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Garlic - Linseed oil - Onions - Bear's garlic - Lemons - Coconut - Ginseng - Ouabain - Magnesium orotate - Pineapple / Bromelain

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Recipes and Tips

1.  Bild Button pfeil1a    4.000 year old Tibet garlic recipe

2.  Bild Button pfeil1a    Lemins - garlic potion

3.  Bild Button pfeil1a    “Oleolux” Linseed oil - garlic - bear’s garlic - potion

4.  Bild Button pfeil1a    Criticism in garlic - bear’s garlic - Dr. Beck

5.  Bild Button pfeil1a    Heart attack - Magnesium & Bromalin - Pineapple

6.  Bild Button pfeil1a    Heart attack - Strophanthin / Quabain

There are therapies and recipes, which are sometimes very old, not well known or forgotten. These include the treatment of Dr. Johanna Budwig. This is based on the work of Professor Dr. Warburg, Nobelprice Medicine 1931. His research area had on the theme: " Cancer - oxygen uptake of cells - the importance of fats “. Bild Button pfeil1a

Bild Medizin Dr. Otto-warburg  Bild Button pfeil1a Dr. Warburg  Bild Medizin dr_johanna_budwig Bild Button pfeil1a Dr. Budwig

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Trivia about Garlic - overcomes Blood - Brain barrier

"Allicin is the garlic the sharp smell / taste .. tumor cells / micro-organisms in mice deliberately destroyed"

"Garlic: Clears with putrefaction and fermentation materials in the intestine on .. promotes digestion - ideal means of elimination of worms and too much water - cleans the blood vessels - lowers blood levels and blood pressure - strengthens the heart - preventing all types of colds - dissolves in the body fat - estimated lime - improved metabolism - the cores are elastic - improves eyesight - organism 16 years younger.

"prevents: hypertension, heart attack, and Stenocardie sclerosis, tumours, headaches, head noise"

"Veins in the brain or coronary arteries constricted .> A daily glass of lemon liqueur - garlic potion"

"Calcifications and their side effects - such as seeing or hearing go back and start to disappear completely"

"A woman was the planned heart bypass surgery because of blood fat and lime had replaced

"Garlic therapy revitalize the nerves .. creates a specific magnetic field in the aura"

"Could the long - healing powers of garlic and ginseng with its high germanium content related?" "for teeth decay -

Parodontosis: "after 3 weeks youthful regeneration of the whole body experience"

Against the smell: 1 teaspoon dill 10 to 15 minutes chew - 2 drops of peppermint oil with water shower "

Wild bear's garlic: 69 Ingredients - Leeks oil, Flavonoids, biological catalysts, Fructosane and plenty of vitamin C

"Petkov has discovered that the garlic detoxification for chronic lead poisoning promotes. Garlic effect of radioactive and chemical pollution contrary - is because of the sulphur compounds to Exit use of heavy metals - mercury - high sulphur - cysteine makes garlic to a chelating agent for toxic metals. "

"Home Urine HUPP Power Plant generates electricity for 10s .. 120kWh from 23 .. l urine tripling the performance by garlic - onion .. Nelson E. Camus 1993"

Symptoms such as: Cancer, rotting in the gut, worms, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, parodontosis, lead poisoning, tinnitus, eye problems ..

Help:   garlic, bear's garlic, ginseng ..

Result : detoxifies the body, heavy metals Exit cleans the blood ... detoxifies the body.

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1. Tibetan Garlic Potion

An old Chinese recipe, found by the Commission for UNESCO OSN in 1972 in Tibet. .It has been translated into all the languages, is dated 4.000 - 5.000   BC.und soll folgendes bewirken:And should achieve the following:

It solves all fats in the body and reflect on limestone, improves quickly metabolism in the body. Also the arteries are more elastic.

This prevents you: hypertension, heart attack, and Stenocardie sclerosis, and various ulcers headache - ear noise (tinnitus), and improves the sight.

They say, when observing this recipe, the body by about 16 years younger.


2 50g garlic peel, finely crush or mix in a irdenen saucepan.

This is 200g with 96% serum alcohol spilled.

Pot is firmly covered, and 10 days in a dark and cold place

Then everything through a solid piece of cloth and poured , 2-3 days covered in cool, dark leave

Dosage: Take the following exact number drops in 50 ml of fruit juice, water, bread or milk / room temperature. Raw milk > not homogenized, / pasateurisiert < doing long kept in the  mouth, so that the active ingredients directly into the blood arrive, so best with a piece of bread and chew very long.






 1 drop

 2 drops

 3 drops


 4 drops

 5 drops

 6 drops


 7 drops

 8 drops

 9 drops


 10  drops

 11  drops

 12  drops


 13  drops

 14  drops

 15  drops


 15  drops

 14  drops

 13  drops


 12  drops

 11  drops

 10  drops


 9  drops

 8 drops

 7 drops


6 drops

 5 drops

 4 drops


 3 drops

 2 drops

 1 drop

Furthermore: 3 x daily 25 drops, until the funds been exhausted. Garlic smell to avoid when the drops during the dinner and taking mixed with milk. Then no aftertaste. 

Note: The cure can only after 5  years repeated. Not once !

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2. Lemons & garlic - drink

Lemon - garlic potion to eradicate calcification / Excess


30 peeled garlic cloves,

3 ripe, untreated Lemons (with shell cut into strips) mixer.

1 litre of water slowly to boil.

After cooled seven juice in bottles and fill glass daily 1 - 2 hours before or after meals to drink.

3 weeks of this medicine garlic lead to a regeneration of the whole organism.

Calcifications - poor vision or hearing - go back and start to disappear entirely.

3 weeks after a break of 8 days, then the 2nd Health. With this treatment has been a great success. Each year, one of 2 treatments every 3 weeks.

The effect of the garlic comes entirely to coverage and no one smells something of the unpleasant smell.

Even in decay teeth - Paradontose a great help.

 3. “Oleolux”  Linseed oil and garlic bear's garlic and onion & drink Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1


 1. First, the onions in the fat coconut

  2. then in the cold linseed oil

 3. nice stir until everything is dissolved

  4. Pour off and finished

The recipe for "Oleolux" Budwig - Book title: ' Oil - protein diet' p.21:

Bild Buch budwig en 2 Bild Buch Budwig en 3 Bild_Buch_Budwig_en_4

+  125 ml of linseed oil cooled

+  250 g fat coconut (not chemically hardened)

+  Medium onion (4 parts)

+  10 garlic cloves

Coconut oil heat, add onion, brown peaks can be (up  120 ° C) Figure 1

3Add garlic to brown lace through sieve into the cold  linseed oil, stir, picture 2 + 3

Cooled in the refrigerator picture 4

This should cemaz in the kitchen use Cemaz ( = wild garlic, forest garlic)

+  Cleans veins / blood

+  Resembles blood pressure

+  Assists in the arteries (atherosclerosis)

+  Good for the liver, stomach, intestines

+  Detoxifies see Klinghardt, 4. Poisons / detoxification

Eaten as salad - Finely cut in oil filed - With olive oil frozen portions

4. Criticism in garlic - bear’s garlic - Dr. Beck Bild Button pfeil1

Who was Dr. Beck?

During his extraordinary career as a physicist, researcher and inventor Dr. Beck worked to government projects, operating his own company and taught at the university. He is currently the only two winners of the JG Gallimore prize for scientific achievements of the U.S. Psychotronics Association - he won it last 1998 - and he won the 1990 John Fetzer Foundation Pioneering Award for his contributions to brain research.

As a young university student, he invented the electronic flash light with low voltage - he is also the father of modern flash - photography.

Question: Is it possible to use low power to zap a disease (or to neutralize) and its reverse course? This opinion is Dr. Robert Beck and he is not alone. At the beginning of the 90s were the Albert - Einstein - School of Medicine in New York operated similar research, scientists from 2 Dr. William Lymen and Dr. Steven Kaali.

At the time you read the headlines: "Scientists say: Electricity could help to combat AIDS."

Dr. Beck                                      Dr. Lymen

Bild Medizin Dr_Robert_Beck Bild Medizin Dr. William_Lyman Bild Medizin Dr. KaaliDr. Kaali

Read the urgent discussion of garlic!

Dr. Beck is known for its development of electrical stimulation devices and the study of Tesla EM fields. He is a consultant to the Scientific Corporation and researcher at Urbing Research Institute, adviser to the U.S. Navy for the detection of EM fields as an officer for surface weapons. He has worked for the U.S. Marine very sensitive magnetometers designed and built.

Dr. Robert Beck is founder and president of the Monitor Electric Research Corporation, the Metric Alpha Company. Bio ethical and manufacturers - feedback devices. He holds fundamental patents for micro (volt) electronic flashes and other electro-optical systems. Today he psycho-physiological and electro-medical procedures.

2.23 interactions with other means (or side effects of blood Zappers) Quote Dr. Beck: garlic

We also tell you that under no circumstances, while this treatment over 3 weeks to make (That is, it may be attached to any of these days during the Zapper treatment, and also probably not just a pre-washout phase, but also one phase by (2) days must be respected, in which none of the resources listed below may be taken and possibly other, the man at that time not yet know), you should have something to eat, which contains garlic.

Under absolutely no circumstances garlic! Also garlic oil, salt, butter, no lettuce sauce, the garlic. If garlic gets into the blood, it is an absolutely lethal poison, did you? It is the poison of the rattlesnake drink and it does a nothing. But if the poison gets into a wound or a cut, then it dies, unless you are an anti-serum.

The garlic is a substance which is Sulfonhydroxyl. This substance overcomes the blood - brain - barrier. If a clove of garlic with the sole einreibt, you smell the garlic after 2 minutes at the wrist. It goes beyond the corpus callosum - the two halves of the brain - and poisoned both.

I discovered this in the 70s, when I even the largest manufacturer of ethical EEG biofeedback devices in the United States. Doctors who are with us on these machines could train, were when they returned to the EEG device clinically dead and we found that they have been a little garlic in the salad had. Therefore, your two halves of the brain totally dissociated (functionally separated from each other).

That can prove if an electrode forward here (pointing to the middle of the forehead) and a second back of the head himself. We have the check in California. It was discovered that garlic de 1000 of brain cells kills! -- Even such a small quantity, as set out in the salad sauce is included. But actually makes nothing, because you have millions and billions of brain cells. And people from the size of a walnut can mathematical genius and musicians or else - is probably the most politically Most incorrect thing I can tell you.

Garlic in the war, oleander leaves, nicotine solutions

Most people think garlic is healthy. It is not! Many people have now ceased, garlic to eat, after I had told you that the soldiers in the 1st and 2 World War their balls with garlic eingestrichen had, then they needed their enemy is not the heart to take him they needed only anzukratzen, then he died (in garlic! In the blood).

When I by Jim Solomon bought a wind pipe, he took me out and said, if you want to kill somebody, because you need only the tip of a project Iles in a clove of garlic stuck to, and it provides them we die. The CIA will be trained. It will also be trained to use oleander leaves. They have an alkaloid and 6 sheets of which bring a human. Also, they need nicotine aqueous solutions as blood poison.

We have a list of things together, they should not take (!), Including the Beta - carotene (vitamin A), it is a deadly poison, if the dosage is too high.

Rhizinus is also a poison (that you must avoid).

Bild Medizin dr. beck minizap-lcd-platine  Bild Medizin Dr. Beck minizap-lcd Blood - Zap / Dr. Beck

Dr. Beck - Quotes:

2.24 A doctor in Verneus has killed 2 patients because you were Chinese herbs because they had AIDS.

He had not recognized when he electrified the patient that these Chinese herbs no longer need - and that the herbs can be toxic to. This is in your paper fully developed.

Use your device even if you have a pacemaker. The electrical signal, which flows through your blood, a change the frequency of your pacemaker cause. Normally, the pacemaker from a very weak heart electricity controlled, and blood Zapper, with about 4 Hz (number per second) swings can break your heart signal. How could you problems.


-- If you wear a pacemaker, then please do not, -- If you eat garlic, then please do not -- If you take drugs, according to the doctor are essential, such as those for high blood pressure or diabetes, then you do not.

Wait until you no longer need medication, and then (when the blood - zapper about 3 weeks have worked), you will feel better than you ever have vorgestellen.

When I started so, my blood pressure was 219 / 190! on average. I did the surgery the doctor did not leave me without being a tablet under the tongue presented. He did not want him to die on the threshold. Today is my blood pressure about 130 to 140 to 70 to 75 (mm Hg).

When I started with the treatment, I was on the border with diabetes. I needed no insulin, but some other tablets already. Despite careful diet, my blood sugar is between 425 to 475th My blood sugar is now about 150, this was regarded as normal, today it is approximately 100 as normal. After I had used the Zapper, I use my blood glucose meter no more. I have had my blood sugar already 6 months no longer measured and I feel great.

My hair is through the use of the Zappers restored.

End of quotes from Dr. Beck

This article was published to show that ALL question and always should remain critical. What the One can help the other little effect. There is no miracle solutions for everyone. The principles for a healthy lifestyle; always remain valid.

Small forgives our sins immune system. Great, we should in their own interest rather not celebrate.

The above-named recipes from 1 to 3 were applied several times by me and I can only positive news. Each, however, somewhat different response. Please therefore precisely at the tips, and rather low dose and slowly increase, but immediately cancel if the body reacts negatively.

5. Tips to a heart attack

A.  Bromelain / Magnesiumorotat - Dr. Hans Nieper

How do I effectively against cancer and heart attack? Dr. Nieper: The daily intake of 500 mg Bromalin and 1,500 mg of magnesium Orotat.

Bild Medizin Dr.Nieper Bild Buch dr. Nieper 2 Bild Buch nieper Bild buch dr. Nieper Bild Magnesiumorotat Bild ananas 2

Dr. Nieper spirit, the sentence said: "Who is this combination, cuts, as long as it takes, his risk of coronary heart disease to die to 96% (Nieper, Revolution ... in a footnote)

Nieper says that the magnesium Orotat this would also cause that cancer incidence to less than 20% of cases normally expected fallen. He arranges but the anti-cancer and anti-heart attack success mainly Orotat magnesium and also speaks of "broadband effect".

Magnesium Orotat can reach the heart muscle and a low - acidic pH prevent, which according to Prof. Dr. Manfred von Ardennes, the causes heart attack. (Education acidic environment in the heart muscle with the result, the Lysosymen burst, releasing enzymes lysosymale the heart muscle damage and also further Lysosymen bring to burst) One can speculate that, if medicine is right, narrowing of the coronary arteries thrombosis + causes heart attack-this is prevented, because both Bromelain as well as magnesium Orotat arteriosklerotische remove debris and both Bromelain as well as magnesium Orotat thrombi formation. Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

The dose comes from "Orotates & other mineral transporters," William H. Lee, Keats Publishing Inc. 1985

6. Strophanthin / Quabain

 Ask your grandfather or grandmother. You will still know that what all older people are always wore a vial or a few Beißkapseln with Strophantin until it was banned one day.

Up to 2nd World War heart attack / stroke, with its terrible consequences remain rare. At security took some drops to themselves or bite to 1 to 3 capsules and the danger was over. Already part of any paralysis declined. Even today, any man Strophantin vulnerable to them.

As founder of intravenous Strophantin - therapy in 1900, Prof. Dr. Fraenkel 1864 - 1938. Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

Strophanthin / Ouabain                                                             Dr. Fraenkel

Bild medizin strophantus graphic Bild Medizin Stropanthin werbung Bild Medizin FRAENKEL

Although Germany is not allowed, it can get for themselves personally, even prescribed by the doctor! Let you not be intimidated.

The following links, you can learn the necessary or do you simply with the author. Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

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