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Topics of medicine & naturopathy

27. MD Bach flores

28. PhD Schatalowa

29. 100 years posible

30. Mysterious Water Bild Button pfeil1a

31. Bacteria Bild Button pfeil1a

32. Right Food Bild Button pfeil1a

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A 27. MD Bach - Flowers Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

 Video Bach Flower Remedies: The Journey to Simple Healing - Part 1 - 9:47 Bild Button pfeil1 Part 2 Bild Button pfeil1

bild bach flowers aa

The Bach Original Flower Remedies were developed by Dr Edward Bach a Harley Street doctor and well known Physician, Bacteriologist, Homeopath and Researcher. Despite the success of his work with orthodox medicine he felt dissatisfied with the way doctors were expected to concentrate on diseases and ignore the people who were suffering from them. He was inspired by his work with homoeopathy but wanted to find remedies that would be purer and less reliant on the products of disease. So in 1930 he gave up his lucrative Harley Street practice and left London, determined to devote the rest of his life to a new system of medicine that he was sure could be found in nature.

Dr Bach believed that attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness and wanted to find something that treated the cause rather than the symptom. After identifying 38 basic negative states of mind and spending several years exploring the countryside, he managed to create a plant or flower based remedy for each one.

In 1934 he decided to settle down and create a centre for his work, and chose Mount Vernon, a small cottage in Sotwell, Oxfordshire. He spent the last years of his life at Mount Vernon, also known as the Bach Centre, and it was here that he completed his research

bild buch bach-remedies-for-animals bild buch bach horses bild buch bach flowers a bild buch bach flowers22 bild buch bach_flower_remedies bild buch bach flowers b bild buch Bach_Flower_Remedies_For_Beginners bild buch Bach_Flower_Remedies_for_Children

The 7 Bach Flower Groups Bild Button pfeil1

The Bach Flower Essences® are separated into 7 emotional groups.

The groups makes it easier for us to separate the Bach Flower Essences into feelings, such as, fear, despair, loneliness, uncertainty etc.We can ask ourselves, how do I feel? Do I feel fear? What kind of fear? or I feel despair, what kind of despair?

bild button bach 1

The Bach Flower Essence® are so simple to use that no science, no knowledge is necessary apart from the simple method described above.

1. Fear.

2. Uncertainty.

3. Insufficient interest in present circumstances.

4. Loneliness.

5. Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas.

6. Despondency or Despair.

7. Over-care for welfare of others.

The 38 Bach Flower Essences, in Dr. Bach's own Words Bild Button pfeil1

Agrimony Elm Mustard VervainAspen Gentian  - Oak  - Vine  - Beech  - Gorse  - Olive  - Walnut  - Centaury  - Heather  - Pine  - Water  - Violet  - Cerato  - Holly  - Red - Chestnut  - White Chestnut   Cherry - Plum  - Honeysuckle  - Rock - Rose  - Wild Oat  - Chestnut - Bud  - Hornbeam  - Rock - Water  - Wild Rose   - Chicory   - Impatiens   - Scleranthus   - Willow  - Clematis  - Larch  Star of Bethlehem  - Crab Apple  Mimulus  Sweet Chestnut

A 28. PhD Galina Schatalova Bild Button pfeil1

Russian PhD and scientist, leader of the choice commission for the Soviet cosmonauts, is persuaded of the fact that the person, with appropriate to the species food, 150 years can reach. She proves that the "calorie theory" is wrong after which one   would need everyday amounts, from approx. 1,200 to 3,000, to the energy - supply.

She shocked the medicine world and books by her draught impressively, in books and talks. Persuasive there she reports about scientific investigations, tests, studies and own practical experiences that, for the preservation of the raw material change 250  are sufficient - 400 kilocalories. The warriors Spartas received in the evening a unique daily ration which fitted in her palm.

Their thesis: " The person gets by with 400 - 600 calories per day "

In 1990 she undertook first, at the age of 74 years, with her patients, all before hard ill, now cured, (cancer - diabetes-Herzerkr. - High blood pressure) first from several forced marches about several weeks, approx. 500 km and more, by the deserts Centrally - Karakum and Kysylkum, as well as mountain wanderings in Naltschik, with passports and mountain chains, on 23 days. The daily rations existed of 50 to 100 grammes of buckwheat and 100 grammes of dry fruits. The water need amounted to 1 to 2 litres per day. The participants kept her weight, some increased. On the way they hit on broken down "extreme sportsman " which 10 to 15 litres of water / do not meet were sufficient.


Right respiration> condition to the health.... Abdominal breathing against high blood pressure. Varicose veins.... This and still even more in the book of Dr. Schatalova

Unplausible? Imagination? Charlatanism? Their books are more fully of scientific proofs, studies, with name of the most prominent researchers, professors, doctors.

A 29 100 years and healthy?

The question sure every one after a certain age. By million people is the proof: Health and joy of life is up to this limit is not impossible dream. The research showed: There are ethnic groups on the whole this is true.Die Haupt The main reasons for this: their design life and nutrition. This makes them

1st    from most of civilization - disease spared

2nd   have the highest "average age"

3rd    the most over 100 years

They are primarily vegetarians and feed on what they produce, breed, in their habitat planting, or collecting erjagen. One important factor is their food source water that many earth, both filtered, and with almost all occurring on the earth minerals, free exit from the ground.

It is now more likely to avoid damaging influences such as:

No longer natural, gene, and chemically manipulated and food - pollution and its damaging effects on both physical and psychological territory, as nonsensical to dieting - and Food - plans

Not the constant intake of certain substances or an expensive, highly specialized medical care is the cornerstone of the practice, but often enough live - way with a sensible balanced diet.

It is urgent for an injury or serious illness: unless vital organs of the body completely destroyed or surgically removed, can be one of the individuals agreed naturheilkundige treatment help, self-healing forces in motion.Man gesundet wieder.It convalesces

A 30. Mysterious Water

There are 9 stable waters with 135 subspecies.

These each have different atomic structures. They have:  1.  crystalline structures -  2.  Cluster -  3.   Micro-cavities -  4.  electric charge.

The reactions in the water following the rhythm of solar activity. Water is "dead" when it is processed in sewage treatment plants and waterworks. Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

bild button bach

Tip water to life: into glass carafe more precious - and / or semi-precious stones like jasper basket - quartz crystals, water. Every 2 weeks, the crystals for several hours in the sun to create energy refuel. Better yet, drink only spring water or to meet fluid requirements by ripe fruit and fruit.

The beginnings of a scientific study of the mysteries of the water goes back almost 200 years. As one of the first doctors dealt Dr. Friedrich Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) with the methods of Energizing. He filled the supercharged liquid in tanks, from which protruded iron rods, the patient touched her and then took the healing " magnetic fluid on.

 Video : Whirling around with Viktor Schauberger 9:46 Bild Button pfeil1

Bild Mesmer 1a Bild Button pfeil1 Dr. F. A. Messner Bild schauberger1a Bild Button pfeil1 Schauberger bild buch schauberger en a bild buch schauberger en b bild buch schauberger en c bild  buch schauberger en e

The best show, the mysterious properties of water in the stunning impact of its natural spiraling, swirling motion. Become known worldwide research and experiments of the Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958).

 "They call me deranged - I hope that they are right - It is of no greater import if another fool wanders this earth. But if I am right and science is wrong....then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind." Viktor Schauberger

An entirely new basis of these principles designed timber flotation plant had once made him famous throughout Europe and earned him the post of Reich consultants for timber flotation a ". With the help of a specially roughened, egg-shaped wall of the Schwemmkanäle he brought the water into a spiral motion. In interaction with a temperature (cold water has a higher carrying capacity), he succeeded in wood much faster than they used to carrying on a waterway in the valley. Even heavy woods, the specific weight to individual rafts had previously impossible, began "magically" swim - a shock to the former professionals.

Natural laws repealed

1952 Schaubergers spiral movement of water from PhD. Franz Poeppel at the Technical University of Stuttgart has been scientifically studied. He confirmed that behaved in a special Schauberger spiral pipe running water, contrary to the doctrine and contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. It has not slowed down by the egg-shaped tube walls, but broke even from the wall and was accelerated, and it gave off heat, light and strange phenomena were. To date, these phenomena of conventional science a mystery.

The movements of the water to hold still many secrets. Theodor Schwenk (1910-1986), Dipl Ing. of Fluid Engineering and longtime head of the private 'Institute of Fluid Science "in Herrischried, Black Forest, wrote to them to form even a formative force in the organism of living beings. Using a he developed, scientifically standardized drops - Image - method, he first noted that pure natural spring water contaminated in its form formative force "is different.

 The pictures of different drops of water after Theodor Schwenk:

Pure spring water       -          waterworks water     -      detergent in the water

Bild Wasser Tropfbild1 Bild Wasser Tropfbild2 Bild Wasser Tropfbild3

Quote from " Unerstanding Water " by Andreas Wilkens, Michael Jacobi, Wolfram Schwenk

“ Water does not have the characteristics of the living, but without water there is no life.......Water does not have the.....expressions of life ( growth,fertilization, reproduction, metamorphosis, nourishment,metabolism and so on), but these all only become possible through water........What is it that enables water to accomplish this? By renouncing every self quality it becomes the creative substance for the generation of all forms. By renouncing every life of it's own it becomes the primal substance for all life. By renouncing every fixed substance it becomes the carrier of all substance transformation. By renouncing every rthythm of it's own it becomes the carrier of each and every rthythm ."  Theodore Schwenk

bild schwenk_theodore Bild Button pfeil1 Ing. Theodor Schwenk  bild buch schwenk en 1 bild buch schwenk en 3 bild buch schwenk en 2

 While the pure water in the droplet picture ever facing each origin typical vortex pattern varied forms of for example a detergent-based surfactants through contaminated hardly vertebrae, but barren ring pattern. Even management or river water has a lower strength than pure image of the source water. There the drop picture method references to the characteristics and quality of the water, the chemical can not be determined.

Further studies led Theodor Schwenk to believe that the visible in the drop image force acts not only in streams and rivers, but also in living organisms.

Thus, for example, corresponds exactly to the body of a jellyfish bell-shaped flow pattern of a so-called vortex ring, and its recoil movement is characterized by a vortex in the water, which is the exact mirror image of their own form. Complex formative appear in the form of sensory organs. For instance has the Fish River lamprey two vortex chambers, each of which is kept in a water fluidized by ciliated hairs on the move. This vortex is intended to give the animal a sense of its location in space - a type of equilibrium organ, comparable to the human ear. Indeed, since reacting boundary layers of different flows - or, as here vertebrae - are very sensitive to any change, they can, stationary arranged also show changes in position.

Bild emoto Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Dr. Emoto bild button emoto bild buch emoto 1 bild buch emoto a, bild buch emoto d

Videos Dr. Emoto 9:29 Bild Button pfeil1 Beethofen Symphony No.9 1:17 Bild Button pfeil1 Dvorak: A new World 1:20 Bild Button pfeil1 Positive & Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals - 3:16 Bild Button pfeil1

" I have been led to water and that’s why I am so grateful that I have been successful in discovering water revitalization. "  (Johann Grander)

"Water-Man of Tyrol"  The film-production " Der Wassermann von Tirol " is about Johann Grander´s life. Grander reports on his invention and his involvement with nature through much wisdom, humour and self-mockery. Friends and enthusiastic users of GRANDER water, notably Hansi Hintersser or the Archbishop of Salzburg, Alois Kothgasser also comment on it.

bild grander 1 Bild grander1 Bild Button pfeil1  Grander Bild Buch Grander en Literature / Films Bild Button pfeil1

Videos  Grander : The waterwizard of Tirol - Part 1 - 5 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

Videos Grander in industry : Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

Videos Grander practical applications : Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

A 31. Bacteria

There are more than 30 different main groups, 700 different kinds = 100 billions> 100,000,000,000,000 bacteria, smaller thaneintausendstel millimetre are in our digestive system, from the mouth up to the rectum, provide for necessary energy, - vitamin, - enzyme, - and egg white production if NATURAL, LIVING FOOD = are plants, fruits their nutrients.

The most important bacteria

Germ group

not provably

strongly reduces

clearly reduces

easily reduces


easily increases

clearly increases

strongly increases

massively increases






> 3*109






> 7*106






> 3*109






> 5*108









> 5*1010










> 109






> 5*106






> 108






> 108






> 5*107






> 108






> 5*107






> 5*107










> 109






> 5*107






> 5*107






> 5*106






> 5*107






> 5*106






> 5*106






> 5*106






> 5*106






> 5*105

apathogene yeasts





> 5*105

A 32. The right diet for a healthy long life

What is the proper diet ? Holy books give the answer - ask the Bible - the Tanakh - Qur'an

bild food 1

bild bibel1 bild tanakh 1 bild quran

The orthodox medicine, as well as many of the over 100 nature therapy - directions, based on the theory of evolution, including those that established nutrition - theories.

Their supporters represented the contrary views on the " right diet "> Meat> crude - boiled, fried,> mixed diet - isolating foods - vegetarianism -> grasses> fruits> with / without fish / eggs> grains. Most of the naturopath recommend a pure vegetarian food. In cultures with a high average age is not the exclusive form of nutrition.

Both the holy books of the great religions - Bible - Torah / Tanakh - the Koran / Qur'an - and others are not asking for an exclusively vegetarian food.  This is more about Ver - and bids for consumption of certain animals, animal products, food and cooking methods. See Genesis Chapter 5, Verse 5 to chapter 9 verse 2nd For the period before the deluge was the law of the Creator JHWH that people should be vegetarians. Only after the Arche Noah had left, this was changed. The shed is rich in this context, the age of people in the time of Vergetarismus before the flood, and then, when the consumption of meat was allowed.Es nahm rapide ab.It rose rapidly.

In the 10 generations from the Deluge, about 1,000 years - from Adam (930 years) to Noah (950 years) - was the average age little under  1,000 years -. 10 generations, currently Abraham (175 years), age was approximately 200 years. More 1,000 years later - to about 1,000 BC .- reached the people, according to the chronological records of the Bible, only the average age of today's humanity - King David, for example, was only 70 years old. The time for these books written Bible appoint the then age of 70 to 80 years. The advantage of a diet without animal proteins can be no better evidence.

About the digestive tract recorded food is not the only source of energy demand, which is the main fault of the "food" theory. The stay under the open sky allows the body to host a variety of gases and radiation spectra, which is the body's production of Vitamienen as D3, enzymes and hormones. During For athletes and racing horses also changed the picture dramatically blood - Reduction in Erytrozythen, Hemoglobien = = oxygen carrier power loss - if they are not staying outdoors - Hall Training!

The answer to the question of what the right food for humans and animals is not difficult to answer: " Natural, preferably natural, unprocessed foods - on the body matched the quantity and kind, in conjunction with a lot of movement and residence in fresh air . "

A 33. Dr. Wallach Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

Videos Dr. Joel Wallach “ Join the Youngevity Group Team With Dr. Joel Wallach “ 9:54 Bild Button pfeil1 Part 1 of 4 Dr. Wallach's Vitamins and Minerals the next Billion Dollar Industry!!!!! 9:22  Bild Button pfeil1 Arthritis & Osteoporosis - Dr. Joel Wallach 22:03 Bild Button pfeil1 The Real Truth About Cholesterol 21:51 Bild Button pfeil1 Obesity - Dr. Joel Wallach 22:03 Bild Button pfeil1

bild buch dr.wallach dead_doctors  bild wallach DeadDoctorsTitle3d  

Handy INDEX or go to Beginning of " Dead Doctors Don't Lie" -  Book online  Bild Button pfeil1

1. Ulcers

15. Osteoporosis (partial)

2. Cancer

16. Hormones

3. Arthritis

17. Smell/Taste loss

4. Alzheimer's Disease

18. Longevity

5. Kidney Stones

19. Osteoporosis

6. Aortic Aneurysms 

20. Gingivitis/Receding Gums

7. Varicose veins


8. Stroke

22. Hypertension/high blood pressure

9. Cardio Myopathy

23. Insomnia

10. Cravings

24. Kidney stones/bone spurs/heel spurs/calcium deposits

11. Liver or Age Spots

25. Muscle Cramps/twitches

12. Hyperactive children/Low blood sugar/Diabetes

26. PMS

13. Baldness and

27. Low Back Pain

14. Deafness

28. Diabetes

Quotes from Dr. Joel Wallach:

Healthy old: " l ife span is 120 - 140 years:

Tibetans - Hunzas - Georgians - Armenians - Asserbeidschaner - indigenous people in Ecuador - Titikakas in Peru "

"Nigeria chieftain in 126 years .. .. all the teeth"

"Men from Syria .. .. 133 years after the 80th year of life still 9x father"

"U.S. average age of Americans 75 years .. doctor only 58 years"

"We are healthy when our cells are healthy .. our cells are healthy, if they are all natural substances available, they need to their functions properly to fulfil"

We need 91 nutrients in food every day

+ 60 minerals

+ 16 vitamins

+ 12 essential amino acids

+ 3 essential fatty acids

"Cows chew on stones or old bones .. every farmer knows that he is the animals must add minerals, otherwise they eat in the barn"

"People who are 120 years old, make butter and salt"

"Pregnant women awake at night with cravings .. increased demand for vital materials .. earth eat?"

"All life processes are controlled enzymatic"

"Vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids are components of enzymes"

"our civilization fare degenerate more and more .. increase in degenerative diseases .."

"Health problems such as fatigue, headaches, weight loss / gain, sleep disorders, nervousness and digestive - disorders are often linked to nutrients - deficits,"

"Calcium deficiency is the cause for about 147 different diseases ..

"every natural death = malnutrition"

Vital substances have significant therapeutic effects "

Veterinary Medicine:

" If you as a farmer on his money, you need to know what is even for his animals can do and we must do it effectively, namely with the food"

"animals for 50 days per cent calcium in the diet and not get osteoporosis"

"Vitamin E against Alzheimer's .. so that doctors are human in 50 years on the same findings came as the veterinary medicine"

"Calcium against kidney stones .. we knew in the livestock industry 50 years ago"

"Cause of death .. cardiomyopathy Stew Burger, a doctor wrote books on nutrition .. died at 40 in selenium deficiency"

"Aneurysm .. 1957 veterinarians have learned: Copper double .. not a single turkey died more concerned ..

“ Dr. Cartwright died at 38 on something which today no longer dying turkeys .. Copper deficiency "

"Heart attack .. Dr. Gayle Clatch died at the 47th. Chrome / vanadium shortage

"Cardiomyopathy .. every farmer knows that he is for his animals selenium injections must

Dr. Burger, the five books written on nutrition has died out "

"50 years ago knew vets: ulcers by Helicobakter mushroom .. with bismuth and Tetracylinen heal"

"1957 already knew the animal medicine: preventing diabetes / heal with chromium and vanadium"

"Maybe it would be safer for you to the vet to go"

"Average life expectancy in the U.S. 75 years .. doctors only 58th. calculated the group, which constantly advice for a healthy life"

Deficiency disorders:

"every second, 65 is ill to Alzheimer vitamin E .."

"Cause of death aneurysm balloon bulge an artery in the brain = brain bleeding, brain stroke shortage of copper .."

"Arthritis .. frequent teaspoon ground, dried chicken cartilage .. after 10 days away .. pain after 3 months maximum joint function .. possibly gelatin or shark cartilage .. plentiful natural substances Vital"

"80% of arthritis by osteoporosis bone at the joint caused"

"Spinal disc problems of elastic connective tissue .. .. copper deficiency"

"Bell-paralysis = unilateral facial paralysis .. calcium deficiency"

".. More connective tissue copper"

"low blood sugar levels .. chromium and vanadium deficiency leads to diabetes .."

"High blood pressure more salt .. .. Tibetans did large piece of salt in the tea .. up to 40 cups per day"

"High blood pressure twice as much .. .. calcium after 6 weeks at 85% disappeared"

" Diabetes .. some devastating side effects .. blindness, kidney failure, kidney transplantation, coronary vascular disease, amputations, shortened life expectancy .. chromium and vanadium shortage .. vanadium alone has the effect of insulin in diabetes age to replace .. weaning to 6 months'

"Facial wrinkles .. .. lack of connective tissue elasticity copper deficiency"

"Ulcers by Helicobakter .. .. heal by bismuth and Tetracylinen"

"grey hair copper deficiency .."

" Heart attack .. chromium and vanadium are missing?

"Heart muscle weakness .. selenium deficiency"

"Witch shot by osteoporosis bone at the joint caused"

"Intelligence nutritious food .. .. of course, also boosted the spirit"

"Selenium deficiency cardiomyopathy .. .. for 50 cent / day to prevent

" Bone spur more calcium .."

"Convulsions .. more calcium"

"Varicose veins .. .. lack of connective tissue elasticity copper deficiency"

" Cancer .. 3-fold dose vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium .. 13% more survivors "

"80-85% of cancers could be prevented through better nutrition are .."

"Liver spots, age spots a preliminary .. .. selenium selenium deficiency causes decrease in 4-6 months'

" Menopause Bor .."

" Kidney stones because calcium from the bones will be outsourced as magnesium Osteoporose.Kalzium Bor"

"Osteoporosis .. Bor helps calcium in the bones to hold"

"Parodontosis, gums = loss of osteoporosis Gesichts-/Kiefer bones, no lack of oral hygiene"

" Pica Syndrome .. .. craving for sweets chromium and vanadium missing "

"PMS .. more calcium reduced emotional / psychological symptoms"

"Insomnia more calcium .."

"Pain in the lumbar region = osteoporosis of the spine more calcium .."

"Testosterone Bor .."

"Not normal .. every time he took sugar .. typical sign of chromium and vanadium lack"


Copper - shortages:  Aneurysm, brain proposal, spine, connective tissue, varicose veins, wrinkles, gray hair

Calcium - lack:  Bell-paralysis, high blood pressure, insomnia, pain LWS, PMS, parodontosis, kidney stones, cramps, bone spur, osteoporosis, witch-shot

Vitamin E deficiency:  Alzheimer

Cartilage - lack:  Arthritis

Chromium / vanadium - lack:  Diabetes, not brain normal sugar, Pica

Bismuth - shortages:  ulcers Helikobacter - stomach ulcers

Selenium - shortages:  cardiomyopathy, heart muscle weakness, liver spots, age spots

Bor - shortages:   osteoporosis, testosterone, menopause

WHY MINERALS BEFORE VITAMINS? Here Doctor Wallach Comments on:

“Vitamins control the body's ability to absorb, and use minerals, and without minerals, vitamins have no purpose, and are quickly eliminated from the body. It is a huge waste of money to gobble handfuls of high potency tablets, without backing them up with the right minerals. It's like trying to run your car with a full tank of gas, but no oil in the engine. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but without minerals, vitamins are useless. ... This discovery is one of the latest and most important revelation by science about human health.

Research has shown direct correlations between mineral deficiencies and illnesses. For example, diabetes or hypoglycemia involve chromium, zinc and vanadium deficiencies; cancer and heart disease involve selenium, copper, and more. Most everyone knows that osteoporosis involves a calcium deficiency, but fewer know about the need for magnesium and boron as well.Baldness, and premature graying is also caused by missing minerals.(full details on the tape "Dead Doctors Don't lie" by Doctor Joel Wallach .

Life without minerals? Impossible! Did you know that proteins, enzymes and hormones are all formed from minerals? Minerals are the cornerstone of good health, all prevention and recovery programs.

A colloid is a particle substance that retains its identity and remains in liquid suspension. Colloids are very small in size and therefore easily absorbed by the cells of the body. Plants convert metallic minerals into this form. Dr. Carey Reams, a well known biophysicist and biochemist, discovered that colloids can get so small they can go through glass. And that even within a colloid there can be a "solar system" of different minerals. They have a natural negative electrical charge. Dr. Reams found that the human body requires 84 of the known 94 elements to maintain optimum health. Many more than is currently recognized. In 1925, a historic discovery was made in Central Utah.

Through an unusual set of circumstances the mineral remains of an ancient rain forest, determined by the US. Dept. of Interior to be from the Cretaceous Period, approximately 60 million to 127 million years old, were encapsulated and preserved. The material is humic shale, not bentonite, clay or dried up sea beds which is the most common source of so called Colloidal Minerals. Only a small portion from various parts of the deposit are used to insure a balance of the over 65 various minerals and trace minerals that form the exclusive, premium colloidal mineral Rockland Mine product that meets Doctor Joel Wallach's quality standards, the rest is sold to bulk processors and distributed under various no name lables.

Time tested by 70 years of use. This is the colloidal minerals all others try to compare themselves with. These rare colloidal plant minerals are extracted with pure, cool clear water to the desired concentration and then processed through a complex array of special filters to allow only the organic colloidal minerals in the final solution. There are no preservatives, flavorings. or synthetic substances added. The Rockland Mine liquid colloidal minerals have a natural negative electrical charge, which is the signature of the true plant derived mineral. This has two very important benefits.

One, it greatly increases the transport and bioavailability of other nutrients gotten from foods and/or vitamins and other supplements. And two, it will attract toxins and heavy metals from the body and flush them out. Clinical tests done here in the US. and in Germany have verified this. The mineral product that Doctor Joel Wallach is referring to on his audio tape, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", is the Rockland colloidal mineral product. There is a product being sold as "concentrated" this is a Clark bulk item and has been on the market since late 1996. It is not what the Dr Wallach is referring to on the tape. It is called Bait and Switch. 

Minerals in their metallic form can be toxic to the human body. Dangerous levels of these metallic minerals can accumulate in the tissues and create serious health problems. These are found in the 2000 year old sea bed deposits, and are loaded with chloride. Very toxic inorganic minerals are being sold to an unsuspecting public under the guise of colloidal. The key factor is true plant derivation. There is currently only one source in Utah.. Plant source minerals, produced by Doctor Walalch's company are completely non-toxic, and is proven by its 70 year history of positive results with the thousands of its customers, and verified by scientific tests done in Germany.

A 34. Medicine 21st Century Prof. Dr. med. L. Geisler

“ The number 2000 is forcing our gaze magic in the future. But you know, like the bodies of forecasting a kamikaze undertaking. Forecasts for short periods are not excluded. Who knows whether at the end of the "long boom" that the future researcher Peter Schwartz, head of the GBN (Global Business Network) in the future there history describes, in the year 2018 actually the age of nanotechnology will be out: micro-machines in the body inside lead Femto in second (= 100 trillionth seconds) cell repairs.

Not to mention longer term forecasts: The vision of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Bertha von Suttner in 1899 by the abolition of war "as a legal institution" until the end of the 20th Century belongs to this category. Even the more modest design of "scenarios" is little more than Russian roulette with supposedly hard data

Bild Bertha-von-Suttner-1906 Bertha von Suttner

The cautious least recognize that it is always dangerous, ever-new, more advanced fantasy futures together. Because the futures beat back into the present. You construction contingency as the foundation of freedom. They narrow the scope of action and creativity. Your Gloriosität in the distance is our depression today. Even the carrot of Mega - progress, the "rocket scientists", the extreme scientists, penetrating the people next door, has a bitter taste and triggers new fears: we can live as soon as the acceleration of us Progress dictates?

Or will we in the category of "slower" shall be permitted to "Todtnauberg Human “ Heidegger's memory (Peter Glotz). Since comfort us the appeals of the few crying in the desert to "slow progress" (Dietmar Mieth) or "slower progress" (Alexander Gauland) at best superficial. Nothing that we delighted to dare to hope. The Millennium of the Christian eschatology was still at least the prospect of a millennium, in chains the devil promised. In short, after the loss of God confidence, appears to be the last bastion diesseitige, the World trust, to be lost.

Doctor and systems:

In his observations on the mysterious nature of the medical profession asks the medical historian Hermann Kerschensteiner, "what is actually in this mixture of science, arts, crafts, love and business activities, the essentials." This old-fashioned facets of the medical profession are overgrown by the dominance of heteronomy. Medicine as a regulated profession and service. The doctor weakest link in the chain of "service provider", exposed the growing pressure the Politic, the social demands of patients, the media, increasing juridification, blackmail siren voices of the pharmaceutical industry. In Jobdenken disappear the remains of appeal.

Individualism is undesirable, personality suspect, without prejudice to the interchangeability. The greed: manipulation and accounting fraud science as symptoms of a corrupt ethics. Evidence based Medicine (EBM) and Managed Care dictate the room for manoeuvre. Computerised expert systems calculate and design forecasts (yet) non-binding options for action. The victory of hard on the soft data, the end of the clinical picture is called for. God is, if somewhere in the computer.”

A 35. Conclusion

 The human race, especially the highly western world, is not healthy, but the opposite is the case. Staistisa although you can manipulate, but these figures are on the table and all are accessible. Modern medicine failed globally, and obviously their borders must always clearly in mind.

 This was confirmed by the Indians have prophesied after they had witnessed what the WHITE MAN mother earth, from the outset of his appearance on the continent amerikaniscjen, pleased. This clearly prophesied meet.

Other Holy Books, especially the Bible, described the current period as a time of the end, in which there is a decision to the preservation of our planet must come, he will not completely lebens unbewohnbar. Only those who blindly - indifferent or simply too stupid and continue the current disastrous state nice talking in the pharmaceutical services - industry, or a member of governments and their organizations, lying and deceptive to his family and innocent people deliberately, because He thinks about his life already Nothing. It should be reflected on.

Lawyers gave me the Council, insisting that the content of these pages, no "therapy instructions", but merely "information on the formation of opinion" of the reader. They do not replace the treatment authorized by this person, medical practitioners. This is done with this.

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