1969

Woodger, J H. "With hardly any scientific subject-matter are so many contradictions remained as the comments on the origin issues. It is here, including those from recent decades, nearly every record the exact opposite from apparently competent lips quote. This is true even the most basic questions in this science of anti-theses. " Biological prinziples, 1929

Kurth, Gottfried "We still have no clear or even viable references to the room where once the first Voll'menschen from the base layer of the human hominids have herausdifferenziert. Our statement about status and importance of a Fossilfundes should with increasing Material always cautious note. " The (Eu) hominids, in: Collective Heberer: Human descent doctrine, 1964, p. 368

Heberer, Gerhard "On the anatomical roots of this type (before 25 million years, d. Vf) is concrete evidence yet, but probably as much suspect that we will start with an intermediate state between Australopithecus and prähomininen design archanthropiner expected." Screen Beck, Heinrich: You will be like gods. Man in the biological revolution, Dusseldorf 1966, p. 31

Nilsson, Heribert "The theory of development is experimental research is confirmed." Development idea and modern biology, 1941, S.251

Dacqué, Edgar "Non nowworrld any known or urworld - type and shape is designed. That they are in the tree of man as the highest creature collateral. Seitab Everything is developed by the rail at this level." Legacy of the primeval, 1948, p. 193

Schirmbeck Heinrich "Are we with the latest paläoanthropologischen finds the mystery of the Incarnation really come closer? Is the difficulty with the emergence of free human a way out of Triebgebundenheit animalistic existence to explain ... the transition to intellectual-moral behavior, Aware distanced physical posture - features that are given exclusively to the people - and him in a higher category of emporheben seems to us to remain a mystery. " Heberer, Gerhard in Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, 21 August 1962

Zimmermann, Walter "The crucial process in the phylogeny, the statement:" false ". Evolution. The history of their problems and findings, Freiburg i. B. 1953, p. 547

Beurlen, K. "By no differentiation may exceed the type and spawned a new way." "The theoretical folgernde common form of stem remains construction." "All pedigrees, in the literature on paläobiologischer depth analyses have been published, at the branching points fictional forms, while the fossils are actually present on the side branches." The basics of descent stammes geschichtlichen doctrine, p. 190 & 191

Rostand, Jean "If the problem is solved Evolution ... actually, as the Neodarwinisten say? I am a different opinion, and how many other (!) Also see I am forced, some banal objections to the teaching of Neodarwinismus to collect." "... By mutation arises in organic never build something new, nothing you as a basis for a new body or as a prerequisite for a new feature details. No, I do not have to take me to believe that this' Schnitzer 'inheritance itself with the participation of natural selection and if you for the development of life forms immense periods accepts - for the emergence of a world with its wasteful diversity, where everything down to the smallest sophisticated . For their amazing' adaptation " The Orion Bock of Evolution, p. 79

Romer, AS "The missing link between where we would prefer, and it is very likely that many intermediate links remain missing." Romer, AS in Genetics, Paleontology and Evolution, 1963, p. 114

Dacqué, Edgar ".... Despite extensive material is "straightforward and harmoniously developing stem series nowhere to be found something". "Everything dissolves into types and form their own parties. The conventional tree picture, as it passes through the classic Deszendenz or doctrine provided descent, has never reveal." The fossil creatures, p. 152

Tirala, Lothar Gottlieb "Even today (1969) nor are unbelehrbare Darwinisten and Lamarckisten prepared to Planmäßigkeit in the form and structure, development and individual end of life of animals, the gradual unfolding of low to higher soul life, the greatness of instinct acts to be fit of animal and plant life for a work of chance, the blind meeting of electrons, atoms and molecules and their chains to explain. By contrast, the biology under the leadership of H. Driesch, J. v. Uexküll, J. Reinike, G. Wolff and some other autonomy, the Eigengesetzlichkeit of life, as opposed to physics and chemistry clearly demonstrated. " Mass psychosis in science, Tübingen 1969, p. 8

Thompson d'Arcy, W.: "A study of Darwin's theory descent has not taught us how birds developed from reptiles, mammals from older Vierfüßem, Vierfußer of fish or vertebrate animals from invertebrates. Invertebrates have the same difficulties ... the gap between vertebrates and invertebrates, between the worms and Hohltieren between Hohltieren and protozoa ... is so great that we can not overlook ... " "... You're looking in vain to step stones, the fissures that bridge, because you will never find." On the Growth and Form, 1943, p. 1092 ff

Fleischmann, A.: "The practical way to learn about the prehistoric animal kingdom to fathom, is fully exhausted, and the hope for all future destroyed. We get a result just the reverse of what one should expect." The Deszendenztheorie, P. 251

Meyer-Abich, A. means adopted by the evolutionists' transitions' in relation to the lack of intermediate stages everywhere as a "logical impossibility" and then continued: "Each layer or level is a novelty kategorisches, unconnected with the previous level. " It must, says Meyer-Abich further, a "metaphysical process" been effective, "the rational coverage remains inaccessible." Natural philosophy in new ways, 1948, p. 63 ff

Fangauf, Werner " struggle for existence, natural selection, conservation of the species, adaptation, forms, inheritance, natural - all abstract! Thinking elements of the human spirit, in the human brain and formed consisting alone in this! Philosophical paper money without biological cover." "As soon as we heard of the enormity of the blind Mutierens freed and knowledge to making targeted arrived, the gene will allow us to witness a category which, as far different from the categories of our mind, this is not understood." The new Herder, Freiburg 1951, p. 1653

Troll, W. ".... a work from the metaphysical sphere "types out the sudden transformation has created.": The virus problem in ontological perspective “. 1951. Citation with W. Zimmermann: Eevolution

Gray, Sir James " Either we have the only guiding the evolutionary mechanism to accept the natural selection and be prepared to admit that quite a lot of novelty, meaning a completely new type of speculation is associated, or in our innermost thoughts embarrassing to have the natural Selection on the basis of random mutation effect, leave much to chance .... If we organic evolution as a gambling nature, it seems somewhat strange that so many gains they have distributed. " Science Today, p. 29 f.

Simpson, George Gaylord: "It has been abandoned, after the cause of evolution. It is now clear that the evolution neither an individual nor a simple cause." The Geography of Evolution, 1965, p. 17, 469 and 47 0th Quote from: Has the person developed or is it created? Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York.

Overhage, Paul " Everything has become through the development, could well also by creating, but not vice versa. Every development is always a little, by creating what already exists and represents a modification or variation of the inherent forces from creations . " To change the appearance of the first people, Freiburg i. B. 1959, p. 73

Illies, Joachim " None of them (the biologists, d. CA) denies the evolution (as such, d. Vf), but they are all doubtful for the answer to the question and doubt factors in the darwinistischen optimism, with flukes of mutation and selection is also why the historical development process to explain. " "It is more insight in the report by the creator God, animal and man to his will made of clay formed than in the idea of a coincidence to us from the dust could grow." Where does the man? German newspaper, 10 November 1972

Meurers, Josef " So such a fascinating idea of an evolution in the whole world, so this fascinating character says nothing about the truth and significance of the concept. Even in the matter, the evolution of the biggest problems dar. "People's Badische Zeitung on April 14, 1967

Haas, John " Even if the assumptions and theories to the Biogenesisforschung forces (in nature, that Vf) appear justified, they are rarely on the degree of probability statements beyond." The major British biologist Woodger, rückhaltloser the facts with clarity, when he writes: "It is sheer dogmatism, if given, things were so zugetragen, as we wish, that it was." Citation for Loren Eiseley: The incredible journey, p. 320 f

Kälin, Josef "The biological concept of development contradicts the no-added concept, but puts this advance and gives it a scale, which each added static image appears to be inadequate." "Through the personal will of the people all creation hingeordnet and hinbewegt to that goal, which they expected. This is the human image of the new anthropology, which focuses on the transcendence of his personal lights." FAZ, 16 October 1956

Hengstenberg, H.E. "As a scientific theory of evolutionism is not reasonable because it makes conditions, in the observable scientific facts are not covered." "He exceeds the statement a conditional link between earlier and later species, from the facts alone are responsible, and it makes a causal link unfounded." Evolution and Creation, Munich 1963, p. 91

Portmann, Adolf "The doctrine of descent of the people in the armed political opinions, in the social struggles of the past decades played an important role. So it was unavoidable that they are often in a survived, outdated form is taught, zeitbedingten the content of the development could solidify teaching, which is now once and for all as a scientific truth should apply. Such rigidity is the worst thing a scientific theory can be done, and the danger is particularly close when it comes to issues of which we in the depth of our human being affected. " From the origin of man, Basel 1965, p. 26

Radl "If even a bad fundamental principle is stated to be true, his own love one thousand explanation of the easiest ways to experience." Citation M. vest in Höfer: The Eigenweg ... a. a. 0, p. 16

N. J Benill: "It may be that it can never prove, but that may not matter, because this applies to material from which one can make dreams." The Origin of Vertebrates

von Bertalanffy, Ludwig "society and science were so by the ideas of the mechanism, utilitarianism and the economic concept of free competition pervaded that the selection principle of God's body continued, and the last reality installations." Research and Information, Berlin 1972, p. 81

Sir Hoyle, Fred said in January 1982, that the...” structures of life are so complex that they do not like the evolutionists claim arose by chance could be. Behind the structures is an intelligent plan “. The WORLD, 25 January 1982

Sir Arthur Keit: Quoted: "The evolution is unproven and not to prove. We believe however, because the only alternative to the creation god, and that is unthinkable." Swiss academics and student newspaper No. 51/1976

Shute, Evan - (U.S. biologist) "The argument that the majority was in favour but has never impressed me." "Science is not interested in numerous supporters, but only to the truth." Evan Shute (U.S. biologist): Flaws in the theory of evolution, 1962, p. 229

Kahle, Henning " Despite the widespread recognition of the evolutionary theory in recent years increasingly contradicted. Especially the Neodarwinismus by a growing number of authorities criticized or rejected." "The Neodarwinismus is naturphilosophische rather than a scientific theory, of a fact in no way could it be." Kahle, Henning: Evolution, Bielefeld 1980, p. 159 and 161

B 13 The stones of the universe - elements - prove the creation   

 In the antiquity elements were valid as a state form of the material, from a God or gods create.

  Plato 427- 347 B.C.   Bild Button pfeil1    his thesis: "God geometrisiert."

An expression for the perfection which Platon sees in mathematics and geometry are five regular bodies:








from four equilateral triangle

From twenty equilateral triangle

 Rubus or Hexaeder, six same squares.  

from eight equilateral triangles.

from twelve regular pentagons.

Platon assigns it to the element fire. 

Platon assigns it to the element water.  

Platon assigns it to the element earth.  

Platon assigns it to the element air.  

Platon see the sky matter from which God created the elements   

B 14 Definition for elements

“An element is unalterable, it is preserved by all chemical and physical changes through”

Table of the elements known today see:    Bild Button pfeil1

In the whole universe everything runs off after programmes which the human mind, with the most complicated mental models or computers cannot understand. This asks and proves the existence of an information scientist, a creator of such programmes who is her administrator. An information scientist per creation Bild Button pfeil1

B 15 Islam and evolution 

bild koran bild islam science 1 bild islam MuzammilHSiddiqi  Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi,

Where does Islam stand on the theory of evolution? Do we believe that the earth was created in six days? 14/Oct/2009

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, former President of the Islamic Society of North America, states the following:

There are many theories of evolution. Some of them are acceptable according to Islam, while there are others that are not acceptable. If by evolution one means the development and growth that Allah Almighty has placed in the nature of His creation, then this is acceptable and the Qur'an itself talks about it.

Allah has power to say "Be" and everything will become. But He created the heaven and earth in six days, as mentioned in the Qur'an (Al-A'raf 7:54; Yunus 10:3; Hud 11:7; Al-Furqan 25:59; As-Sajdah 32:4; Qaf 50:38; Al-Hadid 57:4; Al-Mujadilah 58:4).

The word "six days" does not necessarily mean six days of twenty-four hours duration each. It could also mean six periods whose duration is known to Allah alone. The word "day" is used in the Qur'an for various lengths or periods of time. It could mean 24 hours, or one thousand years (Al-Hajj 22:47) or fifty thousand years (Al-Ma`arij 70:4) or even more. However, this process of time does indicate some kind of evolution that was created by Allah and directed by Him.

The theory of evolution that postulates that the whole creation came by itself and nature evolved itself by mutation, selection and fixation, et cetera, is not acceptable in Islam. This is an atheistic theory and it has no sensible rational and logical foundation. Everyone knows that nature has so many possibilities and variables; how could all these variables have selected, mutated and fixed themselves in such a way that an orderly universe came out and continues to exist and flourish?

To say that all these things happened by themselves is nothing but absurd. It is like saying that words collapsed, mutated and then fixed into a wonderful encyclopedia by themselves. Or books mutated themselves and then fixed into a well-organized library. Nothing happened or happens by itself. There is a Creator Who has created everything, whether at once or through the process of growth and development.

Islam also teaches us that human beings are a special creation of Allah. Allah created Adam and his wife Eve (peace and blessings be upon them), and then through them created many men and women. We do not accept the theory (it is important to keep in mind that this is only a theory and not a fact) that says that all living organisms came from matter and man evolved from lower living organisms. There is a link between the human body and other living organisms, but this does not prove that one is evolved from the other.

Is evolution becoming Islamic or is Islam evolving? citation

bild islam science bild buch islam evolution

 Nobody disagrees with the fact that man's life upon this planet changes and evolves from one state to another. This evolution takes a wide range in some areas and takes a narrower range in others. The largest scale of evolution covers areas that man uses, such as food, clothing,transportation, lodging, arms, machines and so forth

Beside this, there is evolution in the area of meanings and ideas, in habits and traditions, and in ideals and morality. Evolution in these areas may be praised as it may be condemned, as it is not always in the best interest of man. It may raise him to the point of approaching the horizon of angels, as it may lower him to the level of animals. The question that we would like to raise here is: "What is the stand of Islam towards evolution? Does it accept it and welcome it, or does it refuse it and fight against it?

The attitudes of people towards evolution  In order to clarify the stand of Islam towards evolution, it is our duty to show that there are three attitudes that people have taken towards it.

The attitude of total refusal The first attitude resides in the total refusal of any change or innovation in any aspect of life - be it scientific or practical, material or moral. It also means keeping all old things in their state, and resisting anything that is new, wherever it comes from, and under whatever aspect it is presented.

The attitude of total obedience to evolution  The second attitude, in opposition to the first, is that of total obedience and blind adaptation to all change and innovation. This obedience does not distinguish between what is allowed and what is not, and what should be and what should not. This is based on a western idea the gist of which is that what follows is better than what precedes, and that anything new is better than anything old, and that today's new born is better than yesterday's new born. They go much further than this and call for the reform of everything, and the change of all values, qualities, traditions and regulations. In other words, life must be turned upside down.

This attitude is represented in our societies by two groups of people. The first group is made up of people who tag and imitate the western camp, and are

in awe of the advance of western civilisation. They motivate everything that it brought, and are enthusiastic about it. They advocate it in the name of evolution and innovation, even if that leads to nakedness and decadence and atheism and permissiveness. This is at a time when westerners themselves have started to revise their attitudes, to criticise their civilisation and review their concepts in many matters.

These are the ones about whom the Arab and Muslim men of letters, the late Mustapha Sadiq Al Raafi'i commented sarcastically: they want to innovate the religion, the language, the Sun and the Moon! Shawqii, also, wrote the following lines about them:

      Do not follow the steps of the restless gang

      For whom everything old is indecent

      If they have a chance they would publicly deny

      Those of their parents who have died and those who lived to be very old

      And the steps of all those who look for what ; old and destroy it

      And when they are given a chance to build, they fail

The second group is constituted by the Marxists who believe in the necessity of evoluti, and who adthat whatever results from evolution is necessarily better than whused to be. They always talk about the evolutionary aspect of the life of man, and ignore its stable side. No one can argue with the fact that human life is subject to much change and evolution, but most of this evolution revolves around the environment of the human being rather than the human being himself. The essence of man remains the same. For example, Adam was persuaded by Satan, through the instinct of the love of immortality and eternity, to eat from the tree. This instinct is still present in his children and still makes them commit other contraventions.

Another example would be that of the son of Adam who out of jealousy killed his brother with some such object as a stone. Then, he did not know what to do with the body, until a crow, which was searching in the ground, showed him what to do with the corpse of his brother. Thus remains man today, at a time when the instruments of death have varied and developed and become available to him. He still envies and kills his brother man, to the point that he can melt a corpse with all kinds of acid and chemical mixes and leave no sign of it whatsoever!!

The moral obstacle which made Adam regret and repent after his sin, saying: "Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If Thou forgive us not and have not mercy on us, surely we are of the lost!"(Surah 7, Verse 23) is the same one as that which is more clearly stated in what the nobler son of Adam said to his brother: "Even if thou stretched out thy hand against me to kill me, I shall not stretch out my hand against thee to kill thee, io! If earAllah, the Lord of the Worlds"(. Surah 5, Verse 28.). In some sense, this obstacle is represented in the regret of the killer after the burial of his brother. It is still present in the instinct of the humans in spite of the fact, that they have stepped on the surface of the moon, and in spite of the differences between them.

Instinctive motives have not changed in man, although the ways of satisfying them may have changed. Man used to eat his food raw, like animals and birds. Then he learned how to cook it on a fire that is fed by twigs, wood or coal. Afterwards he invented stoves that used oil and then electricity. But he still remains as human as he used to be, eating and drinking, he gets hungry and then gets full, he gets thirsty and then quenches his thirst. He still gets nervous or emotional when he gets hungry or thirsty, and feels rested and satisfied when he is no longer hungry or thirsty.

The moderate attitude is the attitude of Islam  The third attitude is the moderate attitude, it is the attitude of weighing, and moderation between the fanatics and the laxist, between those who want to freeze life and stand in the way of its progress and evolution and those who want to turn it into chaos. This attitude is neither governed by values or beliefs, and nor is it ruled by qualities or regulations. It is an attitude which faces evolution with wisdom, and guides it with truth. Then it leads towards useful evolution, invents it and feeds it.

Thus is the attitude of true Islam, which joins firmness and leniency in its judgements and recommendations. Firmness in its aims and goals and leniency in its ways and instruments; firmness in its foundations and general conceptions and leniency in its branches and details, firmness in behaviour and religious values and leniency in its materialistic and worldly matters.

We find this firmness in the authentic texts, whose authenticity is certain and based on evidence as we find leniency in the texts that are based on hypotheses in their authenticity and evidence. We also find leniency in the areas that the texts left open to the research of the scholars in compassion and ease for us.

This firmness is also found in the main beliefs, the basic obligations, and the virtues, the reasons of the forbidden acts and the general conceptions of the Islamic Law and so forth for all aspects of Islam which do not change with the change of time, contexts or states. We find leniency in the details of the branch judgements which do not allow more than one view, or more than one innovation, and where Allah has not made it difficult for his subjects. Whoever innovates in these areas and succeeds earns double reward, and whoever innovates and errs then he earns a single reward. This is the context in which our scholars have said: it is here that the formal legal opinion changes according to place, time, custom and state.

Islam neither reffises evolution which includes knowledge, wisdom, truth and goodness, nor does it accept evolution which includes in its process deviance, delinquency and failure. It confronts everything with the Book which Allah has Revealed with truth and justice. Allah has not neglected His subjects nor has He made them aimless, He Gave them a standard with which they can evaluate everything in life.

Islam advisagainst inertia adaction, a continuous and indefatigable action, which is meant to be wise and purposeful, not an excited and destructive action. Islam intends this action to be like that of the river that is flowing smoothly and safely in its bed, not that of the flow that has no bed, rules nor limits. The river and the torrential stream both flow with drinking water. But the river spreads life, greenness, and wealth wherever it flows, whereas the stream brings destruction and kills plants and crops.

Islam means for man to be active and to work, under the condition that his action be towards a goal fitting the humanism that is noble in the eyes of Allah, and that it be in a peaceful context that can neither destroy nor be destroyed. The martyr Sayyid Qotb said rightly: "Action must be within a framework that is steady and around a firm focus".

Islam accepts an evolution that is wise and sound, which is governed by the values of truth, goodness and virtue and is controlled by the requirements of the justice that Allah has included in His book and that He included in the message of His Prophet. But chaotic action is like stupid inertia. Both of them are unacceptable to Islam.

When does the Muslim society become exposed to danger  Muslim society becomes exposed to danger and damage as a result of two situations:

First: When we freeze what would naturally be inclined to change, evolution and action, then life is contaminated by sterility, and becomes like stagnant and brackish water, whose stagnancy turns into a hotbed for germs and microbes. This is what happened in the times of decadence and deviance from the right path of true Islam. Then we saw how the avenue of research and innovation in religion was closed and, creativity in science stopped. The same affected authenticity in literature, discovery in industry and progress in war and so forth. Thus life was affected by stagnancy and imitation in everything to the point that the following adage became familiar: "The first one did not leave anything for the last one, and it is not possible to be more creative than what there was!" In the meantime the other stagnant nations - which for a long time were the students of the Islamic society - started to awaken, rise and evolve, grow and progress, conquer and colonise while the Muslims became forgetful and indifferent.

Second: When what is inclined to firmness, eternity and stability is subjected to change and evolution. An example of this is when in our modern era we see and hear that some of the sons of Muslims want to bare the nation of its religion, and separate it totally from its heritage in the name of evolution. They want to open the door to atheism in our faith, and separation from legislation and virtue. All of that in the name of this new statue: evolution.

The slaves of evolution have no limit  The slaves of evolution have no limit, they never make a concession without asking us for a second and a third and an endless series of concessions. Even when they accept Islam, they want one that is of the make of their own hands and ideas! They say: we do not accept the sayings of the imams, or scholars, or interpreters, because they are the opinions of people like us, we only accept the sacrosanct revelation.

If, supposedly, you agree with what they say: we accept some revelations, but not all of them. We accept the Qur'an, but we do not accept the tradition! In this tradition, there is what is weak, or invented, or unacceptable; or we accept the successive traditions and not accept the single traditions

And if you allow them that, they say in audacity and impudence: The Qur'an itself only addressed the limited conditions of the Arab context, and the affairs of the small rural society, thus it is necessary to take only what is appropriate to our evolution and leave what is otherwise. The meaning of all this, is that they impute to Allah Almighty ignorance of the situation of His subjects, and knowledge of what is real. They also consider that whatever the morrow conceals, and what the future hides, He does not know about and does not take it into account. Allah transcends by far what they say.

True reform is to understand clearly what aspects of life need to evolve and change, thus we would make our utmost to change it and improve it, with the logic of the courageous wise men, not the gullible imitators. Islam supports us in such undertaking with all the powers of intellect and action that it provided us with, and the innovation and militancy that it allowed us to undertake. The support of Islam also resides in the fact that it has made it an obligation upon us to seek wisdom wherever it can be found. So we must understand what must remain firm and stable in terms of the values, beliefs, concepts, morality, literature and laws, which remain even when high mountains may collapse.

It is thanks to this wise attitude that we can face and guide evolution: we live our time, we please our Lord, so that we earn the happy endings, and we gain the world without losing our religion, and we attain the blessings of Allah, and the amazement of the wise people. end of quote

 Adnan Oktar a non undisputed representative of Islam. The reader makes himself a picture on his person

His books on-line:       Scientific studies, proofs:     Videos  

B 16 jehovah / Tetragrammaton / Elohim / God / Allah / Wakan Tanka

bild tetragrm bild jehovah name 1 bild elohim bild allah bild wakan tanka

It will thus not prove existence of a creator, with all the resulting conclusions. The modern father of this current theory, Darwin was never intended to demonstrate the existence of a creator conclusions. In all cultures believe in a creator.

It gave him a personal name. In the Bible, he gave himself the name: JHWH or YHVH

The exact pronunciation of the Hebrew letters 4 is not known.

Some scholars believe that  Jehovah or Yahweh  right. In other religions is called the Creator: Allah - God - Elohim - Wacan Tanka

B 17 Perpetuum  Mobile - machines 

In modern times, several doctors and natural healers, in almost perfect beings, not to improving an intelligent creatures personality. These are, in observance of welfare they set lifestyle and diet, almost " Perpetuum Mobile " What does this mean?

Leonardo da Vinci                      Bessler wheel - the solution?                Johann Ernst E. Bessler       Prof. Alfred Evers

bild evert

What is a Perpetual Motion Machine?

A perpetual motion machine (PMM) is a device based on mechanical, chemical, electrical or other physical processes which, when started, will remain in operation forever and provide additional work as well. Only the natural wear of the components will eventually stop its operation. Consider this definition, written in 1896! Definition from Meyers Enzyklopädie: "[...] in general a thing that is perpetually in motion. Each part which is set into motion must continue in motion so long as external forces do not hinder it. A pendulum would swing forever were it not for air resistance which reduces its kinetic energy. [...] Since friction is always present, a machine which operates cyclically without external energy input belongs to the realm of the impossible.1 (vol.13 p.680 l.col.) This definition is incomplete, for it restricts the concept to purely mechanical devices. The Enzyklopädie Naturwissenschaft und Technik from 1981 is more precise and clearly distinguishes between two types of Perpetua Mobilia:

" Perpetual motion machine of the first kind.. By this we mean a device whose parts are not only in permanent motion, but moreover is able to provide useful work without input of external energy (e.g. warmth) and without change of the physical or chemical status of its parts. A perpetual motion mahine of the first kind does not exist. It would contradict the first law of thermodynamics" (vol.4, p.3236, right col.)2 " Perpetual motion machine of the second kind. By this we mean a machine undergoing a cyclic process which does nothing more than convert warmth into mechanical (or other) work. A perpetual motion machine of the second kind does not exist. It would contradict the second law of thermodynamics." (vol.4, p.3236, right col.)3  I'm not completely satisfied with these definitions. Although they clearly state the reason why a PM device does not work, they tell us nothing about the structure and the intended principle of operation of the specific machines. Besides mechanical energy sources, a PM device may use other forms of energy. Magnetic, electric or thermodynamic processes are often used. I will return to this in the appropriate chapter.

The early literature does not use the modern definitions, but instead it distinguishes between natural perpetual motion (perpetuum mobile naturae) and "physical" i.e. artificial perpetual motion (perpetuum mobile physicae). In nature the motion of the sun and stars in the celestial sphere, and the recurring solstices "proved" that eternal, or perpetual, motion is possible. These phenomena suggested the appealing conclusion that man might reproduce God's creation in smaller scale. But this carried risk, for perpetual motion seekers were regarded as heretics, and potential victims of the inquisition. On the other hand, the idea of perpetual motion was an ambitious idea which promised to have great value, and this provided some security.  video 

Links  * Hans-Peter Gramatke has an excellent site (in German) covering everything you ever wanted to know about Perpetual Motion Machines. He also has a large portion of it in an English version. Hans-Peter has been an invaluable source of information to me while expanding my site. 

  * Kevin Kilty's Perpetual Motion web page has some nice pictures and explanations. Kevin has been most helpful to me in discussions of the finer points of PMM.

  * Eric's history of Perpetual Motion and Free energy Machines. Many other useful links are on this page.

  * Professor Hibbert's Perpetual Motion. Emphasis on the laws of thermodynamics.

  * Bob Jenkins' Perpetual Motion Machines briefly describes some PMM not found elsewhere on the internet.

  * Randall Woods has a comprehensive web site with analysis of Perpetual Motion Machines, including nice pictures, some animated.

A1. Why is naturopathy not popular

The answers provide the media. They dictate to him and training. Advertising - Marketing are the secret weapons. . Marketing determines the economy and hence people's lives increasingly. Not quality or truths, or simply the best thing to take people today, but what they will be sold by the advertising as such. It determines who voted which politician / party that goods will be sold or what not, and what treatment or what drugs "are the best." This is demonstrably lied, cheated, bribed, threatened. It committed the worst crimes and destroyed lives of good people and whole families. Naturopathy is therefore represented by the owners of the media is negative, because there is no money to do with it.

The biggest nonsense, the stupidest idea of the ugliest face, the least inadequate fashion, the worst product that ineffective or dangerous drug that is most unnecessary Something is through advertising and marketing - in - is essential - not dangerous - beautiful - great - healthy -- effect - good times - the best and most interesting that the world has ever had or heard. The media can also make for good - bad, from right thing - Wrong, of ugliness - Beautiful, made inoperative - Effective from the largest and most dangerous nonsense - the best ideas and smartest truth.

Who owns the media, has the power. This money is spent. Then dictate the global opinion on almost all areas. Medicine is now one of the sectors through which one can make big business and makes. Behind them are large organizations, with a worldwide operating network, the pharmaceutical industry. Therapies and medications are of course also be sold through advertising and marketin, no matter how good or bad and even dangerous they are. Quality does not matter.

There are even self-invented new diseases associated with the therapies and the appropriate medication. A glaring example is "AIDS" In Europe, the pharmaceutical companies give a lot of money from the secret weapon for marketing. It suggests a survey by the independent organization "Consumers International" from 2006 onwards. Five of the 20 companies that were asked for information on advertising expenditures, had responded to consumer advocates. Consequently, European companies from 31 to 50 percent of its revenue from the sale invested in marketing the figures for U.S. are identical.

Acupuncture Bild Button pfeil1 Homeopathy Bild Button pfeil1 Phytotherapy Bild Button pfeil1 Bach flowers Bild Button pfeil1 Schuessler salts Bild Button pfeil1 Ayurveda Bild Button pfeil1  Spagyrik Bild Button pfeil1

There is extensive information on the Internet - access to dissertations - scientific studies - University of Server + library - literature - blind + double - studies. The offer convincing arguments in favor of alternative medicine. You have to take some time and not voreingenommen.sein.

Naturopathy works without esoterism. Examples are spagyric products, their effect on formulation and use of plant based. Be by special procedures, prepared in compliance with certain astronomical conditions - sun - moon - day of year -. No more and no less. The preparations have been used for years by the author, who is not a supporter of Esotherik and globally by experienced naturopathic physicians working successfully in humans and animals.

A 2. The immortal cell - Axolotl    cells  and regenerating organs      video / images

Creatures regenerate,  repair themselves It remains one of the biggest mysteries why the cell is not immortal. It is  designed. The answer can only lie in  its programming, which seems only to their programmers = administrator - can be changed.Success is after their conviction and  naturheilkundige medical therapy only if they adhere to the principle of self - regulation of the body observed. Healing takes place exclusively from the  inside, through the living creatures built regeneration - program. A therapist can be injuries or malfunctions of this  programme only help it back into operation to bring it with the restriction if  it is not too heavily damaged or destroyed. Failures in therapy are mainly the fact that the therapist being treated this program, it does not support, but weakens.

Human Immortality: A Scientific Reality?

“ If you're alive in 20 years, you may be able to live forever.” by Gary Vey

From the moment of birth, we begin the battle against death -- against the inevitable. Statistics say that a newborn child can expect to live an average of 76 years. But averages may not be what the use to be.  In 1786, life expectancy was 24 years. A hundred years later it doubled to 48 Right now, it's 76.

"Over half the baby boomers here in America are going to see their hundredth birthday and beyond in excellent health." by Dr. Ronald Klatz

"We're looking at life spans for the baby boomers and the generation after the baby boomers of 120 to 150 years of age."

Today's quest for the fountain of youth is taking scientists from inside the genetic structure of cells to analyzing the role of stress and diet on life spans. Would-be immortals flock to anti-aging clinics and shell out as much as $20,000 a year for treatments that include hormone therapy, DNA analysis, even anti-aging cosmetic surgery. These experimental therapies offer no guarantees -- just the promise of prolonging life.

"Anti-aging medicine is not about stretching out the last years of life." says Dr. Klatz. "It's about stretching out the middle years of life... and actually compressing those last years few years of life so that diseases of aging happen very, very late in the life cycle, just before death, or don't happen at all."

Telomeres - programmed to die? Bild Button pfeil1                         Dr. Michael West : The immortel Cell Bild Button pfeil1

Called telomeres, these molecular chains have often been compared to the blank leaders on film and recording tape. Indeed, telomeres seem to perform a similar function in aligning the DNA molecule during the replication process. Protecting the vital DNA molecule from being copied out of synch, these telomeres provide a kind of buffer zone where asynchronous replication errors (that are inevitable) will not result in any of the vital DNA sequences being lost.

 The cell types  Bild Button pfeil1                             The cell Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Zelle koerperzellen Bild zelle1

A 3. The Brain

Bild Gehirn-gr

We live our life within our brain. The people whom we see, the flowers which we smell, the music to which we listen, the fruits which we taste, the humidity which we  feel on our hand... All this is formed in our brain. In reality exist neither colours nor tones still pictures in the brain. The only one which exists are electric impulses. We live in a world which is produced of electric impulses in our brain. This is not any opinion or a hypothesis, but the scientific explanation as we perceive the world.

"If one can march with pleasure to a music in lining up and limb , he has got his big brain only from mistake, because for him the spinal cord would be enough quite completely." Albert Einstein

The brain of a person is unique. Nothing in the nature is so complicated even roughly and adaptable. The science has investigated only a fraction what is able to perform it. Neuro biologists confirm which most cerebral functions of the olderprocess remain unaffected. Researchers of Franklin institute centre for innovation in ScienceLearning say:

"The human brain can adapt itself consecutively link up us always anew. Even in the old age new nerve cells can be formed. Signs of decay are to be led back in general on illnesses; the most frequent reason for age-conditioned loss of memory or declining motor abilities are against it not enough movement as well as missing spiritual activity and stimulation." 

Differently expressed: If the brain was demanded steadily and remained it of illnesses spared, it could go on working indefinitely. J. Watson, molecular biologist and with discoverer of the structure the DNA, said: "The brain is the most complex what we have discovered up to now in our universe."

The Neuro - scientist G. Edelmann , Nobelprize 1972 Medicine, explained:

"A match head large part of the brain contains about one milliard interlinkings. They can establish in a way contacts which can be called only hyperastronomical - 10 with an exponent of 1 with millions zeros."